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  1. Secretary of Energy (2001-05)
  2. Former Governor of Michigan (1983-1991); U.S. Ambassador to Canada (1993-1996)
  3. 2006 Republican Candidate for Senator from Michigan
  4. American Female Politician - State Senator Of California (1998-2006) - California Secretary of State (2007-2015)
  5. ceo SunAmerica
  6. Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (2012-2017); Attorney General of Ohio (2009-2011); Treasurer of Ohio (2007-2009); Candidate for Governor, 2018
  7. Former President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers. Former Governor of Michigan (1991-2003)
  8. Billionaire Detroit Pistons Owner
  9. Actress known for Underemployed, Hostel 3, Whip It
  10. Secretary of Agriculture (1969-1971) Born: 10/09/1915
  11. Invented optical fiber; Inventor Hall of Fame inductee
  12. JFK - Secret Service, White House starting 1963; protected LBJ's youngest daughter on the day of President Kennedy?s assassination. 35th Sgt. at Arms, House of Representatives; he announced 'Mr. Speaker, The President of the United States'
  13. American solar astrophysicist, born 1927. Developed theory of solar wind in the 1950s. First living person to have NASA name a spacecraft after them, the Parker Solar Probe to the sun, launched in 2018
  14. Gary Peters  (2)
    U.S. Senator from Michigan
  15. Former U.S. Senator From Michigan (1976-1995)
  16. U.S. Representative from Michigan
  17. Author
  18. U.S. Senator from Michigan (2001-present)
  19. Director of the Office of Management & Budget (1981-85)
  20. Deputy U.S. Attorney General (2001-03)
  21. U.S. Representative from Massachusetts (2007-19), Widow of former Senator Paul Tsongas
  22. Actor - Spenser For Hire, Vega$, SWAT, Lonesome Dove, Soap, Tabitha, Love Boat: The Next Wave, Magnum Force, The Ice Pirates, Turk 182!, Amerika, The Lazarus Man, American Dreamer, Crossroads, Gavilan, It Had To Be You, Bob-Carol-Ted-Alice (TV)
  23. Mayor of Flint, Michigan (2009-15)
  24. Noted financial analyst
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