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  1. Actress - Independence Day: Resurgence, Tai Chi Hero, and Tai Chi Zero. Also known as Angela Yeung or Angela Yeung Wing
  2. 1999 Templeton prize award
  3. NBA basketball player
  4. Chinese Actress - Movie - 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' (2014), 'Iron Man 3' (2013). TV Series - 'Huan zhu ge ge' (1998)
  5. Professional Poker Player
  6. Author
  7. Scientist, invented the world's first artificial cell
  8. Chinese Actress played 'Goddess Manshen' in The Promise
  9. Soccer Player
  10. Actress - Twin Peaks, The Last Emperor, Heaven & Earth, Judge Dredd, The Wild Side, Awakening, Tai Pai, The Night Stalker, Strangers, Children of the Dragon, On Deadly Ground, Purple Storm, Saving Face, Avatar, Jasmine Flower, Americanese, Lust Caution
  11. figure skater
  12. Author
  13. Professional Poker Player
  14. Inventor
  15. Actor - James Bond - You Only Live Twice
  16. Author
  17. Actress - NCIS
  18. LPGA tour golfer
  19. nobel medicine 1992
  20. Actress: Halloween 5, Blood Deep
  21. Author
  22. Actress (Memoirs of a Geisha, Miami Vice, Hannibal Rising, Chinese Box, Eros, 2046, Qiu Ju da guan si, Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia, Hua hun)
  23. author (prodigals and those who love them)
  24. Australian Table Tennis Player
  25. Pulitzer Prize-winning American writer and journalist. Author of A Bell for Adano, Hiroshima, Antonietta, Key West Tales.
  26. Scientist instrumental in the US and People's Republic space program lives in BeiJing
  27. Yu Hua 
  28. USA Table Tennis
  29. Soccer Player
  30. Chinese actress - starred in Ip Man and Ip Man 2
  31. Retired U.S. Soccer Goalkeeper, Today Sales manager for Jaguar of Bellevue, WA
  32. Chinese biochemist. Born: 05/15/1900
  33. International basketball player from china expected to go top 5 in 2007 NBA draft
  34. Ba Jin 
    Chinese writer
  35. Ha Jin 
  36. Chinese Swimmer - 100 metre gold medalist - 1996 Olympics
  37. Jin Ju 
  38. British Actor 'the Day The Earth Caught Fire' 'invasion'etc.
  39. USA Table Tennis
  40. Snooker Player
  41. 9th richest in the world
  42. Artist
  43. Classical Pianist
  44. Actor
  45. forensic expert, court tv's case files of dr. henry lee,
  46. nobel physics laureate 1957
  47. Vic Lee  (2)
    News - KGO-TV
  48. Cyclist
  49. Jet Li 
    Romeo Must Die, Lethal Weapon 4, Hero, Cradle 2 The Grave, Unleashed, The One, The Mummy 3
  50. Wan Li 
    Chinese Politician. Born: 12/01/1916
  51. Chinese Space Traveler- Shenzhou 5
  52. USA Gymnastics
  53. Author
  54. Actor - Charlie Chan series (#1 Son), Dr. Kildare series (rival Dr. Lee), The Green Hornet '40/The Green Hornet Strikes Again '41 (Kato), The Good Earth, Kung Fu series (Master Po), Gremlins 1&2 (Mr. Wing), many TV guest star roles ('50-'89)
  55. Actress, is playing Tara in the BBC series 'Holby City'
  56. Female Model
  57. Female Model
  58. Chinese Gymnast and Actress
  59. Australian Table Tennis Player
  60. Author
  61. Houston Rockets All-Star Center
  62. Australian Political figure - involved in scandal with Member of Parliament
  63. Basketball Player
  64. Nobel prize
  65. Winners and Sinners, Wheels on Meals, My Lucky Stars, Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars, My Lucky Stars Go Places, How to Meet the Lucky Stars, Millionaire's Express, Mistaken Identity, Once Upon A Time in China VI, River City (BBC Series)
  66. Food Writer
  67. Greg Patent  (2)
    Food Writer
  68. Worlds shortest living person, at 2' 5'
  69. Chinese novelist and short story writer
  70. Yen in Ocean's Eleven
  71. Retired General
  72. Li Rui  (2)
    Chinese Politician writer, born 1917. He tried was a critic of China while a politician
  73. Japanese Expert of Go Board Game
  74. Opera Singer - Bass-Baritone
  75. Chinese biologist. 'The Father of Chinese Biophysicics' Born: 10/10/1903
  76. Author
  77. Yao Lin on Desperate Housewives, Nora's hair salon 1 and 2,sky high, employee of the month,Freaky Friday, Dharma and Greg, Passions, strong medicine,
  78. 'Fatal Move', 'Kung Fu Hustle', 'Invisible Target', popular Chinese supporting actor
  79. Female Model
  80. soccer player
  81. Li Tie 
    Professional Footballer
  82. Hong Kong actor born 1942, most famous for 'The Big Boss', 'Fist of Fury' and 'Game of Death'
  83. News Host-WPIX TV,New York City
  84. Scottish Theologian
  85. Supercentenarian. Trappist Monk. One of oldest people in the world Born 1897
  86. nobel physics laurate 1998
  87. New York Islanders owner
  88. Chinese actress
  89. Baltimore Orioles pitcher, signed in 2012
  90. Actress: As The World Turns, Rain Without Thunder, The Joy Luck Club, Hong Kong 1997, Street Fighter, Mulan, Out Reach, Final Fantasy, ER, Vanished, Two and a Half Men. Prom Night, The Batman, Stargate Universe, Eureka, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
  91. Director of Face/Off, Mission Impossible II, Broken Arrow
  92. Actress - Jackie Chan's First Strike
  93. The Last Emperor, 8 1/2 Women, The Pillow Book
  94. Author
  95. Artist
  96. Hong-Kong fight choreographer, 'The Musketeer'
  97. former title holder of Tallest Living Man, at 7'9'
  98. Chef in Yan Can Cook
  99. Mo Yan 
    Chinese author
  100. nobel physics 1957
  101. China First Female Astronaut
  102. Table-Tennis Player
  103. Author
  104. China Actor born 1963. Chu Zhao Nan in 'Seven Swords'(2005), Snowman in 'Blade2'(2002), Jin Ke in 'Highlander Endgame'(2000), made over 30ty movis from1984-2005 !!
  105. Asian actor starred in Bloodsport Enter the Dragon (with Bruce Lee) Tiger Claws and many other movies Born 7/3/28
  106. Composer
  107. Actress - 'Forbidden Kingdom', Disney's live-action Mulan
  108. Film Director - Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Thunderball, Wait Until Dark, ...Moll Flanders, Triple Cross, Mayerling, Inchon, The Valachi Papers, Klansman, Red Sun, The Jigsaw Man, The Christmas Tree
  109. Co-winner 2015 Nobel Medicine Prize/cited for discovering avermectin, derivatives of which helped lower incidence of river blindness & lymphatic filariasis 2 diseases caused by parasitic worms that affect millions of African & Asian people
  110. Female Model, Actress
  111. Basketball Player
  112. Concert pianist
  113. Gossip Girl
  114. Soccer Player
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