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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag Award%3A:Presidential_Medal_of_Freedom
Browsing Entries matching Tag Award%3A:Presidential_Medal_of_Freedom
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  1. nobel economics laureate 1992
  2. Army General
  3. Ben Carson  (2)
    Neurosurgeon, Republican Politician, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development. Ran for President of the United States in 2016
  4. Inventor of the internet
  5. Governor of Rhode Island (1963-1969); U.S. Senator from Rhode Island (1976-1999)
  6. Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander; Candidate for President in 2004
  7. Admiral, former Joint Chief under Reagan and Bush
  8. The 'boy wonder' of the drug store industry and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Dart & Kraft Inc
  9. medal of honor marines korea
  10. US educator/writer
  11. U.S. Army General
  12. Founder of 'Common Cause,' government watchdog group
  13. Former U.S. Senator from Ohio (1973-1999); First American to Orbit the Earth
  14. cmdr.-in-chief, sup. allied command/europe)
  15. American dancer and choreographer, regarded as one of the foremost pioneers of modern dance
  16. Professor also was guest in a Simpsons Episode, Star Trek: The Next Generation
  17. Author
  18. Famous Painter
  19. Often referred to as LBJ, was the thirty-sixth President of the United States (1963?1969) and thirty-seventh Vice President of the United States (1961?1963)
  20. 2006 Inductee of Inventor Hall of Fame; Co-inventor of TCP which is basis for modern internet
  21. NASA flight director during first Moon landing and Apollo 13 explosion (Played by Ed Harris in 'Apollo 13')
  22. Nobel medicine laureate 1958
  23. Minister and leader in the American civil rights movement
  24. NASA Apollo Program Flight Director & Flight scientist
  25. Children's Book Author
  26. Author/'Texas' 'Alaska' 'Tales of the South Pacfic'
  27. nobel chem. laureate 1995
  28. Founder of Intel
  29. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  30. Author, co-founder, with William Hewlett, of Hewlett-Packard
  31. Golfer. World Golf Hall of Fame
  32. world famous architect (rock & roll hof) / Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient
  33. U.S. Army General (World War II, The Korean War)
  34. An American ornithologist and wildlife conservationalist; Secretary of the Smithsonian (1964-1984)
  35. Real-Life hero of the Hotel Rwanda
  36. American civil rights activist, Author
  37. former Joint Chief of Staff
  38. Former Supreme Court Justice, served 1975-2010
  39. army general
  40. United States Army commander who served in Asia during World War II from October 1943 to the end of the war. Previously, he helped plan the Normandy Invasion
  41. Nobel Prize-winning author, Holocaust survivor, Nobel for Peace - 1986
  42. Tuskegee Airman
  43. Civil Rights Leader