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Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Illustrator , A-Z Filter: A
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  1. Author/Illustrator-Clean House
  2. Mexican comic colorist. He is usually credited simply as Aburtov, and is the founder of art studio Graphikslava. His other coloring credits have included Batman/Catwoman for D.C., Herc and Ultimate Thor for Marvel Comics, and G.I. Joe f
  3. Did album art for heavy metal album cover for the movie and probably a lot of other stuff for the magazine
  4. Artist
  5. Comic book artist, creator of 'Longshot'
  6. Legendary comic book artist. 'Deadman', 'X-Men', 'The Brave and the Bold', 'The Avengers'
  7. Tom Adams  (4)
    American-Scottish illustrator
  8. Cartoonist
  9. Illustrator
  10. American Painter and Illustrator.
  11. Illisrator
  12. Children's Author/Illustrator-Te Perfect Thanksgiving
  13. American illustrator
  14. The Walking Dead comic artist/Actor -Walking Dead Walker
  15. Illustrator
  16. Author-Illustrator
  17. Artist, Illustrator Dora The Explorer -Kolchak Tales: Night Stalker of The Living Dead
  18. Artist, Designer
  19. Illustrator
  20. Artist; Has worked for Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, AMC, Nickelodeon, Disney, Coke, Cartoon Network, Sesame Street
  21. Model/Actress/Author/Illustrator - Youth, The Art of Love, You And Me And Why We Are In Love, Quand Je Serai Un Animal
  22. Ilustrator
  23. Author-The Long Winter
  24. Artist, did cover art for elton johns captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy
  25. Illustrator
  26. children author/illus (the high king) nwbery 69
  27. Brian Allen  (4)
    Freelance artist and creative director;
  28. Jim Allen  (2)
    Cartoonist, The Beauforts
  29. Author-Princess Party
  30. Illustrator
  31. Tim Allen  (2)
    Disney animator who works at the Walt Disney Animation Studios
  32. Illustrator
  33. Illustrator
  34. Cartoonist. Mad Magazine (frequent contributions)
  35. Artist; best known for his work on the card game, MAGIC: The Gathering
  36. Cartoonist, 'Senior Moments', 'Toon-Ed'
  37. South African Artist, Illustrator and Designer
  38. Illustrator
  39. Ken Anderson  (6)
    Disney animator, writer & art director
  40. Artist for goose creek sympohny albums
  41. Author/Illustrator-My First Joke Book
  42. Illustrator
  43. Comic Book Artist - Bombshells, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman,
  44. Illustrator
  45. American painter
  46. Illustrator
  47. Illustrator
  48. childrens author/illustrator-Faith is a Flower
  49. Children's Author-Merry Christmas Little Mouse
  50. Artist, Illustrator, Designer
  51. Long-time illustrator and game developer: Weird Wars, Deadlands, Legends of the Five Rings, Anachronism and other games. Computer games: the Wizardry series and the expansions to Unreal
  52. Disney animator. During pruduction of The Lion King (1994)
  53. Artist, Painter, Toy Design
  54. Illustrator
  55. Artist; graphic designer; illustrator
  56. Pokémon Artist
  57. Photographer
  58. Screenwriter (Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3)
  59. Designer and illustrator of children's and young adult books. Co-created LOBO, the first comic book featuring an African-American, during his time as editor at Dell Comics
  60. children's author/illustrator
  61. Sarah Arnold  (2)
  62. Illustrator
  63. Illustrator
  64. Illustrator
  65. American Illustrator/Painter. Animating staff of How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  66. Illustrator-Comics(The Hulk and Batman),Star Wars-Runner Up:Create A Star Wars Alien Contest
  67. sci-fi illustrator
  68. Children's Author
  69. Disney artist, song writer. Born: 09/03/1919
  70. Illustrator
  71. Finisher, Inker, Penciller, Colorist, Cover Colorist, Artist for DC Comics, as well as Marvel. Also credited as Derec Donovan
  72. MTG artist
  73. Artist, Toy Design
  74. English book illustrator. Austen used several techniques in his illustrations, including wood-engraving and scraperboard, and changed styles to suit the text he was illustrating
  75. Illustrator
  76. MTG artist
  77. Artist - comic book and media artist
  78. Creator/Illustrator of Japanese light novel series: Spice & Wolf. Lives in Japan
  79. Illustrator
  80. Cartelista ,historiestita español .Dibujante .Fundador del PGB (Partido de la gente del Bar. poster, Spanish historiestita. Draughtsman. Founder of GDP (People's Party Bar)