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  1. Guitarist
  2. Author, professor who teaches postgraduate and undergraduate modules on Welsh writing in English. 'A Double Singleness: Gender and the Writings of Charles and Mary Lamb', 'Pur fel y Dur: Y Gymraes yn Ll?n y Bedwaredd Ganrif ar Bymtheg'
  3. John W. Aaron (born 1943) is a former NASA engineer and was a flight controller during the Apollo program. He is widely credited with saving the Apollo 12 mission when it was struck by lightning shortly after liftoff and played important role Apollo 13
  4. Author, novelist, scriptwriter (Doctor Who)
  5. Played Jon Lindsay in Coronation Street
  6. Actress-Love Bites
  7. German TV Actress - So Schnell du Kannst
  8. Political author
  9. Author
  10. Singer/Musician
  11. ASMA Founder.'American Society for Muslim Advancement'
  12. Author
  13. Famous fabricater of hoaxes
  14. Belgian director, husband of Fiona Gordon
  15. Cartoonist/Writer-Life Sucks
  16. Author
  17. Cherry Malone in Doctors
  18. Author-Surviving Trauma
  19. Expert in jet engine performance, measurement uncertainty analysis and Weibull analysis. Dr. Bob holds a patent on a feature of the J58 Pratt & Whitney engine that powers the worldâ-?s fastest aircraft; recover bleed air system
  20. Author/Professor of Law
  21. Author - The Juggler's Children
  22. Writer Born:25.08.1921
  23. Author-Giving Up America
  24. Philip Abramo (born 1945), also known as 'The King Of Wall Street', 'Lou Metzer' is a caporegime in the New Jersey DeCavalcante crime family who was allegedly involved in security fraud and murder. Abramo was a capo of the DeCavalcante family's crew in Mi
  25. Author-Seven Kings:How It Feel To Be A Teenager
  26. Songwriter/Music Producer
  27. Author-The Evolution Angel
  28. Award-winning writer and director in both film and television. Abrams shared a 1992 Emmy Award for the children's television series, Rugrats
  29. television director
  30. Former Prime Minister of Jordan (2000-2003)
  31. Author-Birds of Paradise
  32. Author-The Best of Enemies
  33. Author-Mornings in Jenin
  34. costuma designer (last emperor dang liaisons)
  35. Actor: Highlander, The X - Files, Smallville, Supernatural, The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, Highlander, Magic in the Water, Reindeer Games, Elf, Earthsea, Alone in the Dark, Fargo, Altered Carbon
  36. Did album art for heavy metal album cover for the movie and probably a lot of other stuff for the magazine
  37. Author - Fiction
  38. television director
  39. Businessman-CEO Bell South Corporation
  40. Author-The Identity Code
  41. Canadian novelist, playwright, and journalist
  42. Artist
  43. Artist
  44. Canadian author, newspaper columnist, filmmaker, indigenous language advocate and professor of indigenous and English literature at First Nations University of Canada in Saskatchewan
  45. professor/host - The Nature Nut (Canadian t.v. series)
  46. Actress - The Mentalist, Better Off Ted
  47. Australian Fashion Doyen
  48. Children's Author-A Magical Encounter
  49. Actress - The Clinic
  50. Jazz Musician
  51. Author-Richochet
  52. Children's Author-Dixieland
  53. Author-Fybromyalgia for Dummies
  54. Actress - Spanglish , In Between
  55. Ashley Adams  (3)
    Adult Film Star & Model
  56. Author-The Pornography of Meat
  57. Author-The Godmother
  58. David Adams  (4)
    Rugby League Player (Retired)
  59. Former FBI agent, having evidence Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate president John F. Kennedy/assigned FBI office in Georgia on 11/22/1963 was responsible for investigating Joseph Milteer who he says is responsible for the assassination
  60. Author-Going To Heaven
  61. Author-The Five Ages of The Universe
  62. Actor - Played Zahir Arif on HBO Series 'OZ'
  63. Author-The Spectre of Salem
  64. Consulted directly with Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy on Lafayette Square Historic District in Washington, D.C., supervised project for Robert Kennedy. Involved in planning, design & construction of President Kennedy's gravesite at Arlington Cemetery
  65. Children's Author-Robert Pattinson:Eternally Yours
  66. Author-Everything Women Of Color Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery
  67. Jane Adams  (3)
    Author-A Kiss Goodbye
  68. Author-Single White Email
  69. John Adams  (6)
  70. Author-Agent of Influence
  71. Singer/Musician
  72. model
  73. Author of 7 books about the trapps family
  74. Luke Adams  (3)
    Amazing race
  75. Archaeologist , Author
  76. Mike Adams  (7)
    Former PGA touring pro, golf instructor, Author
  77. Mike Adams  (8)
    Author-Feminists Say The Darndest Things
  78. Actor - Films: The Second Best Secret Agent In The Whole Wide World (title role), The Great Escape, The House That Dripped Blood, Fathom. TV: Gen. Hospital, Doctor Who, Emergency-Ward 10, Emmerdale Farms, Spy Trap, The Onedin Line, The Enigma Files
  79. Will Adams  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  80. Actor-The Boat That Rocked,Campus
  81. Author-Ashland
  82. Author-Topsy and Tim
  83. Author-The Noble Revolt
  84. Supermodel-Victoria Secret
  85. Author-Dark Maze
  86. British actress who appeared as Sarah Boyer in the BBC TV series Survivors
  87. Author-Japanese Ghosts and Demons
  88. Author-Cyrano:The Life and Legend of Cyrano De Bergerac
  89. Ade 
    British actor, played Infante in 'Casino Royale'
  90. Actor-LOST, Star Trek ENT
  91. Author-Letter to George Clooney
  92. Actor-The Squad,The Tourist
  93. Israeli transexual singer
  94. Composer/Arranger worked with Fred Waring and Irving Berlin.
  95. R&B Artist
  96. Actor-30 Rock,Kings
  97. Author - The Art of The Automobile: The 100 Greatest Cars
  98. Author-Essays and Letters
  99. Jerry Adler  (2)
    Senior editor at Newsweek and the author of High Rise: How 1,000 Men and Women Worked Around the Clock for Five Years and Lost $200 Million Building a Skyscraper
  100. Syrian Poet, real name Ali Ahmad Said
  101. Composer
  102. Artist
  103. Conductor
  104. Singer/Musician, MC
  105. Actress - played Dr Annie Parvez in TV's Murder City
  106. Cardologist and author of The South Beach Diet
  107. Playwright
  108. AGF 
  109. Iranian History Professor who has been jailed for being outspoken in Iran.
  110. Author-Silence Like Blood
  111. Opera Singer - Tenor
  112. Author-The Lillian Lectures
  113. Singer/Musician
  114. Former Atlanta farm hand, pitcher
  115. Filmmaker, Author
  116. Presenter/Journalist
  117. Actress-Eastenders,Doctor Who
  118. anthropologist, writer and filmaker; former Ambassador from Pakistan to the United Kingdom, Professional Speaker
  119. Former Prime Minister of Bangladesh (1989-1990)
  120. Presenter/Reporter, Channel 4 News
  121. Actor-Belmonte
  122. opera singer
  123. author & former TIME Magazine Sr. Correspondant , Professional Speaker
  124. Author-Once A Spy
  125. Film/TV Writer - Waiting for God
  126. Artist
  127. miss america 1986
  128. Actor-Holby City,Doctors
  129. Voice Actor-Xmen The Animated Series,Rupert,Sailor Moon
  130. Author-The City Man
  131. Author-Say Your'e One Of Them
  132. Author-Thura's Diary
  133. Prime Minister of Yemen (1964, 1965, 1965-66, 1967-69 and 1971)
  134. Artist
  135. First Yemeni female film producer, Author
  136. Author-The Groom To Have Been
  137. African filmmaker from Niger
  138. Director of Photography-Chocolat
  139. Author-The Miracle of Prato
  140. Drummer/The Lemon Pipers 'My Green Tambourine'
  141. Conductor
  142. Actor - The Professionals, Juliet Bravo, Emmerdale, Heartbeat, Coronation Street, Casualty, Mersey Beat, Doctors, Where The Heart Is
  143. Pianist
  144. Author-The Journals of Aiden Hunter
  145. artist
  146. Political Cartoonist
  147. Author-How To Fix Your Novel
  148. Stage Director
  149. Stage Director
  150. physicist
  151. Author-The Liars Gospel
  152. Actor: Played Forensics Officer in Children of the Corn: Revelation
  153. Author-Girls Night In 1-2
  154. Author-Budgerigar
  155. Actress: Boogeyman II, The Young and the Restless, Jailbird Rock, Saturday the 14th Strikes Back, Days of Our Lives, Body Chemistry, Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael, Star Trek TNG, A Murderous Affair, Night of the Living Dead- Re-Animation, Sequestered
  156. Author-The Hidden Hand
  157. Artist, did cover art for elton johns captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy
  158. British Actress ('The Icehouse')
  159. Athlete-Long Distance Runner
  160. Author-America Unzipped
  161. Author-One Dry Season
  162. Author-Real Men Do It Better
  163. Author-The Soul of The Indian
  164. Singer/Musician
  165. Britney Spears' former husband
  166. Author-UFO's:Myths,Conspiracies,and Realities
  167. model
  168. Writer
  169. Journalist; editor of Ariel Ascending; Author - Rough Magic
  170. Actress-Sordid Lives:The Series
  171. Author-The Husband List
  172. actor - babylon 5 (t.v. series)
  173. Actress-Goodbye Emmanuelle,Immoral Tales,A Real Young Girl,The Acrobat
  174. Singer/Musician
  175. playwright - chicanoism
  176. Actor-House of Fire,Mistreated
  177. Prime Minister of Niger (1983-1988)
  178. Singer/Musician
  179. Author-Biohazard
  180. Author-Change Me
  181. Screenwriter-Before The Storm
  182. Author-The First Time I Said Goodbye
  183. Author-The Iliad
  184. Former Minister of Trade and Minister of Finance of Iraq
  185. Interim Prime Minister of Iraq (2004-05)
  186. English naval architect, marine surveyor, yachtsman and author (Born: 1914) In 1949 he crossed the Atlantic ocean single-handed. He was the first man in history to sail the Atlantic solo in both directions. He lives in La Massana, Andorra
  187. Actor-The Suspects
  188. playwright (she's always liked the girls best)
  189. Author-Murder on the Celtic
  190. Irish chef, TV personality, Author - Non Fiction
  191. 'Mr. Rosso' on 'Freaks and Geeks', The Troubadour on 'Gilmore Girls'
  192. Author-Formula 2+2
  193. Harry Allen  (3)
  194. Harry Allen  (2)
    Rugby Player
  195. critic
  196. Author-Quaker Witness
  197. Voice Over Talent
  198. Jim Allen  (2)
    Cartoonist, The Beauforts
  199. Actor-Fried Green Tomatos
  200. Jon Allen  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  201. Male Voice Over Talent
  202. Author-Lord of The Dance
  203. Author-Guide to e-Learning
  204. Peter Allen  (2)
  205. Male Adult Film Star/Model
  206. Author-A Guide to Black Power in America
  207. Author-If You Can't Stand The Heat
  208. (1900-1985) was a United States aircraft businessman and the President of the Boeing Company from 1945-1970. While President of Boeing, numerous planes of renown today were launched, among them the Boeing 727, 737, and 747
  209. Actor-Sex in The City
  210. Co-director of The Lion King
  211. Author-A Perfect Union
  212. Singer/Musician
  213. Author-The Christmas Kid
  214. Former Baseball Player
  215. Author-365 Bedtime Stories
  216. Furman Men's Soccer Coach
  217. American physicist, worked at 'Manhattan Project' in Los Alamos. Was the man who did the countdown on the first a-bomb test (Trinity) on July 16, 1945
  218. Presenter
  219. Author-The Burning of Rachel Hayes
  220. Author-Let's Talk Sex
  221. Singer/Musician
  222. Secretary of the Evanglical Lutheran Church in America (1988-2007)
  223. Author-This Stubborn Self
  224. English Theatre Actress - We Will Rock You
  225. Author-Nosh New York
  226. Author-The Women
  227. Author-Peanut
  228. Author-No Exit
  229. Texas Writer/Spur Award Winner, the most prestigious Western Award 'Murder at the Blue Plate Café' 'Sue Ellen Learns to Dance' 'Skeleton In A Dead Space'
  230. Actress-Juno
  231. Author-How To Control Diabetes
  232. Author-Power in Numbers
  233. Male Model
  234. Author-The Flyswatter Agenda
  235. Womens HOF, 2003 for Business
  236. David Alvarez  (2)
    Comic Artist
  237. Male Adult Film Star/Model
  238. President of McDonalds
  239. Film Editor
  240. Belgian artist, lives in Mexico City
  241. Prime Minister of Niger (1995-96 and 2000-07)
  242. Director-Marc Ellot
  243. Israel woman. Undocumented oldest person in the world. Purported to be born 1888
  244. Plays a recurring character on American Horror Story: Freak Show. At 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m), news stories have called her 'the world's tallest model'
  245. Holds the record for the most free throws
  246. Rugby Player
  247. Composer/Songwriter
  248. Comic Book Artist
  249. Singer - That Was The Week That Was (The TW3 Girl). Co-Wrote The Smothers Brothers Theme with Mason Williams
  250. Author-6Bianca
  251. Production Designer-Eat The Rich
  252. Director-Lounge Chair
  253. French singer
  254. Spy/Former Israeli military intelligence major who was convicted of espionage in 1987. Amit is thought to have spied for the United States and a European NATO country, though this has never been confirmed by the Israeli government
  255. Artist
  256. Actress - Cybergirl, East of Everything
  257. Author-The Letters of Evelyn Waugh
  258. Author-Genesis Machines
  259. Actor-Lost Girl
  260. Author-The Neruda Case
  261. producer - the krays,love honour and obey
  262. Author-Portable Prairie
  263. Romance Author, 'Baby Don't Go', 'Head Over Heels', Just for Kicks', etc.
  264. Andy Anderson  (4)
  265. syndicated cartoonist - Marmaduke
  266. Brad Anderson  (3)
    Director (The Machinist, Session 9 etc)
  267. CEO of Best Buy
  268. Author
  269. Cartoonist
  270. Dave Anderson  (3)
    Author-How To Run Your Business By The Book
  271. Author (Non-Fiction) - Banquet of the Mind, Text & Sex
  272. Author - Aftermath
  273. Voice Actor
  274. army general
  275. Actor: Friday the 13th 4, Missing in Action, Bat*21, thirtysomething, Star Trek - The Next Generation, The Glass Shield, Melrose Place, The Final Cut, Where's Marlowe?, Auggie Rose, NYPD Blue, Felicity, Boomtown, Close to Home
  276. Actress-Nightmare on Elm Street 5,Zandalee,Object of Obssesion,Club V.R.,Ascension,Ballad of the Nightingale
  277. Greg Anderson  (3)
    Author - The Cancer Conqueror
  278. Actor-Kickboxer
  279. Author-The Stoneholding
  280. Singer/Musician
  281. Jean Anderson  (2)
    Cookbook Author
  282. Author-A Walk on The Beach
  283. Kent Anderson  (2)
    Author - Sympathy for the Devil
  284. singer/songwriter
  285. Musician/Guitarist
  286. Singer/Musician
  287. Author - Low Level Hell
  288. Author-Boonville
  289. Actor - Hex, Totally Frank, The History Boys, Stuck, Gavin & Stacey, Doctor Who
  290. Author-Killer Heels
  291. Female Model
  292. Former Rugby League Player
  293. guitartist (komeda)
  294. Artist
  295. Singer/Musician
  296. Baseball Coach
  297. Actor-Cake and Sand
  298. Author-Experiencing The French Revolution
  299. Professional Speaker
  300. James Andrews  (2)
    Sports surgeon who's worked on players from all 4 major sports
  301. Author-Alexandra Blake Mysteries
  302. Actress:ER,JAG,Murder One
  303. Author-Gideon
  304. One of the hosts on 'Cold Pizza'
  305. Former college/CFL quarterback; played for University of Notre Dame, Ottawa Rough Riders & Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  306. Author-Adopted Like Me
  307. Black adult film star
  308. photographer
  309. Author-Critiques of God
  310. Pianist
  311. Violinist
  312. Writer/Screenwriter
  313. German Actress-Tatort
  314. Author-Wide Sargasso Sea
  315. Jean Anglade, born 18 March 1915 at Escoutoux in the Puy de Dome , is a writer French .
  316. Author
  317. childrens author/illustrator-Faith is a Flower
  318. Author-The Byzantine Empire
  319. Singer/Musician
  320. Actress-White Collar,Holby City,The Good Wife
  321. Actress-Coronation Street
  322. Author-Good Things I Wish You
  323. Artist
  324. Author-Aquamarine
  325. Mom acquitted of murder of 2-year-old daughter Caylee in Orlando, Florida
  326. Author
  327. Head Coach, Mens Basketball University of South Florida, former Assistant Coach University of kentucky Men's Basketball
  328. Baseball Player
  329. Author
  330. Male Adult Film Star/Model
  331. Author
  332. Author - Fiction
  333. Actress-Pobol y Cwm
  334. Producer Premium & Slippery Slope
  335. celebrity chef
  336. Children's Author
  337. Author
  338. Architect best known for being the designer of the World Trade Center Memorial in New York City
  339. Israeli industrial designer, artist, and architect. He designed The Design Museum Holon in Israel
  340. Artist
  341. Author
  342. Director of photography
  343. Actor-Calm at Sea,Richard III
  344. Artist
  345. Author
  346. writer
  347. Canadian Musical Theatre Composer, Lyricist and Librettist
  348. Author
  349. Former Northern Irish unionist politician and oldest surviving members of the Parliament of Northern Ireland
  350. concert violinist
  351. Children's Author
  352. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  353. Actor-Sweethearts
  354. Author
  355. Actress-The Cat Vanishes
  356. Gossip column 'The Reliable Source', Commentator on Tucker Carlson Show
  357. President of Iraq 1966 - 1968
  358. Former WWWF Wrestler
  359. Male Voice Over Artist, Anderson on Sherlock
  360. Actor-The Americans
  361. Actor-Xanadu,Spiral
  362. Artist
  363. Author
  364. Film Director - Grosse Pointe Blank, The Big Bounce, Vigilante Force. Film Director/Writer - Hit Man, Private Duty Nurses, Miami Blues
  365. Actor - plays Bill Webster in TV's Coronation Street
  366. Swiss Artist
  367. Author
  368. Bob Armstrong  (4)
    Author, playwright, speechwriter and freelance journalist in Winnipeg
  369. Author
  370. Celebrity chef
  371. Author -
  372. Artist/Author - Jim
  373. Author
  374. Author
  375. British Ex-Broadcaster And Actress. Now A Newspaper 'Blogger'
  376. Children's Author - A Riot of Red Ribbons
  377. Production Designer
  378. Author
  379. Actor-Tatort
  380. Actor - Casualty, The Bill, Coronation Street
  381. Author
  382. Author
  383. Author
  384. Author
  385. Founder of New Life Ministries & Women of Faith, Professional Speaker
  386. Actress - Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, You Can't Take It With You, Only Angels Have Wings, Shane, Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, The Ex-Mrs. Bradford, The More The Merrier (AA nom), Diamond Jim, The Plainsman, The Devil & Miss Jones, Too Many Husbands, Ariz
  387. Author of different war books, including many in the 'Forgotten Voices' series
  388. Author
  389. Italian entrepreneur, formerly owned Bugatti and Lotus
  390. Actress-American Pie 2,Border to Border,Running Red,Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,Wheelmen,Back By Midnight,Machine,The Last Run,Stripped Down,Pretty Persuasion,One More Round,Bad News Bears,18 Fingers of Death
  391. Actor-The Manchurian Candidate,Law & Order
  392. Baseball / Prospect for the L.A. Dodgers/Formerly A Prospect For The Cincinnati Reds / Pitcher / Former Outfielder That Has Been Converted to Pitcher
  393. Author
  394. Author
  395. Actress - City Central, Playing The Field, Jane Eyre
  396. Phil Ashby  (2)
    Author - Against All Odds
  397. Rugby League Player (retired)
  398. Professor of Physiology, Oxford. Author,'Life at the Extremes'
  399. Author - Fiction
  400. Author
  401. Actor-The Last King of Scotland
  402. John Ashton  (3)
    Author - Chocolate a Day
  403. Author
  404. Author
  405. First 'female' TV news reporter
  406. Author
  407. Author - Fiction
  408. American fantasy and science fiction author, best known for her Twilight's Kingdoms fantasy trilogy and her contributions to the shared universe series Heroes in Hell, Sword of Knowledge and Merovingen Nights
  409. Author
  410. Author
  411. Author
  412. Anchor, Fox News Channel
  413. Cartoonist
  414. Actor-Doctors,Holly Oaks
  415. Actor - plays Mubbs Hussein in TV's Holby City
  416. Author
  417. Actor: Xena, played Rhineheart inThe Matrix, a Gondorian Soldier in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  418. Author
  419. Regenerative tissue scientist
  420. pitcher (39)
  421. Turkish Belly Dancer. Danced in 'Son of Sinbad' & 'Fanny'
  422. Turkish composer nd musician
  423. Author
  424. Author
  425. Author
  426. Playwright
  427. Kate Atkinson  (2)
    Actress-Wentworth Prison
  428. Author
  429. French film producer
  430. Louis 'Louie HaHa' Attanasio Jr. (born 1944 in White Plains, New York) is a New York mobster and reputed captain in the Bonanno crime family. He is the brother of Bonanno mobster Robert Attanasio.
  431. Author
  432. Antiques Expert; Appraiser on Antiques Roadshow; Specializes in ceramics; Has written over 30 books and is famous for his travel writing
  433. Actor - 'Geoff Noble' 'Doctor Who' (2005) episode 'The Runaway Bride'
  434. Author
  435. Actor - House of Cards, The Americans
  436. Plays Bob Hope in Emmerdale
  437. Actor-Coming Out
  438. Film Editor
  439. Director
  440. Artist
  441. Actor-Mogul,Special Branch
  442. Artist, Toy Design
  443. English book illustrator. Austen used several techniques in his illustrations, including wood-engraving and scraperboard, and changed styles to suit the text he was illustrating
  444. Adult film Star and Penthouse Pet September 2005
  445. Author
  446. Author
  447. Opera Singer
  448. Costume Designer
  449. Author
  450. Actor-Kiss of The Dragon
  451. Author
  452. Screenwriter & Director
  453. Author
  454. Miss America 1964/Was in Dallas making a personal appearance on November 22, 1963
  455. Actress. Played Claire Huxtable's mother on The Cosby Show
  456. Author
  457. Actor
  458. Author
  459. Author
  460. Illustrator
  461. Children's Author
  462. Chabad Chief Rabbi.. Ukraine
  463. Singer/Musician
  464. Author
  465. Actor- 'Desperate Housewives', 'Proxy Kill', & 'Turn Back Time' among others
  466. Centenarian - Canadian WWI Veteran. Born 07/23/1900
  467. Author
  468. Singer/Musician
  469. Singer/Musician
  470. Author
  471. Religious Author
  472. Male Model
  473. Actor-Bad Ronald
  474. Singer
  475. Author
  476. Author. Actress (as Buni Bacon) - Sex Kittens Go To College, The Private Lives Of Adam & Eve. Pinup Model. Former wife of The Ventures guitarist, Don Wilson
  477. Jimmy Altieri on the Sopranos
  478. Actor-Double Trouble
  479. The Insider, Three Kings, Independence Day, True Lies, Seinfeld, Iron Man, You Don't Mess With The Zohan,LOST
  480. French singer and brother of Edouard Baer
  481. Executive Producer Law & Order SVU
  482. Singer/Musician
  483. Author
  484. Author
  485. German car-designer, born 1930
  486. Children's Author
  487. Model, Actress 'Doctors' 'The Grind' 'House of Anubis'
  488. Author
  489. Singer/Musician
  490. Author Safe Kids, Smart Parents
  491. Male Voice Over Talent
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