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  1. Former US Speaker of the House (1971 - 77)
  2. National Security Advisor 1955-56
  3. Artist
  4. American Model - Miss America 2006 Winner. Miss Oklahoma 2005
  5. American Theater Actress, Playwright, Screenwriter, And Director
  6. Actor - Baby Doll, The Birds, Hour Of The Gun, The Stalking Moon, The Reivers, I Walk The Line, The Border, 52 Pick-up, lots of TV guest star appearances (1951-2000)
  7. U.S. Representative from Oklahoma
  8. Mayor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (2004-present)
  9. American Dancer,Broadway and Movie Actress Born: 03/14/1904 .'Ziegfield Follies of 1918-20','Man on Moon','Tell Your Children','Reckless Decision','Broadway Peacock','Call of East'.One of the last surviving Silent Film Stars
  10. Actor: Maverick, The Rockford Files, 8 Simple Rules..., Great Escape, Space Cowboys, Marlowe, Move Over Darling, Grand Prix, The Fan, Atlantis, Support Your Local Gunfighter, Support Your Local Sheriff, Legalese, Fire in the Sky
  11. Governor of Oaklahoma (D) 2003-2011 Born July 10, 1963
  12. Kevin James  (4)
    Male Adult Model
  13. Author
  14. U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1981 - 2011)
  15. Actor: Hell's Angels '69, Monte Walsh, The Hunting Party, The Only Way Home, The Godfather Part II, Rich Man Poor Man, North Dallas Forty, Tank, War and Remembrance, Ed Wood, Canadian Bacon, Nick of Time, The Long Kiss Goodnight
  16. Former Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma (2006-2009)
  17. Former Governor of Oklahoma (1991-1995)
  18. businesswoman
  19. U.S. Representative from Oklahoma (1995-2003)
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