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  1. businessman sports executive
  2. Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri (1999-2007)
  3. U.S. Senator from Kansas (1996-2011); Governor of Kansas (2011-present)
  4. American Female Model - Miss America (1966). TV Series - 'The Match Game' (1965-1966)
  5. American Female Author - Science Fiction - Novel - 'Synners' (1991), 'Mindplayers' (1987), 'Tea From An Empty Cup' (1998), 'Fools' (1992), 'Alita: Battle Angel - Iron City' (2018), 'Alita: Battle Angel - The Official Movie Novelization' (2019)
  6. Baseball A - Hagerstown Suns 2007
  7. Former U.S. Senator from Kansas (1969-1996); unsuccessful Republican Presidential Candidate (1988, 1996)
  8. Scientist/Entomologist/Author - Known for his authority on the History and Geological placement of insects most notably the 'Honey Bee', writer or over 300 papers and the book 'Evolution of the Insects'
  9. Author
  10. Crime Writer/'All In' 'Deadlocked' 'The Last Witness' 'Stone Cold'
  11. Former Governor of Arizona (1997-2003)
  12. Todd Hunter  (2)
    The 'other' Todd Hunter, born April 24, 1959 of NOT the one in Lincoln (2010) as a Member of The House of Representatives NOR TCH in 'Land of the Lost' BUT in the T.J. Hooker TV series (1986) and the stepson of: actress Emily McLaughlin
  13. Former U.S. Senator from Kansas (1978-1997); widow of Howard H. Baker, Jr
  14. Secretary of Commerce 1980-1981
  15. Veteran Broadcast Journalist: host of 'Investigative Reports', 'Cold Case Files', and 'American Justice'
  16. U.S. Representative from Colorado
  17. Governor
  18. Politician - European Parlament
  19. U.S. Representative from Kansas
  20. U.S. Senator from Kansas (2011-??); Former U.S. Representative
  21. Former track athlete/ Kansas state representative; last American to hold the world record in the mile run
  22. President of Colombia (2010 - )
  23. U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services (2009-??); Former Governor of Kansas (2003-09)
  24. Fighter ace world war 2 6 1/2 kills
  25. American character actor - Played John Brewster in the Beverly Hillbillies
  26. Representative from Kansas
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