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Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1923
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  1. Writer 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind', 'Garlic Kisses'
  2. Actor - The FBI, The Invisible Boy, Sweet Bird Of Youth, The Bachelor Party '57, The Spiral Road, Hangar 18, The Young & The Restless, General Hospital, Rich Man, Poor Man Book 2, Iron Man & Spider-Man (voice of Col. Nick Fury), many TV guest star roles
  3. Former U.S. Senator from South Dakota (1981-1987); SBA Administrator (1987-1989)
  4. Poet-Speak Old Parrot
  5. NFL. Owner of the Tennessee Titans
  6. American Actor,Writer and Director born 1923.Maxwell Smart on'Get Smart'(1965-1970),Gadget on 'Inspector Gadget' (1983-1986),'The Love Boat','Match Game','The Nude Bomb','Jimmy The Kid','Pepper Ann','Fantasy Island'
  7. 50's R&B and Gospel Singer, b. Fanny Tuell
  8. First CMSgt of the Air Force
  9. British Actor born 1923 often Co-Star in Norman Wisdom Movies.Charlie Hungerford on 'Bergerac','Day of the Jackal','League of Gentleman','Waterloo','Runaway Bus','Square Peg','Bulldog Breed','Carry On','Mind Benders','Only When I Larf','Good for the Goose
  10. president azerbaijan army general
  11. American Singer, Dancer and Actor born 1923. 'Niagara' (as Marilyn Monroe's boyfriend),'Snows of Kilimanjaro','Song in My Heart','Montezuma','Bloodhounds of Broadway','The Egyptian','Kleine Leute mal ganz Gross','Rest is Silence','Scala'
  12. HOF builder and now with the Philadelphia Flyers organization
  13. MLB starting and relief pitcher from 1950-53 for the White Sox. Career stats - 18-3 record, 15 saves and 3.44 ERA
  14. Former Prime Minister of Iran
  15. speed skater
  16. Movie director ['if ...', 'The Whales of August']
  17. nobel physics laureate 1977
  18. Male Singer/Musician
  19. American Actor born 1923.Brother of Actor Peter Graves.Matt Dillon in 'Gunsmoke'(1955-75),'Thing from Another World','Island in the Sky','Hondo','Them!','Big Jim McLain','Two Lost Worlds','Veils of Bagdad','Sea Chase'
  20. Girls Baseball - All American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL); pitcher for the South Bend Blue Sox
  21. Captain of the boat 'Exodus'
  22. Author
  23. track & fielf hof olympics
  24. French film critic, film director and writer
  25. Former Governor of Oregon (1979-1987)
  26. British Actor - The Great Escape, Jurassic Park 1-2, Flight Of The Phoenix, Dr. Dolittle, The Sand Pebbles, 10 Rillington Place, The League of Gentleman, Brannigan. Director - Gandhi (AA), Chaplin, A Chorus Line, A Bridge Too Far, Magic, Shadowlands
  27. photographer
  28. British Actor - Arabesque, Day Of The Jackal, Children Of The Damned, This Sporting Life, Telefon, The Medusa Touch, Agatha, Nijinsky, Luther, Otley, The Adventurers, Bitter Harvest, Salome (as John the Baptist), Magic Fire (as Richard Wagner), Shogun
  29. Actor: Diff'rent Strokes, Maude, Dark Shadows, The Anderson Tapes, Bananas, I Never Sang for My Father, C.H.O.M.P.S., The Edge of Night, Hello Larry, Mr. President
  30. Australian Actor born 1923.'Blood of the Vampire','Town Like Alice','Dentist in the Chair','Carry On','Where Eagles Dare','Oh What a Lovley War','Man Who Sued God','Country Practice'
  31. Baltimore Orioles coach 70,s
  32. British Singer
  33. 1999 Templeton prize award
  34. Game Show Host: The Price Is Right, Truth Or Consequences, What's My Line, Tattletales, The Family Game, Simon Says // Actor: Happy Gilmore, Something So Right
  35. Member of the House of Lords
  36. AAGPBL Grand Rapid Chicks 1948
  37. Choir Director for Billy Graham Crusades
  38. Miss America 1943
  39. Actress
  40. American Actress born 1923.Won Oscar for Sophie MacDonald in 'The Razors Edge'(1946).'All About Eve','The 10 Commandments','The Sullivans','Follow the Sun','I Confess','Blue Gardenia','Magnificent Ambersons','Cimarron','Yellow Sky'
  41. Retired British General, who served in WW2 and saw active service in France 1944 and in Java 1946
  42. Noted Civil War and World War II Historian. WWII Marine, 3rd Raider Battalion (Battle of Guadalcanal), Chief historian for the National Park Service 1981 - 1994
  43. Ice Skater. Actress - Suspense, The Hunted, The Gangster, The Man On The Eiffel Tower, Never Let Me Go, Invitation To The Dance, Silk Stockings, Silver Skates, Lady Let's Dance
  44. Started Taco Bell
  45. Hockey player, New York Rangers 1942-47. World War 2 Veteran
  46. Children's Author/Illustrator - The Berenstain Bears
  47. Actor - Broadway: Fiddler On The Roof & Zorba (Emmy noms for both). TV: Arnie (title role), Peter Gunn (Golden Globe noms for both). Films: Irma La Douce, Love With The Proper Stranger, The Front. Voice of Charlie the Tuna and The Jolly Green Giant
  48. Former President Colombia
  49. Former Archbishop of Philadelphia (1987-2003)
  50. Medal of Honor recipient, France, WWII
  51. Swedish Actress - Movie- 'Miss Julie'(1951),'Waiting Women'(1952),'The Long Search' (1952),'Of Love And Lust'(1955),'Night People(1954),'Moon Over Hellesta' (1956),'Square of Violence'(1961),'The Cornet'(1955,'Private Confessions'(1996), 'Heritage'(1979)
  52. American Stage and Movie Actress. Movies - 'Marty'(1955), 'Mystery Street'(1950), 'All Night Long'(1962), 'The Snake Pit'(1948), 'A Delicate Balance(1973)' ,'Betrayed'(1988), 'The Halliday Brand (1957)' 'Calle Mayor' (1956), 'The Hours' (2002)
  53. Opera singer
  54. North of 60
  55. hockey
  56. MLB 3rd & 1st baseman, shortstop from 1948-60 for 6 teams. Known as 'Ike'. 2x All-Star. Led league in RBI's with 116 in 1955. Best season - 1953 with 94 RS, 8 triples, 26 HR's, 114 RBI's, .296 BA. Father of Bob Boone. Grandfather of Bret & Aaron Boone
  57. Brazilian Actress - Movie - ' Poeira de Estrelas' (1948), 'Barnabé Tu Ã-s Meu' (1952), 'Aviso aos Navegantes' (1950), 'Eva no Brasil' (1956), 'Carnaval em Marte' (1955), 'Aviso aos Navegantes' (1950), 'Garotas e Samba' (1957), 'Vamos com Calma' (1956)
  58. WWII veteran, Battle of the Bulge
  59. American Former Football Player - Halfback - 'Detroit Lions' (1949-1950, 1952-1954)
  60. John Bradley  (2)
    Flag Raiser Iwo Jima
  61. concert violinist
  62. British field marshal, also known as Baron Bramall, served as Chief of the General Staff, the professional head of the British Army, between 1979 and 1982
  63. wrestler
  64. Swiss actor and theater director
  65. Author - Non Fiction
  66. U.S. Senator from Maryland (1963-1969)
  67. Former LSU and Professional Basketball Player
  68. Last Survivor Of The HMS Hood
  69. Football player
  70. Former Governor of Texas (1973-1979)
  71. Norwegian Former Female Singer - Popular, And Jazz Music. Norway's First Ever Participant In The Eurovision Song Contest 1960 And 1961
  72. Etiquette Expert, Faking It' and 'What The Butler Saw'
  73. actor (f-troup/trooper vandebuilt)
  74. Bob Brown  (4)
    1948 Prov. Steamrollers
  75. Former Navy/San Diego State guard/linebacker
  76. Scottish Former Female Actress - Movie - 'For Your Eyes Only' (1981). TV Series - ,'Mr. Digby Darling' (1969-1971), 'Who Do You Do' (1972-1976), 'Janet and Company'(1980-1982), 'Mike Yarwood in Persons'(1978-1979), 'How Do You View?'(1952-1953) Plus More
  77. American Male Author And Illustrator - Children's Books - Novel - 'Beautiful Blackbird' (2003), 'Freedom Over Me' (2016), 'Let It Shine' (2007), 'Beat the Story - Drum, Pum - Pum' (1980), 'The Dancing Granny' (1977) Plus Many More Novels
  78. English Former Actress - TV Series - 'Last Of The Summer Wine' (2000-2005), 'Happily Ever After' (Guest Role)(1961-1964), 'Before The Fringe' (Guest)(1967). Movie - 'A Taste Of Honey' (1961), 'The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery' (1966) Plus Many More
  79. movie director
  80. American Female Author - Children's Books - ';Novel - 'Grandfather And I' (1969), 'Grandmother And I' (1961), 'Where Did Josie Go?' (1962), 'Michael Is Brave' (1971), 'The Little Boy And The Birthdays' (1965), 'The Leftover Bridge' (1924) Plus Many More
  81. Former U.S. Senator from New York (1971-1977), WWII Veteran
  82. Author - America's Greatest Game, NFL Rules!
  83. football
  84. Receiver, 1950 Cleveland Browns NFL Champions, born 1923
  85. World Golf Hall of Fame
  86. actor; played in 'Planet of the Apes', 'Save The Tiger', 'Diamonds are Forver'; was a regular on 'Wonder Woman'
  87. Tv series editor Among the many is The Beverly Hillbillies
  88. Author
  89. Bill Campbell  (2)
    Basketball HOF (Gowdy Award)/former voice of the Philadelphia Eagles, 76ers and Phillies/'The Dean' of Philadelphia sportscasting
  90. ex-linebacker New York Giants
  91. German - Born Greek Former Male Orchestral Conductor
  92. nobel medicine laureate 2000
  93. Baseball Radio Broadcaster for Minnesota Twins 1961-Present / Baseball HOF in 1996
  94. American Former Female Actress -Movie -' I Married A Monster From Outer Space' (1958), 'Fun with Dick and Jane' (1977), 'The Phenix City Story' (1955). TV Series - 'The Betty Hutton Show'(1959-60), 'The Andy Griffith Show'(Guest)(1962-65)
  95. American Former Female Actress - Movie - 'Invaders From Mars' (1953), 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye' (1950), 'The Pathfinder' (1952), 'Fort Worth' (1951), 'The Fighting O'Flynn' (1949), 'River Lady' (1948), 'The Golden Hawk' (1952)
  96. American Female Former Author - Novel - 'Off The Road' (1990), 'Heart Beat: My Life With Jack & Neal' (1976), 'Travel Tips For The Timid; Or, What Guidebooks Never Tell' (2018), 'Van Gogh's Ear: Best World Poetry & Prose' (2005)
  97. drummer spirit (i got a line on you 69)
  98. American Former Female Actress - Movie - 'Rope' (1948), 'Humoresque' (1946). TV Series - 'Pulitzer Prize Playhouse'(1950-1952), 'Somerset Maugham TV Theatre' (1951), 'Armstrong Circle Theatre' (Guest Role)(1951,1962)
  99. American Former Female Singer - Pop Music. Single - 'Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me' (1952)
  100. American Football player, HB, Michigan 1942-47. College Football Hall of Fame 1988
  101. American Former Female Chef, Author & TV Personality. Known As Queen of Creole Cuisine. Novel - 'The Dooky Chase Cookbook' (1990), 'And Still I Cook' (2003), 'Down Home Healthy: Family Recipes Of Black American Chefs' (1994)
  102. American playwright, screenwriter and novelist. He is the only person to have won three solo Academy Awards for Best Screenplay/Film's; 'The Hospital' & 'Network'
  103. French actor born 1923.'The Hairdressers Husband','Man on the Train','Widow of St.Pierre','Ridicule','Clara De Montargis','Elles','The Sleeping Car Murder','Leave Your Hands on my Hips'
  104. Mexican Former Female Actress - Movie - 'Tarzan And The Mermaids'; (1948), 'Battle Zone' (1952), 'The Moment of Truth' (1965), 'Murder in Amsterdam' (1966), 'The Devil's Hand' (1961), 'The VIPs' (1963), 'Slaves Of Babylon' (1953), 'The Happy Time' (1952)
  105. Archbishop of Sydney, Australia (1983-2001)
  106. former major league outfielder; played for Yankees, A's & Indians; 2X World Series championship
  107. Author
  108. vintage actress - The Tragedy of Othello
  109. Track & Field HOF. First Black Female to win Olympic Gold Medal (1948) Born: 11/09/1923
  110. football
  111. American Actor born 1923. Dr.Zaius on the TV series 'Planet of the Apes'(1974-81), 'Daniel Boone', 'World Without End', 'Lou Grant', 'Untouchables', 'Bonanaza', 'F.B.I.', 'Mannix', 'Quincy', 'General Hospital', 'Gunsmoke', Star Trek voy
  112. invertor (enovid oral contraceptive)
  113. Vintage actor, husband of Jane Connell
  114. inventor (tetracycline antibiotic)
  115. Shore boat racer
  116. television productor director
  117. Author
  118. Actor
  119. Italian actress born 1924.'Day For Night','Juliet of the Spirits','Barabbas','Thieves Highway','Axel Munthe','The Barefoot Contessa','Malaya','Jesus of Nazareth','Baron Munchhausen','Brother Sun,Sister Moon','The Evil Eye','Sparrow'
  120. Screenwriter
  121. fashion designer
  122. End in the 40's. Played with Sammy Baugh
  123. Author - What If...? Vol 1
  124. Author
  125. French actor, played in several mini TV series
  126. Author
  127. Actress: Amityville 3D, Shoot the Moon, Another World, 3:10 to Yuma, Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  128. Actress/Singer/Dancer (b: 1924) - Gypsy (as Miss Mazeppa in the original 1959 Broadway production & the 1962 film). Trumpeter. Painter. Former swimmer. She is frequently a candidate for mayor of Washington DC
  129. golf
  130. AAGPBL
  131. Actress
  132. concert pianist
  133. Spanish Soprano. Sang at the MET, NY 1951-1961. National Award of Music 1978
  134. Argentinian actor
  135. Hall of Fame Golfer
  136. Baseball player with the Cards and Red Sox in the 1950's
  137. legendary clarinetist and bandleader
  138. Tatlong magdelena
  139. cinematographer - Once Upon a Time in America
  140. Miss America 1942, Actress - The Jolson Story, Dick Tracy '50 (TV series - Breathless Mahoney), Winged Victory, Prehistoric Women, Pickup, The Adventures of Kit Carson, Everybody Rides the Carousel, The Abbott and Costello Show
  141. New Jersey mobster who is a former captain and consigliere for the Genovese crime family.
  142. Griff in The Great Escape
  143. Musician/Classical Guitarist
  144. Australian Newsreader and television pioneer
  145. Author/Deliverance (novel/screenplay) (1972)/American poet and novelist. He was appointed the eighteenth Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1966. He also received the Order of the South award
  146. St Louis Cardinals 1940's and 1950's
  147. track & field olympics hof
  148. UNC Basketball In 40s And NBA
  149. Voice actress; Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Spider-man
  150. Chemist - The First Oral Contraceptive Pill
  151. MLB H.O.F. outfielder 1947-59 - Indians, White Sox, Tigers. First black player in AL. 7x All-Star. Led league in RS 1x, HR 2x, RBI 1x, & slug %.1954 Runner-up for MVP - 94 RS, 18 doubles, 4 triples, 32 HR, 106 RBI, .272 BA./ 2 W.S. champs - double, HR
  152. Blind flat-picking old-time guitar player
  153. Sculptor born in 1923
  154. Former U.S. Senator from Kansas (1969-1996); unsuccessful Republican Presidential Candidate (1988, 1996)
  155. Singer, songwriter, musician; wrote, performed and sang many of the songs for Schoolhouse Rock
  156. Actor: Beauty & the Beast, Amadeus, Dickens of London, Cheech & Chong's Corsican Brothers, Hellboy 2, Swimming with Sharks, Spider-Man, Picket Fences, Misleading Cases, The Cutting Edge, Game of Thrones
  157. American Actress born 1923.Sister of Actress Constance Dowling.Movies->'Lost Weekend','Bitter Rice','Blue Dahlia','Alina','Othello','Birds Do It','Tell Me Where It Hurts','Bonanza'
  158. Retired basketball player played for the providence steamrollers debut 1947
  159. MLB 1st base from 1949-61 for Red Sox, Reds, Tigers, Orioles & White Sox; 1950 R.O.Y. & All-Star. Led league with 144 RBI's and total bases, getting 101 RS, 28 doubles, 8 triples, 34 HR's & ,322 BA./ ML record for 12 hits in a row. Drafted by NBA & NFL
  160. Actor: 1776, Deadhead Miles, The Happy Hooker, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, King of the Gypsies, Airplane!, A Stranger is Watching, Police Squad!, Mrs. Soffel, Funny Farm, Elvira - Mistress of the Dark, Trial by Jury, In & Out, Ed
  161. German actor in british movies born movies from 1952-00.'A Clockwork Orange','Arabesque','Possession','The Electronic Monster','The Boys From Brazil','Biggles','Inside the Third Reich','Peter the Great'
  162. poet (pomes) pulitzer prize 1962
  163. Actor - Bourbon Street Beat (TV), 12 O'Clock High (TV), Lancer (TV-title role), Medical Center (TV), Falcon Crest (TV), Room For One More (TV), The Chapman Report, Seven Days In May, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, In Like Flint, It's Alive 1&2
  164. Played baseball for the 1953 Cardinals
  165. Actor: Tootsie, The Sting, Dog Day Afternoon, The Choirboys, North Dallas 40, The Fury, The Front Page, Queen Of The Stardust Ballroom, To Be Or Not To Be, True Confessions, The Hindenburg, Dick Tracy, Evening Shade, Rescue Me, When a Stranger Calls
  166. french actor
  167. 2000 Templeton Award winner
  168. Actor - Dark Shadows (as Brutus Collins), All My Children (as Langley Wallingford), Young Dr. Malone, Search For Tomorrow, Come Spy With Me
  169. Bruce Edwards  (2)
    Former player for the Brooklyn Dodgers
  170. Actor - North By Northwest, The Gazebo, 3:10 To Yuma, Too Much Too Soon, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Mandrake The Magician, many TV guest-starring roles (including The Untouchables, Gunsmoke, Thriller, Star Trek: TNG, Mission: Impossible - 1955-1998)
  171. Actor - I, The Jury '53 (as Mike Hammer), The True Story Of Jesse James, Pork Chop Hill, PT-109, MANY TV guest starring roles
  172. Author
  173. Former WWE Female Wrestler (60's-80's) / WWE Hall of Famer
  174. Retired jockey and trainer in Thoroughbred horse racing
  175. MLB second baseman on the 1947 Senators. Manager of the Twins 1967-68
  176. Founder of Atlantic Records, was portrayed by actor Curtis Armstrong in the film, 'Ray'1987 rock and roll hall of fame inductee
  177. British actor born movies from 1956-2005.'Spider','A Childs Christmas in Wales','On My Own','The Visual Bible','Our Fathers','TekWar','Dieppe'
  178. Musician/Guitarist
  179. Composer/Songwriter
  180. UK House of Lords
  181. Actress: Music in My Heart, Pennies from Heaven, Stardust on Sage, Nobody's Children, Jane Eyre, Little Adventuress, Heart of Rio Grande, Girls Town, Five Little Peppers, Huckleberry Finn, The Hills Have Eyes Part 2, In the Mood
  182. American film producer - American Gigolo
  183. Halloween 4, The Wedding Singer
  184. Nobel prize for physics 1980, worked on Manhattan Project
  185. Actress - Spellbound, Out Of The Past, The Spiral Staircase, A Conn. Yankee, Little Egypt, Gunfight-OK Corral, Slightly Scarlet, Hong Kong, Serpent Of The Nile, Abilene Town, Cry Danger, While The City Sleeps, Alias Jesse James,The Big Circus, Backtrack
  186. Author Author or coauthor of more than 30 books, including 'God & Philosophy' (1966), revised as 'God: a Philosophical Critique' 'The Presumption of Atheism' (1976); 'Social Life and Moral Judgment'and 'There Is a God'
  187. baseball
  188. Actress; many TV series, including 'Search For Tomorrow', 'The Edge of Night', 'Another World', among many others
  189. Robert Ford  (2)
    British Army Officer
  190. Author - Rhapsody
  191. Author
  192. cinematographer ( rosemary's baby, bulitt 1941)
  193. Author of the wind along the river
  194. British Actress ('A Handful of Dust')
  195. Chemist/Educator - created many self-testing systems for diabetes
  196. Born in 1923. Is a former managing editor and Washington bureau chief for the Chicago Tribune. He is the co-author of a book on the role of oil in World War II. Also is a WWII veteran, served as a Staff Sergeant in the 8th Armored Division
  197. One of the fathers of the Ford Mustang
  198. Ed Wood's 'Glen or Glenda?' and 'Bride of the Monster', also songwriter (Elvis' 'Rock-a-Hula')
  199. basketball hof coach
  200. Nobel medicine laureate 1976
  201. Mike Garcia  (2)
    50s baseball player-died 1986
  202. Singer/Musician
  203. Singer/Musician
  204. Actor
  205. American Football, 1947 Washington Redskins
  206. author historian (savage reprisals, freud)
  207. Actor: Alligator, Cookie, Last Action Hero, Cannonball Run II, Sudden Impact, The Godfather Part II
  208. American Actress born 1923.Sophia Petrillo on 'Golden Girls'(1985-92),'Stop Or My Mom Will Shot','Golden Palace','Copacabana','Mannequin','Mask','Million Dollar Kid'.Retired 2000 after revealing She had Parkinson disease
  209. Actress - Bewitched (as Esmeralda), Designing Women (as Bernice), Evening Shade, Capt. Nice, Jackie Gleason & His American Scene Magazine, Grease, The Graduate, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Flim-Flam Man, Viva Max, Gator. 'The Female Paul Lynde'
  210. James Gilbert  (2)
    Producer/director born 1923
  211. Writer, 'Mrs. Pollifax' series, among others
  212. Author
  213. Retired baseball player
  214. Baseball / Played 1 Year in Majors (1944) / Known More for Managing Padres & Cubs During the 1960's & 70's / Born In Cuba
  215. nobel lit. laureate 1991
  216. Singer/Musician
  217. John Gorman  (2)
    Was between 1998 and 2003 an Ulster Unionist Party MLA for North Down, and one of the few Roman Catholics to be elected as a Unionist representative in Northern Ireland
  218. American Actor born 1923.Miles Webber on 'The Golden Girls'(1985-92),Martin Morgenstern on 'Rhoda'(1974-75),'Men from Shiloh','F.B.I.','Soap','The Sting','Freaky Friday','Harper','Where Does It Hurt?','Silent Movie','Dream Chasers','Browns Requiem'
  219. Actress - The Bad & The Beautiful (AA win - Best Actress '53), It's A Wonderful Life, The Big Heat, Oklahoma!, Crossfire, In A Lonely Place, The Greatest Show On Earth, Macao, Sudden Fear, The Cobweb, Not As A Stranger, Odds Against Tomorrow, Human Desire
  220. Auto Racing. Both Motorsports HOFs. CEO of STP
  221. producer, honorary mayor of Hollywood, chairman of the Hollywood Walk of Fame selection committee
  222. Oscar-nominated American film actress and television producer
  223. David Gray  (3)
    Football Player - Toronto Argonauts
  224. Romanian Actress in European Movies (b:1923) - 'La Dolce Vita'(memorable mink coat striptease),'Two for the Road','Maniac','Naked Runner','Casta Diva','Wife for a Night','The Captain's Table','Sins of Casanova','Crooked Road','The Oldest Profession'
  225. American Actor born 1923.'Wolfen','One Life to Live','Steal the Sky','Hanky Panky','Homeboy','Heart','Law and Order','Naked City','The Sopranos'
  226. Author
  227. Former U.S. Senator from Michigan (1966-1979); Currently on the Michigan State Supreme Court
  228. British judge and barrister, received the Military Cross for valor in WW2; also known as William Hugh Griffiths, Baron Griffiths
  229. Former PM of Greece
  230. Australian Televison pioneer and producer
  231. WWII veteran; 101st Airborne, Original Band of Brothers; co-author of 'Brothers in Battle: Best of Friends'
  232. singer/guitarist - song Dark Moon
  233. Actress - Singin' In The Rain (Oscar nom.), The Asphalt Jungle, The Danny Thomas Show, Side Street, Carbine Williams, Adam's Rib, The Big Knife, Ambush, The Shaggy Dog, Sunrise At Campobello, Panic In The Year Zero, Dead Ringer, lots of TV
  234. U.S. Representative from Texas
  235. Austrian composer
  236. Actress: Night Court, St. Elsewhere, Barney Miller, Meet Millie, Junior G - Men, The Betty White Show, Archie Bunker's Place, Angie, Alice // Sister of Billy Halop
  237. 'Soul Sister: The Journal of a White Woman Who Turned Herself Black and Went to Live & Work in Harlem and Mississippi' (1969) 'Evers: A Biography of Charles Evers' (1971)'Black-White Sex' (1972)'Bessie Yellowhair' (1973)
  238. Actor: Jaws, Jaws 2, The Graduate, The Way We Were, 1941, The Boston Strangler, Anatomy of A Murder, The Spirit of St. Louis, No Time For Sergeants, The FBI Story, The Hustler, Seconds, No Way to Treat a Lady, The Amityville Horror, Brubaker
  239. British director,actor and producer born 1923.'The Avengers','The Buccaneers','X:The Unknow','Tales of the Unexpected','Wuthering Heights'
  240. TV Writer - The Waltons (210 episodes - creator & narrator), Falcon Crest (198 episodes), Apples Way (28 episodes), The Twilight Zone (8 episodes). Author - Spencer's Mountain. Executive Producer - The Waltons, Falcon Crest
  241. Singer/Musician
  242. Played in the NBA in the 1950's
  243. Author
  244. Jazz musician
  245. Convicted in the slaying of Herman Tarnower author of the Scarsdale Diet
  246. Tee Hee in 007's Live & Let Die
  247. Author - Pushing Up Daisies
  248. Author
  249. Linda Hayes  (2)
    Singer. Born 12/10/1923 Singer. Sang with the Platters & Red Callender in the 50's. Last known address South Orange, NJ from her brother's (Tony Williams of the Platters) obituary
  250. Aagpbl
  251. Actor: Gun Law Justice, Riders of the Dusk, Night Riders of Montana, The Range Rider, The Roy Rogers Show, The Lone Ranger, Rawhide, Wagon Train, Bonanza, The Virginian, Lassie, The Incredible Melting Man, Claws, V, Pulse, Little Giants
  252. Former Governor of Missouri (1965-1973)
  253. jazz bassist - modern jazz quartet
  254. American poet. Work combined a deep interest in form with a passionate desire to confront the horrors of 20th century history, in WW2, in which he fought, & the Holocaust a recurrent themes in his work
  255. WWII veteran; 101st Airborne, Original Band of Brothers; co-author of 'Brothers in Battle: Best of Friends'
  256. Children's Author
  257. Former Canadian politician, Minister of Defence from 1963 - 1967, Parliament member from 1958 - 1974
  258. Rugby League Player (Deceased)
  259. MLB shortstop from 1949-59 with Cardinals & Phillies. Managed Cardinals from 1959-61; served as a coach for Mets & Indians; also managed at AAA level. Best seasons were 1952 with 15 home runs, 105 runs scored (led league) and 1953 with 110 runs scored
  260. Actor (b: 8/8/1923) - 26 Men (TV series 1957-1959 as Ranger Clint Travis), Mercenaries Of The Rio Grande, Pyramid Of The Sun God
  261. American Football
  262. American Actress born 1923.Alice Mitchell on 'Dennis the Menace'(1959-63),'Racing Luck','Rancho Notorious','Air Hostess','Freudin Rythm','Kill the Umpire','Mrs.Grant Takes Richmond','Johnny Allegro','My Little Margie','Arkansas Swing'
  263. Actor - The 10 Commandments, Ben-Hur, Planet Of The Apes, Touch Of Evil, Greatest Show On Earth, El Cid, Diamond Head, Major Dundee, Agony & The Ecstasy, Will Penny, The Hawaiians, Omega Man, Soylent Green, Airport '75, Earthquake, Midway, Mountain Men
  264. Actress, Wife Of Charlton, Photographer
  265. Film Director - Love Story, Silver Streak, Man Of La Mancha, The In-Laws, The Out-Of-Towners, The Hospital, Tobruk, Plaza Suite, The Man In The Glass Booth, Nightwing, many '50's-'60's TV programs
  266. Rams, Hall of Fame running back
  267. former Air Force General
  268. 61st Governor of Virginia 1970-1974 and Father-in-Law of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine
  269. Singer/Musician
  270. Author (The Falling) 1999
  271. Jim Hughes  (2)
    Former pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers
  272. cartoonist
  273. Author
  274. American Japanese Character actor - MASH, Twilight Zone etc
  275. Author
  276. British Actor born 1923.was married to Actress Rona Anderson.Mr.Angus Hudson-Butler on'Upstairs Downstairs'(1971-75),George Cowley on'The Professionals'(1977-83),'Great Escape','Ipcress File','Kidnapped','Mutiny on Bounty'
  277. medal of honor air force vietnam war
  278. actress (our gang)
  279. Singer/Musician
  280. Author
  281. former OSU/NFL-47lions
  282. Former Communist Leader of Poland; President of the Republic of Poland 1989-1990
  283. Actor - Combat!, The Wayward Bus, The Lt. Wore Skirts, Around The World In 80 Days '89, Case Of The Dangerous Robin (1st TV series to use martial arts regularly - 1960)
  284. Actress - TV: Topper, General Hospital, Falcon Crest, Port Charles, Love That Jill (as Jill), Finder Of Lost Loves, Baywatch. Films: Dillinger; Dick Tracy & Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball (as Tess Trueheart); Zombies On Broadway; Return Of The Bad Men; Riffraff
  285. American painter
  286. 'The Grapes of Wrath' 1940
  287. British Actress - Mary Poppins, The Sundowners (Oscar nom.), The Chapman Report, Dear Mr. Prohack, All Mine To Give, Highway In The Sky, Rob Roy, Shake Hands With The Devil, Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, Papa's Delicate Condition, Vault Of Horror, Batman
  288. WWII Navy veteran; USS Colhoun (DD-801) survivor (6 April 1945, sunk by Kamikaze attack). Read his story at
  289. Author
  290. Singer/Musician
  291. Singer/Musician
  292. British actor in many films from 1954 Imperial officer in Star Wars Episoxe IV A New Hope
  293. Swedish Actor - many Ingmar Bergman films
  294. Actor: Poltergeist, Invaders from Mars, Return of Living Dead, The Unborn, China Syndrome, Vital Signs, Apt.Pupil, Congo, The Willies, Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster, Capricorn One, Powers of Matthew Star
  295. Actress - The Honeymooners (1966-1978. She replaced Joyce Randolph as Trixie Norton), Days Of Our Lives (1965-1966 - orig. cast - Diane Hunter #1), Pete's Dragon (v/Miss Taylor), General Hospital (1984)
  296. Author/Director/Writer : MASH,The Dick Van Dyke Show, many others, father of T.V. writer, Casey Keller
  297. World's Most Famous Clown!
  298. Author
  299. German-born British writer and illustrator who has created both enduring picture books such as the Mog series and The Tiger Who Came To Tea and acclaimed novels for older children such as When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. She lives in the UK
  300. Director - Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Robocop 2,Never Say Never Again
  301. jazz guitarist composer
  302. Albert King  (2)
  303. Claude King  (2)
    Football player for 1962 Boston Patriots
  304. Country Music Singer/Songwriter (b: 1923) - Wolverton Mountain, Tiger Woman, Big Woman Big Man, The Comancheros, All For The Love Of A Girl, The Burning Of Atlanta, Hey Lucille!, Sam Hill, I've Got The World By The Tail, Little Buddy, Sheepskin Valley
  305. Author
  306. French cartoonist and illustrator
  307. (June 8, 1923 - September 30, 1995) was an American comedian, singer, and actor/One of the first African-American comedians to begin to appeal to white as well as black audiences during the height of the Civil Rights era
  308. Bats: Right , Throws: Right 1949 CubsHeight: 5' 11' , Weight: 175 lb. Born: May 5, 1923 in Nashville, TN Debut: May 1, 1949 Final Game: May 13, 1949
  309. Blues Music PlayerBorn in Jamaica
  310. Japanese culinary critic,was also a judge on the Japanese Iron Chef
  311. Retired General
  312. Attorney General 1972-1973
  313. Former pro basketball player, notre dame university, fort wayne pistons 1949-50
  314. ww 11 army hero (cmh)
  315. Narrorator on the superfriends, Too Close For Comfort (sitcom); Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  316. Austrian-born American physicist
  317. Ex-president of Finland
  318. cartoonist (apartment 3-g)
  319. Writer/Producer, husband of writer Judith Krantz
  320. US Army veteran (4-star general) of 3 wars: WWII ('Colmar Pocket', Battle of Jebsheim 1945, 254th Regiment, 63rd Infantry Division, Korea (187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team), Vietnam (23rd Inf.Div). On Sept. 15, 1981, he was injured in an RAF attack
  321. soccer player
  322. MLB pitcher from 1946-57 for Yankees, Phillies, Cardinals, Pirates, Orioles, White Sox, Indians & Senators. Played in 3 World Series (1951, 52, and 53) getting 2 saves in 4 1/3 innings and an ERA of 2.08
  323. Discoverer of Kevlar
  324. First Asian-Canadian To Play In The NHL
  325. Italian Actor
  326. American conductor
  327. MLB relief pitcher from 1951-57 for White Sox and Pirates. Best seasons were 1955 going 4-3 with 3 saves and 2.75 ERA and 1957 going 1-4 with 7 saves and 3.35 ERA
  328. NFL Hall of Famer; played for Cleveland Browns and Ohio State
  329. Actor - brother-in-law of John F. Kennedy - member of the Rat Pack - born 1923, died 1984
  330. Music director of the Rankin/Bass TV specials
  331. navy admiral england
  332. French born actress; starred as Yvonne in 'Casablanca' (1942); wife of Italien writer Tullio Pinelli
  333. Photographer known for his work of jazz legends; 2008 recipient of Lucie Award;
  334. Former President of Venezuela
  335. Grandpa Munster, and numerous other TV and movies
  336. Author
  337. Composer - Music used in 2001: A Space Odyssey
  338. British Actress- born 1923
  339. British Actor and Comedian born 1923.Hugh on'Hugh and I'(1962-67),'Lord Tramp','Mouse on Moon','Birds in Bush','Lollipop Loves Mr.Mole','Doctor Who','Gnomes of Dulwich','Benny Hill'
  340. WWII Ace Pilot/ 23rd Fighter Group
  341. basketball player
  342. Baseball / Outfielder / 1945-54 / Dodgers, Browns & Tigers / Former University of Michigan Star & Worked for Wolverines Until 1992
  343. Animated TV voice and in episode 6 of 'Twilight Zone'
  344. Bodybuilder, AAU Most Muscular Man in America 1942-1944
  345. French jazz clarinettist (a great friend of Sidney Bechet)
  346. American Child Actor,Producer and Director born movies from 1939-60.'Life with Father','Strange Illusion','Island in the Sky','Henry Aldrich','Little Man','Aerial Gunner','Joan of Arc','Old-Fashioned Girl','September Affair','Cynthia'
  347. 1947 Washington Senators Infielder
  348. NFL Guard 1948-55 Eagles
  349. French actress
  350. Pulitzer Prize winning author - the armies of the night (1968 pulitzer prize), the naked and the dead, an american dream (1966), the executioner's song (1979)
  351. Author
  352. American actor and comedian
  353. German actress, starred with Peter Lorre in the film-noir cllassic 'The Lost One' (1951)
  354. American Actress born 1923 - 'Sands of Iwo Jima','You Were Never Lovelier','Wake of Red Witch','Big Circus','The Tiger Woman','Girls of the Big House','Blackmail','Vampires Ghost','Robin Hood of Texas','Bells of Rosarita','Curse of the Faceless Man'
  355. actor/mime
  356. 1992 Nobel Winner in Chemistry
  357. Rose Marie  (3)
    Actress: The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Bob Cummings Show, My Sister Eileen, The Doris Day Show, S.W.A.T., Witchboard, Sandman, Hardball, Psycho
  358. Comedian. Impressionist. Actor - The Joey Bishop Show '62-'63, The John Forsythe Show '65-'66, Rango, You Again?, Peeper, Train Ride To Hollywood (as Humphrey Bogart). Singer - Loving You Has Made Me Bananas
  359. Israeli Actress appeared in films and on stage
  360. Tv roles in the 70's and early 80's. Guest on Rockford Files and Murder She Wrote
  361. Jim Marshall  (3)
    Owner and founder of Marshall Amplification
  362. Actor - Seinfeld (as Morty, Jerry's father), Arthur 1-2, Charly!, The Producers, Jackie Gleason's Am. Scene Magazine '62-'64, Zorro & Son, The Tony Randall Show, Sydney, Daddy Dearest, Life Goes On
  363. Am. Actor (b: 1923) - The Thing From Another World, The Big Sky, Desperate Hours, Land Of The Pharaohs, Flame Of The Desert, Disney's Daniel Boone (title role), Savage Sam, Ten Thousand Bedrooms, Flight To Fury, Men Of The Fighting Lady, Twilight Zone
  364. Olympic Gold Medal (1948) in Men's 4-Man Bobsled. Silver Medals (1948, 1952) in 4-Man Bobsled & (1952) in 2-Man Bobsled for USA
  365. boxer
  366. American Actor born 1923.'Red House','Winged Victory','Bid Cat','Story of Seabiscuit','Montana Territory','Scudda Hoo!!Scudda Hay','Thunder in Valley','Gentleman Jim','Susan and God','Stella Dallas','Tom Sawyer'
  367. NFL - Owner of the Chicago Bears (1983 - present)
  368. Actress - The Geisha Boy, Pardon My Sarong, Promises! Promises! '63
  369. Former USC, Tampa Bay Coach
  370. Irish stage and screen actress; King of Kings (1961/role of the Virgin Mary); Of Human Bondage ('64); and Doctor Zhivago ('65). Starred in The Chalk Garden for which received a Tony Award nomination for 'Best Actress in a Leading Role, Drama.'
  371. The 'Voice' of Rugby Football on BBCtv (and Radio)
  372. 007 James Bond Daily Express Strip Illustrator
  373. Johnny Carson's Sidekick on the Tonight Show, Host of 'Star Search'
  374. Former Governor of South Carolina (1965-1971)
  375. Former Australian General, Chief of Defence Force Staff 1982-1984
  376. Actress 1940s usually appeared as a showgirl or Goldwyn girl was in T-Men (1947) .. Evangeline
  377. British Actor born 1923.'Scrooge','James Bond-Never Say Never Again','Longest Day','Doctor at Sea','Spaceway','Hell in Korea','Doctor at Large','Dream Maker','Night Must Fall','Countess from Hong Kong','Jigsaw Man','Shoestring'
  378. Hockey Player, Coach and Commentator // Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1998 as a broadcaster
  379. Actress
  380. American TV and Voice Actor born 1922.Barney Hefner on'All in The Family'(1971-83),'The Brady Bunch','Andy Griffith Show','Phil Silvers Show','Perry Mason','Lost in Space','Archie Bunkers Place','The Flintstones','The Smurfs','Foofur'
  381. italian Actress born 1923
  382. American Actress born 1925.'The Player','Operation Petticoat','Caddyshack','Dont Give Up The Ship','Butterfield 8','Desk Set','Sundowners','Young Savages','Ill Take Sweden','Fear','True Colors','Batman'
  383. U.S. Representative from Illinois (1957-1995)
  384. American Actress,Singer and Dancer born 1923.'Kiss Me Kate','On the Town','Mulholland Drive','Texas Carnival','Easter Parade','Kissing Bandit','Opposite Sex','Watch the Birdie','Small Town Girl','Room Service'
  385. Author - A Canticle for Leibowitz
  386. MLB pitcher from 1946-56 for Dodgers and Cubs. Best season was 1952 going 14-9 with 3.74 ERA. In 1949 World Series pitched shutout inning giving up one hit
  387. The first player of Asian descent and the first non-white person to play in the National Basketball Association. Played for the Knicks in 1947.
  388. Actor 'Hercules+Spartacus Movies'
  389. Starred in mind your language
  390. Singer/Musician
  391. British Astronomer - Games Master, Stars at night
  392. Patrick Moore  (6)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  393. Patrick Moore  (3)
    Film Editor - Human Traffic
  394. Former Governor of West Virginia (1969-1973, 1985-1989)
  395. Author
  396. Tennis Player
  397. Canadian physician and prominent pro choice advocate who has fought numerous legal battles for that cause
  398. Canadian Football Player
  399. Author/Playwrite/Film Script Writer (Works include 'Rumpole of the Bailey; Voyage Around my Father; Brideshead Revisited; Tea with Mussolini; Cider with Rosie; etc)
  400. British novelist
  401. Author
  402. Irish Actor - Knight Rider (as Devon Miles in 84 episodes), The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (TV - as Capt. Daniel Gregg in 50 episodes), Von Ryan's Express, Caprice, Our Man Flint, Megaforce, Eye Of The Devil, Out To Sea
  403. Swiss actor, 'Nightmare Castle',often cast in Jess Franco's trash films. Also as Hauptmann Josef Sonneberg (uncredited) in the 1965 film: 'Von Ryan's Express'
  404. Canadian actor and filmmaker, born 1923
  405. American businessman
  406. Singer/Musician
  407. Photographer 'Alice Springs'
  408. 1950s stage/screen actor-stage director
  409. American actor and director born 1923.'Men in Black','Fatal Attraction','The Game of Their Lives','Things Change','Seperate But Equal','X-Files','Gypsy','Harry and Toto','The Con'
  410. secretary general hungary
  411. JFK - Retired Judge O'Brien met Kennedy first during his campaign in 1960, and repeatedly therafter, and later was appointed U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Iowa by JFK. Flew 30 mission over Europe (WWII, lead bombardier) and earned the DFC
  412. Actress - The Best Years Of Our Lives, They Live By Night, Side Street, The Miniver Story, Detective Story, The Man From Laramie, The Deerslayer, Ben-Hur
  413. Businessman and surf board builder who is often credited with the invention of the wetsuit
  414. german pilot of second world war
  415. 1948 Washington Senators
  416. basketball player/coach
  417. Author
  418. Vacuum Guy/WW2 B-29 Navigator
  419. Voice of Clarice the Doe in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  420. baseball executive
  421. French actress and playwriter
  422. Pin Up Model of the 1950's/Actress-Playboy Playmate-Miss January 1955,Playboy January 1989,Striporama,Varietease,Teasearama
  423. Male Voice Over Talent
  424. Former Notre Dame football coach, broadcaster
  425. British TV Host and actor born 1923.Host on'Just a Minute'(1994-99),'The Benny Hill Show'(1969-74),'Countdown','Too Many Crooks','Brothers in Law','The Wrong Box','Murder Ahoy','Doctor in Love','Carry On Regardless'
  426. Baseball player washington senators only played in 1953 played catcher was only in 9 career games
  427. Actress - One of the MUNCHKINS from the Wizard of Oz / Margaret was the Woman in blue flowerpot h and also a a sleepyhead in Munchkinland
  428. Negro League player 1940-1950, Superman hit .370 in 1950
  429. Former Prime Minister of Israel (1984-1986, 1995-1996)now President of Isreal
  430. Sitcom Writer - Dads Army
  431. Canadian lawyer, politician, and university chancellor
  432. Author - A Dream of Kings,Journal of a Novel, The Hour of the Bell
  433. former Oilers & Saints Head Football Coach; former Oilers General Manager; was an assistant coach for Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Chargers & Oilers; father of Cowboys Head Coach, Wade Phillips
  434. Played Elsie Tanner in Coronation Street for 23 years
  435. former college/NFL defensive end/fullback/wide receiver; played for Indiana University and Philadelphia Eagles; All-American; 6X Pro Bowler; member of both College and Pro Football Hall of Fames; led league in receiving 3Xs; NFL 1940s All-Decade Team
  436. Politician and minister from Pakistan, former Secretary General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference
  437. UK House of Lords
  438. basketball/hockey/executive
  439. football college hof miss/nc/army
  440. Pitcher 1953 Washington Senators {Died 4/28/1980} in the 1953 Topps Archives Set
  441. Pulitzer Prize Winning Jazz Pianist/Composer. Big Band/Jazz HOF/During World War II, Powell was drafted into the U.S. Army, but fought his battles from a piano stool, having been assigned to Glenn Miller's Army Air Force Band from 1943 to 1945
  442. Member of the Band of Brothers, Easy Company 506th PIR 101st. Airborne
  443. Founding member of the Beaux Arts Trio, considered to be the world's leading piano trio for more than 50 years
  444. UK House of Lords
  445. Nepalese recipient of the Victoria Cross, is now living in Great Britain / England
  446. Politician/farmer, born 1923. Former Minnesota congressman (1958-79) and Governor (1979-83).One of the last congressmen to serve during Eisenhower's term, and to have voted for the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of the 1960s
  447. writer
  448. Australian Actress. Born 01/17/1923
  449. Screenwriter - Three Days of the Condor
  450. News Anchor, '60 Minutes'
  451. businessman ceo chairman viacom inc.
  452. Author
  453. Actor - Captains Courageous, Boys Town, In Old Chicago, The Country Girl, Love Finds Andy Hardy. Producer - MASH (TV - 121 episodes). Director The Andy Griffith Show. Writer
  454. French photographer
  455. Director - Have Rocket Will Travel, Madame X, The Plainsman, The Horror At 37,000 Feet, Satan's School For Girls, The Concorde-Airport '79, Chu Chu & The Philly Flash, many TV programs (inc. Twilight Zone, Alf. Hitchcock, Naked City, Route 66, Laredo)
  456. AFL/VFL Legend
  457. Sam Rivers  (2)
    Jazz musician
  458. Composer
  459. WWII US Fighter Ace (9 Victs.)
  460. Actor: Charly, Gidget, Picnic, PT 109, The Naked and The Dead, 3 Days of the Condor, Obsession, Midway, Star '80, The Interns, The Best Man, Autumn Leaves, Sunday in NY, Spider-Man, Falcon Crest, Batman, Escape from LA, The Lyon's Den
  461. Actor (b: 1923) - TV series: Tales Of Wells Fargo ('57-'62), Dallas, Dynasty, The Iron Horse, JJ Starbuck. Films: Son Of Sinbad (as Sinbad), Sitting Bull, Fast & Sexy, Top Of The World, Dakota Incident, City Of Bad Men, Melvin Purvis: G-Man (title role)
  462. basketball player coach
  463. French actor
  464. MLB pitcher from 1949-57 for the Tigers, White Sox, Orioles, Phillies. Led the league in ERA in 1951 with 2.73 while going 12-8. In 1952 went 14-9 with a save and 3.85 ERA. Three season in top 10 in shutouts tossed
  465. Spanish Actor famous for acting in Karl May movies born 1923.'Parsifal','El Condor','Madigans Millions','Shatterhand','Secret of Dr.Mabuse','It Started With a Kiss','Alexander the Great','Tarzan and the Mermaids','Land Raiders','Genghis Khan'
  466. composer writer
  467. Italian cinematographer - All That Jazz
  468. Actor
  469. basketball hof coach
  470. Medal of Honor, US Army, World War II
  471. basketball player
  472. Jazz drummer pianist composer. Born: 06/23/1923
  473. Author
  474. Author
  475. Actress - The Naked City, Three Guys Named Mike, My Son Jeep
  476. Author
  477. conductor concert pianist
  478. sportscaster
  479. Hockey player - Boston Bruins, New York Rangers 1943-45
  480. Astronaut: only man to participate in the Mercury,Gemini and Apollo space programs.
  481. former MLB player/coach; played for Giants, Cardinals, Braves; coached Cardinals & was the Royals bench coach
  482. tennis hof
  483. writer/story consultant (batman-tv)
  484. movie director
  485. Children's Author
  486. Directed multiple episodes for dozens of television shows from 1961 to 1988, including The Fugitive, the original series of Star Trek, The Partridge Family and The Waltons
  487. Singer/Musician
  488. Basketball player 1948-49 Providence Steamrollers & 1949-50 Boston Celtics
  489. Baroness Sharples, British Politician
  490. Actor - The Producers, ...Mad, Mad World, The Wizard Of Baghdad, What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?, Wake Me When It's Over, Penelope, Way-Way Out, Evil Roy Slade, Captain EO, many TV appearances. Nightclub comedian
  491. basketball
  492. auto racing driver/executive
  493. Lord Sheldon, British Politician
  494. From Russia With Love