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  1. Author
  2. Singer/Musician
  3. MLB pitcher from 1950-1957 for Indians, Tigers, A's. Known as 'Lefty'. Best seasons were 1955 going 6-3, 3 saves, 3.38 ERA and 1956 went 4-4, 7 saves (6th best in league), 3.43 ERA
  4. 40+ years as an NBC News correspondent. Commentator, editor, and presenter of 'Religion & Ethics Newsweekly' on PBS
  5. Chemist & Author: Member of the Order of Canada
  6. U.S. Representative from Washington (1965-1977); Secretary of Transportation (1977-1979); U.S. Senator from Washington (1987-1993)
  7. Comedian, Singer & Actress: The Ernie Kovacs Show, The Apartment, Lover Come Back, Call Me Bwana, Under the Yum Tree, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Honeypot, Love With the Proper Stranger, Up in Smoke, Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood, The Apartment
  8. Will Adams  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  9. MLB 1st baseman, outfielder from 1950-66 for Braves, Indians, Angels, Reds. 2x All-Star. Best season - 1956 with 38 HR, 103 RBI, .291 BA. Hit 35 HR, 108 RBI in 1961. 2 W.S. - 2 RS, 2 RBI, .250 BA. Manager 67 Indians. 1st to HR over Ebbets Field roof
  10. Author-The War Of The Roses
  11. King of Thailand. Ascended to the throne of Thailand on June 9th, 1946.
  12. Socialite and style icon born 1927
  13. Governor of Hong Kong 1986-1987
  14. Former Argentine President
  15. Mezzo-soprano, 'Four Saints in Three Acts'
  16. British Actor born 1927.was married to Actress Sarah Lawson.Movies->'Dial M For Murder','Dinosaurs Ruled the World','Night Creatures','Island of the Burning Damned','Sea Wolves','Carry On','The Black Adder','Richard Crane','Alien Attack'
  17. After Dinner Speaker
  18. jazz singer/pianist/composer
  19. Swiss 4 Man Bobsled Olympic Gold Medalist 1956.lives in Blonay/VD, French part of Switzerland
  20. French soprano singer
  21. opera singer
  22. American Singer and Actor born 1927.Band member of the Ames Brothers.Mingo on'Daniel Boone'(1964-68),'The Rifleman',Songs-->'Try To Remember','Time,Time','My Cup Runneth Over','Who Will Answer'
  23. '05 genius award recipient
  24. swimmer
  25. Country music singer and songwriter. Mother of Lynn Anderson
  26. Author of famous report 'Hollywood Babylon', film director
  27. composer
  28. Former Outfielder for the Brooklyn Dodgers
  29. boxing
  30. composer
  31. Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom (1976-1977); First Female Counselor to the President
  32. Scientist
  33. former major league pitcher; played for Cardinals, Reds, Yankees & Pirates; 2X All-Star 1955 & 1961; member of Yankees 1961 World Series Championship team
  34. poet (self-portrait in a convex mirror) pul. prize 1976
  35. Hockey player
  36. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1978-83)
  37. Former Polish prime minister
  38. concert pianist/composer
  39. Nba basketball player 1950s
  40. Author/British Army
  41. Former USA soccer player/coach; coached at Penn State
  42. R&B Singer/Songwriter - w/The Midnighters: Work With Me Annie; Annie Had A Baby; Sexy Ways; Finger Poppin' Time; Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go; The Hoochi Coochi Coo; The Switch-A-Roo; The Twist (the original, later covered by Chubby Checker). R&R HOF '90
  43. Author
  44. Billy Barnes  (2)
    Composer His Something Cool was recorded by June Christy and Della Reese
  45. English military historian
  46. Author
  47. Director Blast of Silence 1961
  48. Australian Actor born 1927.Peter Thornton in 'Mogul'(1965-72),Voice of John Tracy in 'Thunderbirds','The Reptile','Dons Party','Jimmie Blacksmith','Goodbye Paradise','Rebel','Jigsaw','Golden Soak','Doctor Who','Stingray','Avengers','Naked Island','Tusital
  49. Tennis
  50. boxer
  51. British Actor born 1929.Sir Oliver Lacon in 'Tinker,Tailor,Soldier,Spy','Rebecca','Ghost Story','Eminent Domain','Medics','Icebound in Antarctic','Tis Pity Shes a Whore','Crime and Punishment','Treasure Island','Heil Caesar','Ivanhoe','Spindoe'
  52. All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during the 1945 season
  53. Governor of Idaho (1995-99)
  54. Italian Beefcake Actor born 1930.'Duck You Sucker','Winnetou','Yellow Devil','Man Called Blade','Valley of Death','Legancy of the Inkas','Nightmare Castle','Shatterhand','Hannibal','Minotaurus','Sandokan'
  55. conductor
  56. Ralph Beard  (2)
    UK Basetball Player In 40s And NBA Player In The 50s
  57. Canadian composer
  58. Clothing designer
  59. ballet dancer choreographer
  60. American Singer,Composer and Actor born 1927.'Banana Boat Song','Island in the Sun','Coconut Woman','Hava Naghila','Angelina','Come Back Liza','Cotton Fields like Home','Matilda','Try to Remember', 'Jump In The Line'
  61. Creator of the soap opera Young and the Restless
  62. Former Head of Vatican City and the 265th Pope (2005-2013)
  63. French actor born in 1927.first husband of actress Ginger Rogers.movies from 1954-69.'Les Girls','Gigi','Fury of Achilles','A Global Affair','Taffy and the Jungle Hunter','The Hypnotic Eye'.from 1959-64 he was married to actress Dorothy Malone
  64. French Dancer who became the first model of the Bikini
  65. Majopr League baseball player outfielder for the 1953 Pirates
  66. Italian Actress - Movie - 'Lovers And Liars' (1979)
  67. Real brother of Bielski partisans. Last living Bielski brother from WWII
  68. cartoon theme song composer
  69. NFL, QB/K Chicago Bears 1949, 1950-58, Baltimore Colts 1950, Oakland Raiders 1970-78. AFL, QB/K, Houston Oilers 1960-66, Oakland Raiders 1967-69. Pro Football Hall of Fame 1981. College - Kentucky
  70. Screenwriter
  71. Conductor
  72. Author
  73. actor
  74. Acting Attorney General (1973); Federal Judge (1982-88); former nominee to the Supreme Court in 1987
  75. Former New York Knicks player and coach; General Manager of Utah Stars and Denver Nuggets
  76. American Actor born 1927. Howard Cunnigham on 'Happy Days','Bang,Bang','Sandy Duncan Show','Black Dahlia','Gus','Murder She Wrotes','Father Dowlings Mysteries','Port Charles','Hidden Places','Wicked Stepmothers','Bastard','Jesse Owens Story'
  77. MLB pitcher from 1949-55 with Cardinals and A's. Best season 1950 going 7-7 with one save and 3.52 ERA
  78. American Former Actor - TV Series - 'Highway Patrol' (1955-1959), 'Adam-12' (1968-1975), 'Emergency' (1976-1978), 'Knot's Landing' (1980-1981), Lots Of TV Guest - Starring Roles
  79. Famous Scriptwriter for many movies of Roman Polanski
  80. Singer/Musician
  81. World champion boxer
  82. basketball player/coach
  83. American Singer,Composer and Child Actor born: 11/04/ 1927.'Way Down South','Make a Wish','Breaking the Ice','Hawaii Calls','Rainbow on the River','Fishermans Wharf','Escape to Paradise','Lets Sing Again'
  84. 2002 Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate
  85. American Actress -Movie -'Cat Women Of The Moon'(1953), 'Untamed Women'(1952), 'The Barkleys Of Broadway'(1949), 'Police Nurse'(1963), 'Mickey Spillane's 'Mike Hammer!'(1954). TV Series - 'Passport To Danger'(1954), 'Gunsmoke'(Guest)(1965) Plus Many More
  86. Baseball player played from 1951 to 19571951-1953 New York Yankees, 1954 Orioles, 1955 White Sox 1956 White Sox and Tigers 1957 Orioles played mostly shortstop but did play a little 2nd and 3rd base, too.He was a utility player
  87. Former American football fullback in the National Football League for the Washington Redskins 1965. He played college football at the University of Central Oklahoma
  88. English Born American Former Author - Novel - 'Paloverde' (1978), 'The Naked Heart' (1987), 'Dreams Are Not Enough' (1987), 'California Generation' (1980), 'Everything And More' (1983), 'Pronto, Demasiado Pronto/Too Much Too Soon' (1986) Plus Many More
  89. Author
  90. british actor
  91. American Former Female Psychologist, Author And TV Personality. Wrote A Daily Newspaper Advice Column From 1960 to 2013
  92. Hal Brown  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  93. Secretary of Defense 1977-81
  94. English Actress - TV Series - 'EastEnders' (1985- ), 'Now And Then' (Guest Role)(1983-1984), 'The Duchess of Duke Street' (1976-1977), 'The Prince and the Pauper' (1976), 'Z Cars'(Guest)(1964-1972), 'Coronation Street'(Guest)(1970-1971) Plus More Roles
  95. Former U.S. Senator From North Carolina (1986)
  96. basketball player/coach
  97. captain of u.s.s. pueblo, captured by the north koreans
  98. MLB catcher, pinch hitter from 1949-67 for Cubs, Phillies, Reds, Pirates, White Sox. 9x All-Star, Best in 1954 with .368 BA. Twice hit 20 or more HR. 18 year career batted .295. World Series in 1960 helping Pirates win it. 18 at-bats, double, .333 BA
  99. football player
  100. Head Coach for Iowa Hawkeyes (1961-1965) and the Minnesota Vikings (1986-1991). Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II
  101. Former Governor of Georgia (1975-1983)
  102. MLB outfielder from 1950-62 for 6 teams. 1951 All - Star, Best seasons were 1953 with 68 RS, 82 RBI, .312 BA and 1954 with 83 RS, 80 RBI, .298 BA. Cousin of 2x All - Star Steve Busby
  103. Famous tenor saxophonist. Lead band 'The Witnesses' known for his work with Louis Prima
  104. former college/NFL defensive back; played for Saint Bonaventure University & Steelers; 4X Pro Bowler; member of NFL's 1950s All-Decade Team; 52 career interceptions; 3X All-Pro; former NFL scout
  105. director that made the tv series batman in 1960's
  106. Film Music Composer. Winnetou-movies, married to actress Anneliese Kaplan
  107. former major league infielder; played for Philadelphia Phillies; holds the record as the youngest person in major league history to appear at third base
  108. American Former Actress - Movie - 'The Wasp Woman' (1959), 'Carnival Rock' (1957), 'Sorority Girl' (1957), 'Viking Women' (1957), 'Machine-Gun Kelly' (1958), 'Son Of Ali Baba' (1952), 'On The Isle Of Samoa' (1950), 'Gunsmoke' (1953).
  109. Author
  110. South African - Born English Former Female Author - Novel - 'Akhenaten: Son Of The Sun' (1986), 'Hatshepsut: Daughter Of Amun' (1989), 'Guardians Of The Tall Stones' (1977), 'Tutankhamun and the Daughter of Ra'(1990), 'Shadow On The Stones'(1978)
  111. English Actress - Movie - 'Kipps' (1941), 'Glad Tidings!' (1946), 'Dry Rot' (1955), 'The Divine Creatures' (1952), 'Curtain Up' (1952), 'The Wallet' (1952), 'The Lady from Denmark ' (1951)Something in the City' (1950), 'Spring Song' (1946)
  112. Played in the NBA in the 50's
  113. Player debut in 2017 - texas rangers
  114. Andy Williams Show; 'The Big Mouth'. Voice of Elliott in Disney's Pete's Dragon 1977.
  115. U.S. Representative from Georgia (1965-1967); Secretary of the Army (1973-1975)
  116. Canadian Female Former Baseball Player - Left Fielder - All - American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) Most Home Runs In The League = 55. 'Peoria Redwings' (1947), 'Chicago Colleens' (1948), 'Rockford Peaches' (1948-1954)
  117. Director
  118. Football player
  119. Italian Actor in american movies born 1927.'Creature From The Haunted Sea','A Bucket Of Blood','Last Woman On Earth','The Pit and the Pendulum','Twilight Zone','The Untouchables'
  120. American Comedian, Voice and TV-Actress born 1927. Voice of Ursula in 'Little Mermaid', Mrs. McBrain in 'Galaxy High School'(1986-87), Voice of Hazel in 'Foofur', 'Sid Caesar Hour Show', 'With Six You Get Eggroll'
  121. Singer/actress
  122. Performer with her mother and her younger sisters, June Carter and Anita Carter, as a member of Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters
  123. Former First Lady; married to Jimmy Carter Born 1927, Man of Plains (2007)
  124. actress
  125. football
  126. Actor - He & She, The Andersonville Trial, The Eiger Sanction, Bunny O'Hare, Mary Tyler Moore Show (as the brother of Ted Baxter). Married to Shirley Jones (1956-1974). Father of David, Shaun, Ryan & Patrick Cassidy. Broadway - 1 Tony win/3 noms
  127. Actress - Lawman (TV - 4 seasons), Harem Girl, Wagons West, The Prince Who Was A Thief, Jesse James' Women, Payment On Demand, 99 River Street, I The Jury, The White Orchid, Invasion USA, Son Of Belle Starr, Miracle In The Rain, Arrivederci Roma
  128. Singer/Musician
  129. Secretary of Education (1988-1990)
  130. Baseball player 1951-1957 Indians, Senators and Red Sox
  131. Former NBC Nightly News Anchor
  132. Queen Elizabeth II Double born 1927.Queen in'The Naked Gun'(1988),'Austin Powers:Goldmember','Queen Kong','Loriots Telecabinet'
  133. French actress, widow of Philippe Noiret
  134. film executive - Bruce Lees & Jackie Chans producer
  135. Basketball player
  136. President Johnson Press Secretary
  137. hockey player
  138. Former Rugby League Player
  139. American actor born 1927.'Attack of the Giant Leeches','Love Me Tender','South Pacific','Agent 077','Between Heaven and Hell','On the Threshold of Space','Hercules Against Babarians','12 to the Moon'
  140. Former U.S. Attorney General under President Lyndon Johnson
  141. Character French actor and singer
  142. Californa Angel Baseball Coach
  143. Tom Clegg  (2)
  144. Actress Born: 01/15/1927. - The Adventures Of Superman/Lois Lane, I Was A Teenage Frankenstein, Joe McDoakes shorts, Panther Girl Of The Kongo/Title Role, Girls In Prison
  145. film producer - Central Station
  146. football player
  147. Journalist
  148. Poet/Author
  149. Former baseball player 1951 - 1962 with Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers and Reds
  150. Former MLB Umpire
  151. Actress (b: 1927) - General Hospital (1979-1998 as Ruby Anderson), The Wrong Man, The Other, They Only Kill Their Masters, QBVII, The Edge Of Night
  152. female singer
  153. Actor: The Twilight Zone, The Untouchables, The Fugitive, Room 222, Voyage of the Damned, Remington Steele, Airwolf, Prancer, Deadfall, My Life, The Juror, Thinner, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  154. American Broadway Actress and Singer born 1927.'The Music Man','Oklahoma','Carousel','The Gay Life','Hansel und Gretel','The King and I'.Songs->'Walt Disney Songs','Lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein','Sings Mostly Sondheim','The Grass Harp'
  155. Child actor born 1927, from 1930's-1940's, 'Housewife' with Bette Davis, 'Next Time We Love' with Jimmy Stewart & Margaret Sullivan, 'Little Men', etc
  156. air force general
  157. NFL Hall of Famer; played guard/tackle for the Detroit Lions
  158. opera singer
  159. Singer/Musician
  160. Italian Actor
  161. American Comedian, Actor and Writer: born 1927. 'Eight Crazy Nights', 'Johnny Carson Tonight', 'Dean Martin Comedy Hour', 'Adam-12', 'Liars Club', 'Phyllis Diller Show'
  162. Creator of Dark Shadows (all three incarnations) and The Night Strangler. Director of the DS films, Trilogy of Terror, The Winds of War, and War and Remembrance
  163. wrestling
  164. Actor: I Dream of Jeannie, The Bob Newhart Show, Bewitched, The Love Boat, Aloha Paradise, Starting from Scratch, ALF, Alligator II, Horrorween, Caroline in the City
  165. American Football, End, Mississippi, NFL, Redskins 1950
  166. harness racing driver
  167. Jazz atrist
  168. Not the whiskey, but the former baseball player for the 1952 Boston Braves.
  169. Actor: Boy Meets World, St. Elsewhere, Knight Rider, Parallax View, The Graduate, Two for the Road, The Blue Lagoon, Blind Date, The Nancy Walker Show, The Bastard, Galactica 1980, Reds, Her Alibi, The Closer
  170. Actor
  171. sax. bandleader wife cleo laine
  172. football
  173. Actor - Dark Shadows (as Ben Stokes 1966-1971), Rocky, Journey To The Center Of The Earth '59, Little Big Man, Save The Tiger, The Eiger Sanction, The Duchess & The Dirtwater Fox, House Calls, Washington: Behind Closed Doors
  174. Bob Davidson  (3)
    Author, founder of the Davidson Institute forTalent Development
  175. Co-Chairman, Republican National Committee
  176. Peter Davies  (2)
    One of the children of the Seven Up! British documentary
  177. former NFL-Redskins
  178. football player (60) (c)
  179. Football player
  180. football player
  181. French fashion designer
  182. writer
  183. Artist
  184. Mrs. Teevee in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory [1971]
  185. Canadian Businessman & Financier
  186. film director (the young swingers, maryjane)
  187. Mayor of New York City, New York (1990-93)
  188. 1951 Red Sox
  189. creator of comic book characters The Creeper, Spider-Man & more
  190. Former U.S. Senator from Illinois (1981-1993)
  191. British Comedian,TV-Host and Actor born 1927.'How tickled I am','Happiness Show','Question of Entertainment','An Audience with Ken Dodd','Ken Dodd Laughter Show','World of Laughter','Doctor Who','Alice in Wonderland'
  192. Former Dallas Cowboy, Detroit Lion, first Cowboy TD and pro bowler
  193. British Actor and Author born 1927.'Carry On Movies'(1972-1992),'Johnny Carson Tonight','Carry On Laughing','The Edwardians','The Goodies','Boys in Blue','Bloody Kids','Whats Up Nurse','Merv Griffin Show'
  194. Irish Actress born 1927.Maid Marian on 'The Adventures of Robin Hood'(1957-60),'Charley Moon',Wackiest Ship in the Army','Danger Man','Secret Agent','Last Enemy','The Vise'
  195. US Navy Fighter 7 victory ace, WWII was the first F6F Hellcat pilot to down a Zero - Navy Cross
  196. Former Governor of Tennessee (1971-1975)
  197. Producer of My Bloody Valentine
  198. football player architect
  199. basketball player
  200. former college/NFL defensive lineman; played for Duke University and Detroit Lions; member of Lions 1952, 1953 NFL Championship teams
  201. Model of the 1950s appears in several movies mostly uncredited and on some T.V. shows
  202. Jerry leadbetter in 70s uk sitcom the good life
  203. Burger King
  204. Governor of Louisiana (1972-1980, 1984-1988 and 1992-1996)
  205. Author - Fiction
  206. nobel chemistry laureate 1967
  207. Cartoonist - Katzenjammer Kids, Popeye
  208. Actor - TV series: MacGyver ('85-'92 as Pete Thornton), Black Sheep Squadron, Dark Shadows, Baretta. Films: The Sting, Fail-Safe, The Boston Strangler, WC Fields & Me, Baby Blue Marine, St. Ives, 2010, The Missles Of October, Pendulum, Zigzag
  209. Author
  210. Zulu
  211. Actor
  212. German Actor, Starred In The 'Stahlnetz' Crime Dramas In The 60's
  213. skier
  214. Actor-COLUMBO,The In-Laws,Husbands,A Woman Under The Influence,Murder By Death,The Cheap Detective,... Mad, Mad World,The Great Race,Murder Inc.,Pocketful Of Miracles,Robin & The 7 Hoods,Penelope,Castle Keep,Luv,The Princess Bride,Trials Of O'Brien
  215. Author
  216. Martin Luther King's sister
  217. pitcher for 1953 st. louis cardinals
  218. Australian actor born movies from 1952-65.King Philip on'Richard the Lionheart'(1962-63),'A High Wind in Jamaica','Affair in Monte Carlo','Operation Mermaid','Our House','The Avengers','Maigret'
  219. Captured by Red Chinese during CIA - sponsored C-47 flight over mainland China during Korean War. POW nearly 2 decade battle of wills between the U.S. & China/He was released in December 1971. CIA awarded him the Distinguished Intelligence Cross
  220. Character German actress
  221. Spanish author
  222. Voice Actor-Original Voice of Speed Racer and Racer X on the 1960's Speed Racer Cartoon
  223. Singer/Musician
  224. former nfl player
  225. Actress - Carry On Screaming, Carry On Regardless, Ooh La La, The Prisoner, The Avengers, Uncle Jack
  226. Football Player
  227. Australian yachtsman
  228. Medal of honor air force vietnam
  229. Hockey Player
  230. Actor
  231. Played for 1943 South Bend Blue Sox, AAGPBL
  232. Retired Major Leaguer
  233. Former NHL defenseman. Played for the Detroit Red Wings (1951/52 - 1952/53)
  234. track athlete
  235. Children's Author
  236. Barry Foster  (2)
    British Actor - Frenzy (as the necktie killer), Ryan's Daughter, Van der Valk (title role), Hamlet '61 (title role), Battle Of Britain, The Family Way, Inspector Clouseau, Twisted Nerve, The Guru, The Wild Geese, Sweeney!, The Whistle Blower
  237. actor - Dr. Bombay on Bewitched, The Mummy, Titanic, Andy Griffith, Hogan's Heroes
  238. {1927-1975} Baseball Hall of Famer.Was named MVP of the American League in 1959.Played in 13 All-Star games
  239. BBC Radio 2 DJ
  240. Medal of Honor Vietnam at lz-xray 1965
  241. 1949 St Louis Browns {Baseball}
  242. German actor, 'Edgar Wallace' movies
  243. British director : The Abominable Dr. Phibes, The Devil's Rain, Aphrodite, etc.
  244. Author
  245. Retired NHL Defenseman (Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings) - Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee: '70
  246. Former Professional Football Player
  247. Author
  248. former college/NBA forward/center; played for Northeast Missouri State, Knicks & Pistons; 7X All-Star; #1 pick overall 1948 NBA Draft; coached Hawks, Knicks & Southern Illinois University; NBA Coach of the Year 1963
  249. American Actress (b: 1927) - Klute, King of Kings, Mohawk, Sinners Go To Hell, The Thief, Night People, Sign of the Pagan, Magic Fire, Hannibal, Sierra Baron, Shoot Out, Such Good Friends, Midnight, Rowing Through
  250. NHL Hockey Player
  251. former major league second baseman/manager; played for NY Giants, Orioles, Senators, Twins, Yankees & Red Sox; managed Twins & Royals; 2X World Series champion
  252. Baseball - Montgomery Biscuits 2007
  253. Actor played Ed the Photographer in Quincy ME
  254. Author
  255. Actor
  256. Songwriter/jazz saxophone player
  257. tennis hof 1st afro am. to win wimbleton singles
  258. Wife of Rev. Joseph Lowery, close friend and worker with MLK... Founder of SCLC
  259. Conductor
  260. John Gilbert  (3)
    UK House of Lords
  261. Former Pro Wrester/Father of 'Hot Stuff' Eddie Gilbert and 'Dangerous' Doug Gilbert
  262. German Actor born 1927.married with Actress Nadja Tiller.Movies->'Roses for the Prosecutor','3 Mann in einem Boot','Lady Dracula','Fanny Hill','Legacy of Incas','Last Ride to Santa Cruz','Charleys Aunt','Hauptmann von Koepenick','Conjugal Bed'
  263. Child Actress - Bambi (v/Faline), Little Orphan Annie '38 (title role), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (as Becky Thatcher), Beau Geste, Little Men, Mr. Dynamite, Since You Went Away, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Time of Their Lives
  264. American lyricist of popular songs, TV and movie themes including 'Sway', 'Canadian Sunset', 'Summer Samba', 'The Girl from Ipanema', 'Killing Me Softly with His Song', 'Meditation', 'I Will Wait for You', along with an Oscar for 'It Goes Like It Goes'
  265. Author
  266. 50s baseball
  267. baseball player
  268. Puerto Rican television news-anchor for 40 years, voice-actor, pastor
  269. army general
  270. Austrian actor
  271. Former Minnesota Viking Coach
  272. Actress: Shampoo (AA win), Detective Story (AA nom), The Landlord (AA nom), Voyage Of The Damned (AA nom), Peyton Place, In The Heat Of The Night, Plaza Suite, Damien - Omen 2, Valley Of The Dolls, Marooned, The Swarm, Mulholland Drive
  273. Author
  274. Johnny Gray  (2)
    Baseball pitcher - 1954-58
  275. French singer, sometimes actress
  276. German Actress - Alles Was Zählt
  277. Writer leading bigfoot researcher
  278. MLB outfielder from 1952-56 for Reds and Phillies. Best seasons in 1953 with 20 home runs and 100 RBI's and 1954 with 27 home runs and 95 RBI's
  279. ballerina
  280. former NFL-Packers
  281. British actor born 1927. Inspector Morse (Superintendent Strange, 1987-00), The Abdominable Dr.Phibes, Mother Love, A Very Peculiar Practice, Goodnight Sweetheart, Rumpole of the Bailey, All Creatures Great and Small, The Box of Delights, Juliet Bravo
  282. Australian Cricketer
  283. French actor born 1927.'Bay of Angels','A Tale of Two Cities','Twilight Girls','Yvonnes Perfum','Toto in Paris'
  284. Actor: Benson, Soap, Sports Night, Seems Like Old Times, Purlie, The Lion King, North & South, The Meteor Man, Fish Police, Pacific Station, Driving Miss Daisy, Pandora's Clock, Perry Mason, Death Warrant, Big Fish
  285. Author
  286. Hungarian Water Polo Player. Played in 5 Olympics 1948-1964. Has 5 medals 3 Gold 1 Silver and 1 Bronze
  287. basketball
  288. baseball announcer ford frick hof award
  289. MLB shortstop, second base from 1944-62 for Phillies, Indians. 3x All - Star. Best season 1953 with 90 RS, 92 RBI's with .279 average. 1950 World Series had 2 doubles, triple, stolen base w/ .429 average. Brother Garvin played on same team in 1945
  290. actor (night of the living dead/harry cooper)
  291. Baseball player 1953 philadelphia athletics
  292. Bill Harris  (2)
    Bill/Emily Harris arrested.. Did their prison time, and now are free. (Patricia Hearst kidnapping)
  293. American anthropologist, Author
  294. Actress - Films: Spider-Man 1-3 (as Aunt May), Tom & Viv (AA nom), Holocaust (Emmy nom), Notorious Woman (Emmy win), Before The Devil Knows You're Dead, The Ploughman's Lunch, The Boys From Brazil, Beau Brummell. Broadway - A Lion In Winter (Tony win)
  295. Bob Harrison  (2)
    NBA basketball player of old, Universty of Michigan
  296. MLB pitcher and first baseman from 1952-60 for Giants, White Sox, Orioles, Red Sox, and Indians. Best seasons: 1953 14-8, save, and .295 ERA. 1956 15-11 3.10 ERA. 1958 12 wins, 4 saves, and 2.89 ERA. Hit 21 HR's in 424 at - bats
  297. Actor (b: 1927) - Gomer Pyle USMC, Hogan's Heroes, I Saw What You Did '65, The Secret Of NIHM (v), Spies Like Us. '50s-'80s L.A. TV Host/Cartoonist - Popeye Cartoons
  298. Former U.S. Senator from Florida (1981-1987)
  299. Chilkdren's TV Show as 'Mr. Peppermint' Actor 'Places in the Heart' 'Possums'
  300. T. Cullen Davis Murder Trial Lawyer, involved in landmark cases such as The State of Texas v. John Hill (a basis for the book Blood and Money), and the notorious T. Cullen Davis murder trial. He also represented Morganna, a.k.a. 'The Kissing Bandit.'
  301. Actor, singer (Bariton), born 1927, played Jesus in 'Ben Hur' 1959
  302. Stan Heath  (2)
    Former college/NFL/CFL quarterback; played for University of Nevada, Packers, Calgary Stampeders & Hamilton Tiger-Cats; first NCAA quarterback to throw for 2,000 yards
  303. Former Michigan State Basketball Coach
  304. French writer, wife of Louis Velle
  305. actor - 'the fly (1958), another world (tv), voyage to the bottom of the sea (tv), Felix Leiter in James Bond Licence to Kill and Live and Let Die
  306. Guest-star On 'The Twilight Zone' And '77 Sunet Strip'
  307. Baseball - Chicago Cubs 1960 - 1961, Astros 1962
  308. track & field hof
  309. singer (weavers) songwriter
  310. Steel Guitarist. Played with Hank Williams
  311. Baseball / 1952-69 / Lefthanded Pitcher for Red Sox, Cubs, Reds, Giants, Pirates & Astros. Was awesome in 1964 going 2-2 with 6 saves, 31 hits allowed in 52 innings with 0.87 ERA
  312. composer
  313. Old Time Hockey - Rangers, Blackhawks
  314. French actor and comedian born 1927.'Shaft in Africa','Plot of Fear','Some Like it Cool','War of the Robots'.actor in german sex comedy movies of the 60/70tys like 'Drei Lederhosen in St.Tropez','Frau Wirtin movies' or 'Hurra, die Schwedinnen sind da'
  315. Member of the Imperials Quartet,ELVIS PRESLEY,s Gospel singers
  316. Actor - Prizzi's Honor (Oscar nom.), A Hatful Of Rain, The Boston Strangler, Christmas Vacation, Sea Of Love, Little Big Man, 92 In The Shade, The Name Of The Rose, Da, Pink Cadillac, Puppetmaster '89, My Blue Heaven, Nightmare Before Christmas
  317. Stuntman, The Brow in Dick Tracy, Star Trek TNG
  318. Actor: Car 54 Where Are You?, The Goddess, Invitation To A Gunfighter, Reds, Space, Liberace, Blackout, Fat Man and Little Boy, The Candidate
  319. former motor racing champion
  320. Thomas Hill  (2)
    Actor - Remington Steele, The Neverending Story
  321. former MLB player - chicago cubs (1955-59), boston red sox (1960-61), cincinnati reds (1962), new york mets (1962)
  322. businessman hilton hotels
  323. Actress: Sisters, War & Remembrance, The Winds of War, Matlock, Thirtysomething, Dante's Peak, Nuts, Fear No Evil, The River Wild, Elvis and Me, Silent Night Deadly Night 3, Stargate SG-1
  324. Baseball player for Pittsburgh Pirates in 1950's
  325. Singer/Musician
  326. David Holt  (3)
    Child Actor - Last Days Of Pompeii, Adv. Of Tom Sawyer, Beau Geste, Pride Of The Yankees, The Courage Of Lassie, Wild Weed. Body Double for Cheetah. Songwriter - Christmas Blues, What Every Girl Should Know
  327. Wife of Erich Honecker
  328. Cartoonist (James Bond)
  329. French Actor,Writer and Director born 1927.was married to Actress Marina Vlady.Movies->'Bolero','Don Juan-73','Angelique Movies','Marco the Magnificent','Love on a Pillow','Rififi','Battle of El Alamein','The Professional'
  330. American Actress (b: 1927) - 'The Odd Couple'(1970-72 as Dr. Nancy Cunningham), 'My World and Welcome to It', Breezy', 'Ode to Billy Joe', 'Bewitched', 'Legacy', 'The Late Liz', 'Lou Grant', 'Charlie's Angels', 'Old Boyfriends'
  331. Actress/Daughter of Moe Howard
  332. Actor/Stuntman - The High Chaparral, Bite the Bullet, The Outlaw Josey Wales, The Lone Ranger, Gambler II, Nevada Smith, Bronco Billy, The Enforcer, The Great Race, and TV shows such as Wanted Dead or Alive, Walker Texas Ranger, JAG, Dallas (recurring rol
  333. Author
  334. Author
  335. jazz pianist/composer
  336. Retired 4-Star General Born Nov. 7, 1927
  337. Former NHL defenseman. Montreal Canadians (1952/53), NY Rangers (1953/54 - 1957/58)
  338. movie director
  339. American Child Actress born movies from 1935-44.'Little Princess','Little Big Shot','Blue Bird','Day at Santa Anita','Great oMalley','Captains Kid','Stella Parrish','Singing Kid'
  340. Australian actress born 1927.Nancy Buckley on'The Flyinig Doctors'(1986-94),Mabel Morgan on'Prisoner'(1979-86),'Homicide','Divison4','Matlock Police','No Thanks im on a Diet'
  341. Played for Washington Senators/Yankees
  342. American actor and stunt-man, starred in movies like 'Somebody Up There Likes Me', '13 Ghosts' and was a guest on the classic 'Star Trek'
  343. Former major league pitcher; played for 1952 Boston Braves and 1953 Milwaukee Braves Born July 23, 1927
  344. Composer/Songwriter
  345. Composer, including The Avengers TV theme tune
  346. Last surviving inhabitant of St Kildan Island, Scotland that was evacuated in 1930, 84 years ago. She is now 91 and lives in a nursing home in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, UK
  347. American Actor born 1927.voice of Pinocchio in'Walt Disneys-Pinocchio'(1940),Buffalo Bill on'Buffalo Bill Jr.'(1955-56),Dick West on'Range Rider'(1951-53),'Daniel Boone','Stella Dallas','Nancy Drew-Reporter','Black Legion','Gene Autry Show',Annie Oakley'
  348. Singer/Musician
  349. Evan Jones  (2)
    Screenwriter - Double Play, The Poppy Factory
  350. Freddie Jones  (2)
    British Actor born 1927.'Satanic Rites Of Dracula','Space:1999','Elephant Man','Dune','Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed','Old Drac','Son of Dracula','Dracula and His Vampire Brides','Krull','Firestarter','Otley','Kidnapped', Sandy Thomas in Emmerdale
  351. Actor: Battle Cry, Gunsight Ridge, The Naked and the Dead, Cimarron, Hell Is for Heroes, Hang 'Em High, The Wild Bunch, White Line Fever, The Beast Within, Sacred Ground, Casino, The Edge, The Mask of Zorro, Route 666
  352. Actor
  353. Actor
  354. Will Jordan  (2)
  355. Dean of American Sportswriters; Most famous work is 'The Boys of Summer' about the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers
  356. Fine Artist. Studied under Hans Hoffman
  357. Composer; with lyricist Fred Ebb wrote songs for the musicals Cabaret, Chicago, Zorba, Woman of the Year, Kiss of the Spider Woman and Funny Lady
  358. American actor born 1927.Henry on'Alice'(1977-85),voice of Choo Choo on'Top Cat'(1961-62),'The Great Race','Snakes','Its a Mad Mad Mad World','Nutty Professor','Meet Millie','The Smurfs'
  359. Football player 1950-52 Washington Redskins. Brother of Alex and Ted
  360. Major league catcher from 1952 through 1959, spending his whole career with either the Giants or the Cardinals (passed away in 1999)
  361. New york artist
  362. Actor - Films: A Shot In The Dark, Die! Die! My Darling, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Psycho-Circus, The Vault Of Horror, Fright, Cry Wolf. UK TV series: Crossroads, The Voodoo Factor, No Hiding Place, Champion House. Spouse - Honor Blackman (1961-1975)
  363. Painter Of The Big Eyed Girl Paintings
  364. Poet
  365. American weatherman and traffic reporter
  366. Captain Kangaroo
  367. Bob Kelly  (2)
    Baseball - Pitcher - Chicago Cubs & Cincinnati Reds
  368. Actor - Maverick (as Bart Maverick), Forbidden Planet, Cult Of The Cobra, She Devil, MANY TV guest-starring roles
  369. Retired NHL Forward (Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs) - Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee
  370. Rob Kelly  (2)
    Baseball Player
  371. Cinematographer: Dog Day Afternoon, National Lampoon's Vacation, Oh God!, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Mr. Mom, Slap Shot, The Jerk, Beethoven, Coma, Xanadu , ...And Justice for All, The Candidate, The Hospital, The Friends Of Eddie Coyle, Beethoven
  372. {1926-1959} British actress starred in 'Les Girls','Genevieve','Simon & Laura', & 'The Reluctant Debutante'. Was married to Rex Harrison at the time of her death
  373. Actor - Casbah, Song Of Scheherazade, Ma Barker's Killer Brood (as Baby Face Nelson), Gang Busters (TV '52 as Baby Face Nelson in 3 episodes)
  374. Peter Kennedy  (3)
    Former Olympic Figure Skater, born 1927
  375. Game Show Host: Name That Tune, You Don't Say!, Split Second, Password Plus, Body Language, Whew!, WordPlay, The Price is Right // Actor: Cannon, Hardcastle & McCormick, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir
  376. soccer hof
  377. Singer/Conductor/Arranger/Composer/Producer/Pianist - The Anita Kerr Singers/Quartet, The Living Voices, The San Sebastian Strings, The Mexicali Singers, Burl Ives, Jimmie Davis, Chet Atkins, Red Foley, Faron Young. She won at least 6 Grammy Awards
  378. Award Winning author of over 10 books, including Flowers for Algernon
  379. Former Governor of Vermont (1961-1963)
  380. cartoonist
  381. Comedian & Actor: The Girl He Left Behind, Miracle in the Rain, The Anderson Tapes, Just Tell Me What You Want, I the Jury, Lovesick, Cat's Eye, Memories of Me, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Casino, Rush Hour 2, Sunshine State
  382. martin luther kings wife
  383. UK House of Lords
  384. Writer
  385. Composer/Songwriter
  386. Singer & Actress: The Emperor's New Groove, St. Louis Blues, Anna Lucasta, The Chastity Belt, Friday Foster, The Serpent Warriors, Erik the Viking, Batman, Boomerang, Ernest Scared Stupid, Fatal Instinct, Harriet the Spy, Holes
  387. Author
  388. Former MLB player 1950-1967 with 7 teams. Best known for leading the league in saves in 1960 with 14 for the Indians
  389. Jill Knight  (2)
    House of Lords
  390. University of Michigan Halfback 1948 National Championship Team
  391. jazz saxophonist
  392. The Carol Burnett Show, The Star Wars Holiday Special, Blazing Saddles, High Anxiety, History of the World: part 1, Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Often works with Mel Brooks.
  393. Polish artist
  394. Author
  395. Fmr Baseball Player (White Sox 49-53)
  396. Swedish Actor - Babette's Feast, Fanny & Alexander, Karl XII (title role), Swedish Wedding Night, Den kaere familie, The Devil's Eye (as Don Juan), Love Mates, Dear John, Zorn, Herman, Alfred
  397. Author
  398. Veteran of WW2 - both Soviet and US Armies
  399. TV Drag Queen
  400. Boxer who fought Rocky Marciano twice.
  401. british artist/jazz singer
  402. Author
  403. Composer/Songwriter
  404. Swedish actress, starred in the Ingmar Bergman classic 'The Seventh Seal' (1957)
  405. football player, aka Night Train Lane
  406. Italian actor and director born 1927.movies from 1934-76.'La Traviata','A Dollar a Head','Perry Grant-The Big Blackout','The Beckett Affair','The Kiss of Death'
  407. Dodgers Manager, HOF 97
  408. British Army officer, who served as General Officer Commanding in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, and later as Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces Northern Europe
  409. air force general
  410. British WW1 Veteran
  411. Actor, Diary of a Country Priest
  412. cartoonist (miss peach, momma)
  413. Was a BAA/NBA Basketball player drafted by the Providence Steamrollers in 1949 of the BAA. He played for the Boston Celtics 1949-51
  414. Argentine actress born 1927
  415. Argentine actress born 1927
  416. Actress: Psycho, Act of Violence, That Forsyte Woman, The Naked Spur, Touch of Evil, The Manchurian Candidate, Grand Slam, Night of the Lepus, The Fog, Halloween H20, Bad Girls from Valley High // Mother of Jamie Lee Curtis
  417. Author
  418. Former NFL football player for the Bucs and Chargers in the 80's
  419. Conductor
  420. Actor: Shogun, EastEnders, Our Friends in the North, Return of the Saint, Countess Dracula, Nicholas and Alexandra
  421. Former Louisville Cardinals (1949-52) and Syracuse Nationals 1952-53)Basketball player
  422. Baseball / Shortstop for the Milwaukee Braves (1951-61), Pittsburgh Pirates (1961-63) / 4-time All-Star
  423. Italian Actress (b: 1927) - Beat the Devil, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Fan-Fan the Tulip, Woman of Straw, Come September, Solomon and Sheba, Woman of Rome, Miss Italia, Falcon Crest (5 episodes), XXL, Bad Man's River, That Splendid November
  424. Major League Baseball Player and Coach
  425. Grand Ole Opry Member, In Country Music Hall of Fame, Former member of the Louvin Brothers
  426. American singer and songwriter, known for his number one hit record 'The Green Door' in 1956
  427. Actress: Have Gun Will Travel, Yancy Derringer, The Mountain Road, One - Eyed Jacks, Rider on a Dead Horse, The 14 Amazons, Anna and the King, Terror in the Wax Museum, Demon Seed, Tai - Pan, The Last Emperor, The Joy Luck Club, Dim Sum Funeral
  428. Baseball - Former Manager for Philadelphia Phillies (1970-72), Texas Rangers (1975-77) & Chicago Cubs (1987)
  429. John Lynch  (4)
    Director of Photography - Pandaemonium, Event Horizon
  430. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development (1973-1975)
  431. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (1973-1975) during the presidency of Gerald Ford
  432. Former Premier of Manitoba, Canada
  433. navy admiral
  434. Actor
  435. Cardinal, former Archbishop of Krakow 1978-2005
  436. UK House of Lords
  437. Author
  438. Singer (Your Hit Parade). Singer/Violinist (The Jack Benny Program). Actress (The Young & The Restless)
  439. Children's Book Author
  440. inventor (ruby laser systems-1st operable laser)
  441. American actor born 1927.Mr.Forest on'Dallas'(1981-90),Bobby on'Easy Street'(1986-87),'Halloween','Young Frankenstein','Hook','Heaven Can Wait','Mary Poppins','Columbo','Peter Gunn'
  442. former Israeli intelligence agent - masterminded the capture of Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann
  443. hockey
  444. Austrian Actress
  445. screenwriter - Judgement At Nuremberg
  446. Italian-American mobster from Providence, Rhode Island. He is the former boss of the New England-based Patriarca crime family, which is part of La Cosa Nostra
  447. former college/NFL defensive end; played for University of San Fransisco, Dallas Texans & Baltimore Colts; 11X Pro Bowler; 1963 Pro Bowl MVP; 2X NFL Champion; member of NFLs 1950s All-Decade Team; member of Pro Football Hall of Fame
  448. actor - bride of the monster (1955), plan 9 from outer space (1956), night of the ghouls (1958)
  449. nobel economics laureate 1990
  450. Actor - Flight Of The Phoenix, And God Created Women, I Spit On Your Grave, Apocalypse Now Redux, Attila, Lady Chatterley's Lover, The Corrupt Ones, The Other Side Of Midnight, Beggarman Thief, Victory At Entebbe, The Longest Day. Director - Candy
  451. Nobel prize literature - 1982 - winning author
  452. Jazz Artist
  453. American Actress born 1927.'Project Moonbase','Love is a Many Splendored Thing','Last Train from Bombay','Elephant Stampede','Hills of Utah','Lost Moment','Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer','77 Sunset Strip','Bonanza','Kit Carson','Hopalong Cassidy'
  454. Bluegrass Musician, 'Run Pete Run', 'Freeborn Man'
  455. Actress: The Drew Carey Show, The Young Nurses, Goodbye Columbus, Other Side of the Mountain, Toys in the Attic, Bus Riley's Back In Town, Jackson County Jail, Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Twilight Zone, Star Trek TNG // Mother of actor Zen Gesner
  456. former college/NFL defensive tackle/end; played for Xavier University, Giants & Packers; 3X Pro Bowler; Packers Hall of Fame member
  457. Pop Singer/Crooner - Spanish Eyes, I Love You Because, Painted Tainted Rose, I Love You More & More Every Day, To The Door Of The Sun, Living A Lie, Here In My Heart, Silver Bells. Actor - The Godfather 1 & 3 (as Johnny Fontane)
  458. Author
  459. Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia (1970-74)
  460. Conductor - New York Philharmonic Orchestra
  461. Former U.S. Senator From Tennessee (1993-1994)
  462. Hammer Horror Actor: 'Dracula:Prince Of Darkness', 'Rasputin:The Mad Monk' And 'Revenge Of Frankenstein', 'Corridors of Blood'.Also The Voice Of 'Captain Scarlett'.
  463. Author - 'At Play in the Fields of the Lord' 'Far Tortuga' & 'Killing Mr. Watson'
  464. MLB outfielder from 1950-64 with Red Sox, Orioles, Tigers, White Sox. Two time All - Star. Best season in 1956 scoring 97 runs, 28 home runs, .326 average. In 1959 hit 31 home runs & 95 RBI's. Started Career in Minor Leagues as a Pitcher
  465. Author of Canada curls and curling pioneer and broadcaster
  466. Actress-Dr.No,The Haunting,From Russia With Love,Goldfinger,Thunderball,You Only Live Twice,On Her Majesty's Secret Service,Diamonds are Forever,Live and Let Die,The Man With The Golden Gun,The Spy Who Loved Me,Moonraker,For Your Eyes Only,Octopussy
  467. German actor
  468. American Actor (b: 1927) - The Roaring '20s, Colt .45, Texas, The Edge Of Night, Kisses For My President, The Crowded Sky, Follow Me Boys, Falcon Crest, As The World Turns, One Life To Live, married to Actress Carla Borelli
  469. Former PM of Poland
  470. basketball player
  471. vietnam war army hero (cmh)
  472. U.S. Representative from California (1967-83)
  473. Singer/Musician
  474. Comedy Writer - The Tonight Show (12 years for Johnny Carson), Candid Camera, I've Got A Secret, almost every funny person in the entertainment world from 1957-1992. Actor - Smokey & The Bandit 1-2-3 (as Big Enos), Buffalo Bill & The Indians, The Wedding
  475. Jim McDonald  (2)
    Baltimore orioles pitcher 1955 plaued for New York Yankees from 1952-1954 and pitched in 1953 World Series
  476. Jazz Musician - Tenor Sax
  477. football player
  478. One of Nascar's 50 Greatest Drivers
  479. US jazz musician
  480. talk show host/pundit - The McLaughlin Group
  481. Author
  482. saxophonist
  483. Former college basketball All-american; played for Bradley University; 1950 NCAA runner-up; selected #1 pick in 1951 by Washington Bullets; banned from NBA for point-shaving scandal
  484. AAGPBL shortstop and pitcher for the Peoria Redwings 1946-1949
  485. Italian actor born 1926.movies from 1949-73.'Lust of the Vampire','The Day the Sky Exploded','House of Intrigue','Nana','Quo Vadis','Goliath and the Conquest of Damascus','Agent 077'
  486. Canadian Football Player
  487. Bill Miller  (2)
    Baseball Player / left-handed pitcher
  488. Denver Broncos Head Coach 1977 - 19811997 - AP, Sporting News & Pro Football Weekly NFL coach of the year
  489. MLB pitcher 1952-68 for 5 teams. 2x All-Star. 2x Fireman of Year. Iin 1963 went5-8, 27 saves, 2.24 ERA. Best season 1965 going 14-7, 24 saves, 1.89 ERA. 62 W.S. 1 1/3 IP, no runs. Got last out for Steve Barber's no-hitter. Gave up Mantle's 500th HR
  490. Actor - Porky's 1&3 (as Porky), Better Off Dead, Don't Answer The Phone, Frightmare, Penitentiary, General Hospital
  491. Singer/Musician
  492. Former President of El Salvador
  493. President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church (The Mormons)
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