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  1. Actress - The Bill, Dream Team, A&E, 20 Things To Do Before You're 30, The Robinsons, The Booze Cruise, Man Stroke Woman, After You've Gone
  2. American former lobbyist and businessman, Author
  3. Danish handball player for Viberg HK
  4. Actress (b: 1924) - Ben Casey (as Dr. Maggie Graham), Return To Peyton Place (as Constance MacKenzie #1), Bracken's World, The Waltons, Medical Center, many TV guest roles. Married to actor Sam Jaffe (1956-1984, his death)
  5. Author-Living on Fire
  6. Wrestler
  7. Former president of Bangladesh (2002 to 2009)
  8. Rugby League Player
  9. Country Music Artist (Hit Song 'Hicktown' & 'Dirt Road Anthem')
  10. Actor: The Sopranos, Ryan's Hope, Damages, Boardwalk Empire, *batteries not included, What About Bob?, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Henry Ford, Cold Mountain, Law & Order, Other People's Money
  11. Cofounder of nonSociety.comColumnist
  12. Sportcaster, European Golfer
  13. Actor, 'Desnudas'
  14. Champion Race Car Driver; won Indy 500 in 1969; Home Improvement
  15. Actress - Independence Day: Resurgence, Tai Chi Hero, and Tai Chi Zero. Also known as Angela Yeung or Angela Yeung Wing
  16. Adult Japanese Star
  17. Actor: Played Winston in The Ringer (2005), Pledge This, Super Troopers
  18. Former NBA player
  19. Danish Jazz Violinist, 'The Fiddling Viking'. Born: 02/28/1916
  20. Soccer
  21. Indy Car driver
  22. model / actress / triathlete - the brothers mcmullen (1995), she's the one (1996)
  23. Olympic Athlete: Former sprinter from Canada, who won an Olympic Silver medal in womens 4 x 100 metres relay in Los Angeles 1984. She is also the current Canadian Record Holder in the 100 metres
  24. football
  25. currently with the kansas city royals/former New York Mets starting pitcher (son Of Floyd Bannister)
  26. NFL - Miami Dolphins 2006
  27. Author
  28. singer (sweet honey in the rock)
  29. Soccer Player
  30. Broadway actor and singer -- Annie Get Your Gun, Chicago, Kiss Me Kate
  31. Croatian Actress - TV Series - Causality 'Snezana'
  32. Former PGA and Champions Tour pro
  33. Actress:Dynasty,The Colbys,Beverly Hills 90210, SeaQuest DSV,Coronation Street,Sister Kate,Bad Girls,Connie,Tenko,Marked Personal,Dracula AD 1972,House Of Mortal Sin,Schizo,Inseminoid,The Nightcomers,Playboy February 1987
  34. American Actress - Movies - The Master (2012), The Five (2010), And TV Series - NCIS ( Guest Role)(2010)
  35. Film Score Composer: Pigs, Invasion of the Bee Girls, Gator, White Lightning, The Entity, Cujo, A Nightmare on Elm Street, April Fool's Day, Deadly Friends, Excessive Force, Rumpelstiltskin
  36. Former coach of Baltimore Ravens
  37. American Actress - Movie - 'Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987), 'Sixteen Candles' (1984), It Takes Two, 'Home Alone' (1990), 'Dennis The Menace' (1993). TV Series - 'It Takes Two' (1982-1983), 'Benson' (1984-1986), 'Dear John' (1988-1992)
  38. American Actress - TV Series - 'Gilmore Girls' (2000-2007), 'The Thorns' (1988), 'Bunheads' (2012-2013). Movies - 'Dirty Dancing' (1987), 'Howard Stern's Private Parts' (1997), 'Wonder Boys' (2000)
  39. Czech Author And Holocaust Survivor. Lives In New York, America. Professor Of History
  40. Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie outside linebacker
  41. Ohio Secretary of State (1999-2007)
  42. football player (45) (s)
  43. Former wrestler, known as Ricky Steamboat, WWE Hall of Famer
  44. Irish Actress - TV Series - 'The Tudors' (2008-2010), 'Once Upon a Time' (2012-2015), 'Into the Badlands' (2015- ). Movie - 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' (2008), 'In America' (2002), 'Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006), 'The Lazarus Effect' (2015)
  45. Italian actor born 1939, stars in 'Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom'
  46. Actor: WKRP in Cincinnati, The Hoax, Las Vegas Lady, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Sidekicks, Just the Ten of Us, Saved By the Bell - The New Class, Simon & Simon, Emergency, Murder She Wrote, Punky Brewster, Night Court, The Facts of Life
  47. CART Driver, now formula1 driver with Toro Rosso
  48. Musician - Up There Cazaly
  49. English Female Tennis Player. US Open Second Round (2016). Wimbledon Second Round (2014). Australian Open First Round (2017). French Open First Round (2016)
  50. Voice of Buster Baxter in PBS's Arthur
  51. Singer/Musician
  52. Dee Brown  (5)
    Author - 'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee'
  53. Mark Brown  (5)
    Soccer Player, Hibernian FC
  54. NFL - New Orleans Saints 2006
  55. British Stage and Movie Actor Born: 02/28/1918.'Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets','Horror','Blood Beast from Outer Space','The Nanny','Oscar Wilde','Operation Amsterdam','Enemy at the Door','Avengers','Treasure Island','Robin Hood'
  56. ex Birmingham City & Stoke City footballer now Manager
  57. Former College/NFL Defensive End. born 1961. drafted by Browns #3 in 1983. Played 1983-1988 for Browns and Falcons
  58. Soccer
  59. TV Presenter
  60. Soccer Player
  61. Actress - The Betty Hutton Show, I Married A Monster From Outer Space, The Phenix City Story, The Party, Sanctuary, Here Come The Jets, many TV guest roles (inc. Twilight Zone, Untouchables, The Andy Griffith Show as Daphne, 1 of the 2 Fun Girls)
  62. Military
  63. Former Soccer International from Belgium (28.02.1957)
  64. Relief pitcher & ace closer of 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Throws a pitch 105 MPH
  65. French singer
  66. The last executioner in France; is still living in France
  67. Writer/Producer/Musician
  68. Actress: Commando, Quest For Fire, The Color Purple, Beat Street, Soul Man, Choose Me, The Squeeze, The Principal,Tales from the Darkside, Boulevard, Mask of Death ,American Flyers, Melrose Place, Mysterious Ways Daughter of Tommy Chong/Maxine Sneed
  69. Nobel Laureate (Physics 1997); U.S. Secretary of Energy (2009-13)
  70. Singer formerly w/ 4 seasons
  71. Former professional footballer who played for Wolves, Birmingham City, Everton, Leicester City, Manchester City and Stoke City
  72. Actor: CSI Miami, Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, Love & a .45, A Scanner Darkly, Argo, Hart's War, The Company, 24
  73. Aaron Cohen  (2)
    Author - Brotherhood of Warriors
  74. Author
  75. Australian Olympic Diver
  76. Hockey Player
  77. ex Footballer now Coach
  78. nobel physics laureate 1972
  79. NFL - Denver Broncos 2006
  80. Mayor of Cincinnati
  81. Author - Great Political Theories
  82. Soccer Player
  83. Woman who claims to have been born in 1880. Lives in Astorga Brazil
  84. Hockey Player
  85. Rugby League Player
  86. Former college/NBA All-American/forward; played for Notre Dame, Pacers, Braves, Jazz, Lakers, Mavericks, Pistons & Bucks; 6X all-star, 1977 NBA ROY & 1976 Olympic Gold medalist, Basketball Hall of Famer
  87. NFL - Seattle Seahawks 2006
  88. retired football player for the tn vols, eagles and falcons.
  89. Soccer Player
  90. Dancer, choreographer, born 1922. Originated dance role of Simon Legree in The King & I (orignal Bway & film cast). Worked often with Agnes DeMille and Jerome Robbins
  91. Opera Singer
  92. Former NFL football player for the Bengals and Lions. Rookie year 1969
  93. American Dreamz, pledge this
  94. Politician
  95. Rugby League Player (Retired)
  96. Rugby Player
  97. Canadian singer, 'Everything'
  98. Rugby Player
  99. Musician/Guitarist
  100. American Football, Guard, San Diego State, NFL, Falcons 1968, Redskins 1969
  101. Bengals defensive end; 2010 rookie out of Florida University
  102. Actor: Tootsie, The Sting, Dog Day Afternoon, The Choirboys, North Dallas 40, The Fury, The Front Page, Queen Of The Stardust Ballroom, To Be Or Not To Be, True Confessions, The Hindenburg, Dick Tracy, Evening Shade, Rescue Me, When a Stranger Calls
  103. Model of the 1950s appears in several movies mostly uncredited and on some T.V. shows
  104. Lead Singer / Guitarist/ Producer for Pope Jane
  105. Forward Denver Nuggets
  106. Actor
  107. Actress-Spencer's Mountain,Hot Rods To Hell,Autopsy,The Wild Racers,One Way,Arabesque,Sensi,Poisons
  108. Actor-Lord of The Rings:Fellowship of The Ring(Gil-Galad),Sons and Daughters,A Country Practice,Gloss,Marlin Bay,Hercules The Legendary Journeys,Xena:Warrior Princess,Power Rangers:Mystic Force/Operation Overdrive
  109. Former NBA Player
  110. French Tennis Player
  111. Writer & Director: Leaving Las Vegas, Timecode, One Night Stand, Internal Affairs, Stormy Monday, Cold Creek Manor
  112. Soccer Player
  113. Football Player
  114. Don Francisco  (2)
    Christian musician
  115. former University Of Iowa, North Texas State & SMU Head Football Coach; member of College Football Hall of Fame
  116. film dir. (Lpcress files, lady signs the blue)
  117. Ex Sporting & FC Porto footballer now Director of Football
  118. Coach and Baseball Man / While Coaching with Royals, in 2002, he was Assaulted by Two Fans Who Jumped Onto the Field
  119. UK House of Lords
  120. Running Back for Cleveland Browns
  121. Singer/Musician
  122. Architect & Designer of Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain
  123. Soccer Player - Arsenal FC
  124. Professional Soccer Player
  125. former college/NFL defensive tackle; played for University of North Carolina, Patriots, Browns & Ravens
  126. Actor
  127. FN-9330 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  128. Composer/Songwriter
  129. Russian art director - Foreign Correspondant
  130. Author
  131. Actor/Comedian: 'Problem Child', 'Problem Child II'. 'Beverly Hills Cop II', voice of Iago in 'Aladdin', 'Adventures of Ford Fairlane'
  132. Actress: Mr. Belvedere, Supertrain, Lewis & Clark, Beulah Land, Hart of Dixie, Ladybugs, Earthlings, Loving Annabelle // Guest Star: Barnaby Jones, Mork & Mindy, Remington Steele, Three's Company, The Paper Chase, Touched By an Angel, Castle
  133. former college/NFL tackle; played for Giants, Jets & 49ers; now coaches for University of Montana
  134. John Graham  (2)
  135. Singer/Musician
  136. Canadian Lawyer. Clients were/are Lord Conrad Black,Helmuth Bauxbaum. Also an Author who has wrote several books
  137. Jazz musician
  138. Portland Pirates 2007
  139. Freestyle Ski
  140. Actor
  141. Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach; former offensive coordinator for Arizona Cardinals
  142. Actor - Ocean's Eleven,The Walking Dead
  143. Pakistan Cricketer
  144. author of the 'Series of Unfortunate Events ' books
  145. Running back, Chicago Bears (1975-78, 1980-82); backup to Walter Payton; fifth all-time Bears rusher
  146. David Harris  (9)
    Journalist/author. Known chiefly for anti-war activist during Vietnam War. Notably as leading opponent of Draft. 1967 Harris found organization called the Resistance, which persuaded men of draft age to refuse to cooperate with Selective Service System
  147. basketball coach
  148. Comedian
  149. Steel Guitarist. Played with Hank Williams
  150. Actress - Chuck
  151. Tennis Professional
  152. Hockey Player
  153. Played the very funny,snooty Ballroom Dancer in Hi-de-Hi!,Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves
  154. Actress - Hostage, Little Athens,Star Trek DSN
  155. British Actress - Terror House, They Met In The Dark, Woman To Woman, Shadow Of The Past, The Night Has Eyes, Talk About Jacqueline, The Common Touch, Back Room Boy
  156. GM of Cincinnati Reds 1967-1978 during Big Red Machine Era
  157. TNA NWA Wrestler
  158. former Mariners and Red Sox infielder, currently in the Nats organization
  159. Actress
  160. Cuban Actress - Strawberry and Chocolate, Horn Of Plenty, So Far Away
  161. Oscar winning Czech musician and actress; appeared in the film 'Once'
  162. Rock Singer/Songwriter - Ah Leah!, Love Is Like A Rock, My Girl, Tough World, Do You Compute?, Sweet Merilee; The Jaggerz (Lead singer & composer of The Rapper); Wild Cherry (Play That Funky Music)
  163. Lexx: Eating pattern
  164. Pro tennis player from Serebia and Montenegro
  165. Hockey Player
  166. athlete - pole vault
  167. Hofstra University basketball player
  168. football player (82) (wr)
  169. Soccer Player
  170. (born 28 February 1917 in Hackney, London, England) was the founder of the company that produced the first Vox Guitar amplifier
  171. Brian Jones  (4)
    Guitarist - The Rolling Stones
  172. Female Voice Over Talent
  173. Rugby Player
  174. ATP Tennis star from Croatia
  175. (1920-1988) 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' 'The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.' 'I Spy' 'The Waltons' 'Mission: Impossible' (TV Series)
  176. Author
  177. Baltimore orioles outfielder 1954
  178. Actor
  179. space administrative
  180. Former U of Kentucky Basketball Player and Pro Basketball Player
  181. 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics; NY Times columnist
  182. Supermodel, 'Cover Girl' in GI JOE
  183. adult film star
  184. Belgian Senator
  185. Former NFL football player for the Colts in the 80's
  186. Actress: Varsity Blues, Drive Me Crazy, House on Haunted Hill, Final Destination 1-2, Legally Blonde, American Outlaws, Resident Evil, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 3-Way, A Lot Like Love, Confess, Homo Erectus, Crazy, Marigold, Heroes
  187. Author
  188. Yolanda Hamilton in The Young and the Restless
  189. former Canadians center
  190. Actor: The Manhattan Project, My Best Friend Is a Vampire, Dead Poets Society, Married to It, Swing Kids, Much Ado About Nothing, Standoff, Driven, House, A Painted House, The I Inside, Falling Skies, Law & Order SVU, The Hot Zone
  191. Porn star
  192. Harry Potter
  193. 1982 Braves outfielder
  194. Retired NHL Forward (Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Dallas Stars)
  195. Cricket
  196. Former Rugby League Player
  197. Author
  198. Soccer Player
  199. Former Soccer Player
  200. Former Nebraska running back - currently with the Cincinnati Bengals
  201. Actress-The Snow Queen,Love and Marriage,Getting Into Heaven
  202. Actor: Captain Stubing on 'The Love Boat'(1977-1990), Murray Slaughter on 'Mary Tyler Moore'(1970),'McHale's Navy'(1962), 'Kelly's Heroes' (1970), 'The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry'(2010)
  203. Cricketer
  204. Former Goalkeeper from FC Bayern München - Known as 'Katze von Anzing'
  205. MLB third baseman from 1955-66 for Red Sox & Angels. Played in 8 All - Star games, Won three straight Gold Glove Awards (1957-59). Four seasons in top 10 in RBI's
  206. Actor: Wyatt in 'Weird Science' the TV show, Kenny on 'Wings', the film 'When Danger Follows You Home'
  207. Mike Mason  (2)
    NFL Player - Cleveland Browns 2007
  208. Author
  209. Composer/Songwriter
  210. Author of Judy Moody and Stink Moody
  211. Retired NHL Forward (Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, Atlanta Thrashers) - Stanley Cup Champion: '92
  212. Hockey Coach
  213. Actress (b: 1939) - Do Not Disturb (Golden Globe nom. 1966), Twist Around The Clock, many TV guest parts (1960-1971), formerly married to T.V. Writer Worley Thorne
  214. Boxer; Former Featherweight Champ
  215. Soccer Player
  216. Actor
  217. Soccer Player
  218. former college/NFL cornerback; played for Georgetown (Kentucky) and Detroit Lions; daughter is married to former Lions HOF wide receiver, Calvin Johnson
  219. Duke Basketball & now with the Indiana Pacers
  220. Baseball / 1996 / Pitched for Twins & Orioles / Clemson University Standout
  221. Actress-Harry Potter & The Cursed Child
  222. actress - felicity (t.v.), lover man (1998), playing with fire (2000)
  223. Film Director - Meet Me In St. Louis, Father Of The Bride, Father's Little Dividend, Gigi, An American In Paris, The Bad & The Beautiful, Kismet, Brigadoon, The Long, Long Trailer, Designing Woman, Lust For Life, Yolanda & The Thief, The Bandwagon
  224. singer (train)
  225. John Montague  (2)
    Irish poet
  226. Former NFL Football Player - Member of the Superbowl XXV Champion New York Giants
  227. football player
  228. track athlete
  229. pitcher(52)
  230. Actor - 'The Producers,' etc. - born 1915, died 1977
  231. Soccer Player
  232. Children's Author
  233. Cricket Player
  234. Professional Footballer
  235. Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher
  236. Hockey Player
  237. Swimming
  238. Director
  239. Plays 'Paige' on Days of Our Lives
  240. Artist
  241. Baseball / former Twins farmhand, Aussie, currently in the Dodgers organization
  242. Voice Over Talent
  243. Actress
  244. UK House of Lords
  245. Singer
  246. Author
  247. Actress born 1940 in films and T.V. since 1961 Benny Hill show, Revenge 1961, Darling Lili in 1970
  248. Scientist and Nobel Prize Winner
  249. MP for the San Jose Sharks
  250. Mark Pavelich  (2)
    Member of 1980 U.S. Hockey Team
  251. actress - starred in Death Tunnel
  252. Former major league second baseman; played for A's, Yankees, Giants, Angels & Braves
  253. Actress: The Jerk, Into the Woods, Pink Cadillac, The Longest Yard, Silent Movie, Vigilante Force, The Martian Chronicles, Pennies From Heaven, Heartbeeps, Annie, Slaves of New York, The Closer, Snow Days, The Good Fight, etc. Playboy cover Dec 1981
  254. Ski jumper
  255. Author
  256. Former NFL player with the New Orleans Saints from the 1970s
  257. Actress - Fiddler On The Roof, Come Blow Your Horn, For Pete's Sake, Cannonball Run 1&2, The Naked City, Car 54 Where Are You? (3 episodes as Mrs. Bronson)
  258. Former Chairman of the Securities & Exchanges Commission (2001-2003)
  259. John Pitts  (2)
    NFL Player - Bills & Broncos
  260. Austrian Singer-actress-writer
  261. Baseball player with the 1977 Texas Rangers
  262. hockey player
  263. Soccer Player
  264. NBA, Forward Detroit Pistons. College, University of Kentucky Wildcats. 2004 NBA Champion
  265. Rugby League Player
  266. Skiier
  267. Actress: Flamingo Road, Centennial, The Duellists, The Sentinel, Nightmares, Russian Roulette, Nashville, Sunshine, Stacey, Hex, Silver Dream Racer, Touched By Love, Streets of Justice, North Shore
  268. Actor, played in P.U.N.K.S.
  269. Children's Author
  270. James Reid  (2)
    Soccer Player
  271. pitcher (50)
  272. Wrestler
  273. Biker historian, Author
  274. football player (93) (de)
  275. Soccer Player
  276. Actress: The Fisher King, Big, Married to the Mob, The Doctors, The Secret of My Success, Crazy People, Slaves of New York, Lost in Yonkers, Last Action Hero, Frasier, Gia, Bad Apple, Power, Radio Days
  277. Canadian actress: played Olivia King Dale on 'Road to Avonlea'
  278. Boxer on 'The Contender'
  279. former MLB player - New York Giants (1954), Detroit Tigers (1955,57), Washington Senators (1959)
  280. Soccer
  281. News - WABC-TV
  282. Carpenter on While You Were Out
  283. Soccer Player
  284. Film/TV Composer
  285. Donna Unacompanied Minors
  286. Canadian singer and variety show star of the 1970s
  287. Football Player - BC Lions 2007
  288. Pro Wrestler
  289. NFL Player: Baltimore Colts, Oakland Raiders, Houston Oilers // Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame 1988 // Actor: Police Academy, Stroker Ace, Semi - Tough, Blue Thunder, Half Nelson, Black Moon Rising, My Samurai, Fist of Honor
  290. Owner of PRS Guitars
  291. actress (the tom show, boston common)
  292. singer, songwriter, guitartist
  293. Tom Spencer  (2)
    Baseball Manager
  294. Author
  295. Female Voice Over Talent
  296. Olympic champion boxing
  297. Producer, songwriter, former Tears for Fears keyboardist
  298. 'Never Cry Werewolf', Marcus Alexander in 'Jeremiah', The Listener, married to actress Charlotte Sullivan
  299. aaa baseball players mlb/houston astros
  300. Author
  301. Playboy's Miss August 1979
  302. Hockey player
  303. Skeleton
  304. Actress played Ozawa-San in Godzilla 1954
  305. Child Actor - Leave It To Beaver (as Beaver's friend Gilbert), Because They're Young, 2 episodes of The Twilight Zone. Son of the late actor Lyle Talbot. Award-winning Reporter, Writer & Producer of more than 30 documentaries (Peabodys, Emmys, more)
  306. wrestler in japan, Former ECW World Champion
  307. former Marlins prospect, now in Twins chain
  308. former point guard for Iowa State University & Pacers; currently plays for Grizzlies
  309. Football Player
  310. former college/NFL linebacker; played for Washington State University, Lions & Redskins; 3X Pro Bowler; 2X NFL Champion; 3X Super Bowl champion (coach)
  311. Soccer Player
  312. Actress-Saved By The Bell:The College Years,Malibu Shores,Uncle Sam,True Women,The Member of the Wedding,The Computer Wore Shoes
  313. nobel physics laurate 1998
  314. Governor of American Samoa (2003-13)
  315. dancer, singer, choreographer, director; winner of nine Tony Awards
  316. 'Rounders', 'Do the Right Thing', 'Quiz Show', 'Barton Fink', 'Oh Brother', Where Art Thou?', 'Clockers', played Howard Cosell in 'Monday Night Mayhem', The Big Lebowski
  317. Norwegian operatic tenor. Described in the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians as 'a brilliant actor with an incisive voice'. He is also an opera director. Born: February 28, 1927
  318. Cyclist
  319. Former Under Secretary General of the United Nations, veteran of The Battle of Arnhem
  320. author (the dirty girl social club)
  321. Soccer Coach
  322. Dutch comedian
  323. Soccer Player
  324. Hockey player
  325. conductor
  326. Former NFL football player (DB) for the Lions in the 60's. College: Iowa State
  327. Movie Director/Writer. Born: 02/28/1911
  328. weightlifter
  329. Russian Supermodel-The Face of Calvin Klein,Playboy June 2011
  330. football player (96)(dt)
  331. Soccer Player - Columbus Crew
  332. Actor: RoboCop, No Contest, Gridlock, Terminal Rush, A Holiday for Love, F/X - The Series, Blazing Dragons, The Score, A Nero Wolfe Mystery, The In - Laws, Ice Bound, Jimmy MacDonald's Canada, Animal 2, Majority Rules!, Designated Survivor
  333. Swedish tv legend
  334. Soccer Player
  335. Tennessee Titans head coach,(NFL) Former NY Jets TE, former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals and offensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers
  336. NFL - Houston Texans 2006
  337. Chris White  (5)
    Soccer Player
  338. Soccer Player
  339. retired Baseball Player- Blue Jays, Twins
  340. NHL Defenceman: Vancouver Canucks, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins / Playing Career: 1967-1976
  341. former major league outfielder; played for Orioles & Reds; also played in Japan for Hankyu Braves; current field coach for Norfolk Tide (AAA)
  342. Voice Over Talent
  343. singer (b-52's)
  344. Comedy actress - Not Going Out, FM
  345. former major league outfielder; played for Reds, Giants, Brewers, Expos & Royals
  346. Author
  347. former college/NFL running back; played for UNLV & Cincinnati Bengals; #31 pick, second round 1988 NFL Draft; did an end zone dance called the Ickey Shuffle
  348. screenwriter (the longest yard)
  349. Soccer Player
  350. Tennis Player
  351. American producer born in 1921.He won 3 Oscars! for'One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest'(1975),'Amadeus'(1984)and'The English Patient'(1996).other films are'Goyas Ghost','The Mosquito Coast','The Lord Of The Rings'.Former owner of Fantasy records
  352. Soccer Player
  353. Goalkeeper Italy , soccer player
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