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Browsing Entries matching Tag activeYearsEndYear%3A:0020
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  1. Indian English Author
  2. English church historian
  3. Author
  4. Author
  5. Author of primarily mystery fiction, as well as a screenwriter. He was best known for his many books chronicling the adventures of Simon Templar, alias 'The Saint.'
  6. Author
  7. Author
  8. Author
  9. author
  10. Author
  11. Author
  12. Author - Fiction
  13. Rugby League Player
  14. Don Lee  (2)
    Author - Wrack and Ruin, Country of Origin
  15. Author - Fiction
  16. Author
  17. Author
  18. Playwright
  19. Author
  20. Author
  21. Screenwriter
  22. Author
  23. Writer/Illustrator
  24. Italian Singer/Entertainer. Sister of the late singer, Sergio Franchi