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  1. Syndicated Cartoonist for Dilbert
  2. NFL, CB, Green Bay Packers 1961-69, Dallas Cowboys 1970-72. Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980. College - Michigan State
  3. Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii (2003-2011)
  4. Actor - Shameless
  5. Head baseball coach at the University of Jacksonville. outfielder at Florida State (class of '77) played 2 years in the Pirates organization
  6. Comedian/Actor-Ramona,Taurus
  7. Co-Composer - George Of The Jungle theme, Superchicken theme. Singer - Singing voice of Mr. Ed. Actor - Hud, The Sons Of Katie Elder, In Cold Blood, Harris Against The World, Gunsmoke (6), The Twilight Zone (1), Batman (2 as Penn), The Untouchables (3)
  8. Right-handed pitcher who was drafted by the Angels in the third round in 2012
  9. Author-Missing
  10. r&b singer - hit 'Heard it all before'
  11. Actor-The Young & The Restless
  12. Motorsport Driver
  13. Nobel Laureate Economics
  14. concert pianist
  15. Swiss Tennis Player
  16. Actor -'Band of Brothers'& 'Once Upon a Time'
  17. 6th Doctor in the Doctor Who tv series
  18. Actress - Picket Fences (Emmy & GG wins), Boston Public, Jennifer Eight, Edw. Scissorhands, Clean & Sober, Inventing the Abbotts, Jacknife, Cider House Rules, Jane Austen Book Club, Mr. Frost, The Right Stuff, Dad, Jesse Stone, Article 99, Cold Mountain
  19. Singer From The Calling (Rock Group)
  20. Football Player - Nashville Kats
  21. French actor, 'La Vie et rien d'autre', 'Le Fond de l'air est frais', 'La Femme dangereuse'
  22. Professional Footballer
  23. MLB shortstop from 1965-82 for Orioles, Dodgers. Known as 'The Blade'. All - Star, 8x Gold Gloves, 1970 World Series Champs, Best season in 1969 with 76 RS, 17 doubles, 4 triples, 2 HR's, 50 RBI's & ,287 BA
  24. Summerland
  25. Inventor/creator of the World Wide Web
  26. UK Presenter
  27. Football Player
  28. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  29. Opera Singer
  30. Brazilian Actress - Movie - 'Kiss of the Spider Woman' 1985), 'Dona Flor & Her Two Husbands' (1976), 'The Milagro-Beanfield War' (1988), 'Moon Over Parador' (1988), 'From Dusk Till Dawn 3' (1999), 'The Rookie' (1990), 'Gabriela' (1983), Plus Many More
  31. Actor - The Searchers, Drums Of Fu Manchu (title role), L&H's Babes In Toyland (aka March of the Wooden Soldiers), Buck Rogers, Two Rode Together, Garden Of Allah, The Paleface, Scared Stiff, Vera Cruz, The 10 Commandments, The Land Unknown
  32. Soccer Manager
  33. NFL, T/C, New Orleans Saints 1980-92, San Diego Chargers 1993-95. College - Colorado. Former - Head Coach, Army 2006-2008
  34. Rugby Player
  35. Pitcher for K.C. Braves,Hou,Angels in the 60's
  36. German Actress And Model - Playboy Playmate - Miss October 1979. TV Series - 'Peter Steiners Theaterstadl' (1994-1998), 'Zum Stanglwirt' (1994-1997). TV Mini-Series - 'Der Trotzkopf' (1983). Movie - 'Devil Hunter' (1980), 'Linda' (1981) Plus Many More
  37. Former NFL football player for the 49ers. Rookie year 1976
  38. Politician - European Parlament
  39. retired baseball player for the chicago white sox
  40. Australian Female Former Taekwondo Champion. Olympic Gold Medal Winner (Sydney 2000). World Championships Bronze Medal (Hong Kong 1997)
  41. American Former First Lady Of United States (1989-1993). Second Lady of the United States (1981-1989)
  42. Senior officer present at the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War
  43. U.S. Representative from California
  44. Spain's football coach
  45. American Author And Actress - TV Series- 'Growing Pains'(Guest Role)(1987), 'Full House'(Guest Role)(1987). Novel - 'A Time To Love: Quilts of Lancaster County' (2010), Her Restless Heart' (2012) Plus Many More. Mother Of Kirk Cameron And Candace Cameron
  46. Hockey Player
  47. Female Adult Model
  48. Actor: Cleopatra Jones, Hit Man, Black Gunn, Brian's Song, Gargoyles, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Boxcar Bertha, Revenge of the Nerds, Never Say Never Again, Star Trek DS9, Under Siege, Sharky's Machine, Rent-a-Cop
  49. Son of Princess Caroline of Monaco; 2nd in line to the throne of Monaco
  50. Outfielder for the Indians and Twins
  51. Athlete
  52. Former WWF(E) Wrestler
  53. Soccer Player
  54. Author
  55. Professional tennis player from Belgium. 4 time grand slam champion
  56. Actress (b: 1952) - All-American Girls (as Amy), many Sid & Marty Krofft TV shows (as Superchick), Midnight Madness. Member of The Clinger Sisters - The Danny Kaye Show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
  57. former major league pitcher; played for Phillies; pitched in one major league game
  58. Italian film director
  59. John Conner  (2)
    Baseeball player drafted by the kansas city royals in 1988
  60. Kentucky RB
  61. Driver - NASCAR Craftsman Truck # 43
  62. (1948-2012)Guiding Light, All My Children, The Edge of Night
  63. Racing driver; NASCAR World Camping Series
  64. Biochemist who helped determine the DNA structure
  65. football
  66. Professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing
  67. Am. Actor (b: 1936) - TJ Hooker, Time Tunnel, 3 Gidget films, Guns Of Navarone, Diamond Head, Gene Krupa Story, All The Young Men, Let No Man Write My Epitaph, Rumble On The Docks, Op. Mad Ball, Star Trek: DS9, Melrose Place. Singer - Goodbye Cruel World
  68. professional tennis player (retired)
  69. Author
  70. Reired General
  71. movie director
  72. Singer
  73. Canadian Diver, Won Silver At 2004 Summer Olympics.
  74. Star of NBC's Chicago Med (2015-present), Beautiful People on ABC Family Channel, I Always Know What You Did Last Summer
  75. Author
  76. Writer/Director
  77. Actress-'Ba'al:The Storm God',Andromeda,Tek War,While My Pretty One Sleeps,The Tracker,Code Name Phoenix,Traders,No Alibi,Human Cargo,The 4400,Stargate SG1,Jason X
  78. Cubby in Disney's The Famous Jett Jackson
  79. Boxer
  80. Singer/songwriter
  81. Directed the Boon Dock Saints movie
  82. Actor: American Werewolf in London, My Girl, Who's That Girl?, After Hours, Almost You, Johnny Dangerously, Quiz Show, Big Girls Don't Cry, Me & Him, Straight Talk, Trust Me, House Of Lies // Director: Practical Magic, Fierce People, Addicted To Love
  83. MLB outfielder1946-59 for Phillies, Cubs, Reds, White Sox. 3x All - Star. Best season in 1950 with 92 RS, 34 doubles, 8 triples, 31 HR, .311 BA & led league in RBI with 126. In 1949 had 92 RS, 25 HR, 110 RBI, .302 BA. In 1950 World Series - double & RS
  84. opera singer
  85. Professional Footballer
  86. 2gether, An American Carol, chris farley's brother
  87. Actor - Remington Steele, Star Trek
  88. Actor - Woman on Top, What Women Want
  89. Plays Craig In Coronation Street, Winner Of Soapstar Superstar
  90. Author
  91. American journalist and stand-up comedian
  92. 'The Birdcage', 'Enough', 'Judging Amy', 'Related', wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay 'Capote'
  93. Baseball
  94. First-base prospect who was drafted in the 7th round by the White Sox in 2007
  95. American swimmer who earned a gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in the 4x100m medley relay. Participated in the 100m breaststroke during the 2008 Summer Olympics and placed eighth
  96. Actor, 'Incendies'
  97. Musician - Composer, Guitarist, Singer, Drummer, and Podcaster
  98. John Gibbons  (2)
    U.S. Modern Pentathlon
  99. Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays (MLB). Briefly played with the New York Mets from 1984-86
  100. Actress
  101. Supermodel, Victoria Secret
  102. Drafted in the 20th round (606th overall) by the Kansas City Royals in 2011. Rated Fastest Baserunner in the Carolina League in 2014
  103. Actor (b: 1944) - My Three Sons (as Robbie Douglas), Mickey Mouse Club (original Mouseketeer), Ma Barker's Killer Brood. Composer - The Phil Donahue Show Theme. Drummer - The Yellow Balloon, who had a Top 25 hit in 1967 titled Yellow Balloon
  104. Nathan Green  (2)
    WHL Player - Brandon Wheat Kings
  105. CNBC Anchor/Reporter/Contributor
  106. former Phillies, Dodgers, Rangers, Expos Pitcher
  107. Solo Musician, albums; Public, Science Fair
  108. Retired Major Leaguer
  109. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  110. American Actor and Country Singer born 1919.'Out California Way','Home of the Range','Last Frontier Uprising','Outcast of the Trail','Under Colorado Skies','Trail of Robin Hood','Missourians','Law of Golden West','Timber Trail' Born: 06/08/1919
  111. 40s-50s child singer
  112. Soccer Player
  113. Hockey Player
  114. German actress 'Um Himmels Willen'
  115. Lead singer with the group Renaissance
  116. Actor: Gun Law Justice, Riders of the Dusk, Night Riders of Montana, The Range Rider, The Roy Rogers Show, The Lone Ranger, Rawhide, Wagon Train, Bonanza, The Virginian, Lassie, The Incredible Melting Man, Claws, V, Pulse, Little Giants
  117. actress
  118. Head Coach for New Zealand's national rugby team, the All Backs
  119. Cyclist
  120. British Politician
  121. Lead Singer of the Group 'Simply Red'
  122. Author
  123. Actor: Benidorm, Henry V, Clockwise, Maigret, Bad Girls, Our Friends in the North, Brass, The Colour of Magic, Sid James in Cor Blimey
  124. Actress
  125. LPGA Player
  126. NFL DE - Indianapolis Colts. College: Indiana
  127. A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer, as of 2013 he is the current lead singer and second guitarist in King Crimson and also pursues a solo career
  128. former college/NFL punter; played for St. Lawrence University, Giants & Jets; 4X Pro Bowler
  129. Brian Jensen  (2)
    Soccer Player
  130. Aaron Johnson  (6)
    Football Player signed by University of Houston
  131. Ron Johnson  (2)
    Football, Steelers' defensive back in late 70s
  132. football player (55) (lb)
  133. children's author (wolf-woman)
  134. Singer/Musician
  135. Actor, Star Trek: Enterprise
  136. Male Voice Over Talent
  137. Former German Soccer Player
  138. British Asian actor. Doctor Who, Gangsters, Are You Being Served? (etc)
  139. Comedian
  140. Mayor of Detroit, Michigan (2002-08)
  141. John King  (5)
    Country music singer
  142. John King  (4)
  143. Author
  144. (June 8, 1923 - September 30, 1995) was an American comedian, singer, and actor/One of the first African-American comedians to begin to appeal to white as well as black audiences during the height of the Civil Rights era
  145. Hockey Player
  146. Baseball Player for the Chicago White Sox in 1974 aka Jack Kucek
  147. Skiing
  148. Politician - European Parlament
  149. Hockey Player
  150. German jazz composer, bandleader and musician. Born: 06/08/1919
  151. Soccer player
  152. Played baseball from 974-1975 with the Milwaukee Brewers
  153. NFL player (Jets)
  154. Adult Film Star
  155. Linebacker, LA Chargers
  156. Governor-General of St. Lucia (1997-present)
  157. Succubus Hell Bent, Legion of the Dead
  158. Rugby Player
  159. Baseball - 1940 Philadelphia Phillies. Born: 06/08/1913
  160. Baseball AA - Frisco RoughRiders 2007
  161. French actress
  162. American actress born 1926.movies from 1943-60.'The Wild One','Human Desire','Indestructible Man','Gypsy Colt','The Lady Says No','I Want You','Guns of Fort Petticoat','The Midnight Story'
  163. Actor: Raising Hope, Treasure Island, Pumpkinhead 2, Beer Money, EuroTrip, Community, Good Girls Revolt, Veep
  164. Actress: ER, The Good Wife, The Sopranos, Out For Justice, Traveler, Paradise Road, The Newton Boys, Dinosaur, The Mists of Avalon, The Big Day, Ghost Ship, Slingshot, The Darwin Awards, Snakes on a Plane, Canterbury's Law
  165. Actress
  166. Actress (b: 1934) - Alfie, Frasier, Expresso Bongo, Stop The World I Want To Get Off, That's Life, TW3, Millicent, Moon & Son, Downtown, ...Bird's Eye View. Broadway - 2 Tony noms for Best Actress - King Of Hearts, Side By Side w/Sondheim. Singer
  167. Soccer Player, Barcelona FC
  168. Voice Over Talent
  169. Austrian Soccer Player
  170. Tony Award-winning American film, stage and television actor (born 1965): 'I Am My Own Wife', 'Pygmalion', 'Journey's End' (Broadway); he also appeared in the movies 'Rebel in the Rye' (2017), 'Alfie' and 'Kinsey' (2004), and on TV (e.g. 'The Good Wife')
  171. Retired NHL Defenseman (New York Islanders, Vancouver Canucks, Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers, New York Rangers)
  172. astronaut-first astronaut to use the manned manuevering unit[free and untethered space walking] feb. 1984
  173. Model/actress - Sherman Oaks (t.v. series, 1996), Nightcap (t.v. series, 1999), Illicit Dreams 2 (1998), Cruel Intentions 2 (2000) Daughter of Doug McClure
  174. Singer/Musician
  175. Author
  176. Football Player
  177. English Politician
  178. Actress/Correspondent-Channel One News,Entertainment Tonight,One Tree Hill,Fantastic Four,Playboy August 2006, Kickin' It Old Skool
  179. Carolyn Meyer  (2)
    Author - The Royal Diaries series
  180. Australian Cyclist
  181. Costume Designer
  182. pitcher (43)
  183. Football Player
  184. Former Ohio State Buckeye FB player
  185. singer/songwriter (four leaf clover)
  186. Baseball AA - Arkansas Travelers 2007
  187. Italina actor born 1929.'The Godfather2','Emergency Squad','Caliber9','The Conformist','The Oldest Profession','Lion of the Desert','Amici Miei','Italian Secret Service'
  188. NHL - Washington Capitals 2006
  189. Soccer
  190. Karin Müller  (2)
    Swiss TV Host - DSR1, DSR3
  191. Actress - munchkin in The Wizard of Oz
  192. Former Lead Singer - Three Dog Night (Joy To The World, Mama Told Me Not To Come, Never Been To Spain, Black & White, An Old-Fashioned Love Song, One, Celebrate, Easy To Be Hard, Eli's Coming, Out In The Country, Shambala, Family Of Man, Pieces Of April)
  193. Artist - Playboy (created the Playboy Femlin), sporting events & athletes
  194. Former MLB Player- Astros; 2002 Reds AA Minor League Team Chatanooga
  195. Kelly Nichols  (2)
  196. Adult Model/Adult Film Star/Make Up Artist
  197. press sec. nixon
  198. football player (61) (g)
  199. Actor - Porky's 1&2, Navy Seals, The Philadelphia Experiment 2, The Cool Surface, Bloodfist 7, Carnosaur 3, Black Dog, The Protector, Desire, Star Trek DSN
  200. former Braves and Nationals infielder, currently in the Phillies organization
  201. Soccer Coach
  202. Cardinal
  203. Country music singer
  204. Author of Detective Fiction - The V. I. Warshawsky series
  205. Football Player - Colorado Crush 2007
  206. Soccer Player
  207. player on the 2004 marlins
  208. Former US Ambassador to the United Nations (1992-93)
  209. DT for the Atlanta Falcons
  210. Tennis Player
  211. Opera Singer - Bass-Baritone
  212. Children's Author
  213. Actor - The Music Man, Victor/Victoria (Oscar nom.), Mame, Junior Bonner, Big City, This Gun For Hire, Whispering Smith, The Lady Gambles, Reap The Wild Wind, Blood On The Moon, Union Pacific, Wild Harvest, Best Of The Badmen, How The West Was Won, SOB
  214. Vice Admiral within the United States Navy and leader of the project to develop the Polaris missile system. Vice Admiral Raborn was also the 7th Director of Central Intelligence and the 5th Director of CIA
  215. hockey player (32) (rw)
  216. former college/NBA center; played for Oklahoma State University & Memphis/Vancouver Grizzlies; #6 pick overall 1995 NBA Draft; led OSU to Final Four in 1995; Grizzlies' first-ever draft choice
  217. track athlete
  218. Duran Duran, Arcadia
  219. AFL football star for the Adelaide Crows
  220. Mark Ricciuto  (2)
    AFL Player
  221. Tony Rice  (2)
  222. former MLB pitcher - Detroit Tigers (1989-92), Colorado Rockies (1994-98)
  223. Actress/Comedian/Host: The Tonight Show, The Joan Rivers Show, Shrek 2, Spaceballs, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Serial Mom, Suddenly Susan, Fashion Police, Joan & Melissa
  224. Swedish singing legend
  225. former MLB pitcher - pittsburg pirates (1978-87), san francisco giants (1987-91), california angels (1992), philadelphia phillies (1992)
  226. Rick Robinson  (2)
    Head Coach for the Cape Cod Hyannis Mets
  227. Former Australian cricketer
  228. speedskating olympics bronze
  229. Author
  230. Baseball / Former Pirates and Expos Pitcher of the Early 1990's / Former College Star at University of Florida
  231. Actress - Appeared mostly in Western films & TV shows (1940-1955). Married to Pat Buttram (1951-1975)
  232. former major league infielder/DH; played for Yankees, A's, Brewers & Orioles; former minor league coach
  233. Baseball Player
  234. Former Prime Minister of Croatia (2003-2009)
  235. Popular singer and musician
  236. Jazz violinist
  237. Football player Notre Dame & Washington Redskins
  238. Former WWE superstar, UFC fighter
  239. Quaterback Alabama 1979 National Champions
  240. Bollywood actress, Celebrity Big Brother UK
  241. Director: Alone in the Dark, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, The Hidden, Renegades, 12:01, Sketch artist 2, Generaion X, Wishmaster 2, Arachnid, 12 Days of Terror
  242. former football player for the redskins
  243. The Following
  244. Singer-These Boots Were Made For Walking,Sugar Town,You Only Live Twice/Actress-Speedway,guest appearance on The Sopranos Playboy May 1995
  245. Singer/Musician
  246. Prime Minister of Dominica
  247. former college/NFL tightend; played for University of New Mexico, Lions & Saints; 1X Pro Bowler (1999)
  248. Actress - Night & Day, On Human Bondage, The Two Mrs. Carrolls, Gentleman Jim, Dive Bomber, Woman In White, Adv. Of Mark Twain, Horn Blows At Midnight, Rhapsody In Blue, Conflict, The Constant Nymph, Young Philadelphians, San Antonio, Beau James, Dall
  249. Football Player
  250. Joseph Smith  (2)
  251. French actress: 'C'est la tangente que je préfère', 'Tchao pantin', 'Twist again a Moscou', 'Oui'
  252. Football Player
  253. former Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes Center
  254. Frank Costanza on 'Seinfeld', Arthur Spooner on 'The King of Queens', Father of Ben Stiller
  255. Award winning Poet/ (Ordinary Words)Born: 06/08/1915
  256. Journalist, Good Day New York correspondent, former writer and host of 'While you were Out' on the Lifetime Channel
  257. American snooker Player
  258. played 'Brad' in Sunset Beach
  259. Baseball Player - Lynchburg Hillcats
  260. Baseball Player
  261. Actor: Night of the Twisters, Cold Feet, Grapevine, The Division, Under the Tuscan Sun, Happy Endings, Gilmore Girls, Private Practice, Hunting Season, Cracked
  262. MEP European Parliament, Politician
  263. Actress - Girls On Top, The Brittas Empire, French & Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous
  264. Hockey Player
  265. film director (Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  266. former college/NFL tight end; played for Bloomsburg University, Giants & Vikings
  267. singer; 'Total Eclipse of the Heart;' 'It's A Heartache;' 'Holding Out For A Hero' on Footloose soundtrack
  268. Actor - Cool Hand Luke, The Longest Yard, Harold & Maude, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Pete's Dragon, Jeremiah Johnson, Evilspeak, Hamburger: The Motion Picture, Father Murphy
  269. Ex kent england cricketer
  270. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  271. super sexy bikini model
  272. former college/NFL cornerback/safety; played for University of Wisconsin, Dolphins, Bills, Eagles & Redskins; #7 pick overall 1992 NFL Draft; 5X Pro Bowler; currently the Vice President of the NFL Player Development Organization
  273. German Moderator
  274. vocalist/songwriter
  275. Bruce Walker  (2)
    Former Rugby League Player
  276. Singer/Musician
  277. jazz trombonist
  278. actor/director/producer/comedian
  279. Author
  280. Actress: The Big Bad Swim, Teeth, Peter and Vandy, Alexander the Last, Welcome to Academia, The Normals, The Good Wife, Free Samples, Apartment Troubles, Best Man Down, Money, The Son, It Chapter Two, Day by Day
  281. David Wells  (2)
    Medium,Astrologer;'Most Haunted'
  282. Rapper- 'Through The Wire', Roc-a-fella Records
  283. Baseball / 1997 - 2000 / Royals, Marlins & Padres
  284. Swedish Film Director - Elvira Madigan, All Things Fair, Victoria, Joe Hill, Karlek 65, Adalen 31
  285. nobel med. laureate 1995
  286. NFL - Carolina Panthers 2006
  287. mystery author
  288. Actress: The Practice, Lie to Me, Zapped Again!, Quantum Leap, Elvis, New York News, Medical Investigation, Men in Trees, Army Wives, NCIS, Ties That Bind, The Fosters, A Christmas Solo
  289. Nobel physics laureate 1982
  290. Children's Illustrator/Author
  291. Australian Olympic Basketball Player
  292. Keith Wright  (2)
    Football Player
  293. German Actress in British Movies born 1931.'Invasion of Body Snatchers','Sink the Bismarck','Airport','Shake Hands With Devil','Something of Value','List of Adrian Messenger','Santee','Fraulein','Crimson Pirate','D-Day','In Love and War','F.B.I.'
  294. U.S. Senator from Texas (1957-1971)
  295. Singer/Musician
  296. Played basketball for 1961 Cincinnati Royals
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