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Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater%3A:McGill_University
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  1. Canadian chemist. He is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Ottawa. He is best known for his research of catalysis in chemistry. Member of the Order of Canada
  2. Author
  3. Canadian Former Physicist. Pioneer In The Field Of Laser Technology And Co - Inventor Of The Charge - Coupled Device
  4. businessman baseball executive
  5. buinessman pres. ceo seagrams & sons
  6. National Security advisor to Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981
  7. Palaeontolist, curator, author
  8. Canadian Businessman & Financier
  9. Nobel prize for physics 1980, worked on Manhattan Project
  10. Actress: Glee, Boston Public, See This Movie, Nip/Tuck, NYPD Blue, Prison Break, The Journey Home, The Horse Whisperer, Chicks With Sticks, Heroes, Prom Night, The Stepfather, Vikings, Scandal
  11. Author
  12. Author
  13. nobel med. laureate 98
  14. Canadian Politician: Member of Parliament for the Riding of Toronto-Danforth, Ontario. Leader of the New Democratic Party - Leader of the Official Opposition in the House of Commons
  15. 1992 Nobel Winner in Chemistry
  16. Author
  17. Author
  18. Prime Minister of Egypt
  19. Preeminent psychologist, Author
  20. Author
  21. Canadian astrophysicist and popularizer of science
  22. Award Winning Architect
  23. Author / Director / Actor: Star Trek, TekWar, T.J. Hooker, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Twilight Zone, Big Bad Mama, Kingdom of the Spiders, Visiting Hours, American Psycho 2, The Practice, Boston Legal, $#*! My Dad Says, Psych
  24. Nobel Prize 2009 of Medicine
  25. Prime Minister of Canada. Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Son of former Prime Minister Pierre-Elliot Trudeau
  26. President of Latvia (1999-2007)
  27. publisher