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Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1922
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  1. Nephew of Bud. Director of many tv shows from the 50's to 2001
  2. Author
  3. Actor- 'Carmen Jones', 'The Manchurian Candidate (1962)'; radio personality, former manager for Ray Charles
  4. 'Mama Kowolski' in Bruce Almighty
  5. Medal of Honor recipent - WWII
  6. football college fb hof purdue/illinois
  7. Ww2 101st airborne one of the 4 filthy 13 survivors left alive
  8. AAGPBL - 1944 South Bend Blue Sox
  9. Mexican Actor, Director and Producer
  10. Philadelphia childrens show host and singer
  11. 20th richest in the world
  12. Actress
  13. costume designer (the great gatsby, ghostbusters)
  14. JFK - Argentine lawyer, economist, publisher, academic, ambassador and former Minister of the Economy; met JFK several times at the White House
  15. 24th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario from 1985 to 1991. Member of the Order of Canada
  16. Baseball pitcher
  17. producer that made the tv series batman in 1960's
  18. writer/producer
  19. American Comedian and actor born 1922.'Joys','The Last of the Secret Agents','Circus of the Stars','Ed Sullivan Show','Allan and Rossi Meet Dracula and Frankenstein','Whale of a Tale','Hollywood Palace'
  20. Actor-The Black Panther
  21. Holds the record for the most free throws
  22. computer engineer businessman
  23. Author/First novel, Lucky Jim (1954)/1965, he wrote the popular The James Bond Dossier/Author of the 1968 007 James Bond thriller 'Colonel Sun'
  24. Skiing, gold medal military patrol event with his swiss team, olympics 1948
  25. World War II Medal of Honor Recipient, WWII.
  26. Bob Anderson  (2)
    Actor/Sword Master-Star Wars Episode V:The Empire Strikes Back(Imperial Officer)/Stuntman-Guns From Navarone,From Russia With Love,Casino Royale,Superman 2,Star Wars Episodes IV-VI
  27. Canadian nutritionist and retired senator. Member of the Order of Canada
  28. Journalist
  29. John Anderson  (16)
    Actor - Psycho, Walk On The Wild Side, Welcome To Hard Times, 5 Card Stud, Soldier Blue, Rich Man Poor Man 2, Backstairs At The White House, North & South, Wyatt Earp (TV-as Virgil Earp), Dallas, MacGyver, Twilight Zone (4), Gunsmoke (12), mostly TV roles
  30. Baseball player for NY Giants in the 1940's
  31. Actor: Only the Valiant, The Golden Hawk, Broken Arrow, Law of the Plainsman, The Comancheros, Harum Scarum, The Phynx, It's Alive, Day of the Animals, The Manitou, Buck Rogers, Assassination, Star Trek // Spouse of Barbara Eden
  32. businesswoman
  33. Big Band Leader
  34. President, Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (1995-98)
  35. Writer for Variety. Announcer for numerous awards shows.
  36. British actor : 'Condorman', 'D.A.R.Y.L.', 'Mr.Arkadin'
  37. baseball
  38. Actress-Golden Girls,Maude,Love and Other Strangers,Mame,My First Love,Star Wars Holiday Televison Special
  39. MLB, C, Philadelphia A's 1945-46, 1946-54; Kansas City A's 1955-56
  40. American Actress born:11/14/1924.Was married with Actor Don Taylor.Movies-->'Ruby Gentry','The Best Things in Life Are Free','Rawhide','Richard Diamond','Peter Gunn','Perry Mason','Daniel Boone','Maude','Dr.Kildare','Laramie','The Clear Horizon'
  41. Playwright - The Seven Year Itch, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?. Screenwriter - The Sever Year Itch, ...Rock Hunter?, Breakfast At Tiffany's (AA nom), Bus Stop, The Manchurian Candidate, Goodbye Charlie, Lord Love A Duck (& dir.), Phffft!
  42. Canadian builder, designer, architect, developer and philanthropist. Member of the order of Canada
  43. football
  44. Inventor of PONG, Magnavox Odsessey 1 (the first video game console) and SIMON hand held game
  45. Former West Germany Secretary of the Prime Minister (1969-1972)
  46. Author
  47. Secretary of Commerce 1981-1987
  48. Italian actor born 1922.'Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon','Two Woman','Head of a Tyrant','Day of Anger','Perversion Story','Schizoid','A Man Called Sledge','Mussolini Story'
  49. Heart surgeon
  50. Author/writer, tv personality
  51. marine corps general
  52. MLB second baseman in 1948, 49 and 51 with the Pirates. Dodgers coach in 1983
  53. Brooklyn Dodger 1945, AAA Portland Beavers star in PCL 1950's
  54. Original voice of Perdita in Disney's 101 Dalmations. Born: Sep 1 1929
  55. MLB outfielder 1948-61 for Yanks, A's. 3x All - Star.. Manager 1961-62 A's, 64-68 Yanks (World Champs in 66) , 69 Orioles. Led league in triples in 1957. Best in 1956 with 26 HR./ 9 World Series (7x Champ) 21 RS. 2 doubles, 3 triples, 7 HR, 24 RBI
  56. Minor League legend: hit 72 home runs in 1954
  57. English book illustrator. Artist of the Narnia series
  58. Won the Pulitzer Prize in 1958 for his photo 'Faith and Confidence'
  59. 1922-1996 Voice Actor/"Go Go Gophers"
  60. Actress - Best known as Midge Wood in Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' {1958} & Miss Ellie on 'Dallas'
  61. journalist television prod.
  62. Author
  63. French film director, writer and producer
  64. Model - The Chesterfield Girl, The Ipana Girl. Actress - Titanic '53, Interlude, Yancy Derringer (as Madame Francine, Derringer's love interest). Wife of the late ventriloquist, Edgar Bergen (1945-1975-his death). Mother of actress, Candice Bergen
  65. American Actress - Many TV Guest Roles - 'Sopranos'(2002), 'The Nanny' (1997-1998), 'NYPD Blue' (1996, 2005), 'Ryan's Hope (1979), 'Civil Wars' (1992-1993)
  66. Film Music Composer
  67. former major league shortstop/second baseman; played for Tigers, Orioles, White Sox & Browns
  68. Jazz Trombone Musician
  69. L'Oreal Heiress, second richest person in France, ranking 17th in wealthiest people in the world and the wealthiest woman living. Widow of French politician Andre Bettencourt
  70. Austrian Actor in American Movies (b: 1922) - 'The Amazing Mr. X', 'The Mummy's Tomb', 'The Mad Ghoul', 'Captive Wild Woman', 'Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves', 'Dragon Seed', 'The Climax', 'Parole, Inc.', 'Song of India', 'Sudan', 'Frisco Sal', 'Smilin' Jack'
  71. basketball player
  72. Norwegian composer
  73. Skeleton
  74. MLB pitcher from 1942-55 for Reds, Yankees, A's. In Army 1943-45. Known as 'The Whip'. Best seasons in 1947 going 22-8, 2.47 ERA & 1950 with 17 wins, 4 saves, 2.97 ERA. Led league in wins in 1947 & strike outs in 1950. Tossed a no - hitter in 1947
  75. fashion designer
  76. Former British spy known for having been a double agent in the service of the Soviet Union. Discovered in 1961 and sentenced to 42 years in prison, he escaped from Wormwood Scrubs prison in 1966 and fled to the USSR
  77. US fashion designer. He was a member of the Ghost Army in WWII
  78. nobel physics 1975
  79. Composer/Songwriter
  80. Waffen SS Knights Cross Holder
  81. Polish Male Writer/Author - Holocaust Survivor
  82. Former Secretary-General of the U.N. (1992-1996)Member of Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
  83. English Actor - TV Series - 'Hi - de - Hi!' (1980-1988), 'You Rang, M'Lord?' (Guest Role) (1990-1993), 'Oh Doctor Beeching!' (Guest) (1996-1997), Hugh and I' (1964-1967), 'The Dick Emery Show' (1975-1977)., 'Sykes' (Guest) (1972-1979)
  84. American Former Politician - Secretary of Transportation (1967-1969)
  85. English Former Actor - Movie - 'No Way Out' (1987), 'The Revenge of Frankenstein' (Uncredited)(1958), 'No Safety Ahead' (1959). TV Series - 'A Country Practice' (Guest Role)(1981 And 1984), 'All Saints' (Guest)(2002 And 2003), 'The Avengers'(Guest)(1961)
  86. Author
  87. Author
  88. Actor: The Sheriff of Cochise, Paid in Full, The Furies, Ring of Fear, Revenge of the Creature, The Big Bluff, Crime Against Joe, Hot Cars, Curucu Beast of the Amazon, U.S. Marshal
  89. English Former Actress - Movie -.'To Sir With Love' (1967), 'Eye of the Needle' (1981), 'Jungle Book' (1942), 'Curse of King Tuts Tomb' (1980). TV Series - 'Irish R.M.' (1983-1984), 'War and Peace' (1972-1973), 'Angels' (1975-1978), Plus Many More Roles
  90. JFK/U.S. Representative from Texas (1953-1995)/11/22/ 1963, Brooks was in President John F. Kennedy's Dallas, Texas motorcade at time Kennedy was assassinated. Hours later, was present on Air Force One when Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as president
  91. American Former Actress -Movie -'Cigarette Girl'(1947), 'You Were Never Lovelier'(1942), 'The Man Who Dared'(1946), 'Blonde Ice'(1948), 'City Without Men'(1943), 'Hollow Triumph'(1948), 'Underground Agent'(1942), 'Tonight and Every Night'(1945) Plus More
  92. Retired politician and former Congressman from Michigan, who is a witness to contemporary history, from Kennedy to Watergate, from Civil Rights to Vietnam. He met and worked with President Kennedy
  93. Charles Brown  (2)
    Songwriter/Music Producer
  94. American Female Author, Attorney, Alternative Medicine Advocate And President Of The Public Banking Institute - Novel - 'The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity' (2013), 'A Woman's Complete Guide to Natural Health '(2007) Plus More Novels
  95. WW2 Pilot Tuskegee Airmen, Born 1922, 100th FS & 332nd FG!
  96. Actor - Films: Black Like Me, The Liberation Of L.B. Jones, The Cowboys, Logan's Run, Twilight's Last Gleaming, Uptown Sat. Night, Legal Eagles, The Beast, Babe 1&2 (narrator). TV: Soap, Falcon Crest, Spider-Man (v/Kingpin), A Different World
  97. German Former Female Author - Novel - 'Dick und Dalli und die Ponies' (1971), 'Connemara: Seaboard of the Horses' (1967), 'Edle Pferde auf schwarzer Erde' (1972), 'Andalusiens tanzende Pferde' (1968), 'Das Jahr der Pferde' (1970). Plus 4 More Books
  98. Computer Scientist coined the word bytes
  99. American Former Female Politician - U.S. Senator From North Dakota (1992)
  100. WWII Veteran, mortar man in K-Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division, the famous K-3-5 of HBO's The Pacific series. Bronze star recipient; fought in Peleliu and Okinawa. Wrote Islands Of The Damned with William Marvel
  101. American Former Female Model - 'Miss America' (1940). TV Series - 'The Match Game' (Team Member)(1965)
  102. Baseball player with Cincinnati Reds, 1946
  103. English Former Actress - TV Series - 'The River Flows East' (1962), 'The Feathered Serpent' (1978). Movie - 'Paranoica' (1963), 'Jane Eyre' (1996),'Cold Comfort Farm' (1995), 'Afraid of the Dark' (1991), 'The Desperados' (1969) Plus Many More Roles
  104. American Football Tackle, George Washington NFL, Redskins
  105. American Former Male Musician And Composer - Piano, Saxophone. Jazz Music (1930's-1999)
  106. American Former Female Wrestler (1944-1964).AWA World Women's Championship Winner (1954). Women's World Championship Winner (1953). NWA World Women's Championship Winner (1954). World Women's Tag Team Championship 5 Times Winner (1952-1958)
  107. British Comedian,TV-Host and Singer born 1922.Host of TV-Show 'Family Fortunes'(1980-02),'Max Bygraves Hour','A Cry from the Streets','Charley Moon','Bobbikins'
  108. Greek stage and film director: 'Zorba the Greek','Electra','The Troyan Women','Iphigenia'
  109. Comedian & Actor: The Sid Caesar Show, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Airport 1975, The Cheap Detective, Grease, History of the World Part 1, Cannonball Run II, Amazing Stories, Alice in Wonderland, Vegas Vacation
  110. Actor - The Texan, That Hagen Girl, With A Song In My Heart, How To Marry A Millionaire, River Of No Return, Dawn At Socorro,The Spoilers,The Big Caper, Treasure Of Pancho Villa, Colossus Of Rhodes, Marco Polo (title role), Night Of The Lepus, Motel Hell
  111. American Actor born 1922.Peter Clifford in 'McCloud'(1970-77),'Cool Hand Luke','Death Wish 2','Call to Glory','Raise The Titanic','Scorpio','Krakatoa','F.B.I.','Invaders','Gunsmoke','The Defenders','Alias Smith and Jones','Rawhide'
  112. French Fashion designer
  113. Brazilian Former Female Actress - Movie - 'Carnival of Crime' (1962), 'Chega de Saudade' (2007). TV Series - '?-gua Viva' (1980), 'Uma Rosa Com Amor' (1972-1973), 'Sassaricando' (1987-1988), 'O Amor - Nosso' (1981), 'Pigmalião 70' (1970)
  114. Comedian & Actor: The Ed Sullivan Show, The Merv Griffin Show, The Happy Hooker, The Glove, Alligator, The Octagon, Satan's Princess, Fantasy Island, Santa Barbara, Here's Lucy, Dr. Kildare, Laugh In, Amazing Stories, Tales from the Darkside
  115. editor
  116. Aka Sammy Terry; TV personality on local affiliate WTTV in Indianapolis, regularly during the 1960s and 1970s, and sporadically after that. Camp horror film host on Nightmare Theater. Co-host was his floating rubber spider, 'George.'
  117. American Former Female Actress - Movie - 'Dear Ruth' (1947), 'The Unsuspected' (1947), 'Girl Of The Year' (1950), 'Blue Skies' (1946), 'Monsieur Beaucaire' (1946), 'The Sainted Sisters' (1948), 'Dear Wife' (1949). TV Series - 'Sally' (1957-58)
  118. American Former Male Musician And Singer - Piano. Jazz And Pop Musical Genre. Music Group - 'Nat King Cole Trio' (1940's)
  119. Sicilian Actor - Thunderball (as Largo), Operation Kid Brother, Murders In The Rue Morgue '71, Grand Prix, The Honey Pot, The Bobo, The Italian Connection, The Agony & The Ecstasy, El Greco, King Of Hearts, Midas Run, The Devil Is A Woman, The Borgias
  120. Former Belgian (native Italian) road bicycle racer, born in 1922
  121. Governor of Rhode Island (1963-1969); U.S. Senator from Rhode Island (1976-1999)
  122. MLB pitcher from 1948-53 for Cubs, Pirates, Cardinals. Known as 'Lefty'. Best season was 1049 going 13-7 with 3.96 ERA. Pitched no - hitter on May 6th, 1951 against Braves
  123. JFK - Air Force One flight engineer 1961-1980; served for John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter. Chappel was in Dallas on 22 November 1963
  124. Australian actor
  125. American Former Female Equestrian, Owner, And Breeder Of Thoroughbred Racehorses Secretariat And Riva Ridge
  126. Baseball player, Cleveland Indians 1945
  127. American Former Female Baseball Player - Pitcher. All - American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). 'Muskegon Lassies' (1948), 'Springfield Sallies' (1949-1950)
  128. boxing hof
  129. Mike Clark  (2)
    Former Pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
  130. 'WW2 Navajo Indian Code Talker'
  131. football hof usc
  132. Hal Clement  (2)
    5/30/1922-9/29/2003 Pen name Hal Clement/Sci-fi writer, leader science fiction subgenre. Painted astronomically oriented artworks under name George Richard/1998 Clement was inducted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame
  133. former college/NBA forward/center; played for Rice University, Anderson Packers, Philadelphia Warriors & Fort Wayne Pistons; 1943 All-American
  134. MLB outfielder from 1946-56 for the Senators, Orioles, White Sox, and Giants. Twice had batting average of .303 in 1950 and 1951. Minor League Player of the Year 1945
  135. former U.S. tennis player, once ranked at No. 6
  136. nobel med. laureate 1986
  137. former major league outfielder; played for St. Louis Browns, Chicago White Sox & Philadelphia A's
  138. Played for the New York Yankees
  139. Joe Collins  (3)
    Former First Baseman for New York yankees
  140. Actor - Our Gang, The Champ, Skippy, Treasure Island, The Return Of Frank James, Superman 1-4 (Perry White), The People's Choice, Hennesey. Director. His Oscar-nomination in Skippy is the earliest nomination (1931) for a currently living (2011) actor dire
  141. actress, known for her roles on the Broadway stage, she's also the sister of Arthur Miller.
  142. Author
  143. journalist, film critic
  144. British writer and producer born 1922.writer of'Dads Army','Allo! Allo!','Are You Being Served?','You Rang M'lord','The British are Coming','Hi-De-Hi!','Up Pompeii','Aint Half Hot Mum','Oh Dr.Beeching'.directed most of these shows
  145. British actor born 1922. Waiting For God, Out of Africa, Company of Wolves, Britannia Hospital, A Very peculiar Practice, For Your Eyes Only, Night Digger, Doctor Who, Catweazle
  146. former major league catcher; played for St Louis Cardinals, one year in 1945
  147. Jack Curtis  (2)
    Author - Point of Impact
  148. movie director
  149. Actress - Carmen Jones, Porgy & Bess, Bright Road, Island In The Sun, The Decks Ran Red
  150. Actor - Moby Dick, The Trouble With Harry, The Red Badge Of Courage, Johnny Guitar, King Of Kings, The Outlaw Josie Wales, Big Bad Mama, Capone, Something Wicked This Way Comes, 7 Faces Of Dr. Lao, The Right Stuff, Teachers, Ghoulies 2, Twin Peaks
  151. MLB shortstop, 3rd base 1946-60 for 5 teams. Manager 1961-77. W.S, Camps (1974 A's). 2x Pennants (A's, Giants 62). R.O.Y. 1948. 3x All-Star. Most doubles 1951. Best in 53 with 126 RS, 41 doubles, 23 HR, 88 RBI, .300 BA. In 3 W.S. - 4 doubles, HR, .323 BA
  152. American Child Actress and Author born 1922.Jean on 'The Little Rascals' aka 'Our Gang' movies(1927-29).'Jane Eyre',Babes in Toyland','The I Dont Care Girl'
  153. Owner of the detroit piatons, elected into the basketball hall of fame 2008
  154. Singer/Musician
  155. American actress born 1924.'Pillow Talk','Man Who Knew to Much','Lover Come Back','Calamity Jane','Lullabay of Broadway','Midnight Lace','Love Me Or Leave Me','Young at Heart','Send Me No Flowers','Move Over Darling'
  156. Film/TV Director - The Haunted Strangler, 1960's Tarzan films, The Green Man, Corridors Of Blood, First Men Into Space, many TV shows (including The Avengers, The Buccaneers, ...Robin Hood, The FBI, Dallas). He was married to the late Dorothy Provine
  157. Dancer, choreographer, born 1922. Originated dance role of Simon Legree in The King & I (orignal Bway & film cast). Worked often with Agnes DeMille and Jerome Robbins
  158. Son of William DeMille, brother of Cecil B. DeMille. Raised by Cecil.
  159. Former member of the Resistance and later military officer in the French army
  160. Canadian actress born 1922.Lily Munster on'The Munsters'(1964-66),'The Ten Commandments','Criss Cross','Tomahawk','Captains Paradise','Fort Algiers','A Global Affair','McLintok!','Buccaneers Girl','Munster!Go Home', 'Follies' (Original BDWY Production)
  161. Actress: A Raisin in the Sun, Do the Right Thing, Jungle Fever, American Gangster, The Stand, The Jackie Robinson Story, St. Louis Blues, The Incident, Buck & the Preacher, Cat People, Cop and a 1/2, Just Cause, A Thousand Words
  162. nobel physcis laureate 1989
  163. Former french director
  164. former baseball player
  165. Secretary of Commerce (1973-1975); United States Trade Representative (1975-1977)
  166. Secretary of Commerce (1973-1975); U.S. Trade Representative (1975-1977)
  167. 1947 Red Sox
  168. actor
  169. Rugby League Player
  170. Washington Senators 1948-1949
  171. cartoonist (perishers)
  172. Actress - Red River, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, All the King's Men, The Pride of St. Louis, Wagon Master, 711 Ocean Drive, Thunder Bay, Hell on Frisco Bay, The Light In The Forest, Guestward Ho. Sister of entertainer Peter Marshall
  173. film director (the house that dripped blood)
  174. British ace from WW2
  175. French lawyer and politician who served notably as Foreign Minister under President François Mitterrand from 1984 to 1986 and from 1988 to 1993. He was also President of the Constitutional Council from 1995 to 1999
  176. Maternal Grandmother of Barak Obama
  177. Author
  178. boxing trainer-promoter
  179. MLB outfielder and third baseman from 1951-56 for Browns, Indians, Orioles, Reds. Best season in 1952 with 60 RS, 22 doubles, 3 triples, 15 HR's, 64 RBI's, and .269 BA
  180. President Of Mexico, 1970 - 1976
  181. football
  182. Director of Pink Panther film series, Great Race, Breakfast at Tiffany's; married to Julie Andrews
  183. Author
  184. alto saxophonist (hooked on swing)
  185. British Actor (b: 1922) - Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones..., Trading Places, A Room with a View (Oscar nom), Alfie, St. Jack, King Rat, Robin and Marian, The Boys from Brazil, Cuba, A Dolls House, Zulu Dawn, Vault of Horror, The Missionary
  186. Che Fong, head of crime lab on 'Hawaii Five-O'
  187. British Music Teacher Stage and Movie Actress born 1922.Mrs.Connelly in 'Duplex'(2003),'Charlie and Chocolate Factory','Finding Neverland','Ali G. Indahouse','The Producers'.oldest film debutante of all time with age 80ty in 2003
  188. Archbishop of Marseille, France (1970-85); President, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (1984-98) and President, Pontifical Council Cor Unum (1984?95)
  189. Actor: My Friend Flicka, Operation Petticoat, Donovan's Reef, Support Your Local Sheriff/Gunfighter, The Shadow Riders, Concrete Cowboys, Spencer's Pilots, Walking Tall, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Nevada Smith, The A-Team, Simon & Simon
  190. Brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers
  191. American Actor born 1922.'Brain That Wouldnt Die','Escape from Planet of Apes','Illustrated Man','Green Berets','Channing','Guns Of Will Sonnett','Barracuda','Claws','Basket Case 2','Star Trek','Mannix','Mission Impossible','Gunsmoke','Happy Days'
  192. Pro Basketball Player 1947-1950, Forward, Guard, Providence Steamrollers, Boston Celtics, Baltimore Bullets
  193. Celtic FC Soccer legend
  194. signer of the Treaty of Rome. The Treaty of Rome, officially the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, was an international agreement that led to the founding of the European Economic Community on 1 January 1958
  195. HOF End, Los Angeles Rams
  196. Was both a fullback & kicker on OSU's first National Title team in 1942. Gene played in a backfield with Heisman winner Les Horvath. His 89 yard jaunt from scrimmage still stands as a school record. Won All-Big 10 honors leading the conference in scor
  197. Golf
  198. American actress born 1923.mother of actress Sally Field.'The Man From Planet X','Twilight Zone','The Big Clock','Blue Skies','My Friend Irma','So This is Love','Samson and Delilah','Carrie'
  199. Wilmer Leon Fields (August 2, 1922 - June 4, 2004) was a pitcher and third baseman in baseball's Negro Leagues. Wilmer was often referred to as 'Red' or Wilmer 'The Great' Fields.
  200. Baseball Player, Philadelphia Phillies 1940
  201. Actor: Picket Fences, Fantasy Island, Boston Public, Early Edition, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Q & A, Mobsters, The Pickle, For Love or Money, Nixon, The Crew, A Serious Man
  202. soccer player ex.
  203. American actor born in 1922, starred in 'The People Against O'Hara' (1951), 'The Devil's Brigade' (1968) and was a guest on 'M*A*S*H' amon many other TV-shows
  204. costume designer (star trek 1-4 fright night)
  205. Jack Foley  (3)
    Member of the Band of Brothers, 506th Easy Company WWII
  206. golf hof
  207. model agency executive
  208. former MLB player - cincinnati reds (1954-57), los angeles dodgers (1959), los angeles angels (1960-64)
  209. Actor/Comedian - Sanford and Son - born 1922, died 1991
  210. Joe Frazier  (2)
    MLB outfielder, P.H. from 1947-56 for Cardinals, Reds, Orioles, Indians. Known as 'Cobra Joe'. Best in 1954 (88 at - bats) had 12 RS, 5 doubles, two triples, 3 HR's, 18 RBI, .295 BA
  211. Professional Artist
  212. british artist
  213. Former Formula 1 driver from Argentina who was the first to win a Grand Prix for the Ferrari team in 1951
  214. Ex-baseball player for Brooklyn Dodgers
  215. basketball
  216. Author
  217. French Actor born 1922.Co-Star in many Louis DeFunes movies.'Gendarme De St.Tropez','Gendarme in New York','Angelique','Annuity','Birds of a Feather','Cop Or Hood','Guignolo','Cage of Fools','Choice of Arms'
  218. Canadian figure skating coach whose students have won all three categories at World Championships (men's, ladies' and pairs'). His students also won Canada's first Olympic gold medals in the ladies' and pairs' competitions
  219. Author
  220. Bill Gallo  (2)
    Renowned Sports Cartoonist For The NY Daily News
  221. American Actress born 1922.was married to Actors Mickey Rooney and Frank Sinatra.Movies->'Mogambo','Night of Iguana','Earthquake','On the Beach','55 Days at Peking','Mayerling','Barefoot Contessa','Show Boat','The Killers','Touch of Venus'
  222. French Actor
  223. Canadian photographer. He is often called the 'Ambassador of Canadian Photography'
  224. Former Congressman from New York
  225. Violinist
  226. Greek left-wing activist, and Greek Resistance fighter in WW2
  227. Radio Personality
  228. United States Air Aces
  229. Author
  230. bodybuilder
  231. Tuskegee Airmen, Involved in the Freeman Field mutiny where a racist commander not allowing blacks & whites to talk to each other, & not allowing the black officer into the officer club. Also led to 162 black officers walked into the club and arrested
  232. Film Director - The Amazing Colossal Man, Attack Of The Puppet People, The Cyclops, Beginning Of The End, Earth Vs. The Spider, Tormented, King Dinosaur, Picture Mommy Dead, The Mad Bomber, Food of the Gods, Empire of the Ants, Satan's Princess
  233. Actor - Baby Face Nelson (as John Dillinger), Maverick (recurring role as Big Jack McComb), MANY TV guest-starring roles (usually as a tough guy). Screenwriter - The Wasp Woman, Attack Of The Giant Leeches, Maverick (4), Tombstone Territory (8)
  234. Composer/Songwriter
  235. Took trip with che guevara--subject of film the motorcycle diaries
  236. Director: The Fugitive, Route 66, Twilight Zone, Perry Mason, The Untouchables, Lady in a Cage, A Rage to Live, The Last Escape, The Streets of San Francisco, Are You in the House Alone?, Barnaby Jones, Murder She Wrote
  237. William Robertson Gray, Jr. (December 27, 1922) was an American football offensive lineman in the National Football League for the Washington Redskins. He played college football at the University of Southern California and Oregon State University and was
  238. Actress - Kiss Of Death, Nightmare Alley, The Killing, Red River, Kansas City Confidential, Models Inc., Johnny Rocco, The Vampire, The Leech Woman, The Phantom Planet, many TV guest-starring roles (1950-1986)
  239. American Actress, Dancer and Singer born 1922. 'Rio Rita'(1942),'Thousands Cheer'(1943),'Anchors Aweigh'(1945),'Happened in Brooklyn'(1947),'Kissing Bandit'(1948),'Show Boat'(1951),'Kiss Me Kate'(1953),'Desert Song'(1953),'Vagabond King'(1956)
  240. Spy, Brother of Ethel Rosenberg
  241. French politician, born in 1922. In 1940, he joind the Free French Forces. Several times minister and member of the Parliament. Between 2000 and 2004, he was the president of the Constitutional Council of France
  242. Cuban singer. Born: 10/09/1922
  243. Editor-InChief Cosmopolitan
  244. German actress
  245. Italian Astrophysicist and popular science writer
  246. Franklin Horner on Dallas/Eric's first lawyer Charles on The Bold and The Beautiful
  247. Singer/Musician
  248. Actress: Perry Mason, Higher and Higher, The Falcon Out West, The Clay Pigeon, And Baby Makes Three, Last of the Comanches, Unchained, The Far Horizons, 7th Cavalry, The Oklahoman, Desert Hell, Airport, The Giant Spider Invasion, Big Wednesday
  249. Author
  250. Director of James Bond films Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun.
  251. British Artist
  252. governor ak.
  253. Author
  254. Director - Gunsmoke (64 episodes), The Waltons (40 episodes), 7th Heaven (35 episodes), Falcon Crest (32 episodes), Land Of The Giants (24 episodes), In The Heat Of The Night (20 episodes), Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (12 episodes), Lost In Space +
  255. actress (the naked city, tarzan's fury)
  256. top fighter ace in the world- 353 kills in ww2 on russian front
  257. Former U.S. Senator from Oregon (1967-1997)
  258. MLB third baseman from 1946-60/coach/scout; played for Cubs, Reds, Cardinals, White Sox & Red Sox; managed Astros from 1966-68; also managed in minor leagues; scout for Astros & Giants. Best season was 1946 with 16 HR's, 91 RS, 77 RBI's & .281 BA
  259. 'Empire Carpets' Spokesman, Famous US Commercial Jingle That Sings The Digits: 1-800-588-2300, Also WW II Vet & Barbershop Quartet Singer
  260. WWII - US Navy Flying Ace, 14 victories
  261. Trumpeter/Composer - Batman Theme (TV). Film Scores/Selected Music - The Odd Couple (including theme), Barefoot In The Park, Harlow, Sex & The Single Girl, How To Murder Your Wife
  262. tennis hof
  263. MLB pitcher from 1945-54 for the Reds, Browns, and Pirates. Best seasons were 1946 going 6-6 with a save & 2.39 ERA and in 154 going 4-4 with 8 saves, leading the league by getting the last out in 46 games that year
  264. Played 'Captain Birdseye' from 1967-1998 in the UK TV advertisements
  265. tv producer (60 minutes)
  266. Canadian Actor - Owen Marshall... (title role), Andromeda Strain, Futureworld, The Killer Elite, Harper, The Chairman, Petulia, The Ugly American, Rabbit Run, The Champ '79, Vanished, Glitter. Broadway - ...Virginia Wolff? (Tony win), Look Homeward Angel
  267. Actor - Law & Order (DA Adam Schiff), Mission: Impossible, The Slender Thread, Yentl, Legal Eagles, Heartburn, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Running On Empty, The Boost, Billy Bathgate, The Firm
  268. 'Java' 'Sugar Lips' The tune from the 'Green Hornet'
  269. Former NFL football player for the Rams and Dallas Texans in the 40's and 50's
  270. American Football, 1948-1949 Washington Redskins
  271. Former U.S. Senator from South Carolina (1966-2003)
  272. Former Chief of Navy Operations (1974-1978)& commander of 1st nuclear sub
  273. Canadian journalist, author, and a former member of the Canadian House of Commons
  274. 1953 Pitcher Cleveland Indians {in the 1953 Topps Archives}
  275. Bob Hoover was Chuck Yeager's backup pilot in the Bell X-1 program, and he flew chase in a Lockheed P-80 when Yeager first exceeded Mach 1(broke the sound barrier)on October 14, 1947.
  276. Medal of Honor, US Army, World War II
  277. Famous French accordeonist
  278. Baseball Coach in MLB no Playing Experience 1984 Mets
  279. British Army officer who was Commading General Officer in Northern Ireland during the 'Troubles'
  280. German actor, (1922?1981), 'Foehn' (1950), 'Saison in Salzburg', 'Die Gefangene des Maharadscha', 'Die Drei von der Tankstelle' (remake, 1955), 'Opernball', 'Kaiserjaeger',
  281. British Actress - Terror House, They Met In The Dark, Woman To Woman, Shadow Of The Past, The Night Has Eyes, Talk About Jacqueline, The Common Touch, Back Room Boy
  282. Retired British military historian and former Professor of Military and Naval History at Yale University; full name is Sir Michael Eliot Howard
  283. Former Governor of Iowa (1963-1969); U.S. Senator from Iowa (1969-1975)
  284. Movie director ['Of Human Bondage', one of the directors of 'Casino Royale']
  285. British Stage and TV Actor born 1922.'Passage to India','Evita','Hope and Glory','Love is a Splendid Illusion','Jack the Ripper','Avengers','Secret Agent','Bergerac','Poirot'
  286. Actress: A Streetcar Named Desire, Planet of the Apes, Stairway to Heaven, Lilith, Seventh Victim, The Kindred, Two Evil Eyes, Abilene, Edge of Night, Skokie, The Swimmer, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
  287. Author
  288. Last living member of Francisco Franco's fascist regime and a Spanish People's Party politician. Now lives in Madrid, Spain
  289. Actor/Voice Actor - Heat Miser In 'A Year Without A Santa Claus'Born: 11/01/1922 also voice of mister geppetto in pinocchio's christmas
  290. Author
  291. Australian actress - starred in 'A Country Practice'
  292. American WWII - Pilot, USAAC, Member of combat mission 'Yamamoto Mission' in October 1942
  293. British comedy actress. Carry On films, etc
  294. jazz saxophonist
  295. First Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
  296. retired football player for the philadelphia eagles.
  297. weapons officer on the Enola Gay during the Hiroshima Mission
  298. Chicago White Sox & Baltimore orioles pitcher. Orioles pitcher from 1956-58 and White sox from 1953-1956
  299. Frank Johnson  (2)
    Former Rugby League Player
  300. TV/Film Director (b: 1922) - The Twilight Zone (8), Peter Gunn (13), Have Gun-Will Travel (10), Steve Canyon (10), Mr. Lucky (4), Dr. Kildare (3), Naked City (2), The Rifleman (2), Lipstick, The Execution Of Private Slovik, Last American Hero. Actor
  301. Negro League
  302. Author
  303. Marvin Jones  (2)
    1954 KC Monarchs (Negro League)
  304. Prime Minister of Denmark (1972-73 and 1975-83)
  305. US writer and journalist
  306. Only female writer for Sid Caesar's YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS, wrote for THE IMOGENE COCA SHOW. Became an author with her C.B. Greenfield mysteries
  307. alpine skier
  308. 'Legacy Of Blood',Played Julius in the original 1968 'Planet of The Apes', Frank The Gorilla Waiter in 'Conquest of The Planet of The Apes'
  309. American actor born 1922.'Judgment at Nuernberg','The Phantom','Seedpeople','The Super Cops','Guiding Light','Star Trek TNG','The Outer Limits','The Fugitive','Picket Fences','Combat!','Dr.Kildare'
  310. U.S. Attorney General (1965-66) during LBJ White House Administration
  311. Cartoonist - Family Circus
  312. former major league third baseman; played for Red Sox, Tigers, Orioles, White Sox & Athletics; member of Baseball Hall of Fame; 10X All-star; career .306 hitter; former Tigers & Orioles broadcaster
  313. Author
  314. Film Director - Support Your Local Sheriff, Support Your Local Gunfighter, Return Of The Seven, The Rounders, The War Wagon, The Train Robbers, Welcome To Hard Times, Dirty Dingus Magee, The Good Guys & The Bad Guys, Hannie Caulder, Mail Order Bride
  315. US Author
  316. Australian actor active in the UK for many years. Worked with Tony Hancock and Sid James. Doctor Who, The Dam Busters, the Doctor movies, Anzacs, The Year of Living Dangerously
  317. Author - Fiction
  318. Indian-American Biochemist (1922-2011), 1968 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for his work with Nucleic Acids. Honored on 2018-1-9 with a Google Doodle on his 96th birthdate
  319. Am. Actor - Man Of La Mancha (Broadway - original Don Quixote - Tony win), Blackboard Jungle, Pickup On South Street, The Phenix City Story, The Mob, The Thorn Birds (Emmy), Looking For Mr Goodbar, Jurassic Park (v), A Yr In The Life (Emmy, Gold. Globe)
  320. Former major league outfielder; played for Pirates, Cubs & Indians; 6X All-Star; NY Mets Broadcaster; member of Baseball Hall of Fame inducted in 1975 led the league in homeruns from 1946-1952 with the Pirates NL All star from 1947 and 1949 to 1951
  321. American lounge singer
  322. Singer/Musician
  323. british author - wrote the book babe: pig in the city
  324. Composer
  325. Former President of the AFL-CIO (1979-95)
  326. Actor: The Odd Couple, Quincy ME, 12 Angry Men, Days of Wine & Roses, The Detective, Goodbye Columbus, Act One, I Could Go on Singing, Two-Minute Warning, The Split, Harris Against the World, You Again?, The Twilight Zone, Naked City, Crossing Jordan
  327. Played for the south bend blue sox in 1946, AAGPBL
  328. cinematographer: The Man from UNCLE, Patton, The Towering Inferno, Kung Fu, Papillon, White Line Fever, The Swarm, Embryo, The Amityville Horror, The Champ, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Alice in Wonderland
  329. Author
  330. film/tv director (many twilight zone)
  331. One of the oldest living football players. Born in 1922. Played for the New York Yankees football team
  332. U.S. Representative from Wisconsin (1953-1969); Secretary of Defense (1969-1973)
  333. Veronica Lake  (2)
    Actress - Sullivan's Travels, The Blue Dahlia, This Gun For Hire, I Married A Witch, The Glass Key, So Proudly We Hail!, Star-Spangled Rhythm, Ramrod, Saigon, Hold That Blonde, Slattery's Hurricane, Hold Back The Dawn. She made 7 films with Alan Ladd
  334. Paul Lambert  (3)
    Actor - Spartacus, Planet Of The Apes, All The President's Men, Death Wish 2, The Missles Of October, War & Remembrance, The Big Mouth, Mama's Dirty Girls, Executive Suite
  335. American Boxer and Actor born 1921.World middleweight boxing champion 1949-51.Named 'Raging Bull'.Over 110 fights. Also a Actor-->'The Hustler','Raging Bull','Mob War','Hangman'
  336. Canadian swimmer born 1922, competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics
  337. Children's Author
  338. presidential candidate us labor party
  339. Actor - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Carrie, The Unseen, Alligator, The New Mike Hammer (TV), Deep Cover, Lady In White, Shakes The Clown, Ratboy, Future Shock, Freeway, Hot Stuff, The Happy Hooker Goes To Washington, Sinderella & The Golden Bra
  340. American Film/Broadway Actress (b: 1922) -'Marnie','Philadelphia Experiment','Sugarland Express','Mass Appeal','Scruples','Love Field','Hothouse', many TV guest roles (including'Gunsmoke','F.B.I.','Perry Mason','Quincy','X-Files','Falcon Crest','Kojak')
  341. Director: Mutiny, Without Warning, Geronimo, Back to the Planet of the Apes, The A-Team, Mannix, The Rifleman, The Monster that Challenged the World
  342. Former U.S. Senator from Nevada (1974-1987)
  343. NHL Defencemen: Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens, Boston Bruins / Head Coach: Vancouver Canucks & Los Angeles Kings / Playing career: 1945-1956
  344. WWii: Pearl Harbor survivor 7 December 1941, USS California
  345. USA Table Tennis
  346. Writer/Director/Creator of All In The Family, Maude, The Jeffersons, Sanford & Son
  347. Nobel physics laureate 1988
  348. Comic book writer. Co-creator of Spider-man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Avengers, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Doctor Strange, Sliver Surfer and others
  349. opera singer
  350. Actress - Films: The Go-Between (Oscar nom.), Under Capricorn, The Best Man, Calling Bulldog Drummond. Broadway: Separate Tables (Tony win), The Night Of The Iguana (Tony win), Much Ado About Nothing (Tony nom.), Tchin-Tchin (Tony nom.)
  351. basketball
  352. former major league outfielder/first baseman/scout; played for St. Louis Browns, Orioles, Tigers, White Sox & Red Sox; was a scout in the Red Sox organization from (1957-69) & (1974-91); a broken leg in 1954 ended his MLB career
  353. Played for the 1952 Tigers and 1953 Reds
  354. Actor - 'Uncle Leo' on Seinfeld, Papillon, Birdman of Alcatraz, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Outlaw Josie Wales, Kelly's Heroes, Shack Out On 101, Son Of The Beach, How To Stuff A Wild Bikini, many gangster types
  355. Actress: Earthquake, Everything I Have is Yours, Airport '77, The Sting II, Affair with a Stranger, Rollercoaster, Remington Steele, Dead Heat // Singer: Autumn Leaves, People Will Say Were in Love, A Tree in the Meadow
  356. Sweden Soccer Worldcup 1958. Played with Milan in 1950-60
  357. Actor: Magnum PI, Hawaii Five-0, Uncommon Valor, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Seven, Acapulco Gold, Inferno in Paradise
  358. Baseball - 1940's, 50's w/Red Sox, Tigers
  359. adult film star
  360. Mona Lisa  (2)
    Philippines Actress, born on June 22, 1922 in Manila, Philippines as Gloria Yatco. She is an actress, known for Insiang (1976), Mother Ignacia - Ang uliran (1998) and The Rites of May (1976)
  361. British Actress born 1922.She was married to Writer Leslie Charteris.'Born to Kill','Desperade','Tall in the Saddle','Yankee Doodle Dandy','Duke of Chicago','Counterspy','Blue Blood','Indian Uprising'
  362. British Actor. Carry On Films, Ben-Hur
  363. Jazz guitarist, composer, and conductor born 1922; Starsky & Hutch score; worked/performed with Sammy Davis Jr., Rosemary Clooney, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Billie Holiday, Bobby Darin, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Sarah Vaughan a.o
  364. An American comic strip and comic book artist best known for his work on such strips as Tarzan, Li'l Abner and Long Sam
  365. Scientist
  366. Actor: The Avengers / The New Avengers, A View To a Kill, The Howling, Sea Wolves, Masque of the Red Death, Waxwork 1 & 2, Thunder in Paradise, Spy Game, Night Man, Super Force, Transformations
  367. Actor: Maude, The Jerk, My Favorite Year, Tales from the Darkside, Hardcastle & McCormick, Bad Medicine, Nothing in Common, Highway to Heaven, Perry Mason, Murder She Wrote, Sibling Rivalry, Columbo, Seinfeld, Analyze This, Surviving Christmas
  368. American Football, 1945-1948 Detroit Lions
  369. Actor - Wild Bill Hickok (TV - title role), Since You Went Away, Hilda Crane, Till The End Of Time, 5 Against The House, On The Threshold Of Space, The Beast Of Hollow Mountain, The Hard Man, The Last Frontier, Bullwhip, Jet Over The Atlantic
  370. Pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers, 1950
  371. author (the death of a president am. caesar)
  372. Canadian Voice and TV Actor born 1922.'Howdy Doody','The Sting','In the Heat of the Night','Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer','Octagon','The Appaloosa','Singing Nun','Gunsmoke','Bewitched','Green Acres','Hogans Heroes','77 Sunset Strip'
  373. 50s baseball player
  374. 1960's Country Singer. Born: 12/29/1922
  375. German ww2 pilot
  376. American actor born 1922.'Madame X','Marooned','Madigan','Jackie Gleason Show','Hogans Heroes','The Honeymooners','The FBI','Quincy','The Big Valley','The Young and the Restless','Dirty Dozen','Satans School for Girls'
  377. American Actor,Comedian, Director, Producer and TV-Host born 1922.'Ed Sullivan Show','The Lucy Show','Johnny Carson Tonight','Family Ties','Air Bud','Laugh-In','Bob Newhart Show','Password Plus','Dean Martin Comedy Hour','Hollywood Palace'
  378. French actor
  379. MLB pitcher from 1949-59 for A's, White Sox, Orioles, Cardinals, Indians, Cubs. 'Lefty' had best seasons in 1951 going 11-4, 3.78 ERA & 1954 with 5-4 record, 5 saves, .206 ERA
  380. Quinn Martin  (2)
    'The Fugitive' 'The Invaders' 'The F.B.I.' 'The Untouchables'
  381. (alias Musculito) was a member of the anti-Castro movement in 1960s & later was one of 5 men recruited by G.Gordon Liddy & E. Howard Hunt in 1972 for Memorial Day weekend Watergate Burgleries 1st breakin at Democratic National Committee/DNC headqu
  382. Former U.S. Senator from Maryland (1969-1987)
  383. Author
  384. Medal of Honor, US Navy, World War II
  385. Actor
  386. Actor - A Christmas Story (the Old Man), Kolchak: The Night Stalker (title role), Mike Hammer (title role), Riverboat, Crime Photographer (title role), Man With The Golden Arm, The Delicate Delinquent, Beau James, Airport '77, The Natural, Billy Madison
  387. Former U.S. Senator from South Dakota (1963-1981)
  388. Jamacian Olympic Sprinter - 1948 and 1952 - Gold and Silver
  389. hockey player
  390. Actress - The Honeymooners/Alice Kramden, That Touch Of Mink, Take Her She's Mine, Too Close For Comfort, The Name's The Same, Bob and Ray. The Simpsons, Sister of Jayne Meadows
  391. former major league outfielder/manager; played for Red Sox, Orioles, Indians, Reds, Senators & White Sox; managed Twins from 1961-67; former Red Sox scout
  392. Actor - Yanks, Rule Britannia!
  393. Actress - That's My Mama (as Mama), The Wiz (as Aunt Em), The Great Santini, The Serpent & The Rainbow, The Goodbye Girl, Billy Madison, Home Fries
  394. American Producer,Director,Writer born 1922.'Faster Pussycat','Beyond the Valley of Dolls','Motor Psycho','Vixen','Mondo Topless','Cherry, Harry and Raquel','Black Snake','Up','Amazon Woman on the Moon','Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers'
  395. Negro League Baseball Star & ww2 Tuskegee Airmen mechanic
  396. cartoonist (bachelor party)
  397. Former Notre Dame Player
  398. Politics, governor of Michigan 1969-1983
  399. WWII - Bill Millin who was the Piper of the 1st Special Service Commando Brigade, and was amongst the more noticeable men to land on D-Day as he played the Brigade ashore with his bagpipes under enemy fire. Pictured in 'The Longest Day'
  400. Singer/Musician
  401. Fmr United States Congressperson
  402. Lt. Governor of Florida (1979-1987); Governor of Florida (1987)
  403. King of Sigave in Wallis and Futuna
  404. Former Governor of Arizona (1988-1991)
  405. former college/NFL quarterback; played for University of Maryland & Washington Redskins; former Head Coach of University of Maryland; former NFL assistant coach
  406. Lz x-ray 1965 nam wrote we were soldiers with joe galloway
  407. Former Australian Test Cricketer
  408. Author
  409. Author
  410. 1950's Boston Red Sox pitcher
  411. UGA Bulldogs radio broadcaster
  412. Former Australian Politician and Justice of the High Court
  413. prime minister zimbabwe
  414. Author
  415. A narrator, announcer, and game show host ('Now You See It' and 'Concentration' in the 1970's). Older brother of Tom Kennedy.
  416. Rams C/LB 1946-50
  417. Medal of Honor recipient, World War II
  418. Steelers end 47-57
  419. World renowned photographer
  420. televsion producer writer
  421. Gov. James Gatling on Benson
  422. presenter of 'It'll be alright on the night' on ITV
  423. medal of honor army vietnam
  424. Actress-If Winter Comes,The Big Operator,The Beast Generation,Plan 9 From Outer Space,Sex Kittens Go To College,The Magic Sword,Population One,Dry
  425. Cinematographer - Fanny and Alexander (AA win), Cries & Whispers (AA win), The Unbearable Lightness Of Being (AA nom), Scenes From A Marriage, Barabbas, The Tenant, Chaplin, Pretty Baby, The Sacrifice, Postman Always Rings Twice '81, Sleepless In Seattle
  426. army general
  427. former college halfback/coach; played for University of Pennsylvania; coached at Bucknell, Pennsylvania, Williams College & Wisconsin; member of College Football Hall of Fame; All-American; draft by Steelers but never played an NFL down
  428. WWII Ace[17 victories] and shot down four jets in Vietnam
  429. Friday The 13th-The Series,Super Phoenix
  430. co-pilot bockscar b-29 that dropped the bomb on nagasaki japan in ww2
  431. Japanese soldier from WW2 who hid in the jungle for 30 years refusing to surrender to the Allies; is now living in Brazil; author of 'No Surrender: My Thirty Year War'
  432. Musician
  433. Actress: Bathing Beauty, Of Human Bondage, Cheyenne, Winter Meeting, The Younger Brothers, Two Gals and a Guy, It's Always Jan, Silk Stockings, Please Don't Eat the Daisies, Bachelor in Paradise, Eight Is Enough, Gun Shy, Trapper John M.D., Santa Barbara
  434. writer
  435. Played 'Maximus' in 'Planet of The Apes'
  436. Actress (b: 1922) - Detective Story (AA nom), Caged (AA nom), Interrupted Melody (AA nom), Of Human Bondage, Woman In White, Valentino, Scaramouche, Naked Jungle, Man With The Golden Arm, A King & Four Queens, Return To Peyton Place, The Sound Of Music
  437. MLB pitcher from 1947-56 for Red Sox. Known as 'Dusy'. 2x All-Star./ In 1949 led league with 25 wins, losing 7, 2 saves plus ERA title of 2.77.In 1950 went 18-10, 3 saves & 1951 went 18-11, 2 saves. No-Hitter in 1956. Broadcaster many years for Red Sox
  438. Actress - It! The Terror From Beyond Space, Batman '43, The Land Unknown, World Without End, many '40s Westerns, many unbilled parts
  439. Movie director ('Bonnie and Clyde') Born: 09/27/1922
  440. boxer
  441. Scientist
  442. Former Governor of New Hampshire (1969-1973)
  443. Singer/Musician
  444. basketball player
  445. Actor - Disney's Cinderella (voice of Prince Charming), Invaders From Mars, War Of The Worlds, Five, Cat-Women Of The Moon, Crossfire, Executive Suite, Eleanor & Franklin (as Theodore Roosevelt), Twilight Zone (The Purple Testament), MANY '50's-'60's TV p
  446. Actor: The Untouchables, House of Wax, Marjorie Morningstar, Strangers When We Meet, Airport, Operation Pacific, The Tanks are Coming, To Hell and Back, Here's Lucy, Capricorn One, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure, Simon & Simon, Diagnosis Murder
  447. Secretary of Housing
  448. British glider pilot, born 1922
  449. MLB pitcher from 1949-56 for Yankees, Browns, Orioles, and Phillies. Best season was 1954 with 11 wins and 3.12 ERA
  450. movie producer
  451. American actress born 12/08/1925.movies from 1936-55.'Roller Derby Girl','Abbott and Costello in Hollywood','G.I.Jane','Bathing Beauty','Cry Danger','Kentucky Jubilee','Left Hand of God','Heart of the Rio Grande'.was married to Director Edward Dmytryk
  452. former college/AAFC/NFL guard/center/tackle; played for University of Michigan, Packers, Lions & NY Bulldogs; member of College Football Hall of Fame; All-American; became a successful businessman
  453. French actress born 1922.'Devil in the Flesh','Donkey Skin','The Blood of Others','King of Hearts','If a Man Answers','Her Bridal Night','Under My Skin','Sins of Pompeii','Napoleon','Les Miserables','Tender Souls'
  454. American actor and writer born 1922.Dr.Matt Powers on'The Doctors'(1963-82),Bruce Elliott on'As the World Turns','Guiding Light','Night of the Comet','All My Children'
  455. Actress - December Bride, Pete & Gladys, Dragon Seed, Mrs. Parkington, Abbott & Costello In Hollywood, Bad Bascomb, Girl Crazy
  456. Australian Actress
  457. American actress and pinup model born 1921.movies from 1940-56.'Booby Dupes','The Lone Rider in Ghost Town','Wife Decoy','Night and Day','Dead or Alive','1000 and one Nights','Seven Doors to Death','Ziegfeld Girl','Arabian Nights'
  458. Baseball player; played for the Boston Braves in 1952
  459. French actor in european movies born 1922.'Golden Helmet','The Finger Man','La Ronde','The Leopard','Paris Blues','Napoleon','The Bohemian Life','Bad Blood','Cat and Mouse','Not Delivered'
  460. Actor / Writer / Director: Your Show Of Shows, The Dick Van Dyke Show,The Man With Two Brains, Oh, God!, The Jerk, Oceans 11-12-13, The Russians Are Coming..., The Gazebo, Summer School, Fatal Instinct, Sibling Rivalry
  461. Born in 1922. Played in the NFL for the 1947 Los Angeles Dons
  462. Famous French Movie Director whose career has extended over more than six decades. Born: 06/03/1922
  463. Opera singer.Born 08/30/1922
  464. Former Chicago Cubs catcher in the 1960's
  465. Female Voice Over Talent
  466. Inventor - High resolution radar & sonar. Inducted into the National Inventors Hall Of Fame in 1994. Composer for Broadway & Off-Broadway productions. Retired lecturer from M.I.T
  467. hockey
  468. MLB outfielder from 1952-62 for Whie Sox, A's and Browns. Led league in 1953 withe 16 triples and in 1955 with 25 stolen bases. Nicknamed Jungle Jim
  469. Actor: All the Presidents Men, Julia, Melvin & Howard, A Thousand Clowns, Long Days Journey Into Night, Once Upon a Time in the West, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Day After, Hour of the Gun, Parenthood, Magnolia, Crimson Tide, Going Home
  470. writer director
  471. long-time comic artist for DC, created 'The Joker'
  472. American Actress (b: 1922) - Strangers On A Train, Champion, The Window, Jungle Queen (title role), Belle Starr's Daughter (title role), Colt .45, Dallas '50, Mara Maru, Tanganyika, The Far Country, The Bottom Of The Bottle, The Long Hot Summer (TV)
  473. Medal of Honor recipient: World War II
  474. Nora Roberts other writing name, signed as JD Roth not Nora Roberts
  475. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
  476. Canadian Football Player
  477. Irish Actress born in 1922.Leading actress in British movies from 1947-1957.Retired after despite some invitations to Hollywood
  478. Nobel Prize winner: Nobel Prize of Literature
  479. former college center; played for Northwestern University; member of College Football Hall of Fame; All-American
  480. Activist
  481. Actor: 'Kojak', Bofeld in 'Her Majesty's Secret Service', guest starred on 'The Twilight Zone'
  482. Author
  483. Am. Actor - The Patty Duke Show,Dobie Gillis,The Torkelsons,Incredible Shrinking Man,In The Heat of The Night,Man From Planet X,Speedway,Twilight Zone,Hardy Boys-Nancy Drew,The New Gidget,Star Trek (-Tribbles episode),Get Smart,Santa Barbara,True Blood
  484. AAGPBL center fielder and bat girl for the 1943-1946 Racine Belles
  485. German pow in new mexico during world war of 'a german pow in new mexico'
  486. Canadian Ace of WWII, Pilot
  487. Author
  488. German UFA actress born in 1922.Over 90ty movies from 1931-1988.'Der Hauptmann von Koepenick','Michel aus Loenneberga','Weisser Flieder','Unter den Bruecken','Alle lieben Peter','Der Fuerst von Pappenheim','wie einst Lili Marleen'
  489. former baseball/basketball player; played for Reds, Dodgers, Phillies & Anderson Packers,Fort Wayne Pistons, Minneapolis Lakers; won two championships with the Lakers