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  1. MLB H.O.F. outfielder 1954-76 (23 yrs) for Braves, Brewers. 'Hammer', 'Bad Henry' MVP 1957, 25x All-Star, 3 Gold Gloves. Led league - Bat Title 2x, HR's 4x, RS 3x, Hits 2x, Doubles 3x. Hit 755 HR. All-time career leader in RBI's 2,297 & total bases
  2. philippine singer, known as the Bob Dylan of the Philippines
  3. Olympic Yachtsman
  4. Actress - All My Children, Defiance
  5. Australian Football/soccer Player, B.1976; Plays For Deportivo Alaves (Spanish Domestic Team) & Australian National Squad
  6. Baseball Hall of Famer; 2nd Baseman for the San Diego Padres (1988-1990), Toronto Blue Jays (1991-1995), Baltimore Orioles (1996-1998), Cleveland Indians (1999-2001), New York Mets (2002-2003), Chicago White Sox (2003-2004) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (2
  7. Author-The Goodfella Tapes
  8. Hockey Player
  9. Singer/Actress-One Life To Live
  10. Japanese female model
  11. Politician - European Parlament
  12. Thomas Atkins  (2)
    Assigned by the U.S. Navy as the White House Cinematographer from 1963 to 1969, Atkins extensively filmed President's Kennedy's trip to Texas. His recognizable color footage was edited into the documentary film, 'The Last Two Days.'
  13. Medal of Honor WWII, for actions on the Villa Verde Trail,Luzon Island, Philippines. He fired over 400 rounds over a period of 4 hours as the only remaining soldier at a position that was being heavily assaulted
  14. Tom Atkins  (2)
    JFK - White House photographer who photographed and filmed the Kennedy administration including the motorcade in Dallas; can be seen in photos from the assassination
  15. Soccer Player
  16. Indian Bollywood Actor
  17. hockey player
  18. boxing
  19. Lead singer for The Spin Doctors
  20. marine corps general
  21. Darts Player
  22. basketball player
  23. former college/NFL wide receiver; played for Auburn University & San Fransisco 49ers; 2X college all-American; member of College Football Hall of Fame (2002)
  24. Andreas Beck  (3)
    Tennis Player
  25. hockey player
  26. Current Cleveland Cavaliers Head Coach
  27. Swedish Actress - Movies - 'House Of Angels (1992), 'Heartbreak Hotel' (2006)
  28. Author
  29. Drummer (most-recorded drummer) R & R hof/Survivor 1944 Hartford Ringling Brothers circus fire
  30. Soccer player in IFK Göteborg, Parma AC and Manchester United
  31. University of Kentucky Mens basketball player
  32. Dutch rapper/hip hop artist
  33. Pitcher for phillies and orioles early 2000, Born 2/5/70, was player who wanted harry kalas removed from plane with rest of team because didn't think he belonged flying with players
  34. Bob Brown  (6)
    Founding member and director of the Wilderness Society; Author - Memo for a Saner World; 1987 United Nations Environment Program Global 500 Award, and the 1990 Goldman Environmental Prize
  35. Bobby Brown  (2)
    Music Artist 'New Edition'; Bad-boy Ex-Husband To Whitney Houston
  36. Singer/Musician
  37. Basketball Player
  38. NFL - PK, Dallas Cowboys (2009 draft, 5th round, #172 overall). College; USC
  39. American Actress - TV Series - 'Children of the Machine' (2017), 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' (Guest Role)(2018). Movie - '30 Days Of Night' (2007), 'Hold On' (2019), 'Shock and Awe' (2017), 'Bridge to Terabithia' (2007), 'Boy' (2016), 'LBJ' (2016) Plus More
  40. Comedian & Actor: Sayonara, They Shoot Horses Don't They?, The Poseidon Adventure, Hatari, The Longest Day, The Big Circus, 5 Weeks In A Balloon, Imitation General, Stagecoach, Pete's Dragon, The Red Buttons Show, The Ambulance, ER, 18 Again
  41. German actor - Tatort
  42. American Female Author - Novel - 'Heartsick' (2007), 'Evil At Heart...Thriller' (2009), 'The Night Season' (2011), 'Kill You Twice' (2008), 'Sweetheart' (2008), 'Let Me Go' (2013), 'Kickback' (2015), 'One Kick' (2014), 'Dharma Girl' (2006).
  43. Author
  44. cartoonist - 'pelswick' (nickelodeon animated series)
  45. Screenwriter / Producer / Actor / Author: The A-Team, Hunter, Hardcastle & McCormick, The Rockford Files, 21 Jump Street, The Greatest American Hero, The Commish, Renegade, Two, Unsub, Missing Persons, Broken Badges, Silk Stalkings, Baretta, Columbo
  46. American Idol Contestant
  47. Country-Western Singer - Skip A Rope
  48. Actor - The Grapes of Wrath, Stagecoach, Jesse James & The Return Of Frank James (Bob Ford in both), Bride Of Frankenstein, The Mummy's Ghost, House Of Dracula/Dracula, Captive Wild Woman, Revenge Of The Zombies, The Black Sleep, The Unearthly, Twilight Z
  49. Composer, Batman the Brave and the Bold
  50. Football Player
  51. former NHL coach, hockey analyst
  52. actor, 24, JAG
  53. Penn State quarterback
  54. Associate Administrator (Science), NASA Headquarters, since 2005
  55. Former Rugby League Player
  56. drummer
  57. basketball player
  58. Soccer Player
  59. Arthur Cox  (2)
    former college/NFL tightend; played for Texas Southern University, Chargers, Dolphins, Falcons and Browns
  60. Actress - The Time Machine, ER, Six Feet Under, NYPD Blue, The Mentalist, Dark Skies, Animal Kingdom
  61. Brazilian footballer who plays in the Brasileirão Série A for Santos F.C. and the Brazilian national football team, mainly as a forward. At the age of 19, Neymar won the 2011 South American Footballer of the Year award
  62. Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital,'Space:1999','UFO'
  63. St Louis Cardinals 1940's and 1950's
  64. Olympic Bronze Medalist Freestyle Skiing - Aerials
  65. Glasgow Rangers player
  66. movie diretor
  67. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  68. Rugby League Player
  69. Soccer Player
  70. Danish-Icelandic artist
  71. Soccer Manager
  72. cartoonist (anne & corrigan)
  73. country singer
  74. former Astros, Tigers and Twins infielder, now a coach for Cleveland
  75. NFL - Buffalo Bills 2006, On Sports Illustrated cover
  76. Film/TV Composer
  77. Professional Footballer
  78. brazilian model: marca bavaria commercial
  79. Director of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi; Author - Blues From The Delta
  80. Actress known for Godzilla 1998, House, American Horror Story, The Sopranos, National Treasure, Seinfeld
  81. Actress
  82. Australian Rugby League Player
  83. Playboy Playmate - Miss September 1977, Playmate of the Year 1978
  84. Model/Actress/Hostess -ET on MTV,The Big Bounce,D.E.B.S.,
  85. Voice of Jafar from Disney's Aladdin
  86. Former Los Angeles Homicide Detective, Network News Commentator, best-selling author of 'Murder In Brentwood', 'Murder in Greenwich', 'Murder in Sponkane', 'A Simple Act of Murder'
  87. golfer
  88. Left-handed hitting thirdbaseman who debuted for the Blue Jays in 1991
  89. Minor League Baseball Player currently in the St. Louis Cardinals Organization
  90. Baseball / Colorado Rockies Outfielder 1998-99 / Rockies' Minor League Player of the Year 1995
  91. Actor: The Hustler, Carrie, Whats Up Doc?, Jeremiah Johnson, High Plains Drifter, Silver Streak, The Champ, Dark Shadows,, Traveling Executioner, Blood Beach, Megaville, Victory At Entebbe, The Rosary Murders, Murder in the First, The Rockford Files
  92. Artist - designed for 'Alien', 'Species', 'Poltergeist II' and more; Academy Award winner for 'Alien'
  93. nobel med. laureate 1994
  94. Italian Swimmer
  95. Fmr Governor of Michigan
  96. astrologer/physic/author
  97. author (irish gold, patience of a saint)
  98. Linebacker from Virginia, drafted by Saints in 1989 but played for the Dolphins (1989-93) and the Chargers (1994), playing for them in Super Bowl XXIX. Was killed in a carwreck in 1995
  99. Female Model
  100. Finish Rally Driver
  101. Playwright (b: 1938) - Six Degrees Of Separation (Pulitzer Prize nom.), The House Of Blue Leaves (Tony win '86), Landscape Of The Body, Two Gentlemen Of Verona (book & song lyrics). Screenwriter - Atlantic City (AA nom.), Six Degrees Of Separation
  102. 'Princess Bride', Best in show / waiting for guffman / this is spinal tap , director HBO Family Tree
  103. Football Player
  104. Football Player
  105. Ex Big Brother contestant now presents on This Morning
  106. French director
  107. Jeff Harding  (2)
    Australian Boxer
  108. Former english soccer player for Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Portsmouth and Swindon Town Football Clubs
  109. Actress - Hannah & Her Sisters, Beaches, The Natural, Hoosiers, Boxcar Bertha, Last Summer, Take This Job & Shove It, The Entity, The Right Stuff, Tin Men, Paris Trout, The Last Temptation of Christ, Falling Down, Black Swan, The Monroes, Chicago Hope
  110. Novelist: The Woman In Black, etc
  111. Ex Sheffield Wednesday & England Footballer
  112. Former Third Baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers
  113. Former English cycling champion
  114. Cinematographer
  115. Actor - many Cowboy films in the 1940's-1950's. The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, The Monster That Challenged The World
  116. Author
  117. Born Feb 5, 1985 Daughter of Ron Howard
  118. hockey player
  119. Stacy Morasco on One Life To Live
  120. Actor
  121. Chilean artist, lives in NY
  122. Scott Jackson  (2)
    WHL Player - Seattle Thunderbirds
  123. French director
  124. Soccer
  125. Basketball Player
  126. Major General Eldon W. Joersz is an American pilot, who currently holds the World Air Speed Record
  127. Orlando Miracle player, an original member of the WNBA
  128. Rugby Player
  129. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  130. Conductor
  131. Football Player - Tampa Bay Storm 2007
  132. Playboy Playmate-Miss September 1978,The Swinging Cheerleaders,She Devils in Chains,Chesty Anderson USN,Motel Hell,Body and Soul,Zapped,Bachelor Party
  133. NZ Rugby Player
  134. Australian Rugby Player
  135. Claude King  (2)
    Football player for 1962 Boston Patriots
  136. Country Music Singer/Songwriter (b: 1923) - Wolverton Mountain, Tiger Woman, Big Woman Big Man, The Comancheros, All For The Love Of A Girl, The Burning Of Atlanta, Hey Lucille!, Sam Hill, I've Got The World By The Tail, Little Buddy, Sheepskin Valley
  137. Cycling
  138. former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach; Jacksonville Jaguars & Atlanta Falcons Offensive Coordinator; retired
  139. blues/rock artist b, s, & t, blues project
  140. Actor/Producer. Son of Alan Ladd & Sue Carol
  141. Jazz musician (Mahavishnu Orchestra)
  142. Singer. musician, formerly with 80's pop group The Dream Academy
  143. Phoenix Suns Forward
  144. New York State Senator (1991-present)
  145. Member of the 2010 U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Hockey team
  146. Last living survivor of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania Born: 02/1915 Lives in Northamptonshire, England
  147. Australian Cricketer
  148. Actress: Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Single White Female, Last Exit To Brooklyn, Flesh & Blood, The Hitcher, Miami Blues, Backdraft, Rush, Dolores Claiborne, Road to Perdition, Short Cuts, Hudsucker Proxy, The Hateful Eight, eXistenZ
  149. NFL - DT, Arizona Cardinals 2009-present, New Orleans Saints 2004-2006
  150. Actress: The Truman Show, Mystic River, Breach, Dave, A Simple Twist of Fate, Absolute Power, Tales of the City, Congo, Primal Fear, The House of Mirth, The Mothman Prophecies, The Life of David Gale, Frasier, Kinsey, The Squid and The Whale, John Adams
  151. Rugby League Player
  152. Italian Politician
  153. Rugby Coach
  154. Hindi and Crossover Music Old School Girl- Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015) Graduation Day video
  155. Director - Heat and The Insider 'The aviator'
  156. Actor: appeared as Jesus in 'The Encounter' and 'The Encounter: Paradise Lost', 'Revelation Road'
  157. Former college running back; currently plays for Denver Broncos
  158. Former Drummer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Dickies & Captain Beefheart. / Currently a Film Score Composer: Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Pump up the Volume, Kafka, The Limey, Traffic, Narc, Solaris, Havoc, Wonderland, Wicker Park, Wicked
  159. Baseball AA - New Hampshire Fisher Cats 2007
  160. hockey player (24) (d)
  161. hockey
  162. Rugby Player
  163. Former Syracuse Orange player and current Brooklyn Nets player
  164. ex Guns N' Roses guitarist
  165. Played Jack Mercer on Night Stalker, The Receipt, Elvis Has Left the Building, Jeepers Creepers II, The District, Navy NCIS, & The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire.
  166. Actor, Paul DyFrayne on 'The Bill Engvall Show', Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls
  167. NFL Player - Arizona Cardinals 2007
  168. Soccer Player
  169. Baseball / Astros & Braves / 1965-74 / Good Hitting Outfielder with Very Strong Throwing Arm
  170. Norm Miller  (2)
    Former Rugby League Player
  171. football player (8)(p)
  172. Oscar-Winning Filmmaker & Director -- 'The Fog Of War', The Thin Blue Line
  173. former college/NFL quarterback; played for University of California, Cowboys, Giants & Broncos; member of College Football Hall of Fame; All-American; first quarterback in NFL history to start the Super Bowl for two different teams
  174. Author
  175. Italian actor born 1929.'Big Deal on Madonna Street','Girl With a Pistol','The Great War','Big Deal After 20 Years','After the Fox','The Gendarme in New York'
  176. British Actor born 1929.Sir Robinson on'Yes Minister'(1980-84),'And Soon the Darkness','Doctor Who','Black Beauty','Elizabeth R.','Department S.','The Avengers','Rumpole of Bailey','Bomber Harris'
  177. former college/NBA/CBA/USBL/PBL/IBA; played for NW Oklahoma/Wichita State/Kansas State/Butler CC, Bullets, Rapid City Thrillers, Oklahoma Cavalry, Spurs, Mansfield Hawks and Oklahoma Storm; also played in Turkey, Spain and Italy
  178. Actor adult movies
  179. Professional Golfer
  180. Buffalo Sabres (NHL) forward, formally of the Edmonton Oilers
  181. Dutch singer (Total Touch)
  182. Pianist
  183. Singer/Musician
  184. Soccer Coach
  185. Argentian soccer player
  186. Belgian artist
  187. Artist
  188. Saturday Night Live, Rick and Morty, Archer
  189. Page 3 model
  190. Football player, University of Auburn, Los Angeles Rams, 1950's and 1960's
  191. News - WABC-TV
  192. Samoan Rugby Player
  193. voice of Treacheron on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  194. Cleveland Browns rookie defensive end
  195. Soccer Player
  196. columnist
  197. British Actress (b: 1946) - Georgy Girl,The Verdict,Stardust Memories,The Damned,The Night Porter,Asylum,Farewell My Lovely,Orca,Zardoz,Angel Heart,DOA '88,Swimming Pool,The Cherry Orchard,Max Mon Amour,Basic Instinct 2,Playboy March 1974
  198. Former baseball player 1973-1974 with Royals and Angels
  199. Tru Calling
  200. actor
  201. Former Rugby League Player
  202. Former Rugby League Player
  203. Pat Roberts  (2)
    Football Scout
  204. Patrick John Joseph Roberts (born 5 February 1997) is an English professional footballer who plays as a second striker or right winger for Fulham. Roberts signed his first professional contract shortly after his 17th birthday in February 2014, tying himse
  205. Award winning author of novels: The Maximum Contribution, Sniper Bid, Manifest Destiny, Writ of Mandamus and Alligator Alley. Author of non-fiction: Strange Bedfellow. Co-author Landau with AGT winner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr
  206. Son of Gene Roddenberry
  207. Former Man Utd, Real Madrid, now playing in Juventus(Torino Italy)
  208. Baseball AA - Altoona Curve 2006
  209. USA Track & Field
  210. Cyclist
  211. Nicolas Roy  (2)
    Hockey player
  212. Minor League Hockey Player
  213. Actor - Sarris in Galaxy Quest, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Star Trek VOY
  214. Ex Man Utd player won european cup in 1968
  215. Italian Fencing ChampionessTeam-Bronce-Medal Winner Olympic Games Bejing/China 2008
  216. West Indian cricketer
  217. Is a JudgeHis Oldest Daughter is also a Judge
  218. former college/NFL center/guard played for Michigan State University & L.A. Rams; 6X Pro Bowler; twin brother of former NFL guard, Ron Saul
  219. former college/NFL guard; played for Michigan State University, Oilers & Redskins; twin brother of former NFL guard/center, Rich Saul
  220. Soccer Player
  221. Hockey Player
  222. Hockey Player
  223. Actor: Dark Shadows, The Girl in Blue, The Super Cops, The night Rider, Rich Kids, Raise the Titanic, Flamingo Road, Falcon Crest, Dying Young, White Squall, The Mighty Ducks 3, Soldier of Fortune Inc., The Social Network, Legion
  224. former Dallas Cowboy, Flordia State Seminole
  225. Broadway - Jekyll & Hyde the Musical on DVD -> Starring opposite David Hasselhoff
  226. Canadian Football Player
  227. Actor; 'Underworld', 'The Queen', 'Blood Diamond, New Moon
  228. NZ Rugby Player
  229. Female Model - Miss Belgium 2005
  230. TNA Knockout. Member of 'The Beautiful People' with Velvet Sky
  231. Former Chancellor of Austria (83 - 86)
  232. Nascar Nextel and Busch Series driver for Chip Ganassi Racing.
  233. Olympic Athlete - Skeleton
  234. Former NFL Runningback, born 1937. Played for Dallas Texans 1960-1962, Kansas City Chiefs 1963-1964, Houston Oilers 1964, Buffalo Bills 1966-1967
  235. PGA Player
  236. former college/NFL quarterback; played for Navy & Dallas Cowboys; 2X Super Bowl champion (VI & XII); won Heisman Trophy in 1963; member of both Pro & College Football Hall of Fames; 6X Pro Bowler; Super Bowl MVP VI
  237. Nick Steele  (2)
    UK Actor
  238. Actor,'Bliss', 'Epic Movie','I Want to be a Soap Star'
  239. North Dakota State Attorney General (2001-present)
  240. Singer/Songwriter, formerly with Motown
  241. Athlete
  242. businessman publisher
  243. Actor: Frailty, Local Boys, Just a Dream, Peter Pan, Clubhouse, An American Crime, Friday Night Lights, Soul Surfer, Excision, Into the Storm, The Legend of 5 Mile Cave
  244. British Politician
  245. Soccer Player
  246. Organist for the 60's group The Standells. also Russ Tamblyn's brother
  247. munchkin in The Wizard of Oz
  248. Actor, writer, 'Nash Bridges' 'Party of Five' 'Red State' 'Mixology'
  249. Soccer Player
  250. former major league first baseman/outfielder; played for Red Sox, Yankees, Angels, Cubs, Astros & Braves; also played for Nankai Hawks; All-Star 1962; former Phillies GM
  251. former Porn Star/Current director of Adult films
  252. football player
  253. Author
  254. Executive Producer: Justice League Animated Series
  255. Rugby Laegue Player
  256. 94.5 (Boston,Ma) radio host known as: Ramiro 'The Freakin Puerto Rican'
  257. Actress: Dirty Tricks, Joshua Then and Now, The Ray Bradbury Theatre, Friday the 13th, Kung Fu - The Legend Continues, Fast Track, Earth - Final Conflict, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, Monk, Paradise Falls, Murdoch Mysteries
  258. Former Wichita State basketball coach; currently coaches at Texas A&M
  259. Governor of Virgin Islands (1999-2007)
  260. Kevin Turner  (2)
    American Football, LB, Pacific, NFL, Giants 1980, Redskins 1981, Seahawks 1981, Browns 1982,
  261. Soccer Player
  262. Dutch Footballer; Plays For Holland National Team And Barcelona CF
  263. Argentinan Soccer Player last living player of the first World Cup. Born: 02/05/1910
  264. American poet associated with the Beats
  265. Soccer Player
  266. Swiss Politician, former federal council member and two time president.
  267. Former NASCAR Winston Cup Champion, Fox Sports Announcer Famous Words Boogity-Boogity-Boogity, Voice of Darrell Cartrip in Cars
  268. Actor & Stuntman: Michael Myers in Halloween II // Kurt Russell' Stunt Double for 25 Years // Father of Billy Warlock and Lance Warlock
  269. Singer/Musician
  270. Tall (6'-6'), right - handed pitcher, a 4th - round draft pick of the A's in 2004, who pitched 8 years in the majors, debuting with the Padres in 2009. Son of Mets/Dodgers pitcher Hank Webb
  271. Lawyer Roe V. Wade
  272. Hockey Player
  273. Actress
  274. Actor: Belgravia, Michael Clayton, Batman Begins, The Full Monty, John Adams, The Patriot, Rush Hour, Shakespeare In Love, Sense & Sensibility, In The Bedroom, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, Duplicity, Normal, The Lone Ranger, The Ghost & the Darkness
  275. Susan Kennedy in Neighbours
  276. Soccer Player
  277. Baseball player was on the 1950 New York Yankees which won the World Series
  278. former major league pitcher; played for Reds, New York/San Fransisco Giants, Twins, Red Sox & White Sox; record 110 saves; coached baseball at Liberty University
  279. former Rams nose tackle
  280. The Last Emperor, 8 1/2 Women, The Pillow Book
  281. Was in Kurosawa films Throne of Blood, Yojimbo, Donzoko Born: 05/02/1917
  282. Table-Tennis Player
  283. track athlete
  284. Drafted in the 3rd round (78th overall) by the Chicago Cubs in 2014
  285. Actress - Tart, American Pie 2, Bunnyland, Everwood, Conversations With Other Women, 50 Pills, Heroes
  286. Singer
  287. Soccer Player- AS Monaco FC
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