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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1902
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1902
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  1. Actor - Twilight Zone, Juarez, I Confess, Sylvia Scarlett, A Night To Remember, Titanic '53, Skylark, Prince Valiant, Capt. Fury (title role), The Great Garrick (title role), The Locket, The Swan, My Sister Eileen '42, The Best Of Everything, Susan Slade
  2. Actor - Flash Gordon, Flash Gordon's Trip To Mars, Zorro Rides Again, SOS Coast Guard, Flying G-Men, Sign Of The Cross, Cleopatra '34, Reefer Madness, many Westerns. Many uncredited parts
  3. Actor - Mr. Ed (as The Colonel '61-'66), Meet Me In St. Louis, Little Women, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Murders In The Rue Morgue, Suez, Lady In The Lake, Song Of The Thin Man, Angel Face, The Absent-Minded Professor, Son Of Flubber
  4. Fmr Governor of Nebraska
  5. Socialist, Philantrophist, distributed almost $200 million in grants to various organizations
  6. former major league catcher; played for Indians, Cubs, White Sox, Angels & Phillies; son of former major league outfielder, Earl Averill Sr
  7. Former MLB Player, played 13 seasons (1929-1941) with the Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers and Boston Braves - HOF 1975
  8. Children's Author
  9. ww 11 army hero
  10. 1902-1977 Appeared on stage originally before appearing in more than 180 films between 1930 and 1975/"All Quite On the Western Front"
  11. One of directors for The Munsters
  12. Actress - The Andy Griffith Show
  13. {1902-1962} Famed black actress best known for her parts in the films: 'Imitation of Life','Holiday Inn','The Jackie Robinson Story' and her own TV show 'Beulah'.
  14. William Bell  (2)
    Tuba player
  15. Baseball player, 1925-1938, Dodgers, Phillies, Indians
  16. Author
  17. Former Chief Judge of the Dist. Court of Georgia 1961-72
  18. American Former Female Fashion Pattern Designer, Author, And Professor (Kansas State University 1968-1974) - Novel - 'The Theory of Fashion Design' (1965), 'Both Sides Of Nice' (2005)
  19. Jesse Brown  (2)
    Hockey Player
  20. American vaudeville theater entertainer/Sublett is known as the father of 'rhythm tap', a form of tap dance/In 1920 he gave lessons in tap dancing to Fred Astaire
  21. David Burns  (4)
    American Broadway theatre and motion picture actor and singer
  22. Multi-instrumentalist, Author
  23. English Former Actress - Movie - 'Young and Innocent' (1937), 'Lazybones' (1935), 'Holiday Lovers' (1932), 'Such Is The Law' (1930), 'Almost a Honeymoon' 1930)
  24. Author
  25. Mark Twain's cousin, author
  26. American Former Female Historic Person. American Centenarian Who, At The Time Of Her Death, Was The Second - Oldest Known Survivor Of The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (109 Years, 132 Days)
  27. 106 year old mentioned in President Elect Obama's speech
  28. Actor - The Three Mesquiteers series (24), The Range Busters series (20), Undersea Kingdom, It! The Terror From Beyond Space(title role)
  29. Politics
  30. Cinematographer from the 30`s to the 60`s
  31. Baseball Player Full name George Willis Davis 1926, 1932-1938 played for New York Giants, Phillies, Cardinals, and Reds. Played in the 1933 and 1936 World Series played the outfield. A World Champion with the Giants in 1933
  32. Austrian Actor in American movies born 1902.'Emperors Waltz','Sergeant York','Ministry of Fear','Dawn Patrol','Sundown','Story of Dr.Wassell','Without Love','Lola Montez','Morituri','Blutsbrueder','Liebelei','April Blossoms'
  33. Actor - Steamboat Round The Bend, 36 Hours To Kill, Charlie Chan In Egypt
  34. Vaudeville Actor - Larry from the Three Stooges
  35. 'The Waltons'/Grandpa, 'Jeremiah Johnson' 'In Cold Blood'
  36. American Jewish writer, author, and newspaper publisher
  37. Baseball player, 1925-1938, member of the Gas House Gang St Louis Cardinals
  38. Wicked Witch of the East & West in the 'Wizard of Oz'
  39. Actress - Holiday (Oscar nom.), Peter Ibbetson, The Lady Consents, The Animal Kingdom, A Night Of Terror, When Ladies Meet, Eyes In The Night, The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit
  40. Author
  41. Actress - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde '32, Fast & Loose, Becky Sharp, Barbary Coast, These Three, Two Kinds Of Women, Trouble In Paradise, Design For Living, The Story Of Temple Drake, Virginia City, The Heiress, Carrie, The Children's Hour
  42. American blues singer and guitarist
  43. Actor - The Paper Chase, Rollerball, 3 Days Of The Condor, The Fog, Ghost Story, St. Ives, The Cheap Detective, Bright Lights Big City, Silver Spoons, Washington: Behind Closed Doors, The Winds Of War. Producer - Sorry Wrong Number, The Blue Dahlia
  44. Author - Fiction
  45. Football Coach
  46. Former economics professor at Bradley University and founding member of Planned Parenthood in Illnois. Born: 02/02/1902
  47. Rob Johnson  (3)
    Golf Player
  48. Golfer, author
  49. Actor - Gone With The Wind, Dodge City, The Shadow '40 (title role), The Fugitive Kind, Papillon, Cat Women Of The Moon, Son Of Ali Baba
  50. Artist
  51. Michael Kelly  (6)
    Baseball Player
  52. Founder of McDonald's
  53. Actor - I Walked With A Zombie, The Curse Of The Cat People, Brute Force, The Ghost Ship, Zombies On Broadway, To Have & Have Not, The Buccaneer, The Unknown Terror. Calypso Music Singer
  54. Actress - The Bride Of Frankenstein, Naughty Marietta, The Spiral Staircase, The Bishop's Wife, The Secret Garden, Witness For The Prosecution, Mary Poppins, Murder By Death
  55. American Broadway and Movie Actor born 1902.'Farewell to Arms','Road to Utopia','Cpt.Courageous','Kennel Murder Case','Born to Fight','In Old Caliente','Sea Hawk','Footsteps in the Dark','Swamp Woman','Favourite Brunette','Robin Hood of Montery'
  56. American Football, RB, Wisconsin, NFL, Lions 1958-64, Redskins 1965, Giants 1966
  57. Movie director
  58. Republican United States Senator from Massachusetts and a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Vietnam and the Vatican (as Representative). He was the Republican nominee for Vice President in the 1960 race
  59. Singer/Musician
  60. John Lombardo  (2)
    Author/Sportswriter - Fire to Win, Raiders Forever: Stars of the NFL’s Most Colorful Team Recall Their Glory Days
  61. Author, former lt. general of alberta
  62. Actor - The Maltese Falcon, Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, I Dream Of Jeannie (as Gen. Peterson), Bullets Or Ballots, San Quentin, High Sierra, Western Union, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde '41, The Mummy's Ghost, Best Of The Badmen, The Glenn Miller Story
  63. Author/A River Runs Through It
  64. Author
  65. Author - Sky Observer's Guide
  66. Centenarian/Oldest Working American/Born:1902
  67. clergyman/army general
  68. French Actress/Widow of Composer Darius Milhaud
  69. Japanese Actor played Public Corporation President in The Bad Sleep Well. Born 1902
  70. Actor/Dancer/Singer - Little Miss Broadway, Kid Millions, 10th Ave. Angel, Broadway Melody Of 1938/1940, For Me & My Gal, This Is The Army, Broadway Rhythm, Bataan, Walk East On Beacon, Battleground, Big City, Border Incident. Cal. Senator - 1965-1971
  71. Poet
  72. Football Player
  73. Actress (b: 1902) - Black Legion, ...Emile Zola, The Ex-Mrs. Bradford,, The Leavenworth Case, Ring Around The Moon, Seven Keys To Baldpate, Peyton Place (film & TV series)
  74. Actor - From Here To Eternity, North By Northwest, Come Back Little Sheba, The Clown, Ten North Frederick, Torpedo Run, The Mating Game, Elmer Gantry, many TV guest-starring roles. Married to Vivian Vance (1941-1959)
  75. boxing hof
  76. Actress
  77. Musician/Banjo Player/Guitarist
  78. Actress - Phantom Of The Opera, The Man Who Laughs
  79. Negro Leaguer
  80. Actress - silent film star in 'The Marriage Circle,' 'Peter Pan,' etc. - 1930's & 1940's actress in 'Black Beauty,' 'Sadie McKee,' etc. - born 1902, died 1994
  81. film director (dick tracy meet gruesome)
  82. American Film and Character Actor
  83. British actor [The citadel,richard 111,theatre/film]
  84. German director, Made the propaganda-films for nazi-dictator Adolf Hitler
  85. Composer/Silent Film Pianist/Born: 06/02/1902
  86. Granny in the Beverly Hillbillies TV Series
  87. German film actor
  88. Author
  89. Golfer. World Golf Hall of Fame
  90. American economist, who was the 1979 winner (jointly with William Arthur Lewis) of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
  91. World Heavyweight Boxing Champ '32-'33. International Boxing HOF '94. World Boxing HOF '87
  92. American racing driver
  93. Al Simmons  (2)
    Major League Baseball Player 1924-1944, Hall of Fame member, Philadelphia Athletics, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, Washington Senators, Boston Braves, Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox. 2x batting champ, .334 lifetime average
  94. Author - Donovan's Brain. Screenwriter (The Wolfman, Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman, I Walked With A Zombie
  95. German U-boat captain 'Willy' in Alfred Hitchcock's film 'Lifeboat' (1944)60's Batman Villain 'The Clock King'
  96. Author/The Grapes of Wrath
  97. movie director
  98. American actor
  99. Actor - Bonanza (as Sheriff Coffee), Judgment At Nuremberg, Northwest Passage, Best Years Of Our Lives, Bandit Of Sherwood Forest (Little John), The Wild One, One-Eyed Jacks, Jumping Jacks, many Westerns & LOTS of TV (including Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke
  100. French actor from the 20`s
  101. Author
  102. Playwright
  103. '1902-1995' Wrote; 'The Man Who Killed the Deer' 1942, a book that has been printed for nearly 60 years. He also wrote 26 other books and concidered several times for the Nobel Prize
  104. Rugby League Player
  105. Actor - Francis The Talking Mule films (v/Francis), The Alamo (Oscar nom.), Giant, The Yearling, McClintock!, Boom Town, Honky Tonk, The Westerner, Western Union, Belle Starr, Tarzan's NY Adventure, The Sundowners, The Rounders, Its A Gift, Way Out West
  106. Harry Wilson  (2)
    Football HOF
  107. British Actor (b: 1902) - Lawrence of Arabia, Svengali '54 (title role), Room At The Top, The Pickwick Papers, Becket, The Ringer, Dr. Crippen, Blood of the Vampire, Satellite In The Sky, The Angry Hills, House Of The 7 Hawks, The Accursed, Ghost Squad
  108. Polish World War One Veteran
  109. Cinematographer - Lawrence Of Arabia*, Dr. Zhivago*, Ryan's Daughter*, Nicholas & Alexandra, Ivanhoe, The 7th Dawn, The Deadly Affair, Mogambo, Bhowani Junction, Lord Jim, You Only Live Twice, Gorgo, Battle Of Britain, Treasure Island '50 * = Oscar Win
  110. One of the kingpins of Hollywoods studio system, he rose through the ranks of the studio hierarchy to become a legendary Hollywood mogul