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Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1924
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  1. Former player for the Brooklyn Dodgers
  2. Actress (b: 1924) - Ben Casey (as Dr. Maggie Graham), Return To Peyton Place (as Constance MacKenzie #1), Bracken's World, The Waltons, Medical Center, many TV guest roles. Married to actor Sam Jaffe (1956-1984, his death)
  3. Author-The Physics of Baseball
  4. Author
  5. lyricist/composer - bye, bye birdie (1963)
  6. Cuban born mexican actress born 1924
  7. writer
  8. Composer/Songwriter
  9. U.S. Senator from Hawaii (1990-2013)
  10. American Actress - TV Series - 'Peter Gunn' (1958-1961), 'The Bob Cummings Show' (1955-1957), 'Wagon Train' - Guest (1964), 'The Man From Uncle' (1967), 'Bonanza' - Guest (1965, 1967), 'Branded' (1965). Movie - 'The Monolith Monsters' (1958)
  11. Actor: The Untouchables, Not For Hire, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, Batman, Rango, Tora! Tora! Tora!, My Three Sons, Gunsmoke, Terror on the 40th Floor, Planet of the Apes, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Back to the Future, Cutting Class
  12. children author/illus (the high king) nwbery 69
  13. former NFL-Steelers/Duke capt
  14. Co-Composer - George Of The Jungle theme, Superchicken theme. Singer - Singing voice of Mr. Ed. Actor - Hud, The Sons Of Katie Elder, In Cold Blood, Harris Against The World, Gunsmoke (6), The Twilight Zone (1), Batman (2 as Penn), The Untouchables (3)
  15. Author
  16. football collage fb hof ohio state
  17. singer
  18. Winner of the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956
  19. Guitarist rock and roll hall of fame inductee 2002
  20. Baseball player 1952-1956- cubs/pirates/braves
  21. American Actor born 1924.'Nevada Smith','Hombre','Black Caesar','Papillion','Amityville Horror','Jinxed','Cobra','Hud','Brubaker','Anderson Tapes','In the Shadows','Continental Divide'
  22. cartoonist (sgt. fury, ghost rider)
  23. French singer and actor
  24. Swedish singer (born 1924)
  25. Actress - The Big Sleep, To Have & Have Not, Key Largo, Dark Passage, Confidential Agent, How To Marry A Millionaire, Blood Alley, Designing Woman, Written On The Wind, Shock Treatment, Harper, The Shootist, The Fan, Misery. Married to Humphrey Bogart
  26. 1949 Boston Celtics
  27. opera singer
  28. Chemist/Philanthropist - 'Chemistry & Art - Further Adventures Of A Chemist Collector'
  29. heart surgeon inventor
  30. James Baldwin  (2)
    American author (1924-87), 'Go Tell it on the Mountain', 'Notes of a Native Son'. Civil rights figure
  31. soccer executive
  32. writer
  33. Former Prime Minister of France (1976-1981)
  34. conductor concert viola player
  35. British Child Actor - David Copperfield (title role), Kidnapped, Little Lord Fauntleroy (title role), Captains Courageous, Lord Jeff (title role), Anna Karenina, Lloyd's Of London, The Devil Is A Sissy, Swiss Family Robinson, Tom Brown's School Days
  36. Singer, 'If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake'
  37. Actor: Mickey McGuire, Sigmund & the Sea Monsters, The Bugaloos, Bride of Frankenstein, The Spike Jones Show, Peter Gunn, Day of the Locust, Lord of the Rings '78, Under The Rainbow, Foul Play, Willow, Masters of the Universe, UHF
  38. Former Rugby League Player and coach
  39. British Actor and Comedian born 1924.Catweazle on 'Catweazle'(1970-71),'Casino Royale','Inspector Closeau','To Sir With Love','Madame Sousatzka','Asylum','Tales from the Crypt','Frankenstein Must be Destroyed','Dracula-58','Dr.Who','Avengers'
  40. Singer/Musician
  41. Jazz drummer
  42. Singer/Musician
  43. Former Prime Minister of Morocco (1967-1969)
  44. basketball player
  45. r&r singer (seventeen/1955)
  46. former major league outfielder/third baseman/manager/coach/scout; played for Philadelphia A's & St. Louis Cardinals; also coached Reds, Braves, Giants, Yankees, Cardinals & Syracuse Chiefs
  47. Former Chelsea and England international footballer
  48. Centenarian (1895-2004). One of the last US WWI vets. Wounded while serving about a year in France
  49. Set Decorator - Hud*, The Oscar*, The Am. Of Emily*, The Slender Thread*, I Married-Monster-Outer Space, The Odd Couple, Being There, Amityville Horror, Top Gun, Roger Rabbit, Twi. Zone (25), Bonanza (79), many Jerry Lewis & Elvis films. * = Oscar nom
  50. (April 6, 1918 - December 23, 1970) was an American soprano who performed with the Metropolitan Opera before establishing herself as a Broadway musical theatre, television, and nightclub performer
  51. writer
  52. American Actor born 1918.Joseph Aynders in 'Dynasty'(1981-83),'Bob&Carol&Ted&Alice','North and South','Falcon Crest','Hogan Heroes','Star Trek','Mission Impossible','Perry Mason','Soap'
  53. opera singer
  54. Politician - European Parlament
  55. Poet/Children's Author
  56. Former Rugby League Player
  57. Actor: The African Queen, A Day to Remember, The Enemy Below, My Fair Lady, Darker Than Amber, Hawaii Five-O, Columbo, All in the Family, Knight Rider, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, The Equalizer, Star Trek TNG, Shadow Conspiracy, Babylon 5
  58. James Black  (3)
    Scottish Nobel laureate who pioneered the rational design of drugs and, in the process, developed the first widely used drugs for treating heart disease and blocking stomach acid production
  59. nobel medicine laureate 1988
  60. British Actor born 1924.'Robin Hood','Labyrinth','Ipcress File','Z-Cars','Stranger in Between','10 Rillington Place','10th Kingdom','Old Curiosity Shop'
  61. football player/general, 1945 Heisman Trophy Winner
  62. American Actor - 'Deranged...','Home Alone','The Hospital','Slaughterhouse-5','The Great Gatsby', 'Close Encounters...','Christine','Resurrection','Escape from Alcatraz','Always','Doc Hollywood','The Quick & the Dead'. Playwright (4 Obies). Poet
  63. American Actor born 1924.Cecil Colby on 'Dynasty'(1981-82),'Tony Rome', 'The Detective','Harlow','Point Blank','The Dunwich Horror','Ulzana's Raid','Man In The Glass Booth','Churchill','Naked Gun 2-1/2','Twilight Zone' (To Serve Man!),'Batman'
  64. Football player
  65. Author of FIRST SEAL - Founder of the US Navy SEALs
  66. cartooniest (winnie winkle, heart of juliet jones)
  67. Entomologist/Scientist - Specializes in Beetles
  68. Actor - Ryan's Hope, Serpico, Pretty Poison, Up The Sandbox, The Young Doctors, Time For Fun/The Johnny Jellybean Show
  69. Playwright
  70. Retired NHL Goaltender (New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs) - Stanley Cup Winner '62, '63, '64, '67 - Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee '76
  71. American Former Male Author - Poet
  72. Character Actor- many films & TV roles, including 'The Sopranos'
  73. Canadian Former Physicist. Pioneer In The Field Of Laser Technology And Co - Inventor Of The Charge - Coupled Device
  74. American Actor born 1924.Brother of Actor Lawrence Tierney.'Gremlins','China Syndrome','He Walked By Night','Nightmare in Wax','Johnny Guitar','Gentleman Marry Brunettes','Maverick Queen','Castle of Evil','Journey to Center of Time','Mighty Gora'
  75. actor
  76. English Former Female Screenwriter - Movie - 'Galileo' (1975). TV Series - 'Playdate' (1 Episode 1962), 'ITV Television Playhouse' (1 Episode 1961)
  77. Governor of Kentucky (1963-67)
  78. MLB starting and relief pitcher from 1947-53 for A's & Indians. Won 44 games after his leg destroyed in WWII. Best seasons: 1948 (4th best rookie) going 14-10 with 5 saves and 4.12 ERA, 1949 : 16-11, 3 saves & 4.28 ERA, 1951 All-Star 9 saves 3.20 ERA
  79. British Actor born 1924.Dr.Latimer in 'Dont Wait Up'(1983-90),'The Day of the Jackal','Sunday Bloody Sunday','Behind the Mask','Operation Amsterdam','Portrait of a Sinner','Girl in My Soup','People That Time Forgot','Robins Nest'
  80. South African Born American Former Actress - Movie - 'Body And Soul' (1947),' Sleep My Love'(1948), 'The Basketball Fix'(1951), 'The I Don't Care Girl'(1953), 'Arch of Triumph'(Uncredited)(1948). TV Series -'The Loretta Lynn Show' (Guest)(1955) Plus More
  81. former major league third baseman/baseball executive; played for New York Yankees; 4X World Series champion; former American League President; received medical degree from Tulane University; cardiologist in Fort Worth following baseball playing career
  82. blues singers/guilartis/violinsit/drummer
  83. Geoff Brown  (2)
    Baseball Player
  84. Baseball / Pitcher 1951-64 / White Sox, Red Sox, Orioles, Yankees, & Colt 45's / Nickname: 'Skinny'
  85. Negro Leaguer - Kansas City Monarchs 1948-51
  86. Peter Browne  (2)
    Australian politician, Author
  87. Former Missouri and Arkansas coach
  88. Yugoslav Former Female Historic Person - Wife of Josep Tito - Former President of Yugoslavia She Was First Lady Of Yugoslavia (1953-1980)
  89. Baseball player
  90. costume designer goodfellas raging bull
  91. Professional Speaker
  92. German singer and actor in movies from 1946-80.Charts #1 Hits'Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin'(1951),'Habn Sie nicht eine Braut für mich'(1951),'La-Le-Lu'(1950),'Maecki Boogie','Polly Wolly Hollyday','Ich hab mich so an Dich gewoehnt'
  93. American Former Actor - TV Series - 'Little House On The Prairie' (1974-1983), 'Mannix' (1968-1974), 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea ' (1964-1968). Movie - 'High Plains Drifte' (1973), 'Witless Protection' (2008), 'Newman's Law' (1974) Plus Many More
  94. Soldier in the United States Army during the Korean War. He received the Medal of Honor for his actions on October 28, 1951
  95. Rugby League Player (retired)
  96. Sanford & Son; Friends; Chinatown; 3 Ninjas
  97. American voice actor and director - Transformers: The Movie
  98. former President of the United States
  99. Medal of Honor, US Army, World War II
  100. British Stage and TV Actor born 1924.Eric Jordan on 'Paul Temple'(1969-70),Mr.Wainright in 'Last of the Summerwine'(1973-76),'Crossroads','Swizzlewick','Compact','Dads Army','Rumpole of Bailey'
  101. Former Governof of New Jersey (1974-1982)
  102. Pitcher for the White Soxs, Tigers & Browns. Remembered for the base on balls on 4 pitches he issued to pinch - hitting midget of the St. Louis Browns Eddie Gaedel, 3' 7' in height. Cain & Bob Feller tossed one hitter against each other, Cain won 1-0
  103. Canadian Former Female Author, Journalist, And Social Activist - Novel - 'The Man Who Lost Himself' (2000), 'Twelve Weeks In Spring' (1986), 'The Sleepwalker' (1970), 'Trial Without End: A Shocking Story Of Women and AIDS' (1995)
  104. basketball
  105. Actor: Mannix, The Golden Girls, One Day at a Time, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days Of Our Lives, The Colby's, The Bold Ones - The Lawyers, That's Life, The Practice, Spider-Man, Ben, Meteor, The Practice, The Rockford Files
  106. Former MLB player 1951-1953
  107. American Former Female Actress - TV Series - 'Green Acres' (1965-1971), 'Bewitched' (Guest Role)(1966), 'The Andy Griffith Show' (Guest)(1963). Movie -'Pollyanna' (1960), 'Life with Archie' (1962), 'Archie' (1964), 'Return to Green Acres'(1990)
  108. Author
  109. 39th President of the United States, Also a prolific speaker and author, 2002 Nobel Prize for Peace recipient
  110. American Former Female Actress - Broadway - 'Vickie' (1942), 'Round Trip' (1945), 'Panama Hattie' (1942), 'Hear That Trumpet' (1946), 'A Young Man's Fancy' (1947), 'Sea Legs' (1937). Movie - 'Experiment Alcatraz' (1959), 'Port Of New York' (1949)
  111. Sherwood Montague on 'Little House On The Prairie: The New Beginning'
  112. Author
  113. American Former Female Actress - Movie - 'The Asphalt Jungle' (1950), 'Black Hand' (1950), 'Border Incident' (1949), 'Crisis' (Uncredited)(1950), 'Right Cross' (1950), 'The Great Caruso' (1951). TV Series - 'Hudson's Bay' (Guest Role)(1959)
  114. Argentine-Born American Former Male Soccer Player - Forward. 'Racing Club' (1939-1947), 'New York Armenians' (1947), 'Brooklyn Hispano' (1947-10949), 'New York Swiss' (1950-1958), 'Bridgeport Vasco da Gama' (1958-1965). United States 4 Caps (1953-1954)
  115. nobel physics laureate 1992
  116. French actor
  117. Don Cherry  (2)
    1950's singer ( 1955 hit song Band of Gold )
  118. American Female Former Politian. First Afro--American Woman Elected To Congress (1968). 'Secretary of the House Democratic Caucus' (1977-1981), 'U.S. House of Representatives from New York's 12th district'(1969-1983), 'New York State Assembly'(1965-1968)
  119. MLB pitcher from 1950-55 for the Phillies, Reds, Cubs..Best seasons were 1951 going 15-11 with 3.53 ERA.and 1950 going 8-6 with 2.71 ERA
  120. Former Congressman from Iowa
  121. Composer: The Winds of War, War & Remembrance, Dark Shadows, The Night Stalker, Trilogy Of Terror, Dracula '73, Burnt Offerings, Our Fathers, Password, To Tell the Truth, The $10,000-$100,000 Pyramid
  122. American Football, 1949 Washington Redskins
  123. Actor - Cheers (70 episodes as Coach), Raging Bull, Fat City, Family Plot. TV Director (1966-1981)
  124. Hall of Fame Announcer (2005). MLB second baseman from 1949-57 for Yankees. All-Star and MVP in 1950. Fielding leader in 1949. Rookie of the Year in 1949. In 6 World Series (1949-51, 55-57) getting 6 doubles and .275 batting average. Manager in 1980
  125. Author - Butter Down the Well, editor of the Imperial Oil Review
  126. basketball player
  127. Author
  128. Cartoonist. Born: 06/27/1924
  129. French Actor in European Movies born 1924.'Night Watch','There Was Once a Cop','Last Known Address','Southern Star','Dirty Heroes','Outside Man','Inglourious Bastards','Les Morfalous','Scoumoune','Cold Sweat','Rocca'
  130. Actress: The Incredible Mr. Limpet, Palm Springs Weekend, American Gigolo, Sixteen Candles, The Lucy Show, Dynasty, Cagney & Lacey, The A-Team, Magnum PI, Grandview U.S.A
  131. Actress marries and becomes Maxine Cooper Gomberg in Kiss Me Deadly 1955 High Ice T.V. 1980
  132. Stage Director
  133. former college/NFL coach; coached Whittier College, San Diego State University; St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Chargers; only coach to win 100 games at both the college & professional level
  134. Cinematographer - Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Oscar nom.), many Walt Disney True-Life Adventure films. Director - Living Free. Married to former actress Jean Allison
  135. football player
  136. French cinematographer born in 1924, known for 'Jules et Jim'
  137. Policeman in The Munsters
  138. hockey
  139. nobel peace laureat 2000
  140. Composer of musak
  141. ww 11 army hero (cmh)
  142. Bill Dana  (2)
    Comedian / Actor /Producer: The Golden Girls, The Nude Bomb, The Bill Dana Show, The Ed Sullivan Show, Harrad Summer, Kill My Wife Please, Zorro, All In the Family
  143. Actor played Steve Palooka in Joe Palooka Champ and Gentleman Joe
  144. French Actress (b: 1925) - Vera Cruz, Dangerous When Wet, Westward The Women, Battleground, Flame Of Calcutta, Thunder In The Pines, Tarzan & The Slave Woman, Seven Women From Hell. Singer
  145. Actor
  146. 1940's singer, your hit parade
  147. football hof army, 1946 Heisman Trophy Winner
  148. Cartoonist / Illustrator - MAD Magazine, EC Comics, MANY magazine covers (including TV Guide, TIME, etc.)
  149. jazz/cabaret/television commercial singer. Sang Figure 8 song for Schoolhouse Rock
  150. Illustrator, animator
  151. French actor
  152. American Actress born 1924.'Lost Tribe','Search for Danger','Rose of Yukon','Why Men Leave Home','Toughest Man Alive','Ma Bakers Killer Brood','Roughshod','Nocturne','Joe Palooka'
  153. Founder of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), president of TRNC 1983 - 2005
  154. Former U.S. Senator from Alabama (1981-1987); Author of 'When Hell Was In Session'
  155. former college/NFL coach/assistant; coached at University of Notre Dame,University of Missouri, Arizona State & Green Bay Packers; assistant at Michigan State; member of College Football Hall of Fame; national championship 1977
  156. Actress - Avonlea, Anne Of Green Gables, Murphy Brown (2 Emmy wins), Between 2 Women (Emmy win), Tribute, Annie Hall, Exorcist 3, The Dead Zone, The Cowboys, McQ, Ice Castles, Dying Young, A Fine Madness, When A Stranger Calls, The Blue & The Gray, A.D
  157. British Stage Actor
  158. writer
  159. Member of singing group Dinning Sisters. Had hit with Buttons and Bows. She wrote brother Mark Dinning's hit song Teen Angel with husband Red Surrey
  160. Former major league pitcher 53-57 senators/a's/yankees
  161. British composer
  162. Author
  163. Scientist
  164. Actress - This Island Earth, Cult Of The Cobra, It Came From Beneath The Sea, Vendetta
  165. Director 'Singin' In The Rain', 'Damn Yankees', 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'
  166. NASCAR Owner
  167. former college/NFL defensive tackle; played for Boston College, Colts, New York Yanks & Dallas Texans; Member of the Football Hall of Fame; 5X Pro Bowler; 2X NFL Champion; member of NFL's 1950 All-Decade Team
  168. Singer/Musician
  169. Model for the 'We Can Do It!' posters during World War II
  170. Victoria Manalo Draves, the first woman to win two gold medals in diving in the same Olympics ? in the three-meter springboard and the 10-meter platform competitions in London in 1948 and the first Asian American to win an Olympic medal
  171. John Driscoll  (3)
    American Radio Presenter
  172. former college/NFL end; played for Navy & NY Giants; All-American; former Navy assistant football coach; member of College Football Hall of Fame
  173. Author - Menopaws
  174. Singer/Musician
  175. Singer/Musician
  176. journalist
  177. ballerina
  178. French actor - The City of Lost Children
  179. former NFL-Lions
  180. former major league pitcher; played for Cincinnati Reds & St. Louis Cardinals
  181. Max Evans  (2)
    Western Writer/The Rounders and The Hi-Lo Country
  182. New Zealand actress born 1924.Violet Carnegie on'The Flying Doctors'(1986-91),'Tim','Starstruck','The Earthling','Emmas War','My Grandpa is a Vampire','What the Moon Saw','Prisoner','Pig in a Poke'
  183. hockey
  184. Alley cat
  185. Played on the 1951 Cleveland Indians. nicknamed 'Red'
  186. Spanish actor in european born 1924.'Django','Hundra','Eagles over London','Agent 3S3','Gentleman Killer','Paso Bravo','Sbata the Killer','Companeros','The Scarlet Killer'
  187. French actor
  188. Voice of University of Kansas Athletics for 60 Years/Basketball HOF Gowdy Award Winner
  189. AAGPBL player from 1946-1951 for the Peoria Redwings, Fort Wayne Daisies, South Bend Blue Sox and Kalamazoo Lassies
  190. British-Canadian jazz clarinetist and, until recently, a satirical cartoonist
  191. 1951 Detroit Tigers
  192. Sportswriter. Inducted into Baseball Hall Of Fame 1997
  193. American Actor born 1924.Mr.Roper on'Three's Company'(1976-81),Stanley Roper on'The Ropers'(1979-80),'87th Precinct' (1961-62),'Dan August' (1970-71),'Rich Man,Poor Man','Ocean's 11','The Graduate','Bullitt','...Mad World','Charley Varrick'
  194. football hof usc
  195. MLB catcher from 1948-59 for the Piratwes, Senators, Indians. Hit .289 in 360 at - bats in 1954
  196. Actor- 'The Quiet Man.' 'I Was a Male War Bride,' 'What Price Glory' and 1953 version of 'Titanic.' among others. Brother to Actress Maureen O'Hara
  197. motorsports hof stock cars
  198. Actress: Executive Suite, An American In Paris, Scaramouche, Spartacus, The 10 Commandments, My Name Is Julia Ross, Johnny O'Clock, Johnny Allegro, The Dark Past, Illegal, Cry Of The Werewolf, Return Of The Vampire, Skin Deep
  199. MLB first baseman from 1951-58 for Cubs, Pirates, Reds. Best season was 1953 with 79 RS, 24 doubles, 11 triples, 18 HR's, 78 RBI. .309 BA. A career .286 BA
  200. model agency executive
  201. Former Governor of Kentucky (1971-1974); U.S. Senator from Kentucky (1974-1999)
  202. American Singer,Stage and Movie Actress born 1924.Christine Dubois in 'Phantom of the Opera'(1943),Angela in 'The Climax'(1944),'This Is the Live','Detour','Follow the Boys','Bowery to Broadway','Frisco Sal','Top Man','Glamour Boy','That Night With You'
  203. Writer, Author of Owl Do Cry
  204. AAGPBL catcher for the 1944 Minneapolis Millerettes
  205. Actor - Softly Softly, I Claudius, Doctor Who, Star Trek NG
  206. Actor - Steve Canyon (title role - TV), Jungle Jim (as Kaseem - TV), The Phantom Planet, Them!, The Disembodied, The Lone Ranger & The Lost City Of Gold, The Light In The Forest, Savage Sam
  207. British writer, broadcaster, and former politician
  208. Most famously known for the role of vampire Barnabas Collins on the first incarnation of the gothic U.S. cult television serial Dark Shadows
  209. Baltimore Orioles outfielder 1954
  210. fashion designer
  211. Baltimore Orioles infielder 1954
  212. British Actor, Films: 'Dead Man's Folly', 'Robin Hood'
  213. Author
  214. US author
  215. screenwriter - Run Silent Run Deep
  216. Singer and poet
  217. wrestler hof
  218. jazz vibraphonist
  219. Fighter ace
  220. Game Show Announcer - Jeopardy!, The Price Is Right (1963-1965), The $10,000 Pyramid, Card Sharks, Child's Play, Jackpot, Supermarket Sweeps. Game Show Host - Music Bingo
  221. Author
  222. Alcoholic Union Capt. in The Good, the bad, and the ugly
  223. Author
  224. British Actress born 1924.not to be confused with the US Actress !!.'Hobsons Choice','Haunted Strangler','Life in Emergency Ward 10','The Vise','David Copperfield'
  225. Old Time Wrestler
  226. Actor - Gen. Gogol in 6 James Bonds films & in the TV series, James Bond, Jr.; also, From Russia With Love as Morzeny. Lord Jim, Circus Of Horrors, The Guns Of Navarone, Black Sunday, Sleepaway Camp 2, Puppet Master 3
  227. Ambassador to the Netherlands
  228. Actress - Micky & Nicky, Gangster Story. Author - Among The Porcupines (her autobiography), The Secret In The Daisy. Married to actor Walter Matthau (1959-2000, his death). Truman Capote based Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany's on her
  229. singer / actress - voted by Billboard magazine as 'most popular female vocalist in 1956'
  230. Played baseball with the 1948 Philadelphia Phillies
  231. Lunchlady Doris (1989-1996) in the simpsons.
  232. army general born 1924
  233. Broadway and musical comedy star who appeared in the films 'The Opposite Sex,' 'Kismet,' 'It's Always Fair Weather' and 'Designing Woman.' She also won a Tony Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical for 'Carnival in Flanders.' She appeared in the
  234. Baseball player pitcher 1946-1955, Tigers, White Sox, Orioles, Indians & Yankees
  235. Basebal - Negro League Star, WWII Veteran
  236. Peter Green  (3)
    Author - Non Fiction
  237. Actress - Out Of The Past, The Big Steal, Dick Tracy '45, They Won't Believe Me, The Company She Keeps, The Prisoner Of Zenda, The Clown, Man Of A Thousand Faces, Where Love Has Gone, Against All Odds, Falcon Crest, Twin Peaks
  238. UK House of Lords
  239. football player
  240. French screenwriter - Jules et Jim
  241. Former PM Iceland
  242. nobel med. laureate 1977
  243. Comedian & Actor: Stanley, God's Little Acre, All Hands on Deck, Everything's Ducky, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, The Music Man, The Love Bug, Muscle Beach Party, Bud & Lou, Scrooged, The Little Mermaid 1&2, Fish Police, Paulie, Action
  244. guest starred on The Golden Girls as Libby Wagner
  245. Supreme Allied Commander Europe (1974-1979); Secretary of State (1981-1982)
  246. John Haines  (2)
    Poet and essayist, author, Descent: Essays and Letters; For the Century?s End: Poems 1990-1999
  247. British Actor born in 1924. 124 Movies & TV-Series 1954-2005. BBC TV Actor
  248. TV Producer (Head of Hallmark Entertainment)
  249. 40s-50s pro golfer beverly hanson-sfinginow 88 yrs old (born in fargo nd)
  250. former major/negro league third baseman/outfielder; played for Reds, Cardinals, Phillies & Indianapolis Clowns; played baseball & basketball at Toledo University; college basketball All-American; Reds' first African-American player; former MLB Scout
  251. arr./composer/conductor (fly me to the moon/1962)
  252. Lyricist (with Jerry Bock) - Fiorello! (Tony for Best Musical & Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama - 1959), Fiddler On The Roof, The Apple Tree, The Rothschilds, Tenderloin, She Loves Me
  253. Cabinet Member from President Carter's Administration
  254. former NFL- Steelers
  255. Doug Harvey  (2)
    Hockey player
  256. Secretary of Interior for 1 month under Ford
  257. Former U.S. Senator from Maine (1973-1979)
  258. Baseball player 50s, dead
  259. Olympian (1948 Silver & 1952 Gold - canoe)
  260. Congressional Medal of Honor recipient - WWII
  261. Voice to Zippy in Rainbow
  262. Actress, most known for her role as Witchie Poo in tv-series H.R. Pufnstuf. Also starred in Lil' Abner.
  263. Admiral, United States Navy, U.S. Chief of Naval Operations 1978 - 1982
  264. Author
  265. Holocaust survivor, author and philanthropist
  266. Actress: Other People's Money, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Rage
  267. Author
  268. retired football player for the 1950 cleveland browns.
  269. actor (star trek/savage curtain & charlie X)
  270. Nobel laureate physics 1974
  271. Author - Non Fiction
  272. British actress born 1924.'Brazil','Howards End','Evil Under the Sun','I Was Montys Double','Britannia Hospital','The Mirror Crackd','Memento Mori','Dombey and Son'
  273. prolific English comic, actor & singer, best known for his television program, The Benny Hill Show
  274. Actor: Batman, Bloody Mama, Sudden Impact, Maximum Overdrive, Baby Boom, Lightning Jack, Road to Redemption, Brewster's Millions, Norma Rae, Shaft, Life Goes On, The Gauntlet, Hang 'Em High, The Ugly American, Gunsmoke, The Falcon and the Snowman
  275. former major league pitcher; played for Senators
  276. HOF (2021) MLB Fifties and sixties dodgers slugger
  277. Canadian politician born 1924, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories from 1967 - 1979
  278. Former Governor of Vermont (1963-1969)
  279. Author
  280. Singer, born 1924; won a Tony for 'Inner City'
  281. Actor: The Tanks Are Coming, Return of the Texan, Apache War Smoke, Prisoner of War, The Lone Ranger, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Wagon Train, A Man Called Shenandoah, The Spy Killer, The Green Slime, As the World Turns, Murder She Wrote
  282. Former Football player. Played 4 seasons for the New York Yankees, and Cleveland Browns as a running back. Also is a World War 2 veteran
  283. Played baseball for the 1952 Chicago Cubs
  284. Korea, Vietnam: Captain Hudner received the Medal of Honor for his actions in trying to save the life of his wingman, Ensign Jesse L. Brown, during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War, by intentionally crash-landing his plane
  285. Director of Photography 007 The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy & A View To A Kill, director of photography for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  286. Representative From Illinois
  287. Actress - Some Came Running (AA nom), Houseboat, So Big, Sabrina, The Carpetbaggers, The Delicate Delinquent, A&C Go To Mars, Riders To The Stars, Francis In The Navy, Cry Vengeance, Sons Of Katie Elder, Best Of Everything, Wives & Lovers, Bikini Beach
  288. Chairman for Chrysler
  289. U.S. Senator from Hawaii (1963-2012); WWII Congressional of Medal of Honor - Featured in Ken Burns' 'The War'
  290. British WW2 pilot involved in the 'Battle of Britain'
  291. John Jackson  (5)
  292. '87 Templeton Award winner
  293. psychologist author (the primal scream)
  294. Film Composer - Doctor Zhivago (AA win), Lawrence Of Arabia (AA win), A Passage To India (AA win), Ryan's Daughter, Gorillas In The Mist, The Message, The Train, Grand Prix, Witness, Mad Max-Thunderdome, Dead Poet's Society, Fatal Attraction, Ghost
  295. First president of Gambia
  296. French Ballerina (b: 1924). Wife of the late French choreographer, Roland Petit. Actress - Hans Christian Andersen, Anything Goes, Folies Bergere. Singer
  297. Baseball / Outfielder 1948-59 / Chicago Cubs / Great Defensive Outfielder
  298. Baseball player 1957 Milwaukee Braves World Champions
  299. Pianist of Chuck Berry. He is the guy in the song Johnnie be Good!
  300. American Actor (b: '24) - Gilligan's Island' (as The Professor), It Came from Outer Space, Attack of the Crab Monster, This Island Earth, The Space Children, Ma & Pa Kettle, Rock All Night, Black Saddle, lots of TV (Twilight Zone - 2, Gunsmoke - 4)
  301. MLB pitcher from 1950-59 for the Braves and Orioles, later announcer for the Braves. Best known for 1957 World Series, pitching 7 innings of two hit ball, giving up one run with 8 K's. Career stats of 40-23 with 19 saves and an ERA of 3.77
  302. film scores (the tomb of ligeia, tom thumb/1958)
  303. American Actress (b: 1924) - 'These Three','The Little Princess','Heidi','Adv. Of Tom Sawyer','First Love','...Emile Zola','Meet Dr. Christian','Let's Go Collegiate','Lady In The Death House','Hi-Jacked','Street Corner','The Champ','The Way We Were'
  304. former college/NFL/AAFL running back; played for Tulane University, Cleveland Browns, Miami Seahawks & Brooklyn Dodgers; 1X Pro Bowler; member of Browns 1950, 1954 & 1955 NFL Championship teams; father of former NFL quarterback Bert Jones
  305. Dutch singer
  306. football hof n. carolina college
  307. commentator
  308. Author
  309. Former President of Zambia
  310. writer & songwriter howdy doody 1st 8 years
  311. NFL receiver for the Bears
  312. Author
  313. Actor - King (as LBJ), Close Encounters..., Family Plot, Raid On Entebbe, Cheyenne Social Club, 92 In The Shade, Trauma, The Dark, Framed, Godzilla '85, The Bermuda Triangle, Brother John, Eat My Dust, many TV guest roles (inc. Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke)
  314. former college quarterback; played for Ole Miss & Army; All-American in football & basketball; member of Army 1944 National championship team; member of College Football Hall of Fame
  315. Sister to President Kennedy, Widow of actor Peter Lawford
  316. German Actor; 'Stahlnetz', 'Der Kommissar'
  317. President of the International University Sports Federation
  318. Former Governor of New Mexico (1971-1975, 1979-1983, 1991-1995)
  319. Children's Author
  320. former major league pitcher/manager; played for Brooklyn Dodgers & Reds; manager of Yankees, Giants & Braves; former Reds & Pirates pitching coach; also coached in minor leagues
  321. Former college/NBA/BAA guard/forward; played for University of Illinois, Indianapolis Jets, Milwaukee Hawks, Tri-Cities Blackhawks, Anderson Packers, Fort Wayne Pistons; All-American
  322. Israeli satirist, dramatist, screenwriter, and film director
  323. MLB 1st baseman 1947-61 for Reds, Pirates, White Sox, Angeis. 'Big Klu' was 4x All-Star. Led league in 1954 with 49 HR & 141 RBI, 2nd for MVP & most hits in 1955. 5x over 100 RBI. Career BA of .298. In 1959 World Series had double, 3 HR, 10 RBI, .391 BA
  324. Actor - Andy Griffith Show (Barney Fife), Three's Company (Ralph Furley), Steve Allen Show, Matlock, No Time For Sergeants, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, The Ghost & Mr. Chicken, Shakiest Gun In The West, The Apple Dumpling Gang, ...Mad World, Pleasantville
  325. Former Mayor of New York City, New York (1978-89)
  326. Sculptor known for 'The Sphere' which stood in the plaza between the two World Trade Center towers in Manhattan but which now stands, its damage deliberately left unrepaired, in Battery Park as a memorial to the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks
  327. Actor, Writer & Director: Porky's Revenge, Star Trek, Get Smart, Hennesey, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, My Favorite Martian, Welcome Back Kotter, Chico and the Man
  328. space administrative
  329. 1949 Boston Braves played 1 season
  330. former college/Olympic center; played for Oklahoma A&M; also played in 1948 & 1952 Olympic games (won gold); 2X National champion; Tournaments Most Outstanding Player 1945 & 1946
  331. Cartoonist - MAD Magazine, Playboy's Little Annie Fanny, Goodman Beaver, Flash Gordon comic strip. Founding editor of MAD Magazine in 1952. Introduced Alfred E. Neuman, the magazine's mascot. Inducted into Will Eisner's Comic Book Hall of Fame (1989)
  332. actress
  333. Dallas Cowboys football coach
  334. Actor - TV series: Brave Eagle (title role), Northwest Passage, The Hunter, The Aquanauts. Films: Last Of The Badmen, Hiawatha, Son Of Belle Starr, Chief Crazy Horse, War Paint, Flat Top, The Rose Bowl Story, Security Risk, Wichita (as Bat Masterson)
  335. U.S. Senator from New Jersey (1982-2001, 2003-present)
  336. Prime Minister of Hungary 1975 - 1987
  337. 1920's child actor - starred with Al Jolson
  338. American boxer, Gold Medal at the 1952 Olympic Games
  339. Actor - Several Star Trek films/TV (as Sarek, Spock's father, + sev. other roles), Here Come The Brides, Planet Of The Apes (TV), The Secret Empire, Search For Tomorrow, Another World, Somerset, many TV guest roles
  340. Australian singer and TV presenter
  341. (Born Alice Lake; born November 23, 1924) is a two-time FAMAS award-winning and Gawad Urian award-winning Filipino film actress
  342. Baseball player - played 3 games for the 1950 Boston Braves
  343. Only child (daughter) of famous French silent film comedian, Max Linder
  344. UK House of Lords
  345. Former Catcher for the Chicago White Sox
  346. Argentinian Actress - Soledad, After The Storm, The Delivery, Mama Ines, Salon Mexico, Un Divorcio, Negra Es Mi Color, Nazarin, Boys Town '57, Youth Without Law, El Privilegio De Amar (122 episodes)
  347. Pianist and widow of Messiaen
  348. Catholic Cardinal
  349. MLB pitcher from 1951-62 for Cubs, Reds, White Sox. Led league in saves with 15 in 1959 going 9-2 with 2.89 ERA. Pitched in 3 games of the 1959 World Series going 3 1/3 innings while allowing two hits and no runs
  350. Author
  351. Film Director - 12 Angry Men, All The King's Men, The Pawnbroker, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Network, The Verdict, Murder On The Orient Express, Equus, Fail-Safe, The Hill
  352. Former President Venezuela
  353. Nickelodeon TV Show: You Can't Do That On Television
  354. Belgian cartoonist
  355. Fiddle Player & Musician
  356. British Actress (b: 1924) - The Jackie Gleason Show/The Honeymooners (49 episodes, 1966-1970 - as Alice Kramden), General Hospital, Parenthood (TV), Caged. Married to the late Gordon MacRae ('41-'67). Mother of Heather & the late Meredith MacRae
  357. Former First Lady of Vietnam
  358. Skiing, bronze medal downhill olympics 1948
  359. French actor born 1924.movies from 1951-83.'The Diabolical Dr.Z','Z','The Most Important Thing.Love','Shock Troop','In the Affirmative','The Mask of the Gorilla'
  360. Academy Award Winning Actress 1957 'Written On The Wind Born: 01/30/1925 Peyton Place,Janie Gets Married,The Big Sleep,The Bushwackers,Torpedo Alley,Jack Slade,Man of a 1000 Faces,The Lone Gun,The Fast and The Furious,The Last Voyage,Basic Instinct
  361. Fair City / Stygian Witch in Clash of the Titans
  362. Academy Award winning American composer, conductor and arranger. composer of film and television scores. Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995. jazz-idiom theme to The Pink Panther film series.
  363. football player
  364. Theater director and producer
  365. cartoonist (trudy)
  366. Former baseball player
  367. Conductor
  368. MLB third and second baseman, shortstop from 1949-56 for the Indians, Browns, Senators, White Sox and Orioles. Best season was in 1954 hitting .306 in 98 at - bats. In 1961 came in second in league in turning double plays at third base
  369. Actor - Blacula & Scream Blacula Scream (title role); Pee Wee's Playhouse (as King of Cartoons); Abby; The Boston Strangler; Demetrius & The Gladiators; Zigzag; Twilight's Last Gleaming; Rosetti & Ryan; Sorceress; Dinosaur Valley Girls
  370. Author - Chalk Talks on Alcohol
  371. Actor - The Dirty Dozen, Cat Ballou, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Wild One, The Big Heat, Bad Day At Black Rock, Attack, The Caine Mutiny, Donovans Reef, The Killers, Point Blank, Paint Your Wagon, Monte Walsh, Gorky Park, Delta Force, M Squad
  372. Italian Actor - La Dolce Vita, 8-1/2, The 10th Victim, Divorce Italian Style, Marriage Italian Style, Casanova 70, Yesterday Today & Tomorrow, Dark Eyes, A Special Day, Too Bad She's Bad, The Assassin, Used People, The Organizer, Macaroni, Ginger & Fred
  373. syndicated cartoonist of mike nomad
  374. hockey hof builder
  375. inventor (co-invented fiber optic wire)
  376. Opera Singer
  377. Irish Actor - The Quiet Man, Them!, Valley Of The Dragons, Moonfleet, Lorna Doone, The Guns Of Fort Petticoat, I Cover The Underworld, Bandolero!, The Dead, 2 1947 Dick Tracy films, several Disney films, The Californians (TV), Bring 'Em Back Alive (TV)
  378. Former US Senator (R) From Idaho Born Dec 27, 1924 Dec. Feb 26, 2011
  379. B.7/26/1924 Former CIA agent, later involved, as electronics expert, in Watergate burglaries which precipitated the Watergate scandal. Arrested during the second break-in to DNC Headquarters. Wrote; 'A piece of tape; the Watergate story: fact and fiction'
  380. Actor: Sesame Street, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Viva Max, Hot Stuff, Ball Four, Vibes, Steel Magnolias, Family Business, Mr. Destiny
  381. navy admiral
  382. Actor - Many Westerns (1935-1954), including the Three Mesquiteers films, The Lone Ranger serial (1938). Republic Child Star
  383. Hockey Player
  384. Former Governor of Arizona (1987-1988)
  385. Society Columnist (1960's)
  386. Former U.S. Senator from Montana (1977-1989)
  387. American soldier, and recipient of the Medal of Honor during World War II
  388. baseball
  389. Played for the Detroit Tigers (1945, 1947, and 1948) and St. Louis Cardinals (1950) Member of the Detroit Tigers 1945 World Series Championship team. Nicknamed 'Butch' and 'Mouse'
  390. basketball player/executive
  391. Actress: Murder Inc., Parrish, Psychomania, Midnight Cowboy, Heat, The Sentinel, Shalimar, The Funhouse, Evil Under the Sun, All My Children, Wall Street, Crossing Delancey, She Devil, High Times Potluck // Playboy November 1977
  392. Gary Miller  (2)
  393. opera singer
  394. Widow of François Mitterrand (President of France from 1981 to 1995)
  395. Former President of Kenya (1978-2002)
  396. Actor - The Truth About Beef Jerky, Nip/Tuck
  397. Actress - Women's Prison, One Girl's Confession, Hold Back Tomorrow, Over-Exposed, Hit & Run, Bait, Thy Neighbor's Wife, 711 Ocean Drive, Gambling House
  398. Irish Actor born 1924.'Arabesque','Invasion of the Triffids','Little People','Dr.Bloods Coffin','300 Spartans','Crack in the World','League of Gentleman','David and Bathsheba','Anna Karenina'
  399. UK House of Lords
  400. Author
  401. Actress/Singer, born 1924. Night Club Act, Broadway 'Mame' & 'Ziegfeld Follies'
  402. Composer of light entertainer music including dynasty.born wally stott
  403. Author - Tycoons
  404. Pop/Jazz/R&B/Country Singer - Shoo Shoo Baby, Cow Cow Boogie, Blacksmith Blues, House Of Blue Lights, Down The Road A Piece, Mr. Five By Five, Milkman Keep Those Bottles Quiet, No Love No Nothin', The Patty Cake Man, Tess' Torch Song, Captain Kidd
  405. John Strangways in 007's Dr No
  406. former President of Zimbabwe: 1987-2017
  407. Warren buffett's buisness partner
  408. Former Prime Minister of Japan. Also a Japanese WWII Veteran, having served in the Japanese Imperial Army
  409. Bob Murphy  (2)
    New York Mets Announcer; Hall of Fame Ford Frick Recipient (1994)
  410. Tony Award Winner & theater actress
  411. Miss America 1945, co-host of Candid Camera (1966-1967), panelist on I've Got a Secret, hostess of The Big Payoff
  412. Actress, born 1924 - Giant, Wake Me When It's Over, among many others in the 1940s & 50s
  413. French actress
  414. MLB first baseman from 1949-61 for Cardinals, Pirates, Dodgers, and Indians. Hit .291 in 1959 and .300 in 1960. 1946 World Series belted a home run and had a .333 batting average. Also played in some of the 1952 World Series
  415. Song Composer/Arranger (Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand)
  416. Played in the NBA in the 50's
  417. press sec. nixon
  418. Painter
  419. Football Player
  420. MLB outfielder, 1st baseman from 1950-60 for Yankees, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers, A's & Senators; also played in NBL for the Chicago Gears (46-47); 2X World Series Champion (1952 & 53); All - Star 1954 - 70 RS, 66 RBI, .319 BA
  421. Governor of Kentucky (1967-71)
  422. American Broadway actor born 1924.'Call Me Madam', 'Goldilocks','Cant Stop the Music','Love Story','Murder she Wrote','Ed Sullivan Show','Balboa','Fantasy Island'.Winner of 2 Tony awards
  423. Actor: 'All In The Family', 'In The Heat of The Night', 'Kelly's Heroes', 'Return To Me'
  424. film director (models inc. the bitch, fanny hill)
  425. composer/director
  426. Jazz/Pop Singer (b: 1924) - Duke Ellington, Pete Rugolo. Regular singer on The Jack Paar Show who also appeared on most of the other talk/variety shows of the '50s-'60s
  427. Composer
  428. Pretender to the Sultanate of Ottoman Turkey, most likely to live in the U.S.A
  429. Scientist
  430. Nascar Driver And Owner
  431. Phillies manager
  432. Actress - Trip To Bountiful (Oscar win). 7 Oscar noms for: Hondo, Summer & Smoke, Sweet Bird Of Youth, You're A Big Boy Now, Pete 'n' Tillie, Interiors, Pope Of Greenwich Village. Dear Heart, Toys In The Attic, The Beguiled, The Rescuers (v)
  433. American Actress born 1924.'Casablanca','Kismet','Torero','Tonka','Fighter Attack','Man-Eater from Kumaon','The Shrike','Conquest of Cochise','Wagon Train',Cheyenne','Studio 57'
  434. Actor - The Archers
  435. Founder of Intel
  436. Session Drummer. Rock & Roll HOF
  437. Am. Actor - Disney's Davy Crockett (title role), Daniel Boone (TV - title role), Old Yeller, The Great Locomotive Chase, Westward Ho The Wagons, Light In The Forest, Them!, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (TV - title role), Smoky, Hell Is For Heroes
  438. British tenor
  439. track athlete
  440. 01 Templeton Award winner
  441. British field hockey player, won Silver Medal in the 1948 Summer Olympics
  442. Leftfielder-shortstop who debuted with the Milwaukee Braves in 1953. He passed away in 1996
  443. concert pianist
  444. French actor
  445. John Peterson  (4)
  446. Former French dancer, choregrapher, husband of Zizi Jeanmaire
  447. British Actor (b: 1924) - Carry On/Doctor films, Harry Potter films (3 - as The Sorting Hat), Scandal, Empire of the Sun, Out of Africa, Les Girls, The Longest Day, The Gamma People, Maroc 7, Some Will Some Won't, Not Now Darling, Venus, Chancer
  448. French actor (Les Rois maudits, Lagardère)
  449. Novelist: The Shell Seekres, Winter Solstice
  450. Former premier of Yugoslavija
  451. hockey hof builder
  452. Actress: Carrie, The Onion Field, Mommie Dearest, Dallas, Blue Velvet, Twilight Zone, Coyote Moon, Nightmare On Elm Street 3, CHUD 2, Inferno, Carried Away, The Flash, From the Hip
  453. Actor of many TV shows and films for over 20 years
  454. Singer/Musician
  455. WNBC4 News
  456. French Conductor
  457. Italian actor born 1924.'The Egyptian','Herod the Great','Student Prince','Athena','The Prodigal','Kings Thief','Yellow Rolls-Royce','Night Child','Mr.Scarface','Horror Safari','Strange Intruder','Julius Caesar','Cossacks'
  458. Miss America 1944
  459. American actress best-known as Trixie Norton on 'The Honeymooners'
  460. Louisiana congressman
  461. Cathlic Priest. Brother of Pope Benedict XVI
  462. Actress - The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The City That Never Sleeps, Crisis, The Tall Target, Inside Straight, The Bandits Of Corsica, King Richard & The Crusaders, The Human Jungle, Blood Of Dracula's Castle, lots of TV guest star roles (1949-1964)
  463. Actress - 'Sister Jacqueline' in The Flying Nun (TV series, 1967), formerly married to actor Jack Weston (Wait Until Dark, Dirty Dancing)
  464. 1953 Memphis Red Sox, Negro League
  465. Author
  466. U.S. Representative from Ohio (1973-2009)
  467. Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
  468. French actress and singer
  469. former major league outfielder; played for A's, Red Sox & Yankees; member of 1953 NY Yankees World Series championship team
  470. baseball player with Pittsburgh Pirates in 1950's
  471. Paul Richards  (3)
    Actor - The Unknown Terror, Beneath the Planet Of The Apes, The Black Whip, Playgirl. LOTS of TV ('52-'74) (Gunsmoke -1st actor to shoot Marshal Dillon; Hawaii Five-0 -1st actor McGarrett said 'Book em Danno' about). Buried next to stooge Moe Howard
  472. Actor - The Strange One/'Cockroach'
  473. former college/NBA/BAA center; played for Ohio State University, Rochester Royals, Celtics & Indianapolis Kautskys; 4X All-Star; member of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame (1998)
  474. Actress - The Scarlet Empress, Scrooged, lots of early TV. Author. Daughter of actress Marlene Dietrich
  475. Actress
  476. French Actor born in 1920
  477. British actor, TV-Host and politican born in 1923.Knighted in 1986 as SIR BRIAN RIX.35 TV-Series and movies 1951-1977
  478. jazz drummer
  479. Jimmy Rogers  (2)
  480. trumpeter/composer/arranger/band leader
  481. former NFL-Bears
  482. Former president of el salvador
  483. director - Mad Doctor of Blood Island
  484. MLB 3rd & 1st baseman from 1947-56 for Indians. Known as 'Flip'. 4x All - Star. In 1953 was MVP and P.O.Y. while leading the league in RS 115, HR's 43, RBI's 145 with a .336 BA. HR Title in 1950 with 37
  485. Conductor
  486. movie composer 'East of Eden'
  487. writer producer director