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Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthDate%3A:1940-00-00
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  1. Actress-Sordid Lives:The Series
  2. Author-Murder on the Celtic
  3. Author-Let's Talk Sex
  4. Author-The Byzantine Empire
  5. Former WWWF Wrestler
  6. Author
  7. Children's Author
  8. Author. Actress (as Buni Bacon) - Sex Kittens Go To College, The Private Lives Of Adam & Eve. Pinup Model. Former wife of The Ventures guitarist, Don Wilson
  9. Author
  10. Actress-Common Law Cabin,Mondo Topless(Russ Meyer Films),Playboy June 1995
  11. Alan Barnes  (2)
    Author - Kiss Kiss Bang! Bang!
  12. American Female electrical engineer and educator. In 1984, she became the first female dean of an engineering school in the United States. In 1988, the National Women's Hall of Fame presented Baum with the Emily Warren Roebling Award. In 1990, the Society
  13. Cold War Spy/retired Central Intelligence Agency officer, author and film consultant. Bearden is President and CEO of the Asia-Africa Projects Group/Author of three books
  14. Author
  15. Author
  16. Author
  17. Author
  18. Author
  19. Female Model
  20. Author
  21. Football player
  22. Author - Non-Fiction
  23. German Actress - TV Series - 'Unter uns' (2007- ), 'Bernds Hexe' (2002-2006), 'Alle meine T?chter' (1995-1999), 'Berliner Wei?%u0178e mit Schu?%u0178' (Guest Role)(1986-1994), 'Tatort' (Guest)(1994), 'Maja'(Guest)(2008), 'Der Forellenhof (1965),born 1937
  24. Famed entomologist and founder of the Montreal Insectarium
  25. English Female Author, Journalist, Agony Aunt And Counsellor - Novel - 'The Single Parent's Survival Guide: How To 'Go It Alone' Successfully' (1990), 'The Sensuous Slimmer' (1984), 'Caught in the Act: A Fascinating Account of Infidelity...' (1990)
  26. American Male Author - Novel - 'The Defense' (1997), 'The Prosecution' (1999), 'Star Witness' (2001), 'Breach Of Trust' (2001), 'Trail By Fire' (2005), 'Evangeline' (2006), 'El Juicio/The Judgement' (2001), 'Necessity' (2018) Plus Many More Books
  27. Australian-Born American Author, Biographer, Art Critic, And Translator - Novel - 'Becoming Modern: The Life of Mina Loy' (1996), 'No Regrets : The Life Of Edith Piaf' (2011), 'Lee Miller: A Life' (2005), 'Foursome :Alfred Stieglitz...'(2019) Plus More
  28. writer
  29. Comedian
  30. Don Campbell  (2)
  31. Actress & model, aka Greta Maxwell - 1960's -70's, played Ling Ling in an episode of Bewitched, also in Burke's Law, Police Story etc...and a number of films including Lisette, Fathom, Five Gates To Hell. Now based in Switzerland
  32. Author
  33. Author
  34. Composer/Songwriter
  35. Actress
  36. Author
  37. Author
  38. Writer
  39. Sound Recordist
  40. Author - Water: The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource
  41. Author
  42. Author
  43. American sculptor, poet
  44. Actor
  45. Peter Edwards  (3)
    Illustrated the Railway series 1963-1972
  46. Author
  47. voice of Maid Marion in Disney's Robin Hood, voice in Aristocats, Pigeon sister in the Odd Couple
  48. Screenwriter & Director: Alien 3, The Hunt for Red October, Highlander, Beyond the Law
  49. Historian, author, State University of West Georgia - professor emeritus
  50. Singer/Musician
  51. Author - Stages of Faith
  52. from 'Big Brother' (US version)
  53. Author
  54. Author
  55. Actress
  56. Children's Author
  57. Author
  58. Stage Director
  59. Professional Speaker
  60. Author - A House Is Not a Home, Love the One You're With
  61. Former Mayor of St. Louis, MO
  62. Pioneering Erotic Photographer/filmmaker - Playboy TV's Naturals
  63. Costume Designer
  64. Artist
  65. Actor. Garven 'Dave' Dreis - Red Leader (first to fire torpedoes at Death Star) in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977). Also appeared on TV in: Space:1999, UFO, The Protectors, The Avengers, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Z Cars, Man In A Suitcase.
  66. Author
  67. Broadcaster, Voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers
  68. Author
  69. Author
  70. Mobster
  71. Author
  72. Author/books of anthropology - Paths Toward a Clearing and At Home in the World
  73. Mark James  (7)
    Songwriter (Suspicious minds, Moody blue, Always on my mind,...)
  74. Brian Johnson  (12)
    British born special effects artists, born 1939, probably living in the USA, received an Academy Award for his effects on 'Empire Strikes Back'
  75. journalist
  76. Author - Jane's Train Recognition Guide
  77. British actor ('For Your Eyes Only', 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade',)
  78. Girl Friend of Charles Bukowski for about five years/Poet/Sculptor & Artist for 40 years?
  79. German Artist
  80. Actor - The Boys In The Band (as Cowboy Tex in the orig. Off-Broadway production & in the film), The Doctors (as Dr. Mike Powers #3, 1967)
  81. Author of cowboy stars
  82. Author
  83. UK TV Actress
  84. Author
  85. writer
  86. Author, professor of Political Theory at the University of Kent
  87. Children's Author
  88. TV Hostess/Model - Lets Make a Deal (1963-1977)
  89. Playwright
  90. Author
  91. costume designer (the addams family the firm)
  92. Author
  93. Author; became the ghost writer for V. C. Andrews following her death in 1986
  94. Author
  95. British bit - part actor: several Carry On films and TV comedies, Space 1999, Upstairs Downstairs, Adam Bede, etc
  96. Author/Screenwriter; lived with the Japanese mafia and climbed to Camp One on Mount Everest in Tibet - Novel Doppleganger
  97. book called 'All you need to know about the music business'
  98. Conductor
  99. Screenwriter
  100. World Famous Sports Artist
  101. Actor - NY Undercover, Calucci's Department, On The Rocks, Miami Blues, The Mask Of Zorro, The Sting 2, Stick, DC Cab, Off & Running, Steambath
  102. Author
  103. Vietnam Veteran, Author - Night of the Silver Stars
  104. Author
  105. Journalist; Author - The Campaigns Of General Nathan Bedford Forrest And Of Forrest's Cavalry
  106. Children's Author
  107. Author - The Hand of Strange Children, Victims, Significant Others
  108. British Army General during the Falklands Conflict and the Yugoslav Wars; also known as General Sir Hugh 'Michael' Rose
  109. Playwright
  110. Richard Ryder  (2)
    Lord Ryder of Wensum, British Politician
  111. german tv presenter, author
  112. Author
  113. Wrote the novel The Omen, screenwriter, producer and director
  114. Author of 9 novels, a collection of short stories, & a memoir.'Understanding Women', 'Buffalo Nickel', 'The Vestal Virgin Room', 'Purple Hearts', 'Gabriel's Eye', 'Steplings', 'Thin Men Of Haddam', 'Country Music' & 'Letters From The Horse Lattitudes'
  115. Dennis Smith  (2)
    Firefighter, Author - Report from Engine Co. 82, Report from Ground Zero
  116. Peter Smith  (3)
    Trained military pilot who has worked in covert operations and espionage, Author - HMS Kandahar
  117. Author
  118. Author of carry on reaching beyond 100. appeared on several shows about how to live a long life
  119. Canadian Metis musician, author, and radio show host
  120. Author
  121. Author
  122. Professional Wrestler
  123. Author
  124. Author
  125. Author
  126. Creator/ Writer/ Producer Of The Amazing Race
  127. Author
  128. Author/ poet
  129. Professional Speaker, author - You Were Born For This
  130. Pat Williams  (2)
    NBA executive, Professional Speaker
  131. Author
  132. Mayor of San Antonio, Texas (1991-95)
  133. Earl Young  (2)