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  1. Actor: Army of Darkness, Sextette, Ice Pirates, General Hospital, Flicks, Mousehunt, Wild Wild West, Santa Barbara, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Seinfeld, Warlock, Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000, Catacombs, Puppet Master 3
  2. Éric Abidal  (2)
    Professional Footballer
  3. U.S. Senator from Hawaii (1990-2013)
  4. President of Syria (2000-present)
  5. Soccer Player
  6. Actor: To Kill A Mockingbird (as Jeremy 'Jem' Finch, Gregory Peck's son), Shenandoah (as Boy Anderson, James Stewart's son)
  7. Author-Mongo Affair
  8. Japanese physicist who has been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics together with Isamu Akasaki and Shuji Nakamura
  9. Politician
  10. Boxing
  11. Author
  12. singer (verve) songwriter
  13. Governor of Florida (1971-79); U.S. Trade Representative (1979-81)
  14. Soccer Player
  15. Soccer Player
  16. British Actor - Arabesque, Day Of The Jackal, Children Of The Damned, This Sporting Life, Telefon, The Medusa Touch, Agatha, Nijinsky, Luther, Otley, The Adventurers, Bitter Harvest, Salome (as John the Baptist), Magic Fire (as Richard Wagner), Shogun
  17. Fox Business anchor, former CNBC anchor, known as 'The Money Honey'
  18. Right-handed pitcher who debuted for the Mets in 1963 (he passed away in 1999)
  19. President of FC Bayern München - Known as 'Kaiser Franz'
  20. Actor, 'Were the World Mine'
  21. Songwriter - The Way We Were, The Windmills of Your Mind as well as theme songs for the TV shows Alice, Maude and Good Times; husband of Marilyn Bergman
  22. US Snowboarder
  23. Author/Musician
  24. Soccer Coach. Former Head Coach for Croatia U21, Croatia, Lokomotiv Moskva, and Besiktas. Since June 2015, Head Coach for West Ham United FC's Premier League Squad
  25. Retired NHL Goaltender (New Jersey Devils, Ottawa Senators, Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche & Washington Capitals)
  26. German Biathon Champion
  27. Actor - From The Earth To The Moon, Gossip Girl, Law & Order, The Blacklist
  28. Fighter Pilot Ace during WWII[flew the P-51 Mustang]
  29. San Diego Padres Outfielder
  30. Hockey Player
  31. boxing
  32. Football-Dallas Cowboys OT(1964-1967)/Actor-*M*A*S*H*,Brians Song,Heaven Can Wait,North Dallas Forty,Under The Rainbow,The A Team,Dragnet,Fear City,Star Trek 6,Forrest Gump,Coach,A Man Apart
  33. French director
  34. American Former Actress - Movie -'Tarzan's Fight For Life'(1958), 'Tarzan & The Trappers'(1960), 'Gun Girls'(1958), 'Journey To Freedom'(1957), 'Stakeout!'(1962), 'The Barefoot Executive'(1971), 'The White Buffalo'(1977), 'The Green Mile'(1999) Plus More
  35. football player
  36. American Female Historic Person - Civil Rights Activist; She Was A Member Of The Little Rock Nine, A Group Of Nine African American Teenagers Who Integrated Little Rock Central High School, Arkansas (1957)
  37. Author
  38. Alabama football coach
  39. guitartist (coldplay)
  40. Songwriter
  41. former major league outfielder; played for Red Sox, White Sox, Rockies, Giants and Indians; 2X All-Star; Gold Glove 1990
  42. hockey
  43. American Female Former Professional Woman Wrestler (2003-2014)
  44. Politician - European Parlament
  45. U.S. Representative from Alabama (1985-2003)
  46. Actor - Royle Family
  47. MLB: Pitcher with the Baltimore Orioles (2018-); formerly with the Cubs (2010-11), Padres (2012-16), Marlins (2016), & Rangers (2017)
  48. Baseball Player
  49. NFL, T, St. Louis Rams 1998, Cleveland Browns 1999-2002, Jacksonville Jaguars 2002. College - Temple
  50. Soccer Player
  51. Athlete - Runner Long Distance
  52. Football Player
  53. Jamie Clarke  (2)
    Soccer Player
  54. Paul Cole  (3)
    English actor who appeared in the 1958 British horror film 'Dracula' and the 1959 British comedy film 'Carry on Teacher'. Now retired from acting and lives in the UK
  55. Paul Cole  (2)
    UK Racehorse Trainer
  56. former college/NFL linebacker; played for University of New Mexico, Steelers & Jets; 1X Pro Bowler; 2X Super Bowl champion
  57. Diver
  58. Retired NHL Forward (Edmonton Oilers, Philadelphia Flyers, Phoenix Coyotes, Ottawa Senators, New York Islanders, Pittsburgh Penguins)
  59. Jazz Musician/Actor-Copycat,Independence Day,Leo on Will and Grace
  60. Venezuelan epidemiologist specialist in tropical diseases. Born: 09/11/1913
  61. English folk and rock drummer/percussionist, best known for having performed with the backing band for Cat Stevens in the 1970s, Jethro Tull during the 1980s, and currently a member of Fairport Convention as well as his side projects
  62. former major league infielder; played for Indians, Red Sox, Angels & A's
  63. Professional Footballer
  64. Larry Cox  (2)
    Baseball catcher 1970s
  65. Pilot of the first Space Shuttle Mission
  66. Australian Rugby League Player
  67. Soccer Player
  68. Actress: Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Valley Girl, Bad Dreams, Dutch, Better Off Dead, Loverboy, Devil's Rejects, Friends, Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls, Babe - Pig in the City, Duckman, Quack Pack, Teenage Mutant Mutant Ninja Turtles
  69. Actress (b: 1930) - Soap (85 episodes as Mary Campbell), Webster (50 episodes as Cassie Parker)
  70. former major league/Nippon league pitcher; played for Blue Jays, Mariners, Padres, Orix Buffaloes & Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  71. Better known as Jimmie Davis, was a noted singer of both sacred and popular songs who served two nonconsecutive terms as a Democratic governor of Louisiana. Wrote, 'You are my Sunshine'!
  72. Actress:A Chorus Line,Another World,Nightingales,Guilty By Suspicion,The Round Table,Darkman 3,Star Trek Voyager, Heroes
  73. Film/TV Director - The Haunted Strangler, 1960's Tarzan films, The Green Man, Corridors Of Blood, First Men Into Space, many TV shows (including The Avengers, The Buccaneers, ...Robin Hood, The FBI, Dallas). He was married to the late Dorothy Provine
  74. Italian Actor
  75. New Zealand Rugby Player
  76. Director - Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Snake Eyes, The Untouchables, Carlito's Way, Raising Cain, Casualties of War, Blow Out, Scarface, Body Double, Mission Impossible, Femme Fatal, The Black Dahlia
  77. voice actor
  78. Adult star
  79. former Yankees and Braves pitcher, currently in the Atlantic League
  80. Scottish Rugby Player
  81. Actor: Police Woman, The Sting, The Hustler, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Maverick, Silent Night Deadly Night, Messenger of Death, Grotesque, Star Trek, Gunsmoke, Batman, Andy Griffith Show, Bonanza
  82. 2005 First Round Pick Of The Warriors, Former Arizona St. Standout. Also played for Pacers, Clippers, Spurs, Kings and Trail Blazers
  83. Soccer Player
  84. Actor-Spaceballs,Up Your Alley,Man on The Moon,Late Night With David Letterman
  85. Soccer Player
  86. writer
  87. Singer/Musician
  88. U.S. Representative from Indiana (2007-2011)
  89. Lead Singer of The Kingsmen, who popularized 'Louie, Louie' in 1963. Soon after the record was released, he was replaced by Lynn Easton
  90. indy car driver
  91. Brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers
  92. Singer/Dancer/Actress-A Man Called Adam,Lola Colt,The Liberation of L.B.Jones,The New Bill Cosby Show,The Klansman,,Lady Cocoa,Capitol
  93. Martin Luther King's sister
  94. A Dead Calling, Ed Gein The Butcher of Plainfield
  95. football player (95) (lb)
  96. American Broadway and TV Actor born 1917.Dr.David Stewart on 'As the World Turns'(1960-90),'Silkwood','Interiors','Greek Tycoon','Dead of Night','Zoya','Eisenhower&Lutz','Dr.Kildare','Carolina Skeletons'
  97. former Rangers and Blue Jays closer, currently with Mets
  98. Actor appeared in and co-wrote the film 'Man of the Century'.
  99. PGA Tour Player
  100. Actress
  101. Peruvian Actress (b: 1953) - TV series: Alien Nation, Southland, Knot's Landing, The Agency, American Family, Freddie, DEA, Dangerous Minds, Dallas. Films: Old Gringo, B-Girl, My Family, The Tie That Binds, Road Dogz
  102. Conductor
  103. Former Soccer Player
  104. Singer/Musician
  105. Screenwriter - Michael Clayton, The Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum, Duplicity, The Devils Advocate, Dolores Claiborne, Proof Of Life, Bait, Armageddon (adaptation). Director - Michael Clayton, Duplicity
  106. Actor - Doctors, Judge John Deed, Holby City, The Bill, Ashes To Ashes
  107. Singer/Musician
  108. Actress - Micky & Nicky, Gangster Story. Author - Among The Porcupines (her autobiography), The Secret In The Daisy. Married to actor Walter Matthau (1959-2000, his death). Truman Capote based Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany's on her
  109. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  110. Actress
  111. Played baseball with the 1948 Philadelphia Phillies
  112. football player (25) (cb)
  113. Ex Footballer
  114. Soccer Player
  115. Rugby League Player
  116. Drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the first round of the 2002 MLB Draft but never reached the major leagues due to injuries
  117. Filipino actor
  118. infielder (13)
  119. German Actress
  120. Jeremy Hall  (2)
    Soccer Player
  121. Hockey Player
  122. Jeremy Hall  (4)
    Baseball Player
  123. Author
  124. Football Player
  125. Former Letters to Cleo Frontwoman, now solo artist.
  126. adult film star/singer
  127. French physicist. He was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics jointly with David J. Wineland
  128. drummer - grateful dead
  129. Former NFL football player for the Patriots, Bills, Broncos, Saints, Raiders and Chargers. Rookie year 1990
  130. Former Seattle Supersonics, Golden State Warriors Guard late 70s early 80s
  131. Actor - Deadwood, Identity, The Perfect Storm, American Gangster, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Playing God, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, S. Darko, Miami Vice '06, Contagion, The Pardon, Higher Ground, Congo, Taken, Lost, Eastbound & Down
  132. French actor
  133. Baseball - 1945 and 1946 Red Sox
  134. Played Yvette in Baby Boy, Tiffany in Hair Show, Hustle and Flow
  135. former major league shortstop; played for Royals, Twins, Pirates & Angels; member of Pirates 1971 World Series championship team
  136. Baseball / Former Pitcher for Padres / Started 8 Games for San Diego in 2001
  137. owner of ECW from 1997 to 2001
  138. football
  139. Superman on Supergirl TV Series, Actor; 'Teen Wolf', 'Hall Pass', 'Road to Perdition', '7th Heaven', 'Castle', 'Lincoln Heights'
  140. Comedian
  141. Singer/Musician - Goodbye California
  142. Actor: Forbidden Planet, Giant, Gunfight At The OK Corral, The Rainmaker, The Bridges At Toko-Ri, The Big Combo, The Sons Of Katie Elder, Police Woman, Hotel, Wide Country, P.S.I. Luv U, NightMan, Caroline in the City, Delta
  143. Speed Skating
  144. Actress
  145. Business / Golf
  146. Artist
  147. Italian female singer
  148. Carolina Panthers rookie Wide Receiver played in canada til 2012
  149. Author
  150. government offical france
  151. Lawyer, became Secretary of Homeland Security in 2013
  152. Former Browns' DB
  153. Indian Model and Actress
  154. Indian Cricketer
  155. Member of Lady Antebellum
  156. Boxerin (Weltmeisterin im Fliegengewicht)
  157. 24 crime/mystery novels featuring Father Robert Koesler, a Catholic priest who doubles as a detective. The Rosary Murders (1978), which was made into a 1987 movie starring Donald Sutherland as Father Koesler. Books are set mostly in Detroit, Michigan
  158. singer/acoustic guitarist
  159. cartoonist (apartment 3-g)
  160. Soccer Player
  161. Author
  162. Dallas Cowboys football coach
  163. American swimmer, won Bronze at the 1936 Summer Olympics, born 1917, married name is Squier
  164. Cleveland baseball writer inducted into Baseball HOF in 2000
  165. 3rd place in Survivor:Cook Islands
  166. Ben Lee  (2)
    Actor - played PC Billy Rowan in TV's The Bill
  167. alt. rock artist (breathing tomados-grand royale)
  168. Author
  169. Composer/Songwriter
  170. Broadway Actress - Ain’t Misbehavin’; Dreamgirls; How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying; and Kiss Me, Kate, and a Tony for her role in Doubt.
  171. American punk rock singer, songwriter and guitarist
  172. German Actress
  173. retired pitcher- Reds
  174. Christian Singer: 'Beauty For Ashes', 'God's Been Good To Me', 'Healing Oil', 'People Get Ready'
  175. Football Player
  176. LA Clipper
  177. Czech Actor (b:1917) - The Pink Panther films (Insp. Dreyfus), The Ladykillers, Spartacus, El Cid, Phan. Of The Opera '62 (title role), Dracula '70 (Van Helsing), Gambit, Mysterious Island, Asylum, The Dead Zone, Mark Of The Devil, War & Peace (Napoleon)
  178. Adult Film Star/Adult Model
  179. Rapper, famous song 'What's Yo Fantasy
  180. Author
  181. Author of 'The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl', 'Boy Toy', 'Hero-Type'
  182. Composer/Songwriter
  183. Actress
  184. Actress: Love Letters, Streets of Fire, Field of Dreams, Uncle Buck, The Dark Half, Female Perversions, In the Name of the People, Pollock, Carnivale, Gone Baby Gone, Grey's Anatomy, Fringe
  185. Actress: Dune, Highlander 2, Hot to Trot, The Hot Spot, Sideways, Class, Electric Dreams, Creator, Modern Girls, Zombie High, Candyman, Ghosts of Mississippi, The Rainmaker, American Dreams, The Haunting, Fire Wall, After Sex, Frasier, American Gothic
  186. general secretary vietnam
  187. UK Folk singer - 'May you never/ Solid Air'
  188. Financial guru
  189. UK House of Lords
  190. Author, born 1957 - The Color of Water
  191. Professional Magician
  192. Soccer Player
  193. Actress: Family, The End, Little Darlings, The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, Only When I Laugh, White Dog, The Pirate Movie, Dream Lover, Just the Way You Are, Women of Valor, Two Moon Junction, The Forgotten One, Empty Nest, Mother of the Bride
  194. Baseball Player
  195. Rugby League Player
  196. Male Porn Star
  197. Politician - European Parlament
  198. Rapper
  199. WNBA Basketball player with sparks Gold Medalist
  200. famous singer
  201. Spanish actress , U.S. films 1930's
  202. NFL, C, Los Angeles Raiders 1983-1994, Oakland Raiders 1995. College - USC
  203. Culture Club Member
  204. Hockey Player
  205. Columnist for The Hill
  206. Shortshop who was the 2nd pick in the 2007 MLB Draft drafted by Kansas City Royals; also played for Brewers; currently plays for Cincinnati Reds
  207. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  208. Basketball Coach
  209. Basketball, ABA in 70s
  210. former major league infielder/DH/outfielder/catcher; played for A's & Red Sox; managed A's (1986); 1X All-Star
  211. former basketball player for the hawks
  212. Actress: Rambo - First Blood Part II, Babylon 5, Star Trek TNG, Devil in the Flesh, Double Dragon, Amityville - A New Generation, Walker Texas Ranger, Sidekicks, White Tiger
  213. Baseball A - Hagerstown Suns 2007
  214. Soccer Player
  215. Scottish racing cyclist - subject of the film The Flying Scotsman
  216. Canadian First Nations artist of Odawa-Potawatomi-English heritage. Her many awards include the Order of Canada and the Governor General's Award
  217. Swedish Actor, Bergman films, father of Lena Olin
  218. Cyclist
  219. Former U.S. Senator from Oregon (1969-1995)
  220. Singer with The Monotones who did 'Who Wrote the Book of Love', born September 11 1938
  221. Actor: Gilmore Girls, Little Big League, Vengeance Unlimited, Them, Little Big league, Aliens in America, Saw IV. Also a minor league baseball pitcher for the Braves and Yankees in the 1980s
  222. Actress
  223. Actress (daughter of the actor John Payne)
  224. Third Base Coach for the Houston Astros/former hitting coach for the Miami Marlins, Baseball / Former Major League Player / Former Baseball Analyst with ESPN / Son of Hall of Famer Tony Perez
  225. Eduardo Perez  (4)
  226. Actor: RoboCop, Hooperman, Magnum Force, The Towering Inferno, Trouble Man, Puppet Master 4, Dumb and Dumber, Walking Tall, L.A. Law, Night Call Nurses, Talent for the Game, Relentless 3, The Sweeper
  227. former college/NFL cornerback; played for University of Colorado, L.A. Rams & Browns
  228. Hockey Player
  229. Italian tennis player
  230. Hockey Player
  231. Former Formula 1 Driver for Jaguar
  232. Mark Pope  (2)
    Baseball Player
  233. Center/Forward Denver Nuggets
  234. Former Rugby Union Player
  235. NFL - Kansas City Chiefs 2007
  236. Former college, NBA player; played for Illinois, 76ers, Pacers & Knicks
  237. Basketball Player
  238. Half of artist duo Gilbert & George
  239. Hockey Player
  240. football player (53) (lb)
  241. Co-writer/composer (w/James Rado) - HAIR
  242. Actress: Mad about you, Dellaventura, A League of Their Own
  243. former NFL Baltimore Ravens(FS)-College:Miami(Fla)
  244. former college/NFL linebacker; played for University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Steelers & Washington Redskins; 3X Pro Bowler
  245. Survivor Fiji
  246. came 2nd in 2003 pop idol contest
  247. Jurassic Park/The Lost World, Tremors, Tremors 3:Back to Perfection, The Golden Girls
  248. Actress: Barely Legal, Dorm Daze, Skin, The Good Humor Man, Supercross, Open Water 2, Point Pleasant, Rise, Twisted, House M.D., 12 Miles of Bad Road, Harper's Island, Hard Breakers, Wreckage, Murder in the First
  249. Former NHL hockey player for the Rangers, Bruins, Islanders and Canadiens from 1995-2001
  250. NHL Forward: Vancouver Canucks. Retired in 1974
  251. retired baseball player for the padres, astros, tigers, cubs, giants, pirates and mariners.
  252. Soccer Player
  253. Novelist
  254. Soccer Player
  255. Former college/Pro - Football Tight End, played for American International College, Lions in 1958, Bills 1960-1962, Broncos in 1963
  256. Founder of NFL Films/Recipient of Rozelle Award from Pro Football HOF
  257. Actor: Slaughterhouse-Five, Sugarland Express, The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover, Hanover Street, The Amityville Horror, Bunco, Split Image, Starflight, The house of God
  258. Indian film actress
  259. Lord Sassoon, British Politician
  260. Singer/songwriter
  261. Hockey Player
  262. football player (97) (de)
  263. Hockey Coach
  264. Ex Soccer Player, Now A Coach
  265. Styx/Damn Yankees
  266. 1976/77 World 500cc Mototcycle Champion, Channel 10 Sports Commentator
  267. Actress/model/B - movie scream queen, married to writer/producer Sean Tretta
  268. BC Lions starting WR,is a perrenial all star in the CFL
  269. Hockey player, Boston Bruins 1983-88
  270. Actor, plays 'Chris' on NBC's 'American Dreams,' and 'Turner' on Disney's 'The Jersey'
  271. former college/major league catcher; played for UCLA, Rangers, Yankees, Angels, Padres, White Sox, Pirates and Royals; former Tigers hitting coach
  272. Comedian
  273. PGA Tour Golfer, Winner of 6 tournaments including the 1988 PGA Chamionship
  274. Soccer Player - New England Revolution
  275. John Spencer  (3)
    Soccer Coach - Houston Dynamo
  276. Olympian Rowing
  277. Professional Footballer
  278. New Zealand Rugby Player
  279. Football Player
  280. Author
  281. snooker
  282. football player
  283. Soccer Player
  284. french actress
  285. football player (38) (rb)
  286. Page 3 Model-Playboy December 2010
  287. actress - 'Ichi the Killer'
  288. film director (the gate 1 & 2 l, madman)
  289. Football Player
  290. Soccer Player
  291. Actress - plays Julia Shawcross in TV's William & Mary
  292. Eric Thomas  (2)
    Football Player - Austin Wranglers 2007
  293. Former Bengals' DB
  294. football player (22) (cb)
  295. Model and Movie Director
  296. Baseball player, 1933-1938. White Sox and Browns
  297. Rugby Player
  298. Author and member of the Swedish Academy
  299. Lead singer
  300. Actor
  301. Rugby
  302. Jose Vallejo  (3)
    Baseball Player - Frisco Roughriders
  303. Comedian (Partner of ITV Digital 'Monkey'), Dead Man Wed
  304. NHL - Atlanta Thrashers 2006
  305. NFL Sports Reporter/Anchor
  306. World Champion female stunt pilot
  307. British Politician
  308. Australian Cyclist
  309. Sam Curtis in 'CI5 - The New Professionals'
  310. Football Player
  311. Author,Poet Laureate 1964-65,84-85. Born: 09/11/1919
  312. NBA player for Cavaliers, Knicks, Magic
  313. Retired American basketball player (1983-89: Spurs, Cavs, Sonics, etc)/ An alumnus of St. John's Univ
  314. Australian actress
  315. Todd Williams  (4)
    Actor-The Chicago Code
  316. Singer/Musician/One of the best bass players of all time
  317. Golf Player
  318. Actress-Guiding Light,General Hospital,The City,Loving
  319. Canadian Producer and Puppeteer. Member of the Order of Canada
  320. comedian
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