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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1890
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1890
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  1. 'The Pride of the Yankees' 1942, 'Bataan' (1943)
  2. Author-Only Yesterday
  3. Actor - King Kong, Son Of Kong, Mighty Joe Young, The Most Dangerous Game, The Mad Ghoul, Palooka, 'G' Men, Blood On The Sun, My Favorite Spy, The Paleface, many TV guest roles in the '50's & '60's
  4. American actor active from 1907-1956
  5. British Actor born 1890.'The Man Who Knew Too Much','Jamaica Inn','Most Dangerous Game','Chamber of Horrors','Fire Over England','Arsenal Stadium Mystery','King Henry','Madeleine','Cottage To Let'
  6. Oldest Person in the World /Born : 1890 - Deceased 2006
  7. Royal Flying Corps in France during World War I/1921, Brearley founded West Australian Airways Ltd./ 1927, Brearley opened the Perth Flying School at Maylands
  8. American engineer, inventor and science administrator known for his work on analog computers, for his role as an initiator and administrator of the Manhattan Project
  9. Baseball player, 1910-1929, Pittsburgh Pirates, Brooklyn Dodgers. Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. 738 career stolen bases
  10. Author
  11. Author
  12. Author
  13. Fomer NFL RB. Pittsburgh Steelers 1942 & 1945-1946, Dertoit Lions 1947-1949, Washington Redskins 1950-1951 & 1953. Hall of Fame; 1966. Born: 12/24/1923. (1919)
  14. General during World War II, 34th President of the United States
  15. U.S. Senator from Louisiana (1937-1972)
  16. Actress - December Bride, Pete & Gladys, Picnic. Voice Actress - Alice In Wonderland (v/Queen Of Hearts), Sleeping Beauty (v/Flora), Cinderella (v/The Fairy Godmother), Lady & The Tramp (v/Aunt Sarah), The Jungle Book (v/Winifred), Dumbo (v/Mrs. Jumbo)
  17. American Journalist
  18. Formerly 3rd Oldest Person in the World/Born: 1890 - Deceased 2006
  19. football player (29) (rb)
  20. Formerly Oldest Man, born on December 1, 1890 (USA)- Deceased 2004
  21. Will Harris  (2)
    Football Player
  22. Former NFL football player for the Cardinals, Bucs and Packers in the 80's
  23. Played football 1968 falcons 1969 saints 1970 eagles
  24. Actor - My Fair Lady (Oscar nom.), ... Nicholas Nickleby, The Lavender Hill Mob, In Harm's Way, Our Man Higgins (TV - title role)
  25. Actor - Werewolf Of London, Lifeboat, Boys Town, High Sierra, Objective Burma, Jesse James, The Return Of Frank James, The Return Of Jesse James, Portrait Of Jennie, The Fountainhead, The Great Gatsby
  26. Oldest US Citizen
  27. Actor - Luck Of The Irish (Oscar nom.), Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Oscar nom.), The Postman Always Rings Twice, Harvey, The Letter, Portrait Of Jennie, House Of The 7 Gables, The Mummy's Hand, The Invisible Man Returns, The Twilight Zone (2 episodes)
  28. Mother of President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Edward Kennedy
  29. Director
  30. Comedy Film Actor - Way Out West, The Music Box
  31. Ted Lewis  (2)
  32. American actress, best known for her television work/cid-tongued, no nonsense Mother Dexter on the 1970s sitcom Phyllis/'Dark Shadows'
  33. Believed to be the last living person to have seen the Titanic ship with his own eyes
  34. Actress - The Ma & Pa Kettle film series (Ma Kettle), The Egg & I (AA nom. - intro. of Ma Kettle), Stella Dallas, Dead End, The Women, 6 films with Wallace Beery, Girls' School, Honky Tonk, Heaven Can Wait, Meet Me In St. Louis, The Harvey Girls
  35. Actress. played supporting and lead roles in dozens of Broadway plays between 1903 and 1937, & eight U.S. silent movies
  36. Actor - The Letter, The Little Foxes, The Razor's Edge, Trouble In Paradise, Foreign Correspondent, The Dark Angel, The Secret Garden, Duel In The Sun, Angel Face, Gog, The Fly, Riptide, The Painted Veil, Angel, The Unseen, Crack-Up, Stage Struck
  37. Actor/Comedian - One of the Marx Brothers - 'Duck Soup,' 'A Day at the Races,' 'A Night at the Opera' - born 1890, died 1977
  38. football player (78) (t)
  39. Frank Morgan  (2)
    Played the Wizard in 'The Wizard of Oz'
  40. Singer/Musician
  41. Author
  42. Polish World War One Veteran
  43. Governor of Minnesota (1936-37)
  44. German actress of the silent film ara
  45. Actor - Double Indemnity (as the murdered husband), The Blue Dahlia, The Farmer's Daughter, Destination Moon, many silents
  46. Washington Senators 1915-1934, baseball Hall of Fame, .322 lifetime average, 2987 lifetime hits
  47. Medal Of Honor recipient, American fighter ace, race car driver
  48. Originator of the 'Believe It Or Not' column which bares his name
  49. Edward Glenn 'Fireball' Roberts, Jr. NASCAR's first superstar
  50. Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
  51. Science Fiction Author - The Lensman series, The Skylark series, the father of 'Space Opera'
  52. Author
  53. Oldest Person/Netherlands - Deceased 2005
  54. Coach of the Toronto Blue Jays 1976
  55. 2nd Oldest Person in the World/Born :1890 Deceased 2006