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  1. editor columnist
  2. Comic Book Writer
  3. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  4. Actress
  5. French singer during the sixties
  6. Co-pilot on a B-29 that accompanied the Enola Gay, also the Bockscar's navigator for the Nagasaki bombing, WWII
  7. Saxophonist
  8. BBC Radio 2 DJ
  9. Professional Footballer
  10. Actress/Singer - The Girl Who Saved The World, Spring Fever, Cannonball Run 2, Making Mr. Right, Lena's Holiday, Baywatch, Grumpy Old Men: The Musical
  11. Baseball Coach
  12. Retired football player played for the cleveland browns debut 1993
  13. British Stage and Movie Actor born 1950.'U-571','Confessions of a Window Cleaner','Computer Killers','Towe of Evil','Flesh and Blood Show','Cool It Carol','Confessions of a Pop Performer','Queen Kong','Confessions from a Holiday Camp'
  14. Soccer Player
  15. U.S. Representative from Ohio - 7th District (2009-present)
  16. Atlanta Falcons 2nd Round Draft Choice/DT
  17. Lewis Baker  (2)
    Football Player
  18. actor - Sonice The Hedgehog (animated t.v. series, voice, 1993), MTV's Undressed (t.v. series, 2001), Hull High (t.v. series, 1990)
  19. Actress-Lobby,30 Vies
  20. Football Player
  21. Italian Diver
  22. Soccer Player
  23. former major league second baseman; played for Cubs & Padres; 4X All-Star; 1X Gold Glove winner (1968)
  24. NHL: Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues (Retired 1987)
  25. Former WWE wrestler
  26. Starting pitcher for the LA Angels
  27. Soccer Player
  28. Retired Swedish High Jumper, Olympic Bronze Medalist Sydney 2000, World Champion 2005, European Champion 2002, World Athletes Gold Medal 2005,2006
  29. Plays Tony Almeida in '24'
  30. French actor
  31. English Male Adult Film Director And Producer. Mainly Gay Porn Movies
  32. American Actress - TV Series - 'Texas' (1980-1981), 'Falcon Crest' (1985), Charles Angels - Guest Role (1977), 'Scarecrow and Mrs. King' - Guest (1985), 'Quincy M.E.' - Guest (1976). Movie - Billy Jack Goes To Washington (1977), 'Asylum of Satan' (1972)
  33. Screenwriter & Director: Extreme Justice, Doctor Detroit, Steele Justice, Frank & Jesse
  34. Rugby Player
  35. French humorist, comedian, actor and TV host
  36. Rugby Player
  37. famous solo trumpet player
  38. Retired Rugby Player, business developer
  39. Rose Is Rose Cartoonist
  40. American Author - Historian Novels - 'Martha Washington' (2005), 'A Being So Gentle: The Frontier Love Story of Rachel and Andrew' (2011), 'In Search of Julien Hudson: Free Artist of Color in Pre - Civil War New Orleans' (2011)
  41. American Male Former Baseball Player - Relief Pitcher- 'Baltimore Orioles' (2000-2001)
  42. Football Player - Cincinnati Bengals
  43. Soccer Player
  44. Jamaican Born Canadian Former Bobsledder - Olympic Games - Silver Medal (2 Man)(Turin 2006), Bronze Medal (4 Man)(2010 Vancouver). World Championships - Gold Medal (2 Man)(2005 Calgary), Silver Medal (4 Man)(2007 St Moritz) Bronze Medal (4 Man)(2005)
  45. American Former Male Singer - R&B, Soul. And Blues Music. (1954-2008). Single - 'Don't Be Angry' (1955), 'It Don't Hurt No More' (1958), 'Pitter Patter' (1954), 'I Cried Like a Baby' (1959)
  46. football player (95) (de)
  47. American Male Voice Actor And Director - Movie - (All Voice)'Shrek 2' (2004), 'Shrek' (2001), 'Madagascar' (2005), 'Open Season' (2006), 'Shrek the Third' (2007), 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' (2009), 'Shrek Forever After' (2010)
  48. Actor: Growing Pains, Full House, Like Father Like Son, Listen to Me, The Best of Times, Kirk, Left Behind, Foolproof, Saving Christmas
  49. Italian pop singer / composer
  50. Mayor of Honolulu, Hawai'i (2010-13)
  51. Singer/Musician
  52. Guard Hornets
  53. USA Track & Field
  54. Italian Actor
  55. Football player Alabama
  56. Singer/Musician
  57. French actress and singer 'Johnny Monroe' 'Poison d'Amour'
  58. former college/NFL quarterback; played for University of Washington, Colts, Falcons, Rams, Bears, Rams, Cardinals, Oilers and Buccaneers
  59. Former Australian cricketer
  60. Sportswriter, 2003 J.G. Taylor Spink Award winner
  61. WCAU / NBC Philadelphia
  62. NFL, WR, Cleveland Browns 1999-2000, Dallas Cowboys 2001, Atlanta Falcons 2002. College - Colorado
  63. Former packers player
  64. Actress-Playboy November 1975,Dear Michael,Elle,Lovers and Liars,Apocalypse Now,All Night Long,El Sur,Paris Texas,The Twin Stars,Jet Set,A Private Affair
  65. Creator of 'Gumby' and 'Davey & Goliath'
  66. Soccer Player
  67. Author
  68. Susan Bones in the Harry Potter series
  69. Professional Cyclist From Australia
  70. Rugby Player
  71. 'Gilbert' from Anne of green gables
  72. Joe Cronin  (2)
    Baseball player, Hall of Fame shortstop 1926-1945
  73. Author
  74. former President of Macedonia (2004 - 2009)
  75. Football, Bills LB in 60s, 70s
  76. Former NFL Kicker
  77. Author
  78. Retired NHL Player: Canucks, Canadiens, Flyers, Blues, Penguins, Ducks, Islanders, Predators, Coyotes, Wild
  79. Actor
  80. French Reggae
  81. Playboy Playmate-Miss March 1994,Bikini Carwash Company 1-2,Meatballs 4,Thunderbox,Whipped,Ciizen Toxie:The Toxic Avenger 4
  82. Former host of TV's Family Fortunes, former Brookside actor and West end stage star
  83. MLB Umpire
  84. Lead singer of the rock group Smithereens.
  85. Singer/Musician
  86. football wfl
  87. Hunter McKay in Shortland Street
  88. Male Voice Over Talent
  89. Actor: Shaun of the Dead, In Bruges, The Seeker, Les Misérables, The World's End
  90. basketball
  91. Former Hockey Players, Born Oct 12 1966, Djugarden, Malmö, Rosenheim
  92. 16th Attorney General of Oklahoma from 1995 to 2011; in his youth, he met John F. Kennedy in 1962
  93. Soccer Player
  94. Actor, Supernatural
  95. olympics
  96. Former President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers. Former Governor of Michigan (1991-2003)
  97. Cricketer
  98. Author
  99. former MLB pitcher - los angeles dodgers (1983), new york mets (1984-93), baltimore orioles (1994-95), philadelphia phillies (1995-96), houston astros (1997)
  100. MLB H.O.F. (1984) catcher from 1929-47 for Browns, Red Sox, Senators. 8x All - Star. Brother of 2x All - Star pitcher Wes Ferrell. Rick had a career batting average of .281
  101. Right-handed pitcher who was late round draft pick of the Phillies in 1992. He debuted for the Rays in 2000
  102. Basketball Player
  103. Green Bay Packers Back-up RB
  104. Star of 'The Lair,' singer and former gay adult film star. Born: 10/12/1962
  105. Model & Actress: Valley Girl, Real Genius, My Chauffeur, The Experts, April Fools Day, Waxwork
  106. Governor of Wyoming (2003- 2011)
  107. Former U.S. Senator from Utah (1974-1993)
  108. Boxer
  109. Italian Actor -Natale A Miami
  110. Author
  111. Actor
  112. Lunchlady Doris (1989-1996) in the simpsons.
  113. Johnny Green  (4)
    Played for 1962 New York Titans
  114. Mike Green  (3)
    Washington Capitals (NHL) Defenseman
  115. Florida Gator All-American linebacker in 1975. Later played with the Seahawks
  116. actor/comedian/social activist
  117. Four Wedding & A Funeral, Callan, The Prisoner
  118. Actor- Lassie, All I Wanna Do, U-571
  119. Rugby Player
  120. Former Rugby League Player
  121. Retired Buffalo Bills cornerback
  122. Longest-serving member of the United States House of Representatives from the state of Louisiana
  123. Artist
  124. Nordic Combination
  125. adult film star
  126. former college/NFL running back; played for University of Wyoming & Baltimore Colts; member of Colts Super Bowl V championship team; All-Skyline Conference selection (1959,60)
  127. British Politician
  128. 1944 Heisman Trophy Winner - Ohio State (RB)
  129. British Politician
  130. former Montreal Canadiens,New York Rangers,& Phoenix Coyotes left wing
  131. Cricket Player
  132. Ex West Bromwich Albion & Arsenal Footballer
  133. Kid actor; in Zathura, Bridge To Terabithia, Little Manhatten, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, Kicking and Screaming, The Polar Express and guest-starred on ER among others
  134. Soccer Player
  135. Former Blue Jays 2nd baseman/shortstop/3rd baseman, First Base coach for the Milwaukee Brewers
  136. LPGA Player
  137. X-Men 1, 2 and 3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Someone Like You, Swordfish, Kate & Leopold, Van Helsing, Scoop, The Fountain, The Prestige, Happy Feet
  138. Offensive Coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Former head football coach at Boston College
  139. Soccer Player
  140. former Reds infielder, currently with Braves
  141. LA Clippers Rookie Point Guard from Yugoslavia
  142. TNA Wrestling Personality/Former wife of wrestler Kurt Angle and current wife of wrestler Jeff Jarrett
  143. NASCAR Broadcaster
  144. Former NHL left winger for the Detroit Red Wings (1961/62 - 1964/65) Toronto Maple Leafs (1965/66 - 19866/67) and New York Rangers (1967/68 - 1968/69)
  145. British Politician
  146. Football Player - BC Lions 2007
  147. Olympian - 5 Track & Field medals @ 2000 Games now playing in the WNBA
  148. Ex Dutch international footballer
  149. French-Canadian singer-cellist
  150. Former Governor of Montana (1973-1981)
  151. Chairman of the Royal Academy,man who started the Iron Chef shows
  152. Film Director
  153. football
  154. Lead singer of Tesla
  155. Professional Footballer
  156. LPGA
  157. Football Player for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
  158. Athlete - Runner Long Distance
  159. 'Tatort' Kommisar from Stuttgart German Actor
  160. MLB shortstop, OF, 3rd baseman from 1957-65 for Yankees./ 1957 R.O.Y. / 4x All-Star. Best season was 1967 with 77 RS, 62 RBI, .273 BA. In 6 W.S. had 2 doubles, 2 HR's, .240 BA. 2009 Ford C. Frick Award for Excellence in Broadcasting by Baseball H.O.F
  161. baseball
  162. Author
  163. Fascination, Grapes Of Death, Faceless
  164. Scottish Rugby Player
  165. Soccer Player
  166. Palestine Born Israeli Actress/Singer - Movie - 'Casino Royale' (1967), 'Ten Little Indians' (1965), 'The Silencers' (1966), 'Catlow' (1971), 'Old Shatterhand' (1964), 'Some Girls Do' (1969), 'The Spy with a Cold Nose' (1966),'Violent Summer' (1961)
  167. NFL, RB, Dallas Cowboys 2004, Green Bay Packers 2005, Oakland Raiders 2006-present. College - Middle Tennessee State
  168. Stephen Lee  (2)
    Snooker player
  169. Fenrir Greyback in Harry Potter, cage fighter
  170. Soccer Player
  171. former college/NFL defensive lineman; played for Emporia State University, Cowboys & Broncos; 2X Pro Bowler; 3X Super Bowl champion (XXVII, XXVIII & XXX); nicknamed 'Big Cat'
  172. Australian Equestrian Rider
  173. baseball
  174. 1991 Houston Astros Draft Pick
  175. German actor
  176. Retired NHL Player: Canucks, North Stars
  177. golfer
  178. Author
  179. Voice Over Talent
  180. Nick Lloyd  (2)
    Rugby Player
  181. Cricket Player
  182. Figure Skating
  183. golfer
  184. Former Rugby League Player
  185. UK Mastermind Presenter
  186. Artist
  187. Barrister
  188. former college/NBA player; played for Duke University, Chicago Bulls, Baltimore Bullets, Houston Rockets & Buffalo Braves; played eleven seasons, scored 12,541 points; member of Duke University Sports Hall of Fame
  189. Author - Chalk Talks on Alcohol
  190. Starred as ''Gort'' the giant robot on the classic 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still, sci fi classic
  191. Scott Martin  (3)
    Australian Olympic Athlete
  192. NFL - S, Carolina Panthers (2009 draft, second round, #59 overall). College; Troy State
  193. Supermodel/Actress-Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue,The Long Winter,After The Dream
  194. recording artist
  195. Ex Queens Park Rangers footballer now Coach
  196. Former Brewers and Pirates infielder, now with Yankees
  197. Actor: Teen Wolf, 21 Jump Street, Semi - Tough, The Howling, Love at the Top, The A - Team, Remington Steele, Gremlins, I Saw What You Did, The Twilight Zone, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, Dream Machine, The Golden Girls
  198. AHL Hockey Player, Providence Bruins
  199. Voice actress; voice of Baby Smurf and Casper, wife of Rick Dees
  200. Winner of 2 silver medals in Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics in alpine skiing & a Bronze in 2010
  201. Japanese alpinist born in 1932, became the first person to ski on Mount Everest on May 6, 1970 and reach the summit again in 2013 at the age of 80
  202. billards player
  203. Hockey Player
  204. Hockey Player
  205. Singer/Musician
  206. Singer - sam & dave1992 rock and roll hall of fame inductee
  207. Singer
  208. MLB catcher from 1948-54 with Indians, A's, and Orioles. Best season was 1953 as he hit .284 in 268 at - bats with 14 doubles, 3 triples, 6 home runs, 25 runs scored, and 41 RBI's
  209. Actor
  210. Soccer Player
  211. Singer/Musician
  212. air force hero
  213. Soccer
  214. Professional Soccer Player
  215. Former baseball player with Detroit Tigers 1957-1963
  216. Intel CEO
  217. 200 free, 800 free relay in the olympics
  218. Air Bud 3, Parenthood, Miracle in Lane 2
  219. Status Quo
  220. opera singer
  221. Catcher who debuted with the Royals in 1991 and played a few games with the Cubs in 1992
  222. Architect
  223. Soccer Player
  224. Children's Author
  225. Presenter
  226. Italian actress of theatre and cinema'Albergo Roma' 'Costanza da Libbiano'
  227. Born October 12, 1949) is an American novelist and screenwriter, known for the books The Wanderers and Clockers
  228. Comedy writer, performer and Senior Editor at MAD Magazine
  229. former Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker
  230. Football Player
  231. Baseball / Outfielder in Baltimore Orioles Organization / Former College Standout at Bowling Green University
  232. American polymer chemist, inventor, and professor emeritus. He is noted for his contribution to the development of Teflon. Born: 10/12/1910
  233. Actress played Mrs. Vasek in Klute
  234. Nicholas on Eight is Enough
  235. Broadcaster, Journalist and Author.
  236. Adult Model-Penthouse Pet December 1977 and January 1980/Penthouse Pet Of The Year 1979
  237. NFL TE - Indianapolis Colts. College: Missouri Western State
  238. hocker player (26) (c)
  239. Actress - Little Britain, The Bill
  240. Goaltender for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Formally played for the New York Islanders, Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild, Buffalo Sabres and Calgary Flames. As of 09/21/11 is the oldest active player in the NHL
  241. Male Adult Film Star/Model
  242. Adult Film Star
  243. U.S. Representative from California
  244. Composer/Songwriter
  245. Ceo Rite Aid Fortune 500 company (134)
  246. Actor-Ujio in 'The Last Samurai' (2003), LOST, Speed Racer
  247. Italian Actor
  248. Actor
  249. German Soccer Referee
  250. Singer/Musician
  251. Snowboarding
  252. singer - dixie chicks
  253. Actress: 2001 Maniacs, Snakes on a Plane, Critters, A Nightmare on Elm Street, There's Something About Mary, Kingpin, Dumb and Dumber, A Cinderella Story, Alone in the Dark, Hood of Horror, Insidious, Ouija
  254. NASCAR Team owner and driver
  255. Former major league pitcher. dodgers 1982, 11 games. also played in the pirates, tigers, royals, and expos organizations
  256. president taiwan
  257. singer songwriter
  258. Puerto-Rican born outfield prospect drafted in the 8th round by the Reds in 2009
  259. Soccer Player
  260. Actress: Amityville - A New Generation, Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story, Pump Up the Volume, Watchers, Dream a Little Dream, Tequila Sunrise, Joe Versus the Volcano, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Pauly Shore is Dead, Net Games, Manfast
  261. Actor - Hate Crime, Stargate Universe
  262. New Zealand Rugby Player
  263. David Smith  (6)
    NZ Rugby Player
  264. Actor - Lassie (TV - as 'Doc Weaver'), National Velvet (TV - as dad 'Herbert Brown'), The Spirit Of St. Louis, Rio Rita, Panther Girl Of The Kongo, 20 Million Miles To Earth, many TV guest-starring roles (1952-1981)
  265. Professional Cyclist
  266. equestrian rider
  267. Sports Announcer
  268. Atlanta Braves spot-starter/mid reliever (49)
  269. Football Player
  270. TV/movie actress of the 1960s + 70s: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Peter Gunn, Dragnet (1958), Flight = 1 ep. 'Enemy Agent' of: 'Gen. Kenny that introduced the episodes was the commander of the 5th Air Force under MacArthur in WWII'; + 'Three Men in a Boat'
  271. Australian relief pitcher, former Twin, currently with Detroit
  272. Baseball Player currently in the Santa Fe Fuego Organization
  273. Actor - Nightingales, Master And Commander, Shameless, Hot Fuzz
  274. Singer/Musician
  275. baseball player for Red Sox and Pirates 1955-1957
  276. NFL - San Francisco 49ers 2006
  277. Former NFL Wide Reviever. New York Giants late 80's. Played college ball at NW Louisiana State
  278. First Base Coach for the San Diego Padres, Former White Sox, Mets and Brewers Infielder,
  279. Dutch soccer player now Director Of Football at Den Bosch Football Club
  280. Soccer Player
  281. french director
  282. Actress
  283. Actor: Halloween 5, The Princess Diaries 2, Gurdian Angel
  284. Fox News Channel anchor, host of Fox News Sunday
  285. Actress - The Big Combo, The Good Humor Man, Storm Fear, Jigsaw, Man On The Eiffel Tower, Beach Red, The Devil's Hairpin. Married to Franchot Tone (1941-1948) & Cornel Wilde (1951-1981)
  286. former college football quarterback/former NBA guard; played football and basketball at FSU; played in NBA for Knicks, Spurs & Rockets; 1993 Heisman Trophy; member of College Football Hall of Fame (2006)
  287. WNBA player
  288. Football Player
  289. male adult film star/filmmaker, most known for his 'up n' cummers' series
  290. Rugby Player
  291. Make-Up Artist
  292. U.S. Ambassador to Canada (2005-2009)
  293. Actress: Just the Ten of Us, Growing Pains, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Real Genius, Welcome to 18, The Drifter, Dream Date, In the Line of Duty- A Cop for the Killing, Deadly Web, Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories, Tales From the Darkside
  294. Tom Williams  (4)
    Rugby Player
  295. football player (22) (cb)
  296. Marie Wilson  (2)
    Actress: As the World Turns, Port Charles, General Hospital, And the Beat Goes On, The Bay, Awaken, My Synthesized Life, Ladies of the Lake, Say You Will, Days of Our Lives
  297. basketball
  298. katy in emmerdale
  299. Buffalo Sabres
  300. Cricket
  301. Seattle Seahawks rookie offensive guard
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