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  1. Author of Prayers for Bobby
  2. Famous Conductor
  3. Pitcher for Cleveland Indians
  4. director of the space shuttle program
  5. Long time Bills trainer. Is on the Bills wall of fame
  6. U.S. Ambassador to Thailand (1978-1983); U.S. Ambassador to Turkey (1989-1991)
  7. JFK, Vietnam - AP photographer who took the 1969 Pulitzer price winning Vietnam photograph 'Saigon Execution'; also covered President Kennedy's funeral incl. the famous image where Jackie Kennedy holds the folded US flag tfrom JFK's coffin
  8. 16th wealthiest person in the world
  9. Record Producer: The Mamas & The Papas, Carole King, Johnny Rivers, Barry McGuire, Scott McKenzie // Film Producer & Director: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Monterey Pop, Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke, Ladies & Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains
  10. Cardinal Archbishop of São Salvador da Bahia and Primate of Brazil (1999-present)
  11. Actor: Do The Right Thing, Moonstruck, Ruby, The Last Don, The Professional, Once Upon A Time In America, Godfather 2, Purple Rose Of Cairo, Radio Days, Two Days In The Valley, Hudson Hawk, The Pickle, 29th Street, Harlem Nights
  12. singer (birds & the bees, georgie porgie)
  13. Owner of Harrod's, Father of Dodi Al Fayed, Princess Diana's lover before she died
  14. Was Mario in 'Super Mario Brothers', also managed the WWF Tag Team Champions, 'The Headshrinkers'
  15. S.S.Officer 'Steinach' in The Great Escape, also in Kelly's Heroes as a German tank commander
  16. Serial killer from Dallas, Texas, convicted of killing three women in 1991
  17. Author-Hello Goodbye,wife of Alan Alda
  18. Former Secretary of the Army (1977-1981)
  19. 1955 Washington Redskins
  20. Vincenzo 'Vinny' Aloi (born September 22, 1933) is a New York City mobster involved in stock fraud who briefly served as the acting boss of the Colombo crime family
  21. Actress-Attack Of The Moors,Sign of Rome,The Pirate and The Slave Girl,Goliath and The Barbarians,Road of The Giants,Queen of The Tartars,The Good The Bad The Ugly,Night of The Serpent
  22. Baseball / Outfielder During 1960's / Cubs & Cardinals / Hit a Homerun in 1961 All-Star Game / Nicknamed: 'Daddy Long Legs' 'Negro Leaguer/K.C. Monarchs 1955'
  23. AAGPBL. Born Oct 31, 1933
  24. Author-Buddy Holly:A Biography
  25. 1954 Heisman Trophy Winner - Wisconsin (RB)
  26. concert singer
  27. astronaut apollo 8
  28. Actor: young George Bailey in It's A Wonderful Life; The Bishop's Wife
  29. Author-Truth About The Truth
  30. medal of honor army vietnam war
  31. Former Governor of Minnesota (1971-1976); U.S. Senator from Minnesota (1976-1978)
  32. concert trumpeter
  33. Actor: Days Of Our Lives, Love Of Life, Search For Tomorrow, Star Trek // Father of actress Jennifer Aniston
  34. Former President of the Phillippines (1986-1992)
  35. Actress - Miss Barbour The Best Years of our Lives, born 1910
  36. Actor-Dream Of Zorro
  37. Actress - The Curse Of The Aztec Mummy, The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy, Attack of The Mayan Mummy, Face of The Screaming Werewolf, The Witch's Mirror, Neutron & The Black Mask, Neutron Vs. The Death Robots, Neutron Vs. The Amazing Dr. Caronte
  38. basketball player
  39. Author
  40. TV Presenter
  41. Actress - The Sensuous Sicilian
  42. Author
  43. Miss America 1954
  44. fashion designer
  45. film scores (the postman, polish wedding)
  46. Famed Defense Attorney/Legal Commentator/Author: defended Sam Sheppard, 'The Boston Strangler', member of 'The Dream Team'
  47. opera singer
  48. opera, concert singer
  49. Author
  50. Broadcaster and journalist. BBC Television and Radio 2/3/4
  51. Italian Cyclist Champion Called 'il Treno Di Forli'
  52. navy admiral
  53. hockey player
  54. Former Governor of Utah (1985-1993)
  55. Former president Of Iran (1980-1981)
  56. T.V. Host/founder (Real People), actor, comedian, writer (Laugh-In), radio host (John Barbour's World -BBS Radio)
  57. NBC Reporter, born 1933. Covered the space program from the first US satellite launch through the shuttle program. The only journalist to cover all 166 manned mission launches, from Alan Shepard to the final shuttle mission
  58. President, Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Health Care Workers (1997-2009)
  59. Singer - Tenor For 50's Band Crew Cuts, Sang Sh-Boom
  60. Storyboard Artist
  61. American singer, record producer, and songwriter; initially a member of Doo-Wop group 'The Valentines', he later discovered and promoted groups like Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
  62. psychiatrist social activist
  63. Canadian Male Singer songwriter had 1976 UK Chart Topper 'No Charge'
  64. Composer - scored eleven of the James Bond films
  65. Cartoonist, 'Niceday Pup', 'Frecklebelly Theater'
  66. German Actor at American TV born 1933.'Anima','See No Evil,Hear No Evil','Hercules in New York','Law&Order','From the Earth to the Moon'
  67. MLB pitcher from 1955-65 for Red Sox, White Sox and Cubs. Led league in ERA in 1960 going 7-2 with 4 saves and 2.67 ERA
  68. Actor: Chimes at Midnight
  69. alpine skier
  70. french director
  71. Former CEO Of Frontier Airlines
  72. Author
  73. Musician/German Classical Guitarist
  74. Conductor
  75. actor - the L shaped room, the krays
  76. English professor, botanist, author, broadcaster and environmental campaigner.
  77. French Actor born 1933, over 80ty movies since 1956 like 'Angel on Earth'(1959),'La Novice'(1960),'Leon Morin'(1961),'La Rocca'(1961),'Cartouche'(1962),'Le Doulos'(1962),'Man from Rio'(1964),'Le Voleur'(1967),'The Incorrigible'(1975),'Le Marginal'(1983).
  78. U.S. Senator from Utah (1993-2011); president of Robert Mullen Company
  79. boxing hof
  80. British Politician
  81. French actor-The Eiger Sanction
  82. Author
  83. Actor (b: 1933) - F Troop, Mama's Family, Mayberry RFD, Ensign O'Toole, Dr. Kildare, Herbie Rides Again, The Cat From Outer Space. Singer/Dancer. Married to actress, Jackie Joseph (1960-1976)
  84. former college/NFL wide receiver; played for SMU & Baltimore Colts; coached New England Patriots 1984-89; 2X NFL Champion; member of Pro Football Hall of Fame; 6X Pro Bowler; NFLs 1950's All-Decade Team
  85. Former Purdue Boilermaker, Green Bay Packer
  86. Indian Singer. Best Known As A Playback Singer In Hindi Cinema. She Has Recorded Over 10,000 Songs For Over 800 Movies
  87. hockey
  88. Cricket Umpire
  89. President of Cameroon (1982-present)
  90. American Actress And Model - TV Series - 'The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet'(1964-66), 'Two Faces West' (1960-1961). Movie - 'Hell Bound' (1957),'The Rabbitt Trap' (1959), 'Island Of Lost Women' (1959). Playboy Model (Mrs.January 1957)
  91. American Actress - TV Series - 'Daniel Boone' (1964-1970), 'The Rifleman' (1962-1963). Movie - 'The Black Sleep' (1952), 'Crime Against Joe' (1956), 'City Of Fear' (1959), 'Cage Of Evil' (1960), 'Daniel Boone: Frontier Trail Rider' (1966)
  92. Actor: Baretta, Our Gang, Red Ryder, In Cold Blood, Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, The Purple Gang, Town Without Pity, PT 109, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, Electra Glide In Blue, Blood Feud, Hell Town, Money Train, Lost Highway
  93. Robert Blake  (2)
    Actor - The Constant Now, Most Famous Celebrity of All Time
  94. Robin Blake  (2)
    Author - Anthony Van Dyck: a Life, 1599-1641 (1999) and Essential Modern Art (2001)
  95. British actress - Return of The Jedi, Brass, Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel, Poldark (2015), The Last Song, The Mallens, As Time Goes By, The Avengers
  96. MLB from 1955-65 with the Yankees, Royals, and Braves. Best Season was in 1961 with the Yankees hitting 21 home runs in 243 at - bats with a .305 batting average
  97. Author
  98. Basketball player
  99. Hockey player
  100. French swimmer
  101. Formula one driver
  102. Director / Writer / Producer: Deliverance, Excalibur, Point Blank, Exorcist II, Zardoz, Hope & Glory, Hell In The Pacific, Leo The Last, Beyond Rangoon, Having A Wild Weekend, The Emerald Forest, The General
  103. Australian Cricketer (Retired)
  104. United States Representative from Guam
  105. Baseball player with the 1960-1961 Boston Red Sox
  106. songwriter/film composer (co/nodia's theme)
  107. Will Bowen  (2)
    Lead minister at Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, MO, Author - A Complaint Free World
  108. Canadian Former Ice Hockey Coach/Executive
  109. American Former Actor - TV Series - 'The Electric Company' (1971-1977), 'Law & Order' (Guest)(1993). Movie - 'Space Force' (1978)
  110. football player
  111. English Born American Author - Novel - 'A Woman of Substance' (1979), 'Hold the Dream' (1985)
  112. soccer player coach
  113. American Author - Fantasy - Novel - 'Darkride (The Darkride Chronicles Book 1) '2011', 'Crossfire (The Darkride Chronicles Book 2) '2013'
  114. Author: 'Bradshaw On The Family', 'Homecoming', 'Family Secrets', also a prolific speaker, lecturer, and theologian
  115. Acting Surgeon General from 1981-1982
  116. Italian director - Caligula
  117. concert guitarist
  118. Actor - Sherlock Holmes (title role in 4 Granada TV series: 1984-1994), My Fair Lady, The Medusa Touch
  119. French New Wave Actor - The Lovers, Les Innocents, Les Cousins, The 400 Blows, Christine, Eglantine, The Judge & The Assassin. Director
  120. French Actress- Film - 'L'Immortelle' (1963), 'And Satan Calls the Turns' (1962), 'Sweet and Sour' (1963), 'Vacances portugaises' (1963), 'Un monde nouveau' (1966), 'To Grab the Ring' (1968), 'Caravan to Vaccares' (1974), Plus Many More Roles
  121. Baseball / Former Manager of Reds (1966-1969), Brewers (70-72), Braves (76-77), & Giants (79-80) / Had a Short Pro Career as a Player
  122. Swedish Actress - Movie - 'The Blue Angel' (1959), 'The Unfaithfuls' (1953), 'The Ship of Condemned Women' (1953), 'Revelation' (1955), 'The Young Lions' (1958), 'War And Peace' (1956), 'Fatal Desire' (1953), 'Modern Virgin' (1954). Plus Many More Roles
  123. ceo SunAmerica
  124. Author
  125. blues guitarist (rollof the trumbling dice 1996)
  126. boxing
  127. hockey
  128. English Former Actress/Singer - Stage - 'Oliver!' (1963), 'The Threepenny Opera (1989), 'Carmelina (1979). Film - 'The Fixer' (1968), 'The Raging Moon' (1971), TV Series - 'Fish Police' (1992), 'Gravedale High'(1992), 'Paddington Bear'(1989-90) Plus More
  129. Former NBA/ABA Head Coach/Broadcaster; coached Grizzlies, Kentucky Colonials, Hawks & Knicks; member of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame
  130. Father of funk music1986 rock and roll hall of fame inductee
  131. Male Voice Over Talent
  132. Former Governor of Kentucky (1979-1983)
  133. Male Voice Over Talent
  134. former MLB pitcher - detroit tigers (1959-61), houston astros (1962-64), atlanta braves (1967)
  135. professional poker player author
  136. Author of many books about urban legends; former syndicated columnist
  137. German Actor in European Movies born 1933.Father of Actor Christopher Buchholz.'Magnificent 7','Monpti','Felix Krull','Teenage Wolfpack','One,Two,Three','Great Waltz','Aphrodite','Fanny','Tiger Bay','Marco Polo'
  138. Eddie Bunker  (2)
    Fiction writer and memoirist - Education of a Felon, Stark
  139. Character actor - Mr Blue in Reservoir Dogs
  140. Reservoir Dogs
  141. American Female Artist And Illustrator - Novels Illustrated - 'James and the Giant Peach' By Roald Dahl (1961), 'Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs' By Brothers Grimm (1972), 'Valentine and Orson' (1989), 'The Art of Nancy Ekholm Burkert'(1977) Plus More
  142. American Female Former Baseball Player - Infield/Outfield Utility And Pitcher. 'Chicago Colleens' (1949) 'Springfield Sallies' (1950), 'Rockford Peaches' (1951)(AAGPBL). Movie - 'A League of Their Own' (1992). Documentary -'Throw Like A Girl' (2020)
  143. Columnist - Auto Album
  144. American Actress - TV Series - 'The Carol Burnett Show' (1967-1978), 'Mad About You (Guest Role)(1996-2019), 'Mama's Family' (1983-1984), 'Stanley'(1956-57). Movie - 'Annie' (1982), 'All Together Now' (2020), 'Horton Hears A Who!' (Voice)(2008) Plus More
  145. Actor - The Andy Griffith Show (as Warren), Fridays, Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (v/Ralph Kane), Getting Together. Comedian - Burns & Schreiber. Writer - The Muppet Show
  146. basketball executive
  147. Former West Indian Cricketer
  148. English Female Judge And Baroness - UK House of Lords (2006- ). 'President of the Family Division Of The High Court of Justice (1999-2005), 'Lord Justice Of Appeal' (1988-1999), 'High Court Judge (Family Division) 3458' (1979-1988)
  149. Australian politician, Author
  150. English Foirmer Actress - TV Mini - Series - 'David Copperfield' (1999), 'A Taste for Death' (1988). TV Series - 'Miracles Take Longer' (1983-1984), 'Blackadder II' (1986). 'Watching' (1987-1993), 'The Setbacks' (1980-1984). Plus Many More Roles
  151. American Actor (b: 1933) - 77 Sunset Strip (Kookie), Grease, Yellowstone Kelly, Any Gun Can Play, Marjorie Morningstar, Reform School Girl, Girl On The Run, Johnny Trouble, Life Begins At 17, Beach Ball, $weepstake$, Troop Beverly Hills. Singer
  152. Spanish opera singer, had a duet with Freddie Mercury - 'Barcelona'
  153. Actor - A Soldier's Story (AA nom.), The Color Purple, Guiding Light
  154. English Actor - Movie - 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' (1988), 'The Dark Knight' (2008), 'The Cider House Rules' (1999), 'Austin Powers In Goldmember' (2002),'Hannah And Her Sisters' (1986), 'Blame it On Rio' (1984), 'King of Thieves' (2018)
  155. Australian Former Female Actress. Four Time Tony Winner - Plays - 'Master Class' (1996), 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' (1968), 'Medea' (1982), 'Slapstick Tragedy' (1966). Movie - 'The Purple Rose of Cairo' (1985), 'Birth' (2004)
  156. Track and field; Olympic champion 1956
  157. Professional Speaker, French applied economist and administrator who was Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from 16 January 1987 to 14 February 2000
  158. Alex Campbell  (2)
    Canadian Politician
  159. Former U.S. Senator from Colorado (1993-2005)
  160. track & field olympics hof
  161. Camberwick Green, Chigley & Trumpton narrator. Actor/children's presenter on Play School [BBC, 1964-84] & Play Away [BBC, 1971-84]
  162. Italian/french actor born in Switzerland, 'I Giganti della Tessagia', 'Trapeze', 'The fall of the Roman Imperium',
  163. Former Rugby League Player
  164. Former U.S. Senator from Missouri (2001-2002)
  165. Former Illinois, Chicago Bears halfback
  166. Author
  167. Jimmy Carr  (2)
    American Football, LB, Morris Harvey, NFL, Chicago Cardinals 1955-58, Eagles 1959-63, Redskins 1964-65
  168. Upright bass player with her sisters Helen Carter and June Carter Cash as The Carter Sisters
  169. former MLB pitcher - boston red sox (1958-60), detroit tigers (1961-62), los angeles angels (1961)
  170. Actress - Last of the Pony Riders 1953 with Gene Autry
  171. French actor
  172. Actor - The Godfather, Lovers & Other Strangers, Night Of The Juggler, The Super, Joe & Sons
  173. Spanish painter
  174. Director, writer -Film director of TV-series 'Einstein'
  175. Author
  176. hockey player
  177. Scientist, invented the world's first artificial cell
  178. movie producer
  179. American Singer,Dancer and Actress. Fred Astaire's dancing partner in his late 50´s TV Specials. '...Mad World', 'Cape Fear','Daddy Long Legs','Flight of the Phoenix','George Raft Story'
  180. Actor: East Side/West Side, The Twilight Zone, Incident at Phantom Hill, Counterpoint, The Rockford Files, Barnaby Jones, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Cloak & Dagger, The A-Team, The Glass Shield, JAG, The Haunted Men
  181. Wife of the former French president Jacques Chirac
  182. former major league pitcher; played for Cardinals and Red Sox
  183. Canadian Actress born 1933.Mother of Actor Jason Connery.was married to Actor Sean Connery.'The Wicker Man','Tom Jones','Agony and the Ecstacy','Hombre','Negatives','Rattle of a Simple Man','Last Ten Days of Hitler','Tycoon','Moulin Rouge'
  184. Politician - European Parlament
  185. Lee Clark  (2)
    Rugby Player
  186. American Country Singer and Composer born 1933.Songs->'Yesterday When I Was Young','Hee Haw','Heart to Heart','Come Live With Me','Riders in The Sky','Honeymoon Feelings','Great Divide','Tips of My Fingers','If I Had To Do It All Over Again', 'Car Quest'
  187. Actor - Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Oompa Loompa), Berserk!, Magical Mystery Tour, Sharon's Baby, The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe
  188. Artist
  189. Biologist and science writer, co-author - The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch
  190. Actress - Sex and the City (Magda), Law & Order (Judge Elizabeth Mizener - 11 episodes), Damages, The Last Days Of Leni Riefenstahl (title role)
  191. Nobel physics laureate 1997
  192. MLB outfielder, pitcher 1955-68 for 6 teams. 9x All-Star. Led league in HR in 1969 also in RBI & walks in 1965. Best season was 1958 with 80 RS, 41 HR, 113 RBI, .303 BA. Pitched two games (1958 & 68), going 1-0 in 5 2/3 IP, one hit, no runs allowed
  193. sportscaster
  194. Author
  195. Actress-Playboy December 1983/December 1984/January 1989,Dynasty,Our Girl Friday,Land of The Pharoahs,The Virgin Queen,The Opposite Sex,Island In The Sun,Quest For Love,Tales From The Crypt,Empire of The Ants,The Big Sleep,Pacific Palisades
  196. Basketball player
  197. Artist
  198. Wide Receiver for the San Francisco 49ers (1956-1963)
  199. Game Show Host - Tattletales, Password Plus, Win Lose Or Draw. Actor - Cannonball Run, Act 1, A Bucket Of Blood, Susan Slade, Semi-Tough, The Snoop Sisters, It's Not Easy. Singer - The Cheers (Black Denim Trousers & Motorcycle Boots)
  200. American Voice and TV Actor,Comedian and Writer born 1933.Ensign Parker on 'McHales Navy'(1962-66),Tom Warner on 'Yes Dear'(2001-05),'SpongeBob','Dorf Movies','Hermie&Friends','Air Bud','Married with Children','Laugh In','Hollywood Palace'
  201. Author
  202. Author
  203. Screenwriter
  204. Former MLB Umpire
  205. Ben Cooper  (3)
    Kids Voice Actor
  206. Actor: The Twilight Zone, Thunderbirds, Johnny Guitar, Hell's Outpost, The Raiders, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, Red Tomahawk, Support Your Local Gunfighter, Kung Fu, The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo, The Fall Guy, 1st & Ten - The Championship, Dallas
  207. Author
  208. Stage Director
  209. Actor: Airwolf, Cassie & Co., Stagecoach, Stiletto, The Brotherhood, The Tell-Tale Heart, Genesis II, Grayeagle, Jungle Warriors, W.E.B., The Chapman Report, Synanon, Sidewinder 1, Route 66
  210. Actress/co-star with steve mcqueen in the Blob; Star of The Andy Griffith Show playing 'Helen Crump' 1963-1968
  211. former US Track Athlete; won two gold medal 1956 Summer Olympics
  212. Author
  213. Pianist - Last Date, On The Rebound, San Antonio Rose. American, R&R & C&W HOF's
  214. U.S. Army Medal Of Honor recipient (November 1965, Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam). Born 1933
  215. Author
  216. Talk show host, former husband of Tina Louise
  217. former college/NFL defensive end; played for College of the Pacific, Redskins, Lions & Cowboys; member of Lions 1957 NFL Championship team
  218. Gary Crosby  (2)
    Actor - Adam-12, Hunter, Girl Happy, Mardi Gras, A Private's Affair, Battle At Bloody Beach, Two Tickets To Paris, Operation Bikini, Morituri, The Bill Dana Show. Son of singer/actor, Bing Crosby. Author
  219. football player
  220. American Actress born in 1933. Joan Nash on 'Please Dont Eat the Daisies' (1965-67), 'Dynasty', 'Twilight Zone' ,'Red Garters', 'Forever Female', 'Columbo', 'Dr.Kildare', 'Maverick', 'Hollywood or Bust', 'Wheeler Dealers', 'Biscuit Eater'
  221. nobel chemistry laureate 1995
  222. Brian Cullen  (2)
    NHL Hockey Player. Played 326 Games in the NHL
  223. Children's Author
  224. nobel chemistry laureate 1996
  225. Hockey player
  226. Major Barker on The Golden Girls
  227. Actor & Producer: The Fall of House of Usher, Black Sabbath, Young Racers, Son of Cleopatra, Johnny Yuma, Anzio, Vampire Woman, Wild Orchid 2, Orgazmo, Metamorphosis, Screaming Eagles, The Longest Day, The Lost Boys, Nine 1/2 Weeks, High Spirits
  228. track athlete
  229. Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels (1979-2010)
  230. basketball player
  231. Actress - 9 3 Stooges shorts, High School Confidential, Girls In Prison, Reform School Girl, Unwed Mother. Pin-Up Model
  232. Actor - The High Chaparral, Harry-O, New Adv. Of Zorro '81 (v/Zorro/Don Diego), Zorro & Son '83 (Zorro/Don Diego), Zorro '90 (Zorro's/Don Diego's father), Santa Barbara (Emmy win), Bold & The Beautiful, Walk Proud, The Hitcher, ST: Voyager & TNG (3)
  233. Czech jazz musician
  234. Yarna d'al' Gargan (Jabba the Hutt's Fat Dancer) in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  235. MLB 3rd baseman, shortstop, 2nd baseman 1958-70 for Giants. 'Peanuts' was 2x All-Star and a Gold Glove winner. Best in 1962 with 83 RS, 25 doubles, 5 triples, 14 HR, 58 RBI, .297 BA. World Series of 1962 had a double and 4 walks. Manager 1985 for Giants
  236. Presenter Of UK Sports Programme World Of Sport
  237. Harry Davis  (4)
    Soccer Player
  238. Character Actor from the 1960s to 1998, his start as the Newsboy in Disney's 'Son of Flubber' (1963), to: Mister Ed, Camp Runamuck, My Three Sons, Family Affair, Daniel Boone (The Printing Press - 1969) and Mannix. Plus: The Magnificent Magical Magnet
  239. Author
  240. Australian Actor from Homicide
  241. Author
  242. French director
  243. Italian composer
  244. 1960 Boston Patriots football player
  245. Singer/Musician
  246. Canadian Businessman
  247. Author
  248. Retired baseball player played the outifield 1952 Pittsburgh Pirates,1956 Pirates and Cardinals, 1957 & 1958 Yankees, 1960-1961 Phillies, 1961-1963 Kansas City A's,1965 Phillies
  249. Actor: Spaceballs, Norwood, Blazing Saddles, Silent Movie, The Muppet Movie, Smokey and the Bandit 2, History of the World Part 1, Cannonball Run, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Loose Cannons, Stargate SG-1
  250. former college tackle; played for Southeast Missouri State; member of College Football Hall of Fame
  251. Singer/Musician
  252. Actress
  253. childrens book illus. (why mosquitoes buzz)
  254. Eldest daughter of Walt Disney
  255. singer/songwriter
  256. Canadian Football Player
  257. US electrical engineer who devised the Dolby system used to reduce background noise in tape recording
  258. American Child Actor of the 40tys born 1933.Danny Mitchell in 'The Rusty Movies'(1945-49),'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn','One Upon a Time','Phone Call from a Stranger','The Green Promise','Mr.Winkle Goes to War','Decision of Christopher Blake'
  259. movie diretor
  260. U.S. Representative from California (1977-1983 and 1985-1997)
  261. actress
  262. Actress - The Beverly Hillbillies, The Steve Allen Plymouth Show, Career, Li'l Abner, Lover Come Back, Frankie and Johnny, Twilight Zone (2: 'Eye of the Beholder' & 'Cavender Is Coming')
  263. Chicago bears 1st round pick 1955
  264. Buffalo Bills back 1960-68
  265. Former pro Basketball player, played one season with the Cincinnati Royals during the 1957-58 season. Played collegiality at St. John's
  266. Author
  267. Governor of Massachusetts (1975-79 and 1983-91); 1988 Presidential Candidate
  268. Tap Dancer from Lawrence Welk Show
  269. Dave Duncan  (3)
    Author - Children of Chaos; Mother of Lies; Ill Met in the Arena
  270. former major league bench coach; coached for Reds, Marlins and Padres; former minor league manager
  271. All American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL); short stop for the South Bend Blue Sox and Battle Creek Belles
  272. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  273. short stop for '57 reds
  274. NHL agent/executive director NHLPA (1967-90), NHL HOF resignation 1998
  275. Baseball player with Boston Red Sox in the 60's
  276. Massachusetts Congressman 1975-93
  277. actress (night of the living dead/helen copper)
  278. 2001 Tony Winner for 'The Invention of Love'; Judge Donnelly on ED
  279. Baroness. UK House of Lords
  280. Actor - The Golden Girls (as Stan - 2 Emmy noms), St. Elsewhere, The Odd Couple, Barefoot In The Park (Broadway & film), California Suite, The Way We Were, The Front Page '74, The Yazuka, Steambath, The Good Guys, Murder She Wrote, Big John Little John
  281. Actress - The Waltons (as Mrs. Goodsey), Boone, Sara, Just In Time, The Torkelsons, The Dead Pool, 8 Seconds, Star Trek: TNG (1)
  282. Television actor - dinnerladies, Minder, Grace and Favour, Coronation Street, Bergerac, First of the Summer Wine
  283. German actor 'Tatort' 'Plizeiruf 110' 'Emil und die Detektive'
  284. Author
  285. Former Surgeon General 1993-1994
  286. American teacher and anti-racism activist.
  287. The Nashville Network
  288. bobsled athlete
  289. Author - Enchantress from the Stars
  290. Author
  291. Author
  292. Former Sniper for the United States Marine Corps 3rd Marine Division during the Vietnam War
  293. Actor - Hill Street Blues, Bananas, Blood Bath, Under Fire
  294. nobel chemistry 1991
  295. Archbishop of Santiago, Chile (1998-2010)
  296. Zoo Keeper in 'The League of Gentlemen' (1999), Groot in 'Santa Claus' (1985), Barraclough a Butcher in 'A Private Function' (1985)
  297. Artist
  298. Apollo 17 astronaut
  299. Civil Rights Activist & Author, widow of slain Civil Rights Activist Medger Evers
  300. Former Prime Minister of Belgium (1981)
  301. French actress born 1932.was married to Actor Marcel Bozzuffi.Movies : 'Belle De Jour','My Night at Mauds','5X2','Naughty Girl','Salut Lartiste','Kill a Magistrate?','Per le antiche Scale','Reunion','Patrir Revenir'
  302. Director
  303. Actress - House Of Usher, Face Of A Fugitive, Zorro, many TV guest-starring roles (including The Adv. of Superman, Batman, Thriller, 77 Sunset Strip, Maverick, Wagon Train, Perry Mason, The Time Tunnel)
  304. Head Coach NE Patriots 1973
  305. Founder/Senior Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, Founder of The Moral Majority, Chancellor of Liberty University, Host of The Old Time Gospel Hour
  306. Leader of the Nation of Islam, Minister, Violinist, Singer
  307. Civil rights leader Walter E. Fauntroy, who served 20 years in Congress as Washington, D.C.â-?s non-voting delegate and chaired the Congressional Black Caucus, after helping Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. plan the March on Washington
  308. U.S. Senator from California (1992-present)
  309. Agent 99 on Get Smart
  310. 1965 Boston Patriots
  311. I Know What You Did Last Summer, Remember the Titans, My Cousin Vinny
  312. NBA St Louis Hawks 1956-62
  313. Author - Klimt and Emile
  314. baseball
  315. Children's Book Author
  316. Fmr United States congressman
  317. cancer researcher
  318. Former French football-player
  319. NHL forward for the Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers
  320. American Actor and Model born 1933 in Italian Maciste and Hercules movies.'Maciste and Night Queen','Maciste and Goliath','Hercules Against Mongoles','Goliath And Dragon','Hercules Against Barbarians','Lion of Thebes'.Now a Teacher for Opera Singer
  321. Actress - The Matrix & The Matrix Reloaded (as The Oracle), Leonard Part 6, City Of Hope, The Comedians
  322. Chairman of NASCAR racing .
  323. MLB outfielder, first baseman, P.H., from 1956-70 for 9 teams. 2nd for R.O.Y. in 1956. Led league in doubles in 1960. All-Star in 1961 with 87 RS, 30 doubles, 8 triples, 16 HR, 85 RBI. .301 BA. In 1959 (399 AB) hit 20 HR with .363 BA. Father of Terry
  324. Wimbledon Tennis Singles Champion
  325. Film/TV Writer - Clockwise
  326. sex therapist author (my mother, myself)
  327. Jazz singer pianist composer. Wrote the classic 'I'm Just a Bill' for Schoolhouse Rock in the 1970s
  328. Actor: appeared in 'Laramie', 'Wagon Train' and as Dr. Brackett on 'Emergency!', also appeared as Charlie Poke in the TV film 'Bonanza: The Next Generation'
  329. Actress (b: 1933) - As The World Turns (1960-2010, as Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi Chedwyn - married 8 times during the run of the series). Soap Opera Hall of Fame
  330. Fmr United States Congressman
  331. film dir. (Lpcress files, lady signs the blue)
  332. Actor: Vampires, The Lazarus Man, Mudhoney, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Vixen, Supervixens, Rich Man Poor Man, The Swarm, Beneath the Valley of the Supervixens, Jagged Edge, Suburban Commando, Conagher, Wyatt Earp, The Desperate Trail
  333. American writer. Author of Lesson Before Dying and Diary of Miss Jane Pittman (among numerous others)
  334. Black Orpheus
  335. Actress, Curse of Frankenstein, Dracula
  336. Actor - The Untouchables (as Agent Enrico Rossi), ... Mad, Mad World
  337. 11th Premier of Alberta, Canada
  338. Assoc. Justice of Supreme Court
  339. Wife of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, the former president of France (1974-1981)
  340. Country music singerthomas paul glaser 79 yrs old now
  341. former Philadelphia Warrior/ NBA HOFer
  342. UK House of Lords
  343. Former football player (Detroit Lions)
  344. former college/NFL center ; played for Mississippi State University, Colts, Dolphins & Oilers; Super bowl champion (V)
  345. UK House of Lords
  346. Actor - Remington Steele
  347. English comedian best known for his performances on the ITV Television show The Comedians
  348. Singer/Musician
  349. Geordie
  350. American Actor/Impersonator (b:'33) - Batman (The Riddler), Invasion Of The Saucer Men, Drag Strip Girl, Studs Lonigan, George Raft Story, Bells Are Ringing, Where The Boys Are, Sail A Crooked Ship, That Darn Cat!, Star Trek (Bele ... Last Battlefield)
  351. MLB 2nd baseman, pitch hitter, & 3rd baseman from 1957-64 for Cubs & Twins. Managed the Twins in 2nd half of 1980 & 1st half of 1981. Also a coach for Twins. Best playing season was 1963 - batting .287 in 150 at-bats with 5 doubles, 3 triples, & 9 HR's
  352. science-fiction author
  353. actor/vocalist,/star of stage & screen, carousel (tv), brigadoon (tv), naked gun 2 1/2
  354. Former hockey player
  355. Actress - 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Rear Window, Unchained, Mister Cory, The Phoenix City Story, The Wild Party, The Guns of Fort Petticoat, Operation Mad Ball, Gunman's Walk, Anatomy of a Murder, widow of Bing Crosby
  356. U.S. Senator from Iowa (1981-present)
  357. Australian comedian
  358. Retired Baseball Player For the Boston Red Sox & Mets; brother of NFL safety/cornerback, Cornell Green
  359. Former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher in the 1960's
  360. Former Mich State Basketball Player and Professional Player
  361. Major League Baseball (Orioles, Senators, Twins, Red Sox, Angels, Tigers)
  362. Food critic: wrote for New York Magazine and judge on Top Chef: Masters
  363. football player/coach/administrator
  364. Provided voices for Star Wars' Ewoks animated series
  365. Movie: Halloween (1978) Father of actress Melanie Griffith
  366. New Yorker cartoonist
  367. American Football, Notre Dame, QB, NFL, Redskins 1955, 1958-60, Cardinals 1961, Giants 1962-63, Eagles 1963
  368. British developmental biologist.In 2012, he and Shinya Yamanaka were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for the discovery that mature cells can be converted to stem cells
  369. German Actor - Lindenstrasse
  370. Canadian poet and jazz lyricist
  371. Astronaut
  372. Former Major League first basemen; played for Orioles, Yankees & Indians
  373. Dave Hamilton  (2)
    Author, website
  374. British born photographer, is living in Paris, France
  375. football
  376. British actress and comedian, born 1933. Widow of John Thaw. Mr Digby Darling, Bedtime, Brighton Belles, Night Must Fall, Carry On Cleo, Doctor Who, The Anniversary, Buster, Love and Death
  377. jazz saxophonist
  378. air force general businessman
  379. former college/NFL running back; played for University of Maryland & Cleveland Browns; member of the University of Maryland 1953 National championship team; member of Brown 1954 NFL championship team
  380. Author
  381. Bill Harris  (4)
    Veteran journalist, author of The White House, The World Trade Center
  382. American actor,stuntman and producer.'Kommissar X2,'Hercules','King of Kong Island','Samson contra Hercules','Goliath Against The Giants','The Fury Of Hercules','79 A.D','Challenge Of The Tiger'
  383. Chris Harris  (3)
    Voice Over Talent
  384. Chris Harris  (6)
    Retired sports broadcaster and professional Basketball player. Played for the St. Louis Hawks 1955-56 and Rochester Royals 1955-56. Did play-by-play of University of Dayton basketball from 1965 to 1981
  385. boxing
  386. Singer from the 60's
  387. army general
  388. Former NFL football player for the Chicago Cardinals in the 50's
  389. air force general
  390. Governor-General of Australia (1989-96)
  391. Actress, As the World Turns - 'Star Trek' .... Gem (1 episode, 1968) - # 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' .... Jane Willet
  392. Former hockey Goalie for Team Canada and the Boston Bruins. 1960-61
  393. Singer/Musician
  394. German actor and singer
  395. Former major league pitcher. 1960 toranto maple leafs.'s 100 greatest teams. team #87
  396. former college/NBA center; played for Wake Forest University & Boston Celtics; All-American; 3nd All-Time Scorer in ACC behind J.J. Redick & Tyler Hansbrough; All-Time leading rebounder ACC; member of Celtics 56-57 NBA championship team; 2X ACC PTY
  397. Former West Indian Cricketer
  398. Player / coach for the 1959 ucla bruins. new york giants 1956; baltimore colts 1956
  399. British producer - The Go-Between
  400. Baseball On-Air Broadcaster
  401. former major league outfielder; played for Mets, Senators & White Sox
  402. Former French football player and former manager of French team.
  403. Screenwriter & Director: The Terror, Blood Bath, House of Evil, The Fear Chamber, The Woman Hunt, The Big Bird Cage, The Big Doll House, Coffy, Foxy Brown, The Swinging Cheerleaders, Switchblade Sisters, Death Ship, Sorceress
  404. Broadway actress, Half of the vaudeville team 'Ford and Hines' (Phil Ford and Mimi Hines)
  405. Author
  406. Maryland State Delegate (1976-present)
  407. Charlie Hodge  (2)
    Former hockey player
  408. Author
  409. Actor - Fire Commissioner In Ghostbusters II, Titanic, Stargate, Maniac Cop, Gotcha!, Star Trek
  410. Scottish writer, broadcaster
  411. NFL Def. Tackle (1960-64) Broncos, NY Giants
  412. Bridge on the River Kwai, Episode 97 of 'The Twilight Zone' and played Sid(the old man whom Adam Sandler's girlfriend left him for) in 'Big Daddy'
  413. Gospel Singer & Whitney's Mom
  414. record producer (mamas & the papas, 5th dimension)
  415. Actress, born 1933; 'As The World Turns' & 'The Doctors', among others
  416. Former Governor of Alabama (1987-1993)
  417. Singer/Musician
  418. Former college/NFL guard; played for Wake Forest, Giants, Eagles & Vikings; 2X NFL Champion
  419. German writer, receiver of the Große Verdienstkreuz
  420. UK House of Lords
  421. Ron Jackson  (2)
    Baseball / 1954-60 / First Baseman for White Sox and Red Sox - not the Power Hitter of the 1970's & 1980's
  422. German actor
  423. Indian Actress/author-part Of The Merchant -Ivory Film Family
  424. John James  (3)
    Baseball Player - Lincoln Saltdogs
  425. Yankees Pitcher 1958, 60-61
  426. Actress
  427. Voice Actor - Fantastic 4 '94, Spider-Man '96, TA Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rugrats, The Tick, Mighty Max, ReBoot, Savage Dragon, Skeleton Warriors, House Of Mouse, Hey Arnold, Tom & Jerry:The Movie. Actor - Beauty & The Beast (TV), Twin Peaks, Lois & Clark
  428. basketball player
  429. Stuntman: Die Hard With A Vengeance, The Fugitive. Car Designer: Batman, The Green Hornet, Damnation Alley
  430. Olympic Figure Skater
  431. Miss USA 1955
  432. MLB pitcher from 1958-70 for 7 teams. Led league in 1962 with best K to walk ratio. Pitched to 2 batters in 1961 World Series, getting both out. Best seasons in 1965 going 16-10, 2 saves, 3.42 ERA and 1967 going 13-9 with 2.74 ERA
  433. Actor
  434. Alan Jones  (4)
    Author - Seasons of Grace
  435. figure skating executive
  436. Auto racing; 1X winner of Indy 500
  437. composer/producer
  438. Sam Jones  (7)
    Played Basketball for Boston Celtics
  439. Artist... illustrator
  440. Japanese pitcher
  441. German Actress of the 50's ('Der Raub der Sabinerinnen'), married to film composer Martin Bottcher
  442. 1960s San Diego Chargers AFL Linebacker
  443. Cagney and Lacey; Dark Shadows
  444. Cardinal
  445. Children's Author
  446. Former Mayor of Portland, Oregon (1993-2005)
  447. Artist
  448. Voice Over Talent
  449. navy admiral
  450. Actress, known for The Spider (1958), Bloodlust! (1961) and Teenage Doll (1957)
  451. Actor (b: 1933) - The Forest, The Savage Seven, Satan's Sadists, Hell's Bloody Devils, The Mighty Gorga, Schoolgirls In Chains, The Thrill Killers, Body Fever, Inside Amy, Sinthia: The Devil's Doll, Bubba Ho-Tep, Dracula Vs. Frankenstein. Stunts
  452. Gary Kent  (2)
    Stunts, Actor - Bubba Ho-tep, The Visitor
  453. auto racing driver
  454. Prime Minister of Vietnam
  455. army general
  456. Actor - Bloody Mama, Crazy Mama, Hot Spell, Night Call Nurses
  457. Played football for 1960 Buffalo Bills
  458. CNN's Larry King Live,Shrek 2+3,cameo in the first Ghostbusters film as a NY radio talk show host
  459. UK House of Lords
  460. History professor, author, @ U. of Arkansas at Little Rock, 2801 S. University Ave, Little Rock, AR 72204
  461. television fashion journalism
  462. British actress born 1933. Carry On films, Doctor films. Gimme Gimme Gimme, Poirot, Berkeley Square, Within These Walls, St Trinians
  463. U.S. Representative from Michigan
  464. Rockabilly Singer/Songwriter - Party Doll, Hula Love, Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep
  465. Author
  466. Emmy award winning TV writer/producer/composer, born 1933. One of the 3 co-writers of the David Bowie/Bing Crosby 'Peace on Earth' Christmas song
  467. Hungarian author
  468. Actor (b: 1933) - The Love Boat (Dr. Adam Bricker), Get Smart (Siegfried), That Girl (Jerry Bauman), When Things Were Rotten (Alan-A-Dale), The Doris Day Show, The New Temperatures Rising, Needles & Pins, Sunset Beach
  469. author
  470. Actress - Hercules, Hercules Unchained, Juliet Of The Spirits, Agent 8-3/4, Blood Feud, The Secret War Of Harry Frigg
  471. author
  472. Cinematographer - Paper Moon
  473. NASA flight director during first Moon landing and Apollo 13 explosion (Played by Ed Harris in 'Apollo 13')
  474. Former major league pitcher; played for NY Yankees & KC Athletics; 1X All-Star (1956); member of Yankees 1956 & 1958 World Series championship teams was the last pitcher to ever pitch against Jackie Robinson
  475. Swiss - born American diplomat, author and politician. Served as the 77th Governor of Vermont from 1985-1991. Served as United States Ambassador to Switzerland from 1996-1999. Sister of the late Edgar May, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist
  476. army general businessman
  477. Singer/Musician
  478. Native German Fashion Designer and photographer
  479. Hound of the Baskervilles
  480. actor (monkees, batman, elvis' double trouble), The Golden Girls
  481. Ex-wife of TV legend Michael Landon, founder of the support group 'LADIES' (Life After Divorce Is Eventually Sane)
  482. Child actor, most notable for appearing in the Our Gang series from 1938 to 1941
  483. politician - georgia state house of representatives
  484. Actor
  485. Actress: Peyton Place, Bus Stop, The Young Lions, The Best Of Everything, Wild In The Country, A Pocketful Of Miracles, Death Wish, Blue Velvet, Nightmare On Elm. Street 2, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir
  486. Miss America 1953
  487. former NFL-Eagles
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