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Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater::University_of_Idaho
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  1. Governor of Idaho (1995-99)
  2. Mayor of Boise, Idaho (2004-present)
  3. American Female Author - Novel - 'Caddie Woodlawn' (1935), Baby Island' (1937), 'Magical Melons' (1939), 'The Pink Motel' (1959), 'Family Grandstand' (1952), 'Two are Better Than One' (1968), 'Family Sabbatical' (1956), 'Buffalo Coat' (1959) Plus 15 More
  4. U.S. Senator from Idaho (1991-2009)
  5. Actor: Coach, The Stand, How I Met Your Mother, Jumanji, SpongeBob SquarePants, Transformers, Beethoven, Funny Farm, Dumb and Dumber, Gargoyles, Oz, Jennifer's Body, The Artist
  6. Former FBI Agent - Informed Woodward & Bernstein of Watergate Scandal (Deep Throat)
  7. Former Senator of Idaho (1993-1999); Governor of Idaho (1999-2006); Secretary of the Interior (2006-09)
  8. Lieutenant Governor of Idaho (2009-2019); Elected Governor in 2018
  9. Governor of Nevada (1971-79)
  10. Governor of Alaska (2006-2009); 2008 Republican Candidate for Vice-President
  11. American polymer chemist, inventor, and professor emeritus. He is noted for his contribution to the development of Teflon. Born: 10/12/1910
  12. Governor of Idaho (2006); U.S. Senator from Idaho (2009-present)
  13. U.S. Representative from Idaho
  14. Science Fiction Author - The Lensman series, The Skylark series, the father of 'Space Opera'
  15. Former U.S. Senator from Idaho (1981-1993)