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  1. New Hampshire State Attorney General (2004-2011); U.S. Senator (2011-2017)
  2. Screenwriter, Producer & Director: Magnum p.i., JAG, Quantum Leap, NCIS
  3. nobel chemistry laueate 1980
  4. Author
  5. Mayor of Tampa, Florida (2011-present)
  6. Dawn of The Dead (2004), Phil on Modern Family
  7. Author
  8. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  9. Pennsylvanian Congressman
  10. Mike Doyle  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  11. U.S. Representative from Florida
  12. Meteorologist, Severe-weather expert featured on 'The Weather Channel'
  13. Secretary of Commerce (1992-93)
  14. governor ak.
  15. American astronomer, author, and writer who was the first person to convince the mainstream science that the Earth had once been hit by a planet sized body (Thea), creating both the moon and the Earth's 23° tilt. He also has an asteroid named after hi
  16. Representative from Nevada
  17. Author- Marine Sniper:93 Confirmed Kills
  18. U.S. Representative from Florida
  19. representative pennsylvania
  20. Author - First Blood, Creepers, Scavengers
  21. One time appointee to replace U.S. Senator Judd Gregg after appointment for Commerce Secretary; Never received appointment
  22. Baseball - AAGPBL
  23. Hockey owner of the Buffalo Sabres
  24. Author
  25. Pennsylvania State Representative
  26. She was an undercover cia agent. Outed recently
  27. Former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1995-2006)
  28. Former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1969-1981); Reagan's Secretary of Health & Human Services
  29. Pittsburgh Attorney
  30. Co-anchor of Good Morning America, host of Flea Market Flip on HGTV, former host of The Insider (2004-2011), Antiques Roadshow (2004 and 2005 seasons) and Antiques Roadshow FYI (2005)
  31. Prime Minister of Bhutan
  32. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (2009-present)
  33. Frank Wolf  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Virginia (1981-present)
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