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  1. Australian actress. Born 7 December 1989. She is well-known for her roles on television shows, including, The Sleepover Club, McLeod's Daughters, Out of the Blue, Don't Blame the Koalas, and Double Trouble
  2. TV Presenter
  3. Soccer Player - D.C. United
  4. Swimmer. Gold Medalist. On the swimming in syrup myth on a MythBusters episode
  5. Italian actress 'Der Kaiser von Kalifornien' 'La citta dell'amore'
  6. Author-Hello Goodbye,wife of Alan Alda
  7. NBA, Philadelphia 76ers 2006
  8. Opera Singer - Soprano
  9. Actress: Freddy's Nightmares, Curse II, The Killing Time, Xena, The Thirteenth Floor, Roswell, Swimfan, Havoc, ER, Life Unexpected, Dating Rules from My Future Self, Chicago Fire, Girls, UnREAL, Code Black, Franklin & Bash
  10. Singer - All Saints
  11. British Actress (b: 1946) - Titanic, Gods & Monsters (as Elsa Lanchester), That'll Be The Day, Stardust, Black Beauty '94, Beautiful People, Little Malcolm , Trevor's World Of Sport, The Bounder, Father's Day, Penmarric. Married to actor Martin Jarvis
  12. {1893-1968} Major theatrical star on Broadway she went on to Hollywood and won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress in 1938 for 'Jezebel'. That same year she was nominated as Best Actress for 'White Banners' but lost to Bette Davis
  13. Actress: Three's Company, License to Kill, The Devil's Rejects, Lords of the Deep, Unseen Evil 2, Stepfather 3, Mallrats, Delta Fox, Witch Academy, The Seniors, Scruples, The American Girls, Trailer Park of Terror // Penthouse Pet - March 1976
  14. actress played Hortense in Bulldog Drummond Comes Back
  15. football player (28)(s)
  16. Voice Over Talent, The Fairly OddParents, Lego Star Wars, Gravity Falls, Powerpuff Girls
  17. Baseball Player
  18. Los Angeles Dodgers Outfielder
  19. Pitcher in the major leagues from 1962 (broke in with the Angels) to 1970 (only 3 games with the Reds that year)
  20. Mike Bell  (7)
    Third baseman, Cincinnati Reds, manager of the Visalia Rawhide, son of Buddy Bell
  21. Cincinnati Reds Hall Of Fame Catcher, current Spokesperson for Blue Emu
  22. Soccer Player
  23. r&r singer (seventeen/1955)
  24. HOF Basketball Player and Former Indiana Pacers Basketball Coach
  25. Christian fiction author 'Sun Coast Chronicles' and 'Cape Refuge' series, among others
  26. American Former Female Author And Movie Screenwriter - Science Fiction. 'The Empire Strikes Back' (Scriptwriter 1980)
  27. Director
  28. Actor: Law & Order, Good vs Evil, Teen Wolf, The Hidden, Shakedown, Shocker, The Substitute, The Crow - City of Angels, In Too Deep, Drive, Officer Down, The Rich & the Ruthless, Being Mary Jane, The Flash
  29. Former West Indian cricketer
  30. Australian Actress - Movie - 'Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events' (2004), 'Ned Kelly' (2003), 'Sucker Punch' (2011), 'Sleeping Beauty' (2011), 'The Uninvited' (2009). TV Series - 'American Gods' (2018- ), 'The Affair' (2018-2019) Plus More
  31. Yugoslav Former Female Historic Person - Wife of Josep Tito - Former President of Yugoslavia She Was First Lady Of Yugoslavia (1953-1980)
  32. Country Music Performer/recorded w/ legend Jimmie Rodgers/Born: 12/07/1908
  33. Soccer Player
  34. American Actress - Movie - 'The Last Picture Show' (1971), 'The Exorcist' (1973), 'Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore' (1974), 'Requiem for a Dream' (2000), 'Flowers In The Attic' (2014). TV Series - 'House Of Cards' (2016), 'Big Love' (2007-2011) Plus More
  35. Game maker (Diplomacy) & writer
  36. guest star on Stargate SG-1
  37. Actress: Summerland, Thunderbox, Erotic Confessions, D.O.A., Red Letters, Looking For Bobby D, Malibu's Most Wanted, The Drone Virus, 2001 Maniacs, Mozart and The Whale, Drive Angry // Playboy September 2007
  38. Spanish Athlete
  39. MLB pitcher from 1957-70 for Phillies, Cubs, Pirates, Mets, Braves. Threw no - hitter in 1960. Best season was 1965 going 13-10 with 3.18 ERA
  40. Actress - The Exorcism of Emily Rose, White Chicks, Dexter, Quarantine, Limitless, Sea of Fire, Battle in Seattle, Faster, Seeking Justice
  41. sang 'Crazy Little Party Girl'
  42. Model, twin sister of Aaron Carter
  43. Author
  44. French conductor
  45. Cricket
  46. Author
  47. Folk Artist/'Cats in the Cradle'
  48. former A's All-Star third baseman/gold glover, now with the Yankees
  49. Surfer/Actress-Fools Gold
  50. hockey hof goaltender
  51. Archbishop of Seoul, South Korea (1998-2012)
  52. Country singer, performs solo as well as the lead vocalist for the group 'Sixwire'
  53. Renowned author, Linguistics Professor at MIT
  54. Professional Footballer
  55. Author
  56. U.S. Senator from Mississippi (1979-2018)
  57. Former Orioles, Yankees, White Sox Outfielder
  58. 9th President of Malta, since 4 April 2014
  59. Actor-Star Wars Episodes V-VI:The Empire Strikes Back + Return of The Jedi(Captain/Admiral Piett),The Jokers,The Blood Beast Terror,The Devils,Fall of Eagles,Lisztomania,Jabberwocky,Monty Python's Life of Brian,Firefox,Return To Waterloo
  60. Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky (1979-1983); Governor of Kentucky (1983-1987)
  61. U.S. Senator from Maine (1997-present)
  62. Former Baseball Player
  63. Actor: War and Remembrance, Katts & Dog, Palace Guard, Not Without My Daughter, Christopher Columbus - The Discovery, Red Shoe Diaries, Escape from LA, Highlander
  64. Football Tight End, born 1941
  65. Cinematographer - Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Oscar nom.), many Walt Disney True-Life Adventure films. Director - Living Free. Married to former actress Jean Allison
  66. Chris Crocker  (2)
    Internet celebrity, famous for his 'Leave Britney Alone' video
  67. Actress/Puppeteer - 2004 Tony nominee for Avenue Q; She has performed nearly 200 characters for TV/film, including 'Sesame Street' (11 seasons), 'Sheep in the Big City,' 'Book of Pooh,' 'Oobi,' 'Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss,' the feature Adventures of Elm
  68. Baseball player drafted # 2 by the cardinals 1994
  69. father of Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis, Actor
  70. Arkansas Secretary of State (2002-2010)
  71. Hockey Player
  72. Writer for G.I. Joe and Transformers cartoons
  73. Voice actor
  74. football player (73) (c)
  75. Pro Golfer, 2 Time PGA Tour Winner
  76. British Politician
  77. NFL Player
  78. Football Player
  79. navy admiral
  80. former Yankees prospect, 3B, now with Royals chain
  81. Actor, 'Humpday'
  82. Composer/Digital Artist
  83. Wilfred, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Recreation, The Office
  84. Running Back for the Washington Redskins (1991-1994) and the San Francisco 49ers (1995)
  85. Politician - European Parlament
  86. Spanish author
  87. Actor (b: Dec. 1964) - The Last Exorcism, Joan Of Arcadia, Big Love, Veronica Mars, Saved By The Bell: The College Years, Providence, Time Of Your Life, Valentine, Working Class, Gigantic, Snow 1&2
  88. Alley cat
  89. former college/NFL guard; played for LSU, Jets and Steelers; 2X SEC selection; All - American; 9X Pro Bowler; 8X All - Pro; NFL 2000s All - Decade Team; #26 overall 1998 NFL Draft
  90. playboy playmate - miss february 1967
  91. Minnesota Vikings RB
  92. Author - Fiction
  93. Rock 'n' soul singer/songwriter/producer
  94. Author - Non-Fiction
  95. Baseball; Kansas City Athletics
  96. Soccer Player
  97. Soccer Player
  98. MLB pitcher from 1934-49 with Indians, Red Sox, and Browns. Best known for his 1944 World Series with an 1-1 record, giving up only 3 earned runs in 18 innings
  99. Married to Rock Hudson 1955
  100. Former Rugby League Player
  101. Actress - Jungle Girl (title role), Tarzan Triumphs, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Hold That Woman!, Cry 'Havoc', The Reluctant Dragon, Thrill Of A Romance, Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour, American Empire, Luxury Liner, The Arnelo Affair, Mercy Plane
  102. Musician, songwriter, son of Artie Glenn (who wrote "Crying In The Chapel" for him). Darrell wrote "Indescribably Blue" for Elvis
  103. Wrestler known as Jon Moxley on indies/Dean Ambrose in WWE
  104. JFK - Assistant Special Counsel to President John F. Kennedy, speech writer for JFK, LBJ, RFK, a.o.; author; Twenty-One scandal - lawyer
  105. basketball player
  106. Chicago Bulls Rookie
  107. Archbishop Of The Catholic Church
  108. German actor: 'Aus gutem Haus'
  109. Soccer Player
  110. German jazz musican
  111. Actress: Law and Order, The Addams Family Values, Hairspray (on Broadway), and several plays by Charles Busch
  112. 4th Earl of Aberdeen; Prime Minister of Great Britain 19 December 1852 ? 30 January 1855
  113. former college/NFL/AFL/CFL quarterback; played for Stephen F. Austin, NJ/NY Knights, Dallas Texans, Philly Soul, Utah Blaze, Chicago Rush, Colorado Crush, LV Gladiators and Florida Bobcats; AFL All - Star 1993
  114. Japanese figure skater, won Gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics
  115. Politician - European Parlament
  116. former college/NFL defensive back; played for Texas A&M - Kingsville, Packers, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Eagles and Rams; 1X All - Pro; 2X Pro Bowler; current Cowboys assistant secondary coach
  117. Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and 5,Columbo:Murder a Self Portrait
  118. Actor - The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Unsuspected, Dragon Seed, Diary Of A Chambermaid, The Beginning Or The End, Tarzan & The Slave Girl, The Left-Handed Gun, King Of Kings (as P. Pilate), El Cid, Harlow, Mickey One, The Boston Strangler, King David
  119. NHL Forward: Detroit Red Wings, Vancouver Canucks / Playing Career: 1968-1974
  120. Austrian Soccer Player
  121. Chicago Cubs MLB Ace
  122. Football Manager
  123. Author
  124. Author
  125. Former boxer. The first man of Native-American ancestry to challenge for the world heavyweight championship of boxing on August 19, 1995. Nicknamed 'the boss'
  126. Ex Footballer Played For Sheffield Wednesday & Southampton
  127. Last Surviving Civil War Widow Born: 12/07/1914
  128. air force general
  129. Actor: About a Boy, X - Men - First Class, Warm Bodies, A Single Man, The Weather Man, Clash of the Titans, Jack the Giant Slayer, Dark Places, Mad Max: Fury Road, Equals, Collide, Watership Down, Tolkien, The Banker, Crossing Swords
  130. journalist
  131. Drummer of British band Muse
  132. Baseball Player - El Paso Diablos
  133. Actor: Tank, Grandview USA, The Outsiders, Amazon, Criminal Minds, The Hitcher, Red Dawn, Secret Admirer, Gettysburg, Baby Face Nelson, Kindred, Soul Man, Kid, Hidalgo, 24, Southland, Grimm, Ray Donovan, The Walking Dead
  134. WCW/WWE Wrestler (was Mr. Hughes in WWF/WCW)
  135. Dutch Author
  136. Actor - Boardwalk Empire, Boogie Woogie, Factory Girl, Outlander, Eclipse, Shrink, Mr. Nice, Eastwick, Spartacus 2004, The Hot Potato
  137. Hockey Player
  138. Susan Isaacs  (2)
    Female Voice Over Talent
  139. Anchor On Comcast Sportsnet
  140. Army General
  141. baseball player
  142. NFL - Chicago Bears 2006
  143. Actress: Barbara in 'The Royle Family', Sheila Grant in 'Brookside'
  144. 'Friday Night Lights', Banshee in 'X-Men:First Class', 'Byzantium'
  145. Rugby Player
  146. Rugby League International for England
  147. Actor & Director: The Long Riders, National Lampoon's Vacation, Moving Violations, Evil Town, Wildcats, The Experts, Walk the Line, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Sunstroke // Brother of Stacy Keach
  148. former child actor; Parent Trap 2 & Santa Claus the Movie
  149. porn star
  150. Narrorator on the superfriends, Too Close For Comfort (sitcom); Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  151. British expressionist painter
  152. Polish Formula1 Driver of BWW-Sauber-F1
  153. Author
  154. Adult film star/Exotic Dancer
  155. Ski Alpine
  156. Montreal Canadiens (NHL) Forward - Formerly Played for the Edmonton Oilers, Phoenix Coyotes & Pittsburgh Penguins
  157. Hockey Player
  158. Soccer Player
  159. hockey olympics coach
  160. Former Australian test cricketer
  161. Minnesota Vikings LB
  162. Playboy Playmate-Miss January 1971,Playmate of the Year 1972,Save the Tiger,Another Day At The Races,Picasso Trigger,Guns,The Third Eye,Dirty O'Neil,The Photographer
  163. Australian actor from the seventies - starred in Number 96
  164. Singer/Musician
  165. Model/Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2002
  166. American comics Author
  167. former major league outfielder; played for Twins, Padres, Royals, A's & Red Sox
  168. Dave Madden  (2)
    Singer/Musician - Album Anything Goes
  169. Italian Cyclist
  170. Olympic Apline Skier
  171. Marion  (2)
    Belgian comedian, duet with Stéphane Steeman in the 70ies
  172. Retired Former New York Yankees and St. Louis Caridnals First Baseman/Currently working for ESPN
  173. Boxer
  174. Thomas "Tom" McCollum is an American ice hockey goaltender, who is currently playing for the Grand Rapids Griffins of the American Hockey League. McCollum was drafted 30th overall by the Detroit Red Wings in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft
  175. Retired SpeedskaterBORN Dec. 7. 1929
  176. Author
  177. Football Player
  178. John McMahon  (2)
    Soccer Coach
  179. Chairman Emeritus of Meijer supermarkets
  180. Ottawa Senators right wing,formerly with the San Jose Sharks
  181. Steve Elliot on Petticoat Junction
  182. Author
  183. Country Singer/Actor
  184. Former Rugby League Player
  185. Soccer Player
  186. USA Olympic Luge (1988, 1992, 1994 & 1998)
  187. retired football player for the tn vols, redskins, bears, jaquars, steelers, colts and cowboys.
  188. Rugby League Player
  189. singer - Bucks Fizz
  190. MMA Fighter
  191. German fighter pilot
  192. Singer and presenter of programs of Spanish TV
  193. Member of bluegrass band the osborne brothers
  194. Former NFL football player for the Rams from 1981-89. College: Michigan
  195. Terrell Owens  (2)
  196. Retired NFL WR; played for University of Tennessee-Chattanooga in college; played for Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, 49ers, and Bengals in NFL
  197. Actress: Zoe Herriot in Doctor Who
  198. Canadian caterer, author of the Company's Coming cookbook series, and founder of Company?s Coming Publishing Limited. She is one of the top selling cookbook authors in the world, selling over 30 million copies
  199. Author
  200. Zooligist; Author - See Through Storms, See-Through Sharks, See-Through Reptiles
  201. Soccer Player
  202. Member of the Little Rock Nine; group of African-American students who enrolled in all-white Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Awarded Congressional Gold Medal in 1999
  203. Drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the 31st round of the 2010 MLB June Amateur Draft, the Cleveland Indians in the 16th round of the 2013 MLB June Amateur Draft and the New York Yankees in the 7th round of the 2014 MLB June Amateur Draft
  204. Actor
  205. Austrian Luger
  206. Gary Phillips  (2)
    former basketball player for the celtics
  207. Rugby League Player
  208. Soccer Player
  209. Dominican-born left-handed pitcher who appeared in one game for the Phillies in 1996
  210. Politician - first woman Prime Minister of Slovakia (2010-2012)
  211. medal of honor army vietnam
  212. Eric Reed  (3)
    Soccer Player
  213. Baseball A - Savannah Sand Gnats 2007
  214. singer, son of tim rice
  215. Screenwriter & Director: Slither, Peeper, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dracula, Brubaker, All Night Long, Big Trouble in Little China, Needful Things, Home for the Holidays, Stealth, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
  216. Football Player
  217. writer
  218. Actor: Aliens, Lethal Weapon 2, RoboCop 2, Body of Evidence, The Shawshank Redemption, Saw 5-6, Scanner Cop, The Departed, Zorro, Hard Rain, From the Earth to the Moon, Profiler, The Shield, Cold Case, CSI Miami, Brooklyn South, Star Trek, Bosch
  219. Latin Music Band Leader.Born: 12/07/1910
  220. Halfway Home Also works as a lawyer
  221. British actor: Happiness, Heartburn Hotel, Hope & Glory.
  222. Doctor Who, Eastenders, Keen Eddie
  223. Soccer Player
  224. Adult Model/Rap Artist/DJ
  225. equestrian athlete
  226. aaa baseball players mlb/texas rangers
  227. Basketball player
  228. American jazz pianist
  229. Former college/NFL center/guard; played for Florida State University, Cowboys & Panthers; member of Seminoles 1993 National championship team
  230. Moddel/Actress-Star Wars Episodes II-III:Attack of The Clones/Revenge of The Sith(Shaak Ti)
  231. American Football, Guard, Iowa State, NFL, Redskins 1939-43
  232. Sierra Hoffman in The Young and the Restless
  233. Former President of Portugal
  234. British Politician
  235. UFC middleweight contender. Currently ranked #2 in the world
  236. Female Norwegian singer
  237. Rugby Player
  238. Philadelphia mobster. in prison
  239. Lollypop guild( voice only)THE WIZARD OF OZ
  240. Author
  241. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  242. Singer/Musician
  243. Country music singer-songwriter
  244. Wrestling Valet, aka 'Sunny' in WWF, WWE Hall Of Famer, Class of 2011
  245. Singer
  246. John Terry  (2)
    England International Footballer/Chelsea Football Club - Defender
  247. Former Cubs and Cardinals shortstop, now with Giants
  248. Tony Thomas  (2)
    TV and film producer: Blossom, Empty Nest, Golden Girls, Dead Poets Society
  249. Racer
  250. Baseball / 1978-85 / Chicago Cubs & S.F Giants, eXPOS / Solid Hitting Outfielder - 1st Baseman / Cubs #1 Draft Pick in 1974
  251. Washington Wizards forward; former Clippers player
  252. former college football Head Coach; coached University of Wyoming and Purdue University; one of the innovators of the spread offense
  253. Gameshow host-Press Your Luck
  254. German race car driver, 2011 DTM Champion
  255. Race car driver
  256. Actress/Model-Deuce Bigalow:Male Gigolo,Miss Cast Away,Barker Beauty on The Price is Right,Playboy Babe of the Month September 2005
  257. Former NHL Hockey player
  258. Actress
  259. World champion boxer, actor, reality star
  260. British Politician
  261. former major league catcher; played for Braves, Phillies & Blue Jays; 2X All-Star; son of former major leaguer, Ozzie Virgil Sr
  262. Singer/Songwriter (Emmy nom. for the soundtrack of One From Heart). Actor - Ironweed, Dracula '92, Rumble Fish, Short Cuts, Down By Law, Mystery Men, Queen's Logic
  263. Actor - Baby Doll (Golden Globe nom), The Mag. 7, The Good-Bad-Ugly, The Misfits, Godfather 3, The Deep, Lord Jim, Act One, 7 Thieves, Cinderella Liberty, Crazy Joe, The Sentinel, The 2 Jakes, Poppy Is Also A Flower (Emmy win), Batman (TV-Mr. Freeze)
  264. Hockey Player
  265. opera singer
  266. NFL player redskins, also appeared in a handful of tv episodes in from 1959-62. Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Bat Masterson, Colt 45 and Alfred Hitchock Hour
  267. director - 'Murder Elite', TV series 'Tales of the Unexpected'
  268. Author
  269. Pro Wrestler/Was in the WWF/WCW and ECW/Half of PG-13/Also wrestled as Slash in TNA
  270. Chris Wood  (3)
    Soccer Player
  271. Actor, Joel Nash (The Policeman) in 'Home & Away'
  272. Actor - House M.D.,Casino Royale & Quantum Of Solace (as Felix Leiter), Cadillac Records (as Muddy Waters), Shaft 2000, Ali, The Manchurian Candidate 2004, Syriana, Lady In The Water, The Invasion, Angels In America
  273. Actor - TV Reporter In Ghostbusters, Moscow On The Hudson
  274. retired football player for the san diego chargers
  275. Walter Young  (2)
    NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers 2006, Carolina Panthers 2003
  276. Singer/Musician
  277. German Actress Born 1975. Daniela Zöllner 'GZSZ'(1995-96),'Bulle Von Tölz','Tatort',Valerie Landau In 'Liebe,Lügen,Leidenschaft'(2001) Etc...
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