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Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthMonthAndDay%3A:12-02
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  1. Country singer
  2. U.S. Senator from Colorado (1997-2009)
  3. Shortstop
  4. Premier of New Brunswick
  5. Fashion model 0f the 1980's and 1990's+
  6. British Politician
  7. Actress-Walhalla
  8. Natalie Balsom on One Life To Live
  9. Athlete
  10. Football Player
  11. former North Stars and Jets left wing
  12. Greg Barton  (2)
    Two Time US Olympic Gold Medalist In Kayaking
  13. Footballer
  14. Actor: Scarface, Red Shoe Diaries, Thief of Hearts, Running Scared, Primal Fear, Gleaming the Cube, Wiseguy, Raising Cain, Snapdragon, Wild Side, Navajo Blues, Plato's Run, Traffic, Raptor Island, Ray Donovan
  15. Football Player
  16. Ralph Beard  (2)
    UK Basetball Player In 40s And NBA Player In The 50s
  17. nobel economics laureate 1992
  18. German Biathlon Champion
  19. Politician - European Parlament
  20. British Actor, Singer and Radio Host born 1916.'The Scarlet Spear,'Istanbul','Submarine X-2','Bombay Waterfront','River Beat','Double Exposure','White Huntress'
  21. American Author (Open House)
  22. Archbishop of Genoa, Italy (2002-06); Vatican City Cardinal Secretary of State (2006-October 15, 2103)
  23. Canadian Actress - TV Series - 'You, Me and the Kids' (2000-2001), 'X-Men Evolution' Voice (2000-2003), 'Edgemont' (2001-2003), 'Dead Like Me' (2004), 'Class of the Titans' (2006). Movie - 'Snow Queen' (2002), Carrie' (2002)
  24. American Born English Actress - TV Series - 'Fawlty Towers' (1975-1979), 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' (1969-1974), 'The Tomorrow People' (1994). Movie - 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'(1975). TV Mini Series - 'The Buccaneers'(1995), 'Floodtide'(1987)
  25. former major league pitcher; played for Cardinals, Reds, Angels & Giants; 2X World Series Champion (1975,76)
  26. Pedro Borbn  (3)
    Played baseball for the California Angels (1969) Cincinnati Reds (1970-1979) San Francisco Giants (1979) St. Louis Cardinals (1980)
  27. French Former Bicycle Road Racer - 'Renault?Elf' (1985), 'Système U' (1986-1988), 'Z?Peugeot' (1989-1994) 'Polti?Granarolo?Santini' (1995). Team Manager Of Yhe Professional Cycling Team 'Cofidis'
  28. American Male Author - Novels- 'Road To Wellville' (1993), 'Drop City' (2003), 'World's End' (1987)
  29. American Actress - Movie - 'Love Thy Neighbor' (2005), 'Amy's Orgasm' (2001), 'Smog' (1999), 'In the Fold' (1996), 'Witchcraft VI' (1994), 'Rift' (1993). TV Series - 'General Hospital' (Guest)(2005), 'Law & Order' (Guest)(2002), Plus Many More Roles
  30. NFL, former Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Coordinator. College, Washington State (WR), current Falcons quarterbacks coach
  31. football
  32. Soccer Player
  33. football player
  34. American Female Former Child Actress - Movie - 'Night Of the Hunter' (1955)
  35. Canadian Male Former Ice Hockey Player - Right Wing (1986-2004). 'Edmonton Oilers' (1986-1999), 'Atlanta Thrashers' (1999), 'Los Angeles Kings' (1999-2002), Phoenix Coyotes' (2002-2003), 'Pittsburgh Penguins' (2003-2004). Canada -World Champ Gold (1994)
  36. Chris Burke  (3)
    Football Player For Rangers FC (SPL)
  37. American Actress - TV Series - 'The Outer Limits' (Guest Role)(1995), 'Knots Landing (Guest)(1986), 'The Waltons' (Guest)(1975), 'Gunsmoke' (Guest)(1973), 'Room 222' (Guest)(1969), 'Bonanza' (Guest)(1971), 'My Favorite Martian' (Guest)(1963) Plus More
  38. football player (56) (lb)
  39. Actor: Manhunter, The Silence of the Lambs, Captain Ron, Rising Sun, The X - Files, The Fan, Frasier, From the Earth to the Moon, American Dreams, Crazy Stupid Love, The Mist, Banshee, Hey Arnold
  40. Daniel Butler  (2)
    Actor: Ernest Goes to Camp // Host of America's Dumbest Criminals
  41. American Former Female Actress - Movie - 'A Tenderfoot Goes West' (1936), 'Oklahoma Terror' (1939), 'The Phantom Cowboy' (1941), 'Raiders of The West' (1942), 'Prairie Gunsmoke' (1942), 'Overland Trails' (1948), 'Triggerman' (1948)
  42. German Female Singer And Actress (2001- ). Pop And Sould Music Genres. TV Series - 'Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten' (2002-2005), 'Sophie - Braut wider Willen' (2002-2005), 'Wolfsland' (2016- ). Movie - 'The Girl O The Ocean Floor' (2011)
  43. PGA Player
  44. English Male Former - Soccer Player - Defender. 'Cambridge City' (2001-02), 'St Albans City' (2002-036), 'Aldershot Town' (2003-05), 'Exeter City' (2005-07), 'Rushden & Diamonds' (2007-08), 'Cambridge United' (2008-10), Plus 9 More, 'Stamford' (2013-15)
  45. Hockey player
  46. Political organizer, businessman, and retired public servant. He was Deputy Assistant to the President Richard M. Nixon, during the Watergate scandal. Chapin was convicted of lying to a grand jury (perjury) during the scandal
  47. Liberty Meadows comic stripcreator
  48. Actor: Profiler, Breaking Away, FreakyLinks, Stephen King's It, Chariots of Fire, Fade to Black, A Wedding, Circuitry Man, Jake Speed, Doppelganger, Alien Predator, California Dreaming, Deadwood, Angel, The Lost Room
  49. Professional Cyclist Of Italy
  50. French Tennis Player
  51. Congressional Medal of Honor
  52. Utah Jazz Center
  53. Basketball player; first active NBA player as well as first active male athlete from one of the four major North American professional team sports to come out as gay
  54. Actor
  55. British Actor: North & South, The Glass Virgin, Thief Takers, Downton Abbey
  56. British Politician
  57. NFL, RB, Indianapolis Colts 1995-97, Jacksonville Jaguars 1998, Oakland Raiders 1999-2006. College - Florida State
  58. Actress daughter of Bob Crosby appearing as herself on The Bob Crosby show, some movie appearances 1959 to 1971
  59. Actress: Wonder Woman, That's Incredible (co-host), The Laughing Policeman, The Dark, Hotel, North & South 3, Trackdown, Ablaze, A Memory in My Heart, When the Cradle Falls, Coach, Keefer
  60. Miami Dolphins Linebacker- 2005 Rookie
  61. Venezuelan former singer, member of Los Chamos boy band, prominent antagonist actor
  62. singer guitarist (blue rodeo)
  63. Hockey Player
  64. Soccer Player
  65. Driver Craftsman Truck Series #99
  66. Anna David  (3)
  67. football
  68. Snooker
  69. Cartoonist / Illustrator - MAD Magazine, EC Comics, MANY magazine covers (including TV Guide, TIME, etc.)
  70. Singer/Musician
  71. Italian actress born movies named Carla Lattuada.'Variety Lights','Lost Youth',''Senza Pieta','Wolves Hunt a Night','The Naked and the Wicked','Melodie Immortali'
  72. Band leader (the gong show, the tonight show)Born: 12/02/1918
  73. concert pianist
  74. Baseball / Pitcher during the 1970's-80's / Braves and Rangers
  75. hockey player
  76. British actor/Comedian
  77. German actor born 1928.'Das Lied der Matrosen','Der kleine Prinz','Der Fliegende Hollaender','Orpheus in der Unterwelt','Solo Sunny','Kaethe Kollwitz','Polizeiruf 110'
  78. Author - Menopaws
  79. Cyclist
  80. Cyclist
  81. Soccer Player
  82. Plays Dean Thomas in Harry Potter films
  83. Actor: The Twilight Zone, The Rifleman, Perry Mason, The Fugitive, Gunsmoke, Dukes of Hazzard, The Bear, Silent Assassins, Star Trek TNG, The Willies, Growing Pains, Seinfeld, Naked Gun 33 1/3, A Crack in the Floor, My Name is Earl
  84. Porn actor
  85. Rugby League Player
  86. Hockey Player
  87. Author, University Professor and Earl Warren Professor of History at Brandeis University. He is best known for his major study Albion's Seed, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington's Crossing. In 2008 he published Champlain's Dream
  88. Former Rugby League player
  89. Rugby Coach
  90. NHL forward for the Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers
  91. Singer/Musician
  92. Member of Parliament (Canada)
  93. Actor
  94. Most famously known for the role of vampire Barnabas Collins on the first incarnation of the gothic U.S. cult television serial Dark Shadows
  95. Author
  96. Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentalist/Record Producer
  97. Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Germany (2000-present)
  98. Author
  99. aaa baseball player mlb/baltimore orioles
  100. figure skater
  101. Author
  102. Actor: Teen Witch, Tour of Duty, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, One Life to Live, All My Children, Courthouse, Muscle, Ellen, Sisters, Son in Law, Faking It, Lost, Supernatural
  103. Andrew George  (2)
    British Politician
  104. Soccer
  105. Cincinnati WR
  106. NFL - New Orleans Saints 2006
  107. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  108. Actor - Baby Face Nelson (as John Dillinger), Maverick (recurring role as Big Jack McComb), MANY TV guest-starring roles (usually as a tough guy). Screenwriter - The Wasp Woman, Attack Of The Giant Leeches, Maverick (4), Tombstone Territory (8)
  109. writer - many Broadway shows with Betty Comden
  110. Actor,The Walking Dead
  111. PGA Tour Golfer
  112. former college/NFL tackle/guard; played for University of Washington; Vikings, Seahawks and Broncos; member of Broncos Super Bowl XXXII championship team; 10th round pick
  113. Austrian Politician - former Minister for Science and Research, now European Commissioner for Regional Policy
  114. Supreme Allied Commander Europe (1974-1979); Secretary of State (1981-1982)
  115. former major league infielder; played for Dodgers and Twins; managed Arizona DBacks; coached for A's, Mets, Nationals and DBacks; current Tigers 3rd base coach
  116. Supermodel-Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
  117. Charlie Hall  (2)
    Former Cleveland Browns linebacker
  118. Actor - Wild Guitar, The Sadist, Eegah!
  119. Actress The Haunting, East of Eden, Requiem For A Heavyweight, Harper, You're A Big Boy Now, Reflections In A Golden Eye, Voyage Of The Damned, The Bell Jar, The Split, Knots Landing,How Awful About Allan, Home For the Holidays, Thicker Than Water, The Fa
  120. Japanese martial artist, 34th Grandmaster of Budo Taijutsu and founder of the Bujinkan Dojo
  121. Fourth and last surviving son of William Randolph Hearst and Millicent Hearst/Father to Patty Hearts
  122. former NBA Player, currently a Real Estate Developer
  123. American paleontologist known for the discovery of a Tyrannosaurus rex in South Dakota on August 12, 1990 largest specimen of a T. rex found and one of the most complete skeletons
  124. singer songwriter
  125. actor/singer, 'Rent'
  126. WNBA player
  127. former Flyers coach
  128. Singer/Musician
  129. Football Player
  130. German politician, prime minister Sachsen-Anhalt 1994-2002
  131. Norwegian politician
  132. Hockey Player
  133. voice actor for char aznable
  134. actor/photographer
  135. Soccer Player
  136. sportswriter hof
  137. Football Player - Calgary Stampeders 2007
  138. Singer
  139. Scientist worked on the Manhattan Project with her husband Jerome Karle
  140. Former New England Patriots middle linebacker
  141. Director
  142. Professional Footballer
  143. Singer/Musician
  144. Bob of the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show
  145. Comedian/ Magician
  146. Kentucky Basketball player
  147. Rugby Player
  148. playboy playmate - miss august '87
  149. Currently the bench coach for the Oakland Athletics. Outfielder for the Florida Marlins (1997-2000), San Diego Padres (2001-2003), Oakland Athletics (2004-2007), Atlanta Braves (2008), Boston Red Sox (2008-2009) and the Chicago White Sox (2009-2011)
  150. Actress: Click, Boxboarders!, The Passage, The Poker Club, One Tree Hill // Country Music Singer
  151. German actress 'Der amerikanische Freund' and other movies under the direction of Wim Wenders
  152. german comedian/actress
  153. (Born 2 December 1920) is the fourth child and youngest daughter of Winifred and Siegfried Wagner and the granddaughter of German composer Richard Wagner
  154. Canadian swimmer born 1922, competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics
  155. track athlete
  156. Basketball player 1997 Rooie
  157. Lieutenant Governor of Alaska (2002-06)
  158. Adult Model/Adult Film Star
  159. French Swimmer
  160. Rugby League Player
  161. Retired NHL Forward (New York Islanders)
  162. Actress-'Rise:Blood Hunter',Domino,Jerry Maguire,Pearl,Love Kills,ER,Shaghai Noon,Chicago,Ally McBeal,Charlies Angels 1-2,Gridlock'd,City of Industry,Play It To The Bone,Payback,Kill Bill:Volume 1,Mulan 2,Joey, Elementary
  163. AFL Player
  164. Australian Rugby Union Player
  165. UK author who wrote the Necroscope series
  166. Rugby Player
  167. football player (59) (c)
  168. Rugby Player
  169. Counter-Tenor
  170. Star Wars author
  171. Mobster
  172. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  173. Singer
  174. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  175. Cyclist
  176. Politician - European Parlament
  177. Former National Hockey League referee. Before retiring in 2011, McCreary officiated 1,737 regular season games, 297 playoff games, and one NHL All-Star Game. McCreary wore uniform number 7 since the 1994?95 NHL season and wore a helmet for most of hi
  178. Former Hockey Player & Coach: Vancouver Canucks, New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens.Playing career: 1953-1971
  179. White House Chief of Staff for President Obama; U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs (2021 - )
  180. former college/NFL wide receiver; played for Penn State University and Miami Dolphins; All - American; #25 overall pick 1993 NFL Draft; led NFL in receptions in 1998
  181. Soccer Player
  182. McGuinness Flint Band
  183. Sam in Kicking & Screaming, Georgia Rule (2007)
  184. Soccer Player
  185. attoney general reagan
  186. Chinese Gymnast and Actress
  187. IF, Braves farmhand
  188. Songwriter/Music Producer; bassist for Foo Fighters
  189. Former NFL Guard
  190. Adult Film Star/Adult Model
  191. Italian singer
  192. Basketball Player
  193. former college/NFL/AFL cornerback; played for Lincoln University & Houston Oilers; AFL All-Star 1969; Pro Bowler 1970
  194. Baseball player- Former prospect for Texas Rangers; now playing for Calgary Vipers-Infielder
  195. Former Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves relief pitcher
  196. Danish actress, 'Daisy Diamond'
  197. Soccer Player
  198. Author
  199. Politician - European Parlament
  200. Actress - According To Jim, The Mentalist, Curb Your Enthusiasm
  201. Pairs Figure - 1952 Olympics
  202. Duke of Norfolk. UK house of Lords
  203. Soccer Player
  204. Composer
  205. Actor
  206. Actor - Son Of Dracula, The Monster & The Girl, Flying G-Men, Blonde Ice, Split Second, A&C Go To Mars, Can't Help Singing, Pardon My Sarong, The Red Stallion, Bye Bye Birdie. TV Host - The Big Payoff, Bride & Groom
  207. Rugby Player
  208. Czech former footballer. He played most of his career for Bohemians Prague. Panenka won the 1976 European Championship with Czechoslovakia.
  209. boxing
  210. British actress born 1930.'Midnight Lace','Romeo and Juliet','Oh! What a Lovley War','Lovers,Happy Lovers','Sexton Blake and the Demon God','Jackanory','King Lear','La Cerisaie'
  211. writer
  212. Former president of croatia
  213. Actor
  214. 'Royal Air Force Squadron Leader Pilot'
  215. Real Name-- Paul John Perry GuloienBorn Dec 2, 1941Jazz Saxophonist
  216. Actress: The Donna Reed Show, Sister Of Paul Petersen
  217. Soccer Player - Columbus Crew 2007
  218. Singer/Musician
  219. journalist, former co-host of Dateline (t.v. series, NBC World Headquarters at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan)
  220. Actor/Dancer/Singer (b: 1913) - Films: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Oklahoma!, Tonight & Every Night, Down To Earth. Broadway: Oklahoma! (Danced the role of Dream Curly in the Dream Ballet in the original 1943 Broadway production)
  221. Hockey prospect with Hartford(AHL)
  222. Television director, The Carol Burnett Show, Three's Company, Mama's Family
  223. Soccer Player - SK Sturm Graz
  224. Actor, 'The Guiding Light'
  225. Pakistani Cricketer
  226. Serbian actor and Bond Girl: From Russia With Love / Goldfinger
  227. U.S. Senator from Nevada, U.S. Senate Majority Leader (2007-17)
  228. Actress-played Miranda in Poltergeist the Legacy and the movie Beautiful
  229. Artist
  230. former college/WFL/CFL defensive back/kick returner; played for Georgia Tech, Charlotte Hornets, Montreal Alouettes, Ottawa Rough Riders; member of College Football Hall of Fame; 3X All-American; now a chiropractor
  231. Snowboard
  232. Author
  233. Canadian Figure Skater
  234. Daughter of Jackie Robinson. Author of book about her father.
  235. NFL QB - Green Bay Packers (2005-present) Super Bowl XLV MVP, and has played over 125 games with the Packers
  236. Kenneth Andre Ian Rodgers; MLB IF (1957-67);1969 Taiyo Whales (Japan)
  237. Singer/Musician
  238. Football Player
  239. Actress: Special Agene Kensi Blye on 'NCIS: Los Angeles'
  240. Hockey Player
  241. Screenwriter, Director, Producer: The Curse of Frankenstein, Horror of Dracula, Taste of Fear.
  242. basketball player
  243. author of short story collections CivilWarLand in Bad Decline, Pastoralia and In Persuasion Nation, children's book The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip, novella The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil, and book of essays The Braindead Megaphone. teaches C
  244. bass player for def leppard
  245. Politician, Secretary of Defence
  246. NASA Astronaut candidate Group 3-1963'Early in Space Program'
  247. Comedian
  248. Professional Female Tennis Player-Grand Slam Champion(French Open-1990,1991,1992/Australian Open-1991,1992,1993,1996/US Open-1991,1992)
  249. French chef
  250. Magician/Voice of 'Tai' on 'Digimon'
  251. Was Miss University World. Starred in 'My Faraway Bride'
  252. horse racing hof trainer
  253. Baseball / Pitcher of the Early 70's / Played for Reds, Royals, Pirates & Phils / Member of the 1970 NL All-Star Team
  254. aaa baseball player mlb/baltimore orioles
  255. Carl Leonard Sitter (December 2, 1922 - April 4, 2000) was a highly decorated United States Marine Corps officer and Korean War Medal of Honor recipient
  256. movie director
  257. Actress-Bones,24,Another World,Loving,A Stranger Among Us,General Hospital,Twin Sisters,Glory Glory,Melrose Place,Oh Grow Up,Keeping The Faith,Traffic,March,Ed,The Chronicle,Just Shoot Me,Blind Justice, Heroes, Saved By The Bell: College Years
  258. Adult Film Star/HBO Series Cathouse
  259. Singer/Actress/Author
  260. Film director: 'Wayne's World', 'The Beverly Hillbillies', 'The Little Rascals'
  261. Pro Golfer
  262. Plays Manny Santos on Degrassi the Next Generation
  263. NHL Defenceman: Vancouver Canucks , New York Islanders / Playing Career: 1965-1979
  264. Magpie presenter
  265. Best known as 'Cassandra' (Mrs Rodney Trotter) in BBC-tv's 'ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES'; also appeared in 'A Touch of Frost' - 'The Bill' - 'Real Women' etc.
  266. Golf Player
  267. former Canucks and Blues Right Wing
  268. NHL Player
  269. Actor: Missing, Protocol, Warning Sign, The Equalizer, A Perfect World, The Dark Knight, Angel, Profit, Law & Order, Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise, Cold Case, Sons of Anarchy, Argo, Star Wars Rebels, Supernatural
  270. Soccer Player
  271. Page 3 Girl - Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005)
  272. Playboy Playmate - Miss Nov1989, Playmate of the Year 1990. Bench Warmer 1992 cards #'s 72, 95. Actress - Married with Children, Shout, CB4 , L.A.Heat, Nutty Professor 2:The Klumps. Talk shows & many music videos. Twin sister of Rosie Tenison
  273. MODEL - Bench Warmer 1992 # 's 12, 72. 1993 Portfolio Endless Summer swimsuit edition, card #'s 29, 30,31, 33 & Hot! # 2. ACTRESS - McGyver, Married with Children, others. Playboy Aug 2002. Talk Shows & lots of music videos.Twin Sister of Renee Tenison
  274. Hockey prospect for the Flyers/Phantoms
  275. German actress (1917-)
  276. Syndicated Columnist, Fox News Channel Commentator
  277. Baseball Player, scouts for the Detroit Tigers
  278. Australian Cricketer
  279. Former Rugby League Player
  280. Soccer player, European Championship (Italy)
  281. Baseball AA - Akron Aeros 2006
  282. rap artist - naughty by nature
  283. Supermodel , U.K. fashion model & Covergirl of the 1960's
  284. Actor- 'Fashion House', among others
  285. French cook and writer
  286. Superbad
  287. Author
  288. German professional cyclist
  289. European Deputy
  290. Adult Film Star
  291. Soccer
  292. Sports Illustrated Writer
  293. Ex President of South Africa (1979-1984)
  294. german actor, also was in 'The World is not enough'
  295. NHL - Minnesota Wild 2006
  296. NFL - Arizona Cardinals 2006
  297. Football Coach
  298. Fmr United States Congressmen
  299. Convicted Killer, Member Of Manson Family
  300. Paul Watson  (2)
    One of the founders of Green Peace, Captain of the Sea Shepard on tv reality show 'Whale Wars', animal activist for whales, seals, turtles, etc
  301. Actor, plays Jack in The Tribe, Giles in Atlantis High, and sung on the Abe Messiah cd.
  302. UFC Fighter
  303. Host of 'Zimmer Frei'
  304. german Newscaster
  305. Singer/Musician
  306. Paul Williams  (5)
    Football Player
  307. Paul Williams  (2)
    Tennesse Titans rookie wide receiver
  308. Bassist in British band Muse
  309. Donald Woods  (2)
    Actor - Anthony Adverse, ...Prisoner On Devil's Island, Bridge Of San Luis Rey, Tale Of Two Cities, ...Louis Pasteur, Mexican Spitfire, ...Stuttering Bishop (as Perry Mason), Kissin' Cousins, True Grit, Beast-20,000 Fathoms, 13 Ghosts, Tammy (TV)
  310. NBA, Miami Heat 2006
  311. Survivor Fiji
  312. hockey player