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  1. Born in 1925, Bach is a Psychologist & WWII Veteran who served in the European Theatre of Operations during WW2. He later joined the Research Center For Mental Health at New York University in 1956. He was awarded the Heinz Hartmann award for his research
  2. Computer Scientist Developed Fortran
  3. 2002 inductee for National Inventors Hall of Fame
  4. American physicist born July 27, 1904; Director of the Trinity test of the Manhattan Project, which took place July 16, 1945.
  5. Michael Baker  (5)
    Canadian physician, academic, and cancer researcher. Member of the Order of Canada
  6. heart surgeon inventor
  7. Flight (scientist)
  8. nobel medicine laureate 1975
  9. Filipino engineer credited with developing the first 10-Mbit Ethernet CMOS with silicon coupler data-link control and transceiver chip
  10. Scientist
  11. Preeminent Psychologist, researcher, & Author
  12. Indian-born American economist. He shared the 2019 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer, 'for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty.'
  13. Flight (scientist)
  14. co-inventor (molecular-sized transistors)
  15. Inventor Hall of Fame; invented concept of digital packet switching essential for advanced networking systems
  16. American experimental physicist. In 2017, Barish was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics along with Rainer Weiss and Kip Thorne 'for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves'
  17. British visual neuroscientist and the great-grandson of Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist. He is now 91
  18. Heart surgeon
  19. Irish physician (Born: 1914) who worked in leper colonies in West Africa in the 1940's. He co-founded ICROSS with Michael Elmore-Meegan. He lectured in tropical medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  20. The 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine
  21. inventor (monster arm wrestling machine)
  22. Inventor of lifesaving heart-lung technology known as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)
  23. Flight (astronaut) sts-51f
  24. Inventor software
  25. Nobel Prize Winner (Physics)
  26. Bill Bass  (2)
    William Marvin Bass III (born August 30, 1928) is an American forensic anthropologist, best known for his research on human osteology and human decomposition. He has also assisted federal, local, and non-U.S. authorities in the identification of human rem
  27. (born Elsie Thorpe, 15 July 1918) is a retired agricultural scientist from New Zealand. She graduated from Massey University in 1941, becoming the first woman graduate from the university
  28. Scientist
  29. Inventor Hall of Fame inductee; invented ground proximity warning system for planes
  30. Inventor laserphaco probe
  31. Flight (scientist)
  32. American Female electrical engineer and educator. In 1984, she became the first female dean of an engineering school in the United States. In 1988, the National Women's Hall of Fame presented Baum with the Emily Warren Roebling Award. In 1990, the Society
  33. Invented the wind-up radio
  34. Inventor and Buissness woman. Founder and CEO of Littlebits Inc. Has been featured in Time Magizine, Popular Science Magazine, and TED Talks
  35. Plant Breeder. His research led to the development of
  36. Playmobil inventor-businessman
  37. inventor (ph acidity testing meter)
  38. WWII Manhattan Project
  39. nobel physics laureate 1987
  40. Rocket Scientest on Werhner von Braun's Team at Fort Bliss Texas, 1946/Operation Paperclip was code name for 1945 Office of Strategic Services, Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency recruitment of German scientists from Nazi Germany to US after VE Day
  41. English professor, botanist, author, broadcaster and environmental campaigner.
  42. Apostolic Administrator of Dili, East Timor (1988-2002); 1996 Nobel Peace Laureate
  43. Scientist
  44. American born artist and cybernetics scientist. He works and resides in Perth, Western Australia
  45. nobel medicine laureate 1980
  46. US Geologist, born 1938. Grumman Aerospace (1968-72), worked on the team that developed the Apollo lunar module landing feet 'pods'
  47. Invented, wrinkle free cotton
  48. Pioneer Medical Doctor, Holocaust Survivor. Developed endoscopic and laparoscopic techniques that are now in widespread use to diagnose and surgically treat diseases of the kidneys, colon and gallbladder
  49. Scientist/Entomologist - Focuses on the Chemical Reactions between Herbivore Insects and tere Host Plants
  50. nobel chemistry laueate 1980
  51. inventor (pulsar watch)
  52. nobel medicine laureate 1982
  53. French Physician and Haematologist
  54. Inventor/creator of the World Wide Web
  55. (born 11 June 1916) is a New Zealand dendrologist who founded Hackfalls Arboretum at his farm in Tiniroto, Gisborne. The arboretum is now known for having one of the largest collections of Mexican oaks in the world
  56. American chemist was awarded one third of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, jointly with Morten P. Meldal and Karl Barry Sharpless, 'for the development of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry'
  57. nobel physics laureate 1967 helped develop a-bomb
  58. American physicist. He was awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Stefan Hell and William E. Moerner.[
  59. Co-Creator of Universal Serial Bus (USB) Technology
  60. astrologist (jacqueline bigar's stars)
  61. Flight (scientist) von braun rocket team
  62. nobel physics laureat 1986 scanning microscope
  63. Inventor - The first reliable, low-cost, mass produced respirator
  64. nobel medicine laureate 1989
  65. Dutch Astronomer. Born: 04/12/1914
  66. James Black  (3)
    Scottish Nobel laureate who pioneered the rational design of drugs and, in the process, developed the first widely used drugs for treating heart disease and blocking stomach acid production
  67. nobel medicine laureate 1988
  68. Nobel Prize 2009 of Medicine
  69. 1999 nobel laureate for physiology/medicine
  70. American Sex Therapist, Author, Filmmaker, Cable TV Talk Show Host, And Cultural Commentator
  71. nobel physics lauireate 1981
  72. Inventer. Many of her inventions helped person's with disabilities. Born: 11/24/1914
  73. Invented Lasik Surgery Technique; Inventor Hall of Fame inductee
  74. Scientist. Nobel Prize in Medicine 1976. Identified Hepatitis B virus & developed the diagnostic test & vaccine for it. Professor of Medicine & Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania since 1977
  75. nobel physics 1975
  76. Scientist
  77. Born 1924, Booker served in the British Royal Navy from 1940-1954 during WWII and peacetime. He later became a well-known Engineer and is known for his book A History Of Engineering Drawing published in 1963
  78. Entomologist/Scientist - Specializes in Beetles
  79. Survived for 7 months inside Auschwitz, where the average lifespan of a child was just 2 weeks. Immigrated to the US after liberation. Worked more than 40 years as a scientist and researcher focusing on growth hormone and cancer treatment
  80. 2008 Inventors Hall of Fame; Founders of Bose Corp (speaker/sound systems)
  81. Scientist, part of the team that took the very first image of a black hole in space
  82. Scientist wrote Hidden Beauty: Microworlds Revealed
  83. inventor (added speed to modern microelec app's)
  84. Former president of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and the American Academy for Environmental Protection.He was consultant on the film Soylent Green
  85. American Former Scientist. Researcher And Entrepreneur In Biotechnology. Member of National Inventors Hall of Fame
  86. American Former Biochemist, And Analytical Chemist. Winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  87. Canadian Former Physicist. Pioneer In The Field Of Laser Technology And Co - Inventor Of The Charge - Coupled Device
  88. Scientist; Manhattan Project (Trinity); was in charge of the final assembly of the Trinity test bomb in July 1945´
  89. Texas entomologist. 21 research works with 681 citations and 378 reads
  90. WW2 Navy Service/Scientist/American physicist, government policy advisor
  91. Physician who contracted the Ebola virus in Africa, then was airlifted to Emory University for treatment
  92. Invented Automotive Airbags
  93. Scientist
  94. 2002 Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate
  95. Scientist
  96. Former professor at the University of Montevallo in Alabama compiled The Voltairine de Cleyre Reader
  97. Canadian Female Former Inventor- Rocket Scientist Best Known For Her Development Of Rocket And Jet Propulsion Technologies. Inductee Inventor Hall Of Fame (2010)
  98. Scientist
  99. American nuclear engineer and LGBTQ activist serving as the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy In 2019, Brinton was the head of advocacy and government affairs at the non-profit LGBTQ
  100. American Former Male Photographer. He Was Head Photographer To Shoot Movies (In 16-Millimetre Black - And - White Film) For The Trinity Test. The First Nuclear Weapon Detonation (July 1945)
  101. Science journalist, author and a Senior Writer at The NYT. Co-author of 8 books, including Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War. Won 2 shared Pulitzer Prizes, an Emmy award, and an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award
  102. nobel physics 1994
  103. Noted Physician, Born in Barcelona, 05/18/1908
  104. physicist
  105. Famed entomologist and founder of the Montreal Insectarium
  106. Garrett Brown  (3)
    Inventor of the Steadicam. Cinematographer
  107. Astronomer, born 1965. Discovered many objects in the far solar system, including Eris, which led to Pluto being downgraded to a 'Dwarf Planet' with Eris. Author of the book 'I Killed Pluto.'
  108. nobel medicine 1985
  109. Canadian Female Whale Researcher
  110. Scientist
  111. 10th president of Indiana University and organizer/charter member of American Psychological Association
  112. Computer Scientist coined the word bytes
  113. American Female Biologist - Best Known For Work On Olfactory System. Nobel Prize In Physiology Or Medicine, Along With Richard Axel, For Their Work On Olfactory Receptors (2004)
  114. Flight scientist
  115. Analytical Chemist/Archaeologist - appeared on TV shows Mummy Forensics, Nova, Kingdom Of The Mummies
  116. Russian Scientist Who In 1978 Stuck His Head Into The Largest Particle Accelerator In Russia At The Time To Fix Something. The Accelerator Malfunctioned At Shot A Laser At His Head That Was Equal To 2,000 Greys. He Survived And Is Alive Tod
  117. Astronomer, planetary scientist, born 1958. Has been involved with the discovery and research in to many new minor planetary objects. Has done much work on Pluto, with the New Horizons mission, and the co-discovery of some of Pluto's moons
  118. English - Born American Former Female Scientist. Observational Astronomer And Astrophysicist (1943-1990). Author Of The 'B2FH Paper' (1957)
  119. inventor anibody ladelung
  120. Boeing engineer, born 1930, worked on the 1966 Lunar Orbiter, an early NASA unmanned probe to photograph and map the moon, and chose Apollo landing spots
  121. Northern Ireland Female Scientist And Author - Astrophysicist. Discovered The First Radio Pulsars (1967). Novel - 'A Quaker Astronomer Reflects: Can a Scientist Also Be Religious? (2013), 'An Introduction To The Sun And Stars' (2004). Plus One More Book
  122. Scientist
  123. American engineer, inventor and science administrator known for his work on analog computers, for his role as an initiator and administrator of the Manhattan Project
  124. Inventor, Pong, Founder Of Atari
  125. Inventor of Scrabble
  126. Scientist
  127. German - Born American Former Female Scientist And Author - Astrophysics.Novel - 'Die Wasserstoffkonvektionszone der Sonne' (1952), 'ntroduction to Stellar Astrophysics' (1989)