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  1. Shana Abé  (2)
    Author-The Last Mermaid
  2. Played Miguel on Strong Medicine on Lifetime TV, 'The Defenders'
  3. Actress: Boogeyman II, The Young and the Restless, Jailbird Rock, Saturday the 14th Strikes Back, Days of Our Lives, Body Chemistry, Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael, Star Trek TNG, A Murderous Affair, Night of the Living Dead- Re-Animation, Sequestered
  4. R&R Guitarist (with The Arrows) - Blues Theme, Theme From The Wild Angels
  5. porn star
  6. Actor-Lost Girl
  7. Actor: Friday the 13th 4, Missing in Action, Bat*21, thirtysomething, Star Trek - The Next Generation, The Glass Shield, Melrose Place, The Final Cut, Where's Marlowe?, Auggie Rose, NYPD Blue, Felicity, Boomtown, Close to Home
  8. Actress: The Terror Within, Dance Of The Damned, Ghoulies 2, Vampire Journals, Club Vampire, Syngenor, Out Of The Dark, Amityville Dollhouse, Men Seeking Women, General Hospital, Falcon Crest, The Golden Girls, TekWar
  9. tv writer
  10. model
  11. Comedienne
  12. Actor - Shattered Glass, LOST
  13. Actor-Lord Of The Rings:The Fellowship of The Ring/Return of The King(Everhard Proudfoot),Beyond Reasonable Doubt,Queen City Rocker,The Navigator,Cupids Prey
  14. cartoonist/storyboard artist - Garth (syndicated British comic strip, 1943-97), Troy, Batman Begins, The Hours, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
  15. Actress-Star Trek,Highway to Heaven,Airwolf
  16. Actress - Film, Theater, Television - 'Sinclair's Girlfriend, Carolyn, in the Babylon 5 pilot'. Artistic Director Of Los Angeles Drama Club
  17. Screenwriter: Anaconda, Komodo, Titan A.E., Highwaymen, The Flock // Producer: Milo
  18. Directed Thirteen Ghosts
  19. Founder of Beckett Price Guides for cards (all sports)
  20. Actor from Charmed tv series
  21. Writer(Angel, Alias)
  22. Prime Suspect I, 2
  23. sexologist/author/host - 'Naked New York' (tv series)
  24. Enlish Male Former Adult Film Star
  25. Actress: Days of Our Lives, The Player, Running the Halls, Land's End, Detroit Rock City // Guest Star: MacGyver, Moonlighting, Cheers, Murder She Wrote, Perry Mason, Beverly Hills 90210, Silk Stalkings, High Tide, Pacific Blue, She Spies, Justified
  26. New Zealand Screenwriter And Producer - Movie - 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring' (Screenplay)(2001), 'The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers' (Screenplay)(2002), 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King' (Screenplay)(2003)
  27. German Popsinger
  28. American actor born 1930.'Battle Beneath the Sea','Billion Dollar Brain','Isadora','Dynasty','Airwolf','Days of Our Lives','Hill Street Blues','Murder She Wrote'
  29. Actress - City Slickers, Star Trek TNG, married to Producer Jeff Stafford
  30. Irish Female Singer/Songwriter. Now A Musicologist In Dublin
  31. If?, If Tomorrow Comes, Prophecy 3: The Ascent, The, She's All That, Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror, Livers Ain't Cheap, Last Resort, The, Prehysteria! 3, Skins, Nash Bridges, King of the Hill, Chicago Hope,& Silk Stalkings.)
  32. Actor/Bodybuilder 1970's-90's 'Sextette' (1978) Born: May 4, 1950
  33. American Female Actress - TV Series - 'Lost' (Guest Role)(2008), 'Friends' (Guest)(2001-2002), 'Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran' (Voice)(2000), 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' (Guest)(1994), 'Cheers' (Guest)(1992), 'Wings' (Guest)(1990)
  34. American Female Singer, Songwriter And Actress - Guitar And Piano. (1999- ). Movie - 'Special Delivery' (1999). TV Series - 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' (Guest Role)(1993)
  35. NCIS, Adam in The Ponderosa
  36. tex-mex R&R singer (houston el mover)
  37. Lee Carroll  (2)
    American Male Author - Novel - 'Black Swan Rising' (2010), 'The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived' (1999), 'The Journey Home: The Story Of Michael Thomas And The Seven Angels' (1997), 'The Parables of Kryon' (1996)
  38. Kickboxer 1-3
  39. Director: Halloween 6, The Skulls 2, Phantoms, Hellraiser IV
  40. Composer
  41. Broadway production of Joe Turner's Come and Gone; Tyreese on The Walking Dead; Bortus on The Orville
  42. Radio DJ on Capital FM
  43. Film Editor
  44. National Television Host
  45. Lisa Daniels  (2)
    MSNBC curvy blond
  46. actor, '10 to Midnight' , 'Cruising' (brother of Brad ''Midnight Express' Davis)
  47. Visual Effects Supervisor for Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets
  48. Alana, 'Miss Hawaii' in 'Miss Congeniality'
  49. Plays 'J Street' in Earth: Final Conflict
  50. The Juggernaut in 'Thirteen Ghosts' - Smallville - Dark Angel, The New Addams Family
  51. American Actor born 1931. in movies from 1952-1991.'War of Satellites','Battle of Blood Island','Kid Galahad','Blood of Dracula','The Unded','The Comancheros'
  52. Mrs. Doubtfire, Look Who's Talking
  53. Actor-Star Wars Episode VI:Return of The Jedi(Ewok Warrior),Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory,Flash Gordon,Time Bandits,Arena,Labyrinth,The Dark Crystal,Willow,Witch Way Love
  54. Rose in 'The Magdalene Sisters'
  55. Actress-Strip Mall,Guiding Light,The Sopranos,Playboy Babe of the Month April 2004
  56. Juan Pablo on All My Children
  57. Actor - Played alien in Star Trek the Nex Generation episode
  58. water skier
  59. Astronomer- Detected the 'WOW Signal' while working for SETI
  60. cinematographer
  61. Actress - Carnivale, Frailty, Silence of the Lambs, Seinfeld, Deep Impact.ER, Smallville, Gilmore Girls, Deadwood, Here and Now
  62. Weapon and armour designer at WETA, worked on LOTR and Narnia films
  63. Actor
  64. Actor & Director: Witchblade, Highlander, Wiseguy, 21 Jump Street, War of the Worlds, Cobra, Bordertown, Neon Rider, The Outer Limits, Christmas in Canaan, Daydream Believers, Cedar Cove
  65. Head Womens Basketball Coach USF
  66. Actress: 7th Heaven, Ed McBain's 87th Precinct, The Sterling Chase
  67. Italian actor, film director, singer and writer 'Adored, Diary of a Male Porn Star' (Italy, 'Poco piu di un anno fa)
  68. comedian
  69. Actress - played Ginny Davenport in TV's Family Affairs
  70. movie director writer
  71. Screenwriter & Producer: Young Guns 1 & 2, Hidalgo, Crossroads, Thunderheart, The Babe, Loch Ness, The Forbidden Kingdom, Marco Polo, The Shack
  72. Actress - Dallas
  73. Actor, Writer & Producer: Starman, Stand By Me, Made in Heaven, Kuffs, Cutthroat Island, Jungle 2 Jungle, Mr. Brooks, The Clones, The Rockford Files, The Fall Guy, McCloud
  74. actor (the usual suspects, timecop 2)
  75. Played Jackie Taylor on 'Bevery Hills 90210' also was Jabara on Star Trek DS9
  76. Actress/Producer(Chrome, Starship Orpheus, and upcoming film War Of the Worlds)
  77. actor
  78. Actor: appeared as Jason Voorhees in 'Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives', as Hell Cop in 'Highway To Hell'
  79. sandy from buffy the vampire slayer in Doppelgängland; Family; Shadow
  80. Illustrator; has many cards in Magic: The Gathering
  81. French actor
  82. actor (Eerie, indiana, the mighty jungle)
  83. Disney voice actor/writer/director - Winnie The Pooh, Big Hero 6, Moana, Meet The Robinsons
  84. Wrote Screenplay for 'Girl, Interrupted' 'Gorrilas In The Mist' and 'Mask'
  85. hawaiian recording artist
  86. actor, Arachnophobia (1990)
  87. screenwriter
  88. Actress in American Cyborg, The Sleeping Car and Soldier Boys
  89. Actor; 'Sons of Anarchy', 'Glory Daze', 'Roommates', 'The Mentalist', many TV guest shots
  90. Singer
  91. costume designer (pulp fiction, jerry maguire)
  92. film director (the toxic avenger 1,2,3,/co-director)
  93. model - actress
  94. Actress (The Libertine; The Rotters' Club; Afterlife)
  95. voice actor, Dr. Mike O'Donald - Like Father Like Son - 1987, married to Actress Debbie Zipp
  96. Costume designer for many DOCTOR WHO stories
  97. Adult Film Star / Falcon Studios Superstar
  98. journalist
  99. tv writer
  100. costume designer (forrest gump, roger rabbit)
  101. Played Pam Willis in Neighbours
  102. 1960s-70s sexplotaition softcore film actress
  103. actor/comedian (dream od/eddie early episodes) known for A Million Little Things, Big Sky, The Sopranos,
  104. One of the German Presenter of the News Show 'Tagesschau'
  105. costume design (flashdance, nl's xmas vacation)
  106. Actress: Spasms, The Incubus, Obsessed, Beverly Hills 90210, The Yellow Rose, The Young & The Restless, Star Trek The Next Generation, Time Trax, The X-Files, JAG, Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, Criminal Minds, 7th Heaven
  107. Fox News Correspondent
  108. Songwriter 'Like A Virgin', 'Eternal Flame', 'I Drove All Night'
  109. Plays Andy in 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' and in 'Raising Dad,'
  110. costume designer (barveheart, blade runner)
  111. comedian/actor/filmmaker/writer - Strip Mall (t.v. series, 2000), Plump Fiction (1997), Poor White Trash (2000), Brickface & Stucco (NYC comedy duo with Cam Brainard)
  112. tv writer
  113. actor / martial artist - skeleton coast (1987), steele justice (1987), gleaming the cube (1989)
  114. Actress - Zo'or on Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict, Orphan Black, Suits, Rogue, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Dead End Road
  115. Actress: Star Trek-Deep Space Nine, Mad Men, Chaos, Devil in the Blue Dress, The Five Heartbeats, The A-Team, Sliders
  116. Actress (L'Inconnu du Val-Perdu; Le Chien Vert; L'impasse du Cachalot; Sa Mère; La Pute; Trois Jeunes Tambours)
  117. 'The Tea Lady' in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) & TCM Prequel, 'Mama Boone' on Nip/Tuck
  118. actress (body & soul), Star Trek: Enterprise
  119. actor (public morals, down periscope)
  120. Author. Professor at UC Irvine. 2002 Bench Warmer,. 2003 & 2004 Leykettes
  121. Actor-Lord Of The Rings:The Two Towers(Ugluk),Young Hercules,City Life,Hercules:The Legendary Journeys,Chill Factor,Shaker Run,30 Days of Night,Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions
  122. Psi Factor, Witchblade, Haven't We Met Before?, & Mutant X
  123. Mundungus Fletcher in Harry Potter
  124. air force general
  125. Jacoby from pirates of the caribbean
  126. Actor: Rabid, Star Wars Droids, The Edison Twins, Captain Power, Renegades, Storm of the Century, PSI Factor, Open Range, A History of Violence, Queer as Folk, The Good Witch, Call Me Fitz, Rookie Blue, Rogue, Moonshine
  127. Netherland born actress/model - Yvonne Jacquet in 'Parfum Le`Yvonne'(1994)
  128. television producer
  129. Violinist. Performed on the Jack Benny show
  130. Actress: Man's Best Friend, Star Trek DS9, Dream On, Sunset Park, The Grand, State of Play, Little Fockers
  131. French actress that played Nicholette (Queen's handmaiden) in Braveheart
  132. Sweet and Lowdown, Angels in America, Shooter, Personal Effects
  133. Actress. Was on the short lived TV show 'Billy'
  134. Jim Martin  (2)
    Puppeteer and director - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Sesame Street, The Great Space Coaster, The Puzzle Place
  135. Actress: Friday the 13th Pt. 8, Double cross. Mother of Actor, Alexander Ludwig
  136. actress
  137. Children's ITV Presenter and Nickelodeon
  138. Entertainment Reporter Fox News Channel
  139. Actor: Doctor Who, Juliet Bravo, Space:1999, Teachers, Goodnight Sweetheart, Between the Lines, Dempsey & Makepeace
  140. Penthouse Pet April 1970,Penthouse Pet of the Year 1971,The Malibu Bikini Shop,Space Raiders
  141. Pulitzer prize-winning American journalist with the Associated Press/won a Pulitzer Prize in 1977 for his coverage of the 1976 presidential campaign/inducted in the Associated Press Hall-of-Fame/Reported on national politics from 1960 - 2001
  142. actor (the rules of attraction, roomies)
  143. Stuntwoman/actress - Alien: Resurrection (1997). Time Tracers (1997)
  144. commentator
  145. CNN anchor
  146. journalist
  147. actor - From The Earth To The Moon (t.v. mini-series, 1998)
  148. Film Director
  149. TV Hostess and resenter and a Former Top Fashion and Glamour Model
  150. tv writer
  151. singer
  152. Luminara Unduli in Star Wars Episode II and III
  153. Actor, '28 Days Later', 'Master and Commander, The Far Side of the World'
  154. Bass fisherman
  155. romance author/voice-over actress - Poison Ivy in 'Batman: The Animated Series'
  156. Actor-Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace(Mos Espa Citizen)Episode IV:A New Hope(Massassi Base Rebel Scout)/Visual Effects Artist-Star Wars Episodes I-VI,Jurassic Park,Battlestar Galictica,Hook,E.T.,Willow,Raiders of The Lost Ark
  157. Writer for Buffy, Angel, and Tru Calling
  158. actress
  159. Actor. Star Trek: 'The Cloud Minders' (1969); The Invaders, The F.B.I., I Spy, 12 O'Clock High
  160. 1987, one of the three lyricists from award winning 'Time of my life,' from the movie Dirty Dancing
  161. actor
  162. She played an attorney in 'HBO'S' 'OZ'
  163. Guest appearance in 'Diagnis Murder,' married to director Ted Melfi
  164. Actress - plays Sinead in TV's Carrie & Barry
  165. journalist
  166. Director: The Buddy Holly Story, Can't Buy Me Love, Under the Rainbow, Queen's Logic, Son in Law, Eddie, American Pie Presents Band Camp
  167. film director screenwriter (the astronaut's wife)
  168. host - robot wars (BBC t.v. series)
  169. Res 
    R&B singer (how i do, ice king, golden boys)
  170. singer songwriter, Home And Away - Nick Parrish (1991-1994)
  171. Actress, plays Isabelle Turnbull in the tv series 'Always Greener'
  172. Deagol in Return of the KIng
  173. Actress - The Thin Blue Line, Cold Feet, Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason, Doctor Who, Suburban Shootout
  174. actor/writer/filmmaker, caged women 2, Laserhawk, Forgive Me Father
  175. actor, plays Nick on Always Greener
  176. Febby Petrulio/Fred Peters on the Sopranos
  177. costume designer (apollo 13 casino cape fear)
  178. actress
  179. Playmate Miss May 1983
  180. tv writer
  181. kitv4 news anchor
  182. entertainer
  183. athletics
  184. Actor-Star Wars Episodes II-III:Attack of The Clones/Revenge of The Sith(Jedi Master Plo Koon)
  185. computer editor on good morning american
  186. Michele Smith  (2)
    Model/Host-American Thunder,Playboy Cover Model
  187. Syndicated Hollywood Reporter/gossip Columnist - Beck/Smith Hollywood Exclusive
  188. journalist
  189. Graphic Artist
  190. Veteran Broadcast Journalist/Correspondent for CBS '48 Hours'
  191. Actress: Knots Landing, Hunter, Monsters, The X-Files, Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, Star Trek DS9, Kiss the Girls, Carnival, Children of the Corn V, Days of our Lives, General Hospital
  192. Screenwriter: Freddy vs Jason, Friday the 13th, Baywatch
  193. Actress: The Curve, Star Trek Voyager, Cold Squad, CSI Miami, Nip/Tuck
  194. KTTV Weatherman, Voice Announcer(American Idol, Paradise Hotel, The Swan etc)
  195. actress-A River Runs Through It,Lord of Illusions,Finding Graceland,Tuberville,House Poor
  196. Actor - The Pink Panther 2
  197. Gabriella Dante on The Sopranos (Little Steven's real-life wife)
  198. costume designer (die hard 1&2 pretty woman)
  199. fashion designer
  200. Actor: Clueless
  201. former host of 'west 57th' (t.v. series, 1987-1988)
  202. production designer - la la land (acadamy award 2017), pulp fiction, reservoir dogs
  203. actor (the young & the restless/wesley carter)
  204. Actress, Ginger in The West Wing
  205. Singer and Actress. Recorded 2 albums in the early 1970's. Sister to Ann Weldon
  206. Young Sydney in 'the pretender'
  207. Actor - plays Marc MacKenzie in Familty Affairs
  208. British Actress: Di Barker in TV's Bad Girls & Nellie in Catherine Cookson's The Rag Nymph
  209. Actress:'Reaper', (Dolores on Dead Like Me)
  210. Taylor on 'Gilmore Girls'
  211. Singer/Songwriter
  212. Actor: General Hospital, Days of our Lives, Barbarosa, Firefox, Casablanca, Jungle Warriors, ¡Three Amigos!, The A-Team, Santa Barbara, Oscar, Top Dog, Assassins, The X-Files
  213. Erich Kriegler in For Your Eyes Only James Bond movie
  214. television producer
  215. Actress and Singer: Vengeance Unlimited, The West Wing, Desperate Housewives, Dream Lover. Academy Award Nominee for best song in 2006 'In the Deep'
  216. Actress: Murder She Wrote, Small & Frye, Double Exposure, Like Father Like Son, Gilmore Girls // Guest Appearances: The Paper Chase, One Day at a Time, The Fall Guy, Magnum PI, L.A. Law, Malcolm in the Middle