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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater%3A:Brown_University
Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater%3A:Brown_University
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  1. Author of Prayers for Bobby
  2. Talk Show Host/Psychatrist
  3. Actress in Curb Your Entusiasm, Exit 8A, Guest on Friends, Star Trek VOY
  4. Author
  5. American Female Author - Novel - 'The Family Journal' (2019), 'The Ladies Room' (2017), 'The Magnolia Inn' (2018), 'The Empty Nesters' (2019), 'Mistletoe Cowboy' (2012), 'Cowboy Rebel' (2019), 'Cowboy Bold' (2018), 'Wild Cowboy Ways'(2015) Plus Many More
  6. American Female Author - Novel - 'The Stargazer's Sister' (2015), 'The Rope Walk' (2007), 'Lamb In Love'(2007), 'The Hatbox Baby'(2000), 'The Last First Day: A Novel'(2013), 'The House On Belle Isle And Other Stories'(2002), 'Confinement'(2004) Plus More
  7. Governor of Rhode Island (2003-2011)
  8. Author
  9. Former U.S. Senator from Rhode Island (1999-2007); Governor of Rhode Island (2011-15)
  10. Former Special Counsel to President Nixon, founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries, best-selling author
  11. Author
  12. Playwright
  13. Actor: Jaws 2, King of the Mountain, Delusion, Split Image, Family Ties
  14. Mayor of Orlando, Florida (2003-present)
  15. The Larry Elder Show, Radio, Candidate for President in 2024
  16. Director
  17. Author - Middlesex (winner of the Pulitzer Prize), The Virgin Suicides, and The Marriage Plot
  18. Author
  19. Author
  20. US director
  21. U.S. Senator from New Hampshire (2017-present); Governor of New Hampshire (2013-17)
  22. Former US Amabassador to the United Nations (1999-2001)
  23. Actress - The Philadelphia Story (AA nom), The Uninvited, Northwest Passage, The Women, Another Thin Man, Tender Comrade, Susan & God, The Great Gatsby, Flight Command, Maisie, That's My Boy, Stars & Stripes Forever, Man-Proof, Louisa, The Facts Of Life
  24. Governor of Louisiana (2008-2016), Former U.S. Representative
  25. Author
  26. Son of John F. Kennedy, President of the US; founder of 'George' magazine
  27. Daughter of 2004 Presidential Election candidate John Kerry
  28. Author
  29. Actor, 'The Office' (USA Version), Leatherheads
  30. CEO and Chairman of BET
  31. Author
  32. Children's Author
  33. Rhode Island State Attorney General (2003-present)
  34. Actor - Gilda, Paths Of Glory, The 7th Cross, Counter-Attack, My Name Is Julia Ross, The Return Of Monte Cristo, The Big Clock, Knock On Any Door, The Nevadan, Detective Story, Vera Cruz, The Alligator People, The Great Race, many TV guest-star roles
  35. U.S. Representative from New York
  36. Governor of Deleware (2009-present); Delaware State Treasurer (1999-2009)
  37. 2006 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
  38. Atheist Activist
  39. Terminally ill professor, who has been giving 'life lessons'
  40. Author
  41. Actor: End of the Road, Mary Hartman Mary Hartman, The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, Rocky 2, Knots Landing, Shattered Innocence, Deadly Game, Civil Wars, Born to be Wild, Murder One, The Truman Show, Detonator
  42. Female Bodybuilder
  43. Lt. Governor of Rhode Island (2007-present)
  44. Playwright
  45. Author
  46. Lawyer for Donald Trump's impeachment/White House Independent Counsel
  47. Media Mogul - Owner of TBS, Braves, Hawks
  48. Now with Alex Wagner; political analyst
  49. Actor; "Heist", "Cracking Up", 'Burlesque', "Perfect Couples", "Bent"
  50. Hermione in the Harry Potter series. Ballet Shoes, Noah, The Bling Ring, My week with Marilyn
  51. Kevin Young  (3)
    Author/Gave Barack Obama: his second inaugural Poem/Oath
  52. Scientist; MIT; NASA. Principal investigator for the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) Mission (2011-2012); other planetary mission participation: NASA LRO, MRO, Dawn, NEAR, Mars Global Surveyor