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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater::Georgetown_University_Law_Center
Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater::Georgetown_University_Law_Center
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  1. Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky (1986-99 and 2003-2011)
  2. U.S. Representative from Deleware (1993-2011); Former Governor of Delaware (1985-1993)
  3. Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico (1993-97; 2001-09)
  4. Representative from Virginia
  5. Governor of Indiana (2005-present); Former White House Director of Management & Budget (2001-2003)
  6. Former WH Counsel to President Richard M. Nixon, Served time in prison over the Watergate scandal, author of the books 'Blind Ambition', 'Worse than Watergate', 'Conservatives Without Conscience', and 'Broken Government'
  7. New Hampshire Attorney General (2009 - )
  8. U.S. Representative from Massachusetts - 3rd District (1971-73) and 4th District (1973-81); first Roman Catholic priest elected to public office
  9. Former U.S. Senator from New Hampshire (1975-1980)
  10. American attorney and women's rights activist
  11. U.S. Representative from South Dakota (2004-2011)
  12. Lt. Governor of Hawai'i (1994-2002); U.S. Representative from Hawai'i(2007-2013); U.S. Senator from Hawai'i (2013-present)
  13. U.S. Congressman, House Majority Leader
  14. U.S. Ambassador to Canada (2009-present)
  15. U.S. Representative from Louisiana
  16. Missouri Secretary of State; 2016 Candidate for US Senate
  17. U.S. Senator from Illinois (2010-17); Former U.S. Representative
  18. U.S. Senator from Vermont (1975-present)
  19. U.S. Senator from Florida (2009-2011)
  20. United States Secretary of the Treasury
  21. U.S. Representative from California
  22. John Lynch  (3)
    Governor of New Hampshire (2005-2012)
  23. Governor of Virginia (2014-present); Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (2001-05)
  24. Virginia State Attorney General (2009-2010); Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia (2010-Present)
  25. Former U.S. Senator from Maine (1980-1995); former Chairman of the Board for Disney; Created the Mitchell Reports
  26. White House Chief Of Staff To President Clinton (1998-2001)
  27. Former Chairman of the Federal Commuications Commission (2001-2005)
  28. Former Secretary of Defense to Presidents Gerald R. Ford and George W. Bush
  29. Former Governor of Alabama (1999-2003); Running for Reelection in 2006
  30. Lieutenant Governor of Illinois (2011-present)
  31. Lieutenant Governor of Maryland (2003-07); Chairman of the Republican National Committee (2009-2011)
  32. U.S. Senator form Maryland (2017-present); U.S. Representative from Maryland (2003-17)
  33. Former Aide to President Reagan; U.S. Senator from Virginia (2007-2013)
  34. James Webb  (2)
    Vietnam War veteran, former U.S. Secretary of the Navy, bestselling author of Fields of Fire and The Emperor's General
  35. Retired Senator from Va
  36. Owner of the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Redskins
  37. Frank Wolf  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Virginia (1981-present)