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Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1919
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  1. artist
  2. South African writer living in Jamaica. Wrote Mine Boy 1946 and Tell Freedom 1954
  3. Author-The Architecture of Michelangelo
  4. Actor: The Happy Hooker, Omen III, Lou Grant, F/X, Morningstar/Eveningstar, Knight & Daye, Toy Soldiers, Son in Law, Not of This Earth, Houseguest, Hudson River Blues, From the Earth to the Moon, The Lesser Evil, Life Among the Cannibals
  5. Former college/AFL/NFL/AAFC kicker; played for University of New Mexico & fourteen professional teams; Dallas Cowboys kicking coach for 20 years; 2X NFL champion (Giants 1956 & Packers 1961); one of two players to play in NFL/AFL/AAFC. Born:08/28/1919
  6. Auxiliary Bishop
  7. Actress
  8. Judge, U. S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
  9. Voice Actor/Puppeteer - Howdy Doody (v/Mr. Bluster), Winky Dink & You (Mr. Bungle), Heckle & Jeckle Show (v/Heckle & Jeckle), Deputy Dawg (v/Deputy Dawg), Top Cat (v/The Cat), Lancelot Link (v/Lancelot Link), Steve Allen Show (regular - 'Why Not?')
  10. White House Butler for 34 years. Started with Harry Truman in 1952, worked with eight Presidents
  11. Actress - The Mummy's Ghost (as Princess Ananka), Calling Dr. Death, Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves, Two Senoritas From Chicago, Hat Check Honey, A Wave, A WAC & A Marine, The Black Widow, The Running Man
  12. Actress 1940's-2000's. Born: 07/19/1919
  13. Former Prime Minister of Italy (1972-1973, 1976-1979, 1989-1992)
  14. Canadian Composer. Member of the Order of Canada
  15. Football Player 1941-1950 Chicago Cardinals
  16. Tuskegee airmen ace WW 2
  17. Baseball player played 1 game for the 1947 New York Yankees
  18. navy admiral england
  19. Author of 'Eight Men Out'
  20. Disney artist, song writer. Born: 09/03/1919
  21. Music Producer. Born: 03/15/1919
  22. Woman Pilot first woman to fly a B-29, in 1944
  23. Former Governor of Montana (1962-1969). Born: 10/27/1919
  24. Singer/Songwriter - The Chipmunk Song, The Witch Doctor
  25. Baseball Player
  26. American racecar driver
  27. Medal of Honor, US Army, World War II
  28. Actor - A Thousand Clowns ('66 Oscar win), Psycho, All The Presidents Men, 12 Angry Men, Breakfast At Tiffanys, Cape Fear, The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3, Raid On Entebbe, Carpetbaggers, Al Capone, Harlow, Hombre, Catch-22,...Orient Express, Archie Bunker's
  29. WWII pilot - Battle of Britain
  30. Canadian WWII Fighter Ace - R.C.A.F.'s top night fighter and the second highest scoring Canadian fighter pilot of WWII; also a 'V1 Ace'
  31. US Marine Corp, Medal of Honor Recipient Korea
  32. Congressional Medal of Honor recipient - WWII
  33. Winnetou
  34. German pilot
  35. Highly decorated German tank ace of WW2
  36. Ballarina-Actress Mother of Victoria Tennant
  37. Actor - 'Twilight Zone', 'Spin City', 'Dark Shadows'
  38. Actor born 1919 - 'War of the Worlds','Bat Masterson','Burke's Law','The Name Of The Game','Atomic City','Guyana','Red Garters','Soldier of Fortune','Houston Story','Forty Guns','China Gate','Thunder Road','Maroc7'
  39. Actress - Happy Gilmore, Blue Velvet, Big Top Pee Wee, Golden Girls, Arachnophobia, Karate Kid 3, Twin Peaks, Critters 3, Inspector Gadget, The Wedding Planner, Foul Play, The Hughleys, The Middle, Happy Days, Seinfeld
  40. British character actress (dec'd 1988). Carry On films, The Railway Children, On the Buses
  41. Former Nebraska tackle
  42. Mexican Actress 1940's-2000's. Born: 08/22/1919
  43. Italian Actress - Movie - 'Doctor, Beware' (1941)
  44. Choreographer, Ex Wife of Igmar Bergman. Born: 04/23/1919
  45. Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Actor 1940's-2000's. Born 08/20/1919
  46. French Politician
  47. Former American Professional Tennis Player. She Won Five Grand Slam Singles Titles And Was The Runner-Up On Three Other Occasions. Grand Slam Singles results - Wimbledon (1946), US Open (1942, 1943, 1944, 1946). Grand Slam Mixed Doubles French Open(1946)
  48. Author - Elbridge Gerry: Founding Father and Republican Statesman and General John Glover and His Marblehead Mariners.
  49. Boxer
  50. Author
  51. Band
  52. MLB thirid and second baseman from 1942-46 for the Cubs. In 1942 batted .364 with a double, triple in 33 at - bats. Wrote a baseball book called 'So you want to be a Major Leaguer?' Did play in one game of the 1945 World Series
  53. American Film and Television Director. 'All in the Family'. Born: 11/21/1919
  54. Writer/Screenwriter 1940's-1990's. Born 06/15/1919
  55. Finnish Male Opera Singer - Bass/Baritone
  56. Yugoslavia Actor - Movie - 'The Amazing Doctor G' (1965), 'Three Sergeants of Bengal' (1964), 'Romeo e Giulietta' (1964), 'Sandokan the Great' (1969), 'Il magnifico avventuriero' (1963), 'Sword of the Conqueror' (1961), 'Day Of Anger' (1967)
  57. Hockey Hall of Fame
  58. American Former Baseball Player - First Base - 'Memphis Red Sox' (1947?49), 'Chicago White Sox' (1951, 1953-1954), 'Baltimore Orioles' (1956-1960), 'Kansas City Athletics' (1961), 'Milwaukee Braves' (1961)
  59. American Former Author - Science Fiction Novels
  60. Fmr Baseball Player (A's 39-41 & 45)
  61. American Former Actress - Movie - 'The Big Heat' (1953), 'Ten Wanted Men' (1955), 'Nightfall' (1956), 'Step Down To Terror' m(1958), 'The Ugly American' (1963), 'Bus Riley's Back In Town' (1965), 'The Chase' (1966), 'Mommie Dearest' (1981) Plus Many More
  62. Transexual author
  63. German Actor of the 40's and 50's ('Die Kaiserin von China')Born: 12/06/1919
  64. JudgeBorn March 5, 1919
  65. Former Senator from Massachusetts (1967-1979), had affair with Barbara Walters. Born: 10/26/1919
  66. American Former Actress - Movie - 'Trains & Automobiles' (1987), 'American Gigolo' (1980), 'Behind the Eight Ball' (1942), 'Keep 'Em Flying' (1941). TV Series - 'WKRP in Cincinnati' (1979-1982), 'Knots Landing' (Guest Role)(1981) The Golden Girls
  67. Nobel economics laureate 1986. Born: 10/03/1919
  68. WW2 Luftwaffe Ace and Me262 pilot.
  69. Basketball player 1942 Sheboygan Redskins 1942
  70. Australian Former Female Aviatrix. The First Woman To Parachute From An Aeroplane On Australian Soil (1937), And Held The Title Of Being The Youngest Female Pilot In Australia For 15 Years (1937-1952)
  71. hockey hof builder
  72. Comedian & Actor: Sayonara, They Shoot Horses Don't They?, The Poseidon Adventure, Hatari, The Longest Day, The Big Circus, 5 Weeks In A Balloon, Imitation General, Stagecoach, Pete's Dragon, The Red Buttons Show, The Ambulance, ER, 18 Again
  73. baseball player
  74. MLB pitcher from 1943-57 for Yankees, Browns, White Sox, Senators. 1944 & 45 Military Service. All - Star. Best seasons 1949 going 15-7, 3.72 ERA & 1955 with 16-5, 2 saves, 3.15 ERA, led league in w - l %. Four World Series going 1-1 with 2.53 ERA
  75. Spanish leading man in the 50s.
  76. Football Hall of Famer
  77. Screenwriter. Born: 05/14/1919
  78. English Cricket player. Born April 3 1919. Played from
  79. Former Governor of New York (1975-1982)Born: 04/11/1919
  80. 'Greatest hockey player to never play in the NHL', black hockey pioneer in the 40's and 50's for Quebec Aces
  81. Was the public address announcer for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from 1946 to 2006
  82. Tail Gunner 'Enola Gay'
  83. American Former Female Singer, Model, And Actress - Movie - 'Carolina Blues' (1944), 'Navy Blues' (1941), 'Around The World' (1943), 'You're In The Army Now' (1941), 'Cover Girl' (Uncredited)(1944), 'Thousands Cheer' Uncredited Singer)(1943)
  84. munchkin in The Wizard of Oz
  85. Negro League Baseball Player Indianapolis Clowns 1951-3 Did not play in major leagues
  86. negro league baseball player (Phila. Stars 1943-50), nicknamed 'ready'
  87. Lord. UK House of Lords
  88. British cinematographer - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Born: 03/18/1919
  89. American Former Female Politian - 'United States Ambassador To Belgium' (1977-1981)
  90. {1921-1980} Dancer, director, & choreographer. Won eight Tony Awards, more than any other director. With wife Marjorie Bell he formed the dance team of 'Marge and Gower Chamion'
  91. American Former Female Dancer, Actress And Choreographer. Model for Disney's Snow White. Movie - 'Show Boat' (1951), 'Jupiter's Darling' (1955), 'Lovely To Look At' (1952), 'Queen Of The Stardust Ballroom' - Choreographer (1975)
  92. Palestine - Born French Former Female Actress - 'Tatie Danielle' (1990), 'Pandora'nin Kutusu' (2008), 'Thirst for Gold' (1993), 'Shanks' (1974), 'The Restroom Robbery' (1975), 'Family Pack' (2000). TV Series - 'Melting Pot Café' (2007-2010)
  93. American Former Female Political Celebrity - Daughter Of President Warren G. Harding, The 29th President Of the United States Of America
  94. Baseball - Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago White Sox
  95. Co-Author/'Where the lilies Bloom'
  96. President Of Cyprus 1993 - 2003
  97. Judge
  98. Singer - Mona Lisa, Nature Boy, The Christmas Song, Unforgettable, Rambling Rose, Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer, That Sunday, That Summer, A Blossom Fell, Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup, Pretend, For Sentimental Reasons, Straighten Up & Fly Righ
  99. British Actor born 1919.'Top Secret Live of Edgar Briggs','Edge of Sanity','Doctor Who','Avengers','Kim','Ivanhoe','Emmerdale Farm'
  100. Actress - Boston Blackie (TV - Mary Wesley), Dick Tracy (TV - Fluff), A Night In Casablanca, Weird Woman, Jungle Woman, Cobra Woman, Jungle Queen, Slave Girl, The Cat Creeps, The Naughty Nineties, Flying Disc Man From Mars
  101. (January 12, 1919 - July 27, 1994) was a sergeant in the United States Army who received the Medal of Honor after leading a platoon of 36 men attached to the 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division against German positions, defended by snipers and ma
  102. Pop Singer - With Sammy Kaye: That's My Desire, It Isn't Fair, Room Full Of Roses, Careless Hands, Serenade Of The Bells, I Left My Heart At The Stagedoor Canteen. Solo: I'll Walk Alone, Hold My Hand, I'm Yours, Most Of All, I, The Bible Tells Me So
  103. Singer/Musician
  104. Composer, Star Trek '66, Star Trek Next Generation, The Mummy,Small Soldiers,Mulan, U.S. Marshals,Deep Rising , Air Force One,
  105. British war hero born in 1919, received the Distinguished Conduct Medal in WW2
  106. baseball - Boston Braves 1945
  107. Former Alabama and Professional Football Player
  108. Blue from 'Old School,' Jackson from 'Almost Heroes,' and Leslie Ward Cabot from 'Best in Show'
  109. munchkin in The Wizard of Oz
  110. Dancer/Choreographer. Born: 04/16/1919
  111. Italian Actress 1930's-1940's. Birth Name: Korlin Hand. Born: 07/18/1919
  112. Actress Grand Central Murder Rio Rita, Johnny Eager, Life Begins for Andy Hardy, I'll Wait for You , Ziegfeld Girl
  113. Played Alonzo Smith Jr in 1944 classic 'Meet Me In St. Louis'
  114. Actress Born:04/18/1919 in Films as a child from 1924-29 and back again as a teenager in small roles n 1938 to 41
  115. French Actor, Born: 04/19/1919
  116. Italian Movie Producer - Hannibal - Husband of late Silvana Mangano. Born: 08/19/1919
  117. Reired General
  118. American Photographer. Born: 12/09/1919
  119. Artist for archie
  120. Played for the rockford peaches in 1944, AAGPBL
  121. Member of the Dead End Kids/Star Wars Holiday Special(Voice of Boba Fett)
  122. Classical singer (soprano) - most famous for her Richard Strauss recordings Born: 02/02/1919
  123. French writer. Born: 08/04/1919
  124. Pop Singer - Your Hit Parade (TV), Funny Girl (Broadway)
  125. MLB third baseman from 142-46 for the Braves. 1943-45 served in WW2. Career batting average of .311
  126. Actress 1950's-90's. Born: 09/29/1919
  127. television director/actor
  128. Soviet Ambassador to US in early 60's. Born: 11/16/1919
  129. football player
  130. Miss America 1939
  131. French actor
  132. Medal of Honor, US Army, World War II
  133. Jesse Ray Drowley (September 9, 1919 - May 20, 1996) was a United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military's highest decorationâ-'the Medal of Honorâ-'for his actions in World War II
  134. director, directed 44 episodes of 'M*A*S*H'
  135. Sculptor.Born: 04/10/1919
  136. Film scores (teenage frankenstein/werewolf)Born: 07/19/1919
  137. Hank Edwards  (2)
    Baseball player
  138. Actor in 'Are You Being Served' & 'In Sickness and In Health'
  139. Lord. UK House of Lords
  140. American Model,Singer and Actress born 1919.first 'Mrs.Rheingold' in 1941.Americas No.1 Model of 40/50tys.'Two Latins from Manhattan','Gay Senorita','Tahiti Nights','Two Senoritas from Chicago','Talk About a Lady','Sing for Your Supper','Nine Girls'
  141. Poet - A Coney Island Of The Mind. Co-Founder of City Lights Booksellers & Publishers. Published early literary works of the Beat Generation, including Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg
  142. Actress. Born: 05/23/1919
  143. Administrator of NASA/National Aeronautics and Space Administration who gained the approval of the Nixon Administration on January 5, 1972, to develop the Space Shuttle as the follow-on human space flight effort of the agency
  144. Accordion Player (Lawrence Welk)
  145. Slovenia 1936 Olympic Skier & Inventor Born 1919
  146. Ballerina, Author - Non Fiction
  147. Author
  148. historian
  149. C&W/Gospel Singer - 16 Tons, Davy Crockett, Mule Train, Shotgun Boogie, Blackberry Boogie, Mr. & Mississippi, I'll Never Be Free. TV - The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, Hee-Haw. Actor - I Love Lucy (3 episodes). Country Music HOF
  150. U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist - Women's Downhill Slalom
  151. British air ace from WW2 with 13 victories
  152. Actress: Naked Gun 33 1/2, Shrek, Nutty Professor, Ladies Man, Rounders, Dragnet, Blues Brothers 2000, Married With Children, Growing Pains, Golden Girls, Hogan's Heroes, Beverly Hillbillies, Support Your Local Gunfighter, Support Your Local Sheriff
  153. One of the famous Gabor sisters
  154. WWII and Korean War Ace-[28 victories - WWII and 6.5 victories -Korea]!
  155. Actress: Big City, Words and Music, Neptune's Daughter, My Sister Eileen, All in the Family, Laverne & Shirley, The Long Way Home, Trail of the Screaming Forehead, Dark and Stormy Night // Guest Star: The Fugitive, Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, Becker
  156. wrote Julie, Julie of the Wolves, and The Missing Gator of Gumbo-Limbo
  157. singer
  158. American Football, Back, Tulsa, NFL, Cleveland Rans 1942 & 1944, Redskins 1943, Brooklyn Dodgers 1946-47
  159. Actor , writer , humorist 50's , 60's. ( 1919-2001 ) from Spain
  160. Author
  161. basketball player
  162. Governor of Arizona (1965-67)
  163. Brorther Of Mahatma Ghandi's Assassin
  164. Canadian Football Player
  165. Singer/Musician
  166. Former British test pilot and Royal Navy officer. Pilot during WWII. Inventor of the mirror-sight deck landing system for aircraft carriers
  167. sportscaster
  168. Ohio State fullback, won team & Big 10 MVP in 1941 & is a member of Ohio State Hall of Fame
  169. Space Balls
  170. Writer
  171. Plays Lt. Green 1967/68 in 'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons'Born: 11/08/1919
  172. British swimmer, born 1919, competed in the Summer Olympics 1936
  173. Boxer, World Middleweight Champ
  174. inventor of pacemaker
  175. German Flying Ace Of World War II
  176. Wisconsin state commissioner of taxation and served as the United States Postmaster General from 1963 until 1965 under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson
  177. Former Governor of North Dakota (1961-1973)Born: 09/30/1919
  178. Composer - TV themes for: The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Gomer Pyle USMC, That Girl, Eight Is Enough, The Mod Squad. TV scores for: I Spy (Emmy -1968), Make Room For Daddy. Jazz classic - Harlem Nocturne
  179. Actress - Broadway: The Country Girl (1950 Tony win), ...Virginia Woolf? (1963 Tony win). Films: The Other, The Boys From Brazil, Reversal Of Fortune. Acting Teacher
  180. Our gang child star
  181. American Actor and Country Singer born 1919.'Out California Way','Home of the Range','Last Frontier Uprising','Outcast of the Trail','Under Colorado Skies','Trail of Robin Hood','Missourians','Law of Golden West','Timber Trail' Born: 06/08/1919
  182. author (see here, private hargrove)
  183. Played for Philadelphia Phillies in 1941
  184. 1940 Heisman Trophy Winner
  185. Pitcher 1953 St louis Brown {Died 9/1/1998}In the 1953 Archives set
  186. U.S. Senator from Indiana (1959-1977)
  187. German producer, husband of Veronique Vendell
  188. Diver/Scientist/Director. Born: 01/23/1919
  189. Screenwriter of Rear Window (1954), The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), and The Trouble with Harry (1955)
  190. Actress: Butterflies Are Free, The Bad Seed, Bus Stop, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Up The Down Staircase, No Way To Treat A Lady, Backstairs At The White House, Heartbreak Ridge, Burnt Offerings, Murder One, The First Wives Club
  191. children's author (the shrinking of treehorn)
  192. Actor - The Wild, Wild West (as James Richmond - 10 eps.), The Manchurian Candidate, 7 Days In May, King Dinosaur, Inv. Of The Saucer Men, The Sandpiper, Fireball 500, Stay Away Joe, Don't Make Waves, Black Zoo, lots of TV
  193. French mountaineer, was member of the French Annapurma expedition in 1950; later became a politician
  194. Sec. of the Interior. Nixon Adminstration. Born: 08/18/1919
  195. German Actress in European Movies born:09/29/ 1919.'Salto Mortale','Hallo,Fraeulein','Devil Makes Three','Mary Queen of Scots','Anastasia','Hoch droben auf dem Berg','Dr.Faustus','Zauberberg','Spuk im Schloss'
  196. Mountain climber; among the first to scale Mt. Everest (with Tenzing Norgay, Sherpa guide)
  197. Author - The Last Enemy, The Unforgettable Few
  198. Actress 1940's-2000's. Born: 12/19/1919
  199. Mercenary leader of 'The Wild Geese,' known for military battles in Africa and the Indian Ocean, full name is Thomas Michael Hoare
  200. Owner of the Baltimore Orioles in the 60's
  201. Former Boston College, Bears and Rams player; Head Coach at BC and NE Patroits
  202. Actor - many Cowboy films in the 1940's-1950's. The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, The Monster That Challenged The World
  203. Fmr United States Congressman
  204. MLB catcher 1947-54 (8 years) for Yankees. 'Major' had career BA (158 at - bats) of .272. 1947 & 1952 W.S. (2x Champ) went 1 for 2. Managed the Yankees 1961-73, Tigers 1974-78, Red Sox 1981-84. Three pennants 1961-63. World Series Camps 1961 & 1962
  205. Author
  206. Manager 1953 Detroit Tigers {Died 11/12/1964} is in the 1953 Topps Archives
  207. Actor- Vic & Sade (radio as Rush), Dick Van Dyke Show (as Herman, Sally's boyfriend), The Bill Dana Show. Writer - The Crawling Hand, Twilight Zone (1), Andy Griffith (19), Gomer Pyle (23), Bob Newhart Show (4), Happy Days (3), Get Smart, MASH, many more
  208. 1st female VP at CBS. Producer. Born: 12/21/1919
  209. Negro Leagues. MLB H.O.F. outfielder, 1st baseman from 1949-56 for Giants, Cubs. 'Mr. Murder' best season 1951 with 94 RS, 19 doubles, 11 triples, 24 HR, 121 RBI, .312 BA. In 1953 had 72 RS, 97 RBI, .329 BA. Two World Series had double, triple, .394 BA
  210. R&B Singer/Saxophonist - Big Ten-Inch Record, I Want A Bowlegged Woman, ...Whiskey In The Well, Nosey Joe, Sneaky Pete, Bearcat Blues, I Can't Go On Without You, Love You Yes I Do, Little Girl Don't Cry, All My Love Belongs To You, ...Haul Off & L
  211. Italian Writer. 1950's-70's. Born: 09/03/1919
  212. golfer
  213. Former major league pitcher: Boston Bees/Braves 1940-42
  214. American Actress born 1919.Won Oscar for 'Song of Bernadette'(1943).,New Frontier,Love Letters,Cluny Brown,Duel in The Sun,Portrait of Jennie,Madame Bovary,Gone To Earth,Carrie,Ruby Gentry,Beat The Devil,Love Is A Many Splendored Thing,Farewell To Arms
  215. Tom Jordan  (2)
    Old time ball player
  216. MLB 3rd Base, Pinch Hitter, Outfielder from 1947-51, Dodgers & Giants. Best in 1947 (rookie) with 57 RS, 29 doubles, 8 triples (5th in league), 5 HR, 67 RBI's, .274 BA / 1948 hit .300 with 90 at-bats. 1947/49 World Series, 6 hits (2 doubles), 3 RBI's
  217. The last émigré President of the Republic of Poland (1989 - 1990)
  218. AK-47 (Firearms Designer) Born: 11/10/1919
  219. Film scores (The Wasp Woman, Bucket of Blood)Born: 02/25/1919
  220. British Broadcaster, Journalist, Writer. Born: 10/05/1919
  221. Actor/Singer - Dallas, Annie Get Your Gun, Show Boat, Kiss Me Kate, Calamity Jane, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Kismet, Pagan Love Song, Jupiter's Darling, Deep In My Heart, Rose Marie, Waco, My Father's House, The War Wagon, Day Of The Triffids
  222. Legendary sportscaster
  223. Paula Kelly  (2)
    Pop Singer - The Modernaires
  224. war hero, Victoria Cross receiver, now living in Australia
  225. British Broadcaster, Journalist, Writer. Born: 11/03/1919
  226. British Literary Critic/Author. Born: 11/29/1919
  227. Actress - The Beast With 5 Fingers, Hotel Berlin, God Is My Co-Pilot, My Wild Irish Rose, Mr. Peabody & The Mermaid, The Man I Love, The World In His Arms, Dial 1119, The Lemon Drop Kid, Red Planet Mars, Band Of Angels, Outlaw Queen, Blackenstein
  228. American League umpire 1960-69; currently the oldest living former MLB umpire (born 1919)
  229. Composer
  230. sec. of the interior ford
  231. Played offensive Line for one season in 1945 with the Detroit Lions and played the 1946 season in the AAFC for the Buffalo Bisons and the Cleveland Rams
  232. former college basketball player; played at University of Wisconsin, 1941 NCAA Basketball Tournament Most Outstanding Player, All-American
  233. Canadian Football Player
  234. Swiss Cyclist - Won 1950 Tour de France
  235. Actress - Devil Girl From Mars (as Nyah, the Devil Girl), Quo Vadis. Born: 03/19/1919
  236. Member of The White Rose anti-Nazi resistance in WWII
  237. Canadian politician, former mayor of Québec City and former Lt. Governor of the Québec, province, born 1919, full name is Joseph-Georges-Gilles-Claude Lamontagne
  238. Actress
  239. UK Director 1950's 70's. Born: 08/22/1919
  240. Inducted into the Hockey HOF in 1993
  241. Artist
  242. Judge of 'Perry Mason'
  243. Writer
  244. Actor played Scratch in the Night they raided Minsky's born 3/2/1919
  245. Puerto Rican nationalist took part in the assault on the US House of Representatives in 1954
  246. Actress from 1960s usually uncredited, in the Matt Helm series as a SlayMate
  247. Katie Lee  (2)
  248. Folk Singer Born 10/23/1919
  249. french actor
  250. German jazz composer, bandleader and musician. Born: 06/08/1919
  251. Persia-born writer, Winner of 2007 Nobel prize in Literature. Born: 10/22/1919
  252. Actress - It's A Gift (as Miss Dunk), The Marx Brothers Go West, Johnny Eager, Cry Havoc, He Couldn't Say No, Gold Diggers In Paris, 40 Little Mothers, Andy Hardy Meets Debutante, The People Vs. Dr. Kildare. Married to actor Wm. Powell (1940-1984)
  253. Pianist and Entertainer
  254. President of the Cincinnati Reds
  255. Nobel chemistry laureate 1976. Born: 12/09/1919
  256. Retired Major Leaguer, played for the 1945 Cardinals
  257. British born scientist, environmentalist and futurologist. He is best known for proposing the Gaia hypothesis. He is now 92 and lives in Devon, UK
  258. MLB second baseman, third baseman, pinch hitter from 1938-47 for Browns and Yankees. In 1940 hit .317 in 63 at - bats
  259. World War II Veteran
  260. Actor - The Phil Silvers Show/You'll Never Get Rich (as Pvt. 'Stash' Kadowski '55-'58, 76 episodes), Family Affair (as Scotty '66-'70), St. Elsewhere (as Carl '85-'87), Hustle, many small parts on TV ('51-'87 - Gunsmoke-3, Alf. Hitchcock-5, Bewitched-4)
  261. French Tv presentator
  262. Actor 1940's-80's. Born: 09/27/1919
  263. UK House of Lords
  264. Scottish-born theologian, philosopher and Anglican priest
  265. Author
  266. Played for south bend blue sox in 1946, AAGPBL
  267. Played tarzan and was a stuntman
  268. Italian fencer, gold medals in men's fencing olympics 1936/52/56, won more olympic titles & championships than any other fencer in the history of sport
  269. actor :'Herbie goes to Monte Carlo', ...
  270. Actress - Queen Of Blood (title role), Tokyo Joe, Sealed Verdict, Sirocco, The Twilight Zone (Dead Man's Shoes)
  271. Alabama Sportswriter
  272. Actor - Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, Slapshot, True Grit, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, McClintock!, The Wild Bunch, Harper, Fools' Parade, Hard Times, The Shaggy Dog, The Brotherhood Of Satan, Ssssss, Up In Smoke
  273. Author
  274. American Football, #20 Running Back, Tulane, NFL, Vikings 1961-66, LA Rams 1967-70, Redskins 1971-72
  275. wrote book for musical Cabaret
  276. space artist
  277. 1/11/1919-3/23/2000 Folk singer/songwriter/His anti-war song 'Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream' (1950), inspired & gave hope to those in Peace movement/'Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream' played in East Berlin as wall was dismantled
  278. Character actor, e.g. 'House of the Damned', 'Cincinnatus'
  279. Played For UNC
  280. Actor - The Gallant Men, Portrait Of A Mobster, The Glory Guys, The Tijuana Story, Brainstorm, many TV guest roles (mostly Westerns - 1951-1970). Golf Pro
  281. english actress Born: 07/19/1919.She was married to Actor Joseph Cotten.Movies:'Mr.Arkadin','Francis','Captain Blood','Lady in the Iron Mask','Capt. Pirate','Magic Carpet','Plunder of the Sun','Phantom of the Rue Morgue','Snow White and The Three Stooges
  282. Chairman Emeritus of Meijer supermarkets
  283. British Stage and TV Actress born 1919.Sister of Actor Brian Rix, Annie Sugden on'Emmerdale Farm'(1981-93)','Night We Dropped a Clanger','This is Your Live'
  284. writer
  285. Actress born 1919 appeared in Two Gun Sheriff 1940 last appeared in Escape from Terror 1960
  286. Retired major league player/manager
  287. United States Air Aces
  288. British Actor born 1919.Rocky Hardcastle on'As Time Goes By'(1993-05),Dr.Ferrenby on'Heartbeat'(1992-93),'Barry Lydon','Jackanory','Poldark','Frankenstein Must Be Distroyed','Madame Sin','The Island','Otley','Dr.Finlay','Oliver Twist','Invisible Man'
  289. British moral philosopher, Author - Non Fiction
  290. Italian Composer. 1960's-70's. Born: 05/31/1919
  291. Autho, flew with the minute men 56-58
  292. Jay Miller  (4)
    Former NHL - LA Kings
  293. Keith Miller  (6)
    Former Australian cricketer
  294. Campmaster on Trouble show 'Cruel Holiday'
  295. Actress: War of the Roses, The Young and the Restless, Roman Holidays, I Love Lucy, Sixpenny Corner, Perry Mason, Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, The Jack Benny Show, Dallas, Summer Camp Nightmare, Big Business, Make Room for Daddy
  296. Actor - Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Enforcer (as DiGiorgio, Harry's partner, in all 3), Riverboat, Hitler '62 (as Goering), Paint Your Wagon. Many Westerns. Lots of TV, including 2 Twilight Zones, 6 Gunsmokes. Robert Mitchum's younger brother
  297. Prime Minister Of Japan, 1991 - 1993
  298. American Comedian and actor Born: 06/24/1919.Police Officer Greslher on'The Odd Couple'(1970-75),Al Delvecchio on'Happy Days'(1976-84),'Green Acres','Gridlock','Family Man','Fantasy Island','Get Smart','Bewitched'
  299. actor
  300. Former District Attorney of New York City. Born: 07/31/1919
  301. Voice of Gopher on Winnie the Pooh, voice of Atom Ant,Ernest T. Bass on Andy Griffith Show
  302. Former Congressman from New Mexico
  303. ballerina
  304. German Actress. 1950's-60's. Born: 08/15/1919
  305. MLB pitcher from 1941-45 for the Tigers. !942-44 WW2. Best season was in 1945 going 2-0 , then in the 1945 World Series he pitch 2 scoreless innings, giving up no hits and one walk. On July 21, 1945 he pitched 19 2/3 inning game, most innings since 1929
  306. Austrian Actor. Born: 12/12/1919
  307. cartoonist (prince valiant)
  308. Nobel med. laureate 1990. Born: 04/01/1919
  309. Songwriter - Rock Around The Clock
  310. medal of honor marines korean war
  311. 1950 Washington Senators
  312. Politics
  313. Actress, Born: 09/30/1919; won a Tony for 'Sound of Music'; many other broadway shows
  314. commentator
  315. Screenwriter born 1919, wrote 23 episodes of Perry Mason
  316. Negro Leaguer
  317. Actress/Singer - The Big Store, Du Barry Was A Lady, Merton Of The Movies, Panama Hattie, Till The Clouds Roll By, The Harvey Girls, Ringside Maisie, Thousands Cheer, Francis In The Navy, Gus
  318. Jazz Singer - West Coast Cool School Of Jazz. 'The Jezebel of Jazz'
  319. Actor - Robinson Crusoe '48 (Oscar nom.), Waterloo, Fail-Safe, Invasion USA, Halloween 3, RoboCop 1-2, The Last Starfighter, The Dead, The Big Cube, The Travels Of Jamie McPheeters
  320. Canadian First Nations artist of Odawa-Potawatomi-English heritage. Her many awards include the Order of Canada and the Governor General's Award
  321. Baseball Player, Brooklyn Dodgers & Boston Braves. Born: 08/11/1919
  322. American Dancer/Actress (Broadway) 'On the Town'. Married to Victor Elmaleh. Born: 08/29/1919
  323. German opera singer
  324. Baseball player, 1943-52, member of the 1945 Detroit Tigers
  325. (1919-1980) was the king of Iran (Shah of Iran) from 16 September 1941 until his overthrow by the Iranian Revolution on 11 February 1979. He took the title ?âhan??h 'Emperor' or 'King of Kings' on 26 October 1967.He died in exile in Egypt
  326. American actor born 1919.'The Barbarians','Barabbas','The Lonley Man','The Big Knife','Man in the Attic','Sudden Fear','Halls of Montezuma','Batman','Torture Garden','Che!','Chatos Land','Mr.Scarface','Gor','City Slickers'
  327. Author
  328. American Football, Guard, Georgetown, NFL Redskins 1943
  329. Brazilian Biologist and Geneticist. Born: 12/01/1919
  330. Former U.S. Senator from Illinois (1967-1985)Born: 09/27/1919
  331. actor
  332. Actor: The Untouchables, Al Capone, Some Like It Hot, Marty, The Harder They Fall, The Wild Party, The Wrong Man, Day Of The Outlaw, An American Tail, Twilight Zone, Wild Wild West, Gilligan's Island, Twins, Hunter, MacGyver, Magnum PI
  333. MLB second/third baseman & shortstop from 1942-54 for Red Sox, Tigers, and Senators. Led league in hits in 1942, 1946 and 1947. Scored over 100 runs first 6 seasons. Career average of .307. All-Star in 1946 at shortstop.Scored 6 runs in 9-inning game
  334. former major league pitcher; played for Brooklyn Dodgers; son Randy, was Lakers Head Coach from 1992-1994
  335. Author
  336. American WWII Fighter Ace (10 Victs.)
  337. basketball player
  338. Italian Singer/Actress. Birth Name Adionilla Pizzi. Born: 04/16/1919 several times San Remo Festival winner
  339. Actor - Halloween films (as Dr. Sam Loomis), The Great Escape, You Only Live Twice (as Blofeld), Fantastic Voyage, Dracula '79, Dr. Crippen, Circus Of Horrors, THX-1138, Escape To Witch Mtn., Telefon, Escape From NY, Will Penny, Night Of The Generals
  340. Science fiction author (gateway) hugo award 78. In 1936, Pohl joined the Young Communist League, an organization in favor of trade unions and against racial prejudice and Hitler and Mussolini. Born: 11/26/1919
  341. Italian Director - The Battle Of Algiers (Oscar nom.), Burn!, Ogro
  342. Medal of Honor, USMC, World War II
  343. Robert Pound, a Harvard physicist whose elegant experiments confirmed a key part of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity and who helped lay the groundwork for the magnetic resonance imaging technology now widely used in medicine
  344. 50s baseball player
  345. Territorial Governor of Hawaii (1957-1959); First State Governor of Hawaii (1959-1962)
  346. Military
  347. Composer - The Patty Duke Show Theme. Orchestrator - Film: West Side Story (1961 Emmy & Grammy wins). Broadway - West Side Story, Gypsy, Wildcat, Funny Thing Happened-Forum, I Can Get It For You Wholesale, Wonderful Town
  348. Pitched In the 1940s and 1950s for the yankees, cardinals, and A's
  349. Irish actor born 1919.movies 1946-68.'The Dark Man','The Brain Machine','Blackout','Helen of Troy','Pirates of Tortuga','Flame of Araby','Clouded Yellow','Captain Phantom'.was married to actress Joan Collins from 1952-56
  350. Eccentric actress, comedienne and TV personality: The Killing Of Sister George, Dr Phibes Rises Again, Smiley's People, Star!, The Assassination Bureau, The Beast In The Cellar, Doctor Who, Yellowbeard, Adrian Mole
  351. Ww2 luftwaffe ace
  352. Brooklyn Dodgers outfielder, 1940's
  353. German Politician
  354. 1945 Chicago White Sox Died 2/18/2007
  355. German Actor, Starred In 'Die Feuerzangenbowle' (1944), 'Hitlerjunge Quex' (1933)
  356. Jack Riley  (2)
    1st GM Of the Pittsburgh Penguins
  357. Hockey Player
  358. A tobacco grower who became a symbol of Cuba's cigar-making prowess
  359. WW II ace with 22 victories
  360. Longtime Coach At Grambling
  361. American singer and actress born 1922 in NYC. In movies from 1942-57. A 1945 MGM starlet
  362. 60 Minutes Correspondent, best-selling author
  363. Andy Russell  (3)
    Pop Singer - Amor, Besame Mucho, Laughing On The Outside, I'll Close My Eyes, I Dream Of You, The Anniversary Song, What A Diff. A Day Makes, I Can't Begin To Tell You, Pretending, They Say It's Wonderful
  364. wrote Catcher in the Rye, Frannie and Zooey, Nine Stories, etc.
  365. Baseball Player, St. Louis Browns 1943, 46-48, 1951 New York Yankees 1949-1951 and Senators 1951 position was pitcher
  366. Portuguese Historian and Jurist. Born: 10/03/1919
  367. Played basketball for 1951 Syracuse Nationals
  368. Italian script-writer, nominated for 3 Oscars; wrote the script for 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'. Born: 12/16/1919
  369. Children's Author & Illustrator (published over 300 books, 300-Million sales worldwide)
  370. German Federal President (1974-79)
  371. Flight scientist, Kennedy Space Center Director
  372. jazz critic
  373. Folk Singer and Songwriter. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee 1995. Member of The Weavers
  374. Actor/Journalist/Radio Presenter.1940's-70's. Born: 08/19/1919
  375. jazz pianist composer
  376. Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1968-1969
  377. British Actress. Born: 08/29/1919
  378. Actress (b: 1919) - I Love Lucy (as Caroline Appleby), Angel, My 3 Sons, many TV guest roles (1953-1983, including The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Adv. Of Superman, The Munsters, Hogan's Heroes, Hazel, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy)
  379. Is an American attorney and judge in the state of Oregon. He is currently a senior judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  380. Author
  381. Prime Minister Of Rhodesia, 1964-1979
  382. baseball player 1946-55 with Yankees and Tigers
  383. French painter. Born: 12/24/1919
  384. Actress - The Archers
  385. Czech Cardinal. Born: 12/17/1919
  386. Egon Olsen 'The Olsenbande'
  387. Writer/World War 2 Veteran. Born: 11/23/1919
  388. Actor: The Untouchables, The High and the Mighty, Airplane!, 1941, Written on the Wind, The Last Voyage, John Paul Jones, The Tarnished Angels, The Caretakers, A Date with Judy, Caddyshack 2, Dangerous Curves, Most Wanted, Unsolved Mysteries
  389. Hockey [40's& 50's]
  390. Former Territorial Governor of Alaska (1957-1958)
  391. Actress - Kitty Foyle, Missle To The Moon, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, The Days Of Our Lives, The Young & The Restless, General Hospital
  392. Actor (b: 1919) - Forbidden Planet, Barefoot Contessa, Phone Call From A Stranger, Deadline-USA, Women's Prison, Gorilla At Large, ...77th Bengal Lancers, Bracken's World (title role), The Richard Boone Show, lots of TV (Twi. Zone, Star Trek, Gunsmoke)
  393. Actress (b: 1919) - Over 3,000 radio programs. MANY TV appearances including Carter Country (as reg. cast member Julia Mobley), Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, Donna Reed, Dragnet, Mod Squad, The Golden Girls, ER
  394. singer
  395. MLB shortstop and second baseman from 1940-48 with Cubs and Braves. Best season was 1946 with batting average of .296
  396. United States Army Air Force pilot who flew Bockscar carrying the Fat Man atomic bomb to the Japanese city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Author of War's End: An Eyewitness Account of America's Last Atomic Mission
  397. US Bodybuilder who appeared at Paramount in the 1940's
  398. boxer
  399. Actress (b: 1921) - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, 10th Avenue Angel, The Breaking Point, Bewitched '45, Blood On The Moon, Jim Thorpe All-American, Springfield Rifle, Fort Worth, Come Fill The Cup, Act Of Violence, Womens Prison, Superman '78 (as Ma Kent)
  400. Fighter ace world war 2 6 1/2 kills
  401. Actor: Dillinger, Reservoir Dogs, Born To Kill, San Quentin, The Greatest Show On Earth, Badman's Territory, Best Of The Badmen, Prizzi's Honor, Seinfeld, The Prowler, Silver Bullet, Star Trek TNG // Brother of actor Scott Brady
  402. British Actor- Disney's Robin Hood (title role), Disney's Rob Roy (title role), The Dam Busters, The Virgin Queen, A Man Called Peter, Don't Bother To Knock, Stage Fright, Saint Joan, The Hasty Heart (Oscar nom, G. Globe win), The Longest Day, Doctor Who
  403. German Actor. Born: 03/31/1919
  404. Author
  405. Finnish World War 2 Hero. Birth Name: Lauri Allan Torni. aka. Larry Thorne Born: 05/28/1919
  406. Ballerina. 'The Black Pearl of the Russian Ballet'. Actress - The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes, Torn Curtain, Days Of Glory
  407. Former prime minister of canada
  408. British Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror author of 50's through today. Most recently published through Sarob Press in the U.K.
  409. Test Pilot : Tested the X-4 and others.
  410. Actor - F Troop (TV), Auntie Mame, The Westerner, The Yearling, Sands Of Iwo Jima, The Abominable Snowman, Crunch & Des (TV-as Des), The Night They Raided Minsky's, Chisum, Cancel My Reservation, Dusty's Trail (TV), MANY TV guest-starring roles
  411. Man with a plan, Ran for VT senate
  412. Vintage German actress
  413. football player
  414. Japanese pow worked on the bridge over river kwai,death railway and survived bombing at Nagasaki; author of the book 'The Forgotten Highlander'
  415. Former Under Secretary General of the United Nations, veteran of The Battle of Arnhem
  416. composer
  417. Voice of Wilma Flintstone on The Flintstones
  418. Spanish Singer/Actress. Seen in the movie 'Frieda'. Born: 04/17/1919
  419. Pitcher for Philadelphia A's in the 1940's
  420. Composer 1940's-80's. Born: 12/29/1919
  421. MLB pitcher from 1942-50 for Giants, Braves, Cubs. Known as 'Ninety-Six' or 'Big Bill'. All-Star. Best season was 1944 going 21-16, 3.02 ERA, led league in K's. 1948 World Series, pitched 10 2/3 innings with 3 earned runs (2.53 ERA) & getting the loss
  422. navy aviator (blue angels) hero
  423. Helped hide Anne Frank
  424. Dutch Swimmer 1936 Olympics. Born: 12/17/1919
  425. General Manager of the Historical Pageants of Bayreuth/Germany. Grandson of the composer Richard Wagner.
  426. 1955 Orioles 1st baseman
  427. Voice Actress (b: 1920) - The Jetsons (Judy), Josie & The Pussycats (Josie), ...Penelope Pitstop (Penelope), Atom Ant (Granny), The Chipmunks, The Smurfs, Shazzan. Actress - I Love Lucy (The Young Fan ep. as the fan), Ozzie & Harriet (16 eps. as Janet)
  428. Governor of Alabama (1963-67, 1971-79 and 1983-87); former presidential candidate
  429. British Actor & Opera Singer born in 1919. 'Noose for a Lady'(1953),'Story of Gilbert & Sullivan'(1954),'Tom Thumb'(1948),'Dentist in the Chair'(1960),'Alice in Wonderland'(1986),'Invisible Man'
  430. businesswoman
  431. Director & Actor: My Girl Tisa, Concrete Jungle, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Voyage of the Damned, From Hell to Victory, Private Benjamin, The Aviator, Raw Deal, Superman IV, Baby Boom, Guilty by Suspicion, Pure Luck // Father of Zoe Wanamaker
  432. Reality TV Judge: The People's Court, Judge Wapner's Animal Court
  433. Bill Ward  (4)
    Cartoonist - Good-Girl Artwork. Creator of Torchy
  434. San Francisco-based architect
  435. bodybuilder
  436. Country Music Legend, Former Opry Member, Wife of Johnny Wright
  437. Announcer - Disneyland/The Wonderful World of Disney (1954-1979)
  438. baseball pitcher 1941-1954 for Detroit Tigers
  439. played Principal Michael Woodman on Welcome Back Kotter
  440. Author,Poet Laureate 1964-65,84-85. Born: 09/11/1919
  441. Film Director - Die Brucke (AA nom '59 - Best Foreign Film), Morituri, The Longest Day (German sections), The Visit, The Bridge, The Miracle Of Father Malachia. Actor - Paris Texas, The Eternal Waltz (as J. Strauss)
  442. MLB catcher from 1946-54 for the Cardinals, Phillies, and Red Sox. Best season was 1951 hitting 7 doubles, 3 triples, 8 Home runs with .278 batting average. Manager of the Texas Rangers in 1973
  443. musician
  444. Animator: Grease, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, Fraggle Rock, The New Adventures of Madeline, Shinbone Alley, Laugh-In, The Carol Burnett Show, Disney's Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp. Born: 08/08/1919
  445. Actress - The Killing, The Narrow Margin, Hellfire, Force Of Evil, Dakota Lil (title role), The Sniper, Cat-Women Of The Moon, Swamp Women, A&C Meet The Mummy, Day Of The Bad Men, Support Your Local Gunfighter, many TV guest-starring roles (1953-1991)
  446. Former Congressman from Kansas
  447. writer
  448. Born 1919 american philanthropist
  449. fmr Citibank CEO
  450. 50s baseball player
  451. Creator of Anpnaman
  452. Actor: Margie, Mr. Belvedere Goes to College, The Time Machine, Mister Ed, Baker's Hawk, The Incredible Hulk, The Smurfs, DuckTales, Earth Angel, Beverly Hills Cop 3, The Ren & Stimpy Show, Em & Me, House of Mouse
  453. Jazz musician
  454. British Major-General, Colonel Commandant of the Royal Engineers from 1974 to 1979, also known as Tony Younger, was awarded the DSO and OBE
  455. film editor - The Godfather
  456. Italian Production Designer 1950's-60's. Born: 04/28/1919