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  1. Commander-In-Chief U.S. Central Command
  2. Former Australian General, Chief of the Australian Defence Force 1984-1987
  3. Entomologist/Scientist - Specializes in Beetles
  4. Australia's leading underwater photographer and one of the first to film the Whale Shark
  5. David Evans  (6)
    RAF officer
  6. navy admiral
  7. Decorated World War II fighter pilot and a former racing driver from Australia
  8. Former head of the Australian Defence Force and a WW2 and Korea veteran, knighted by the Queen in 1976, living in Australia
  9. Governor-General of Australia (2003-08)
  10. Michael Kelly  (5)
    Former Rugby League Player
  11. former Australian Television star, I.M.T., Blankety Blanks.
  12. Australian Aviator and Public servant
  13. Australian Painter of landscapes. Born 04/25/1911. Lives in Melbourne
  14. Former Australian General, Chief of Defence Force Staff 1982-1984
  15. Navy Chief of Staff, Member of the Joint Chiefs
  16. Victorian cross, army aust. vietnam war hero. Also awarded the DSC and Silver Star from the United States
  17. C.G. US Army Combined Arms Command; Director of the CIA (2011-)
  18. Decorated Australian Military - Now deceased
  19. Australia's most decorated WW2 War hero. Code name: The White Mouse. Born: 08/12/1912
  20. Female Model
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