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  1. Swedish Hockeplayer
  2. Ottawa Senators (NHL) Forward
  3. Pro golfer
  4. Swedish Professional Footballer; previously at Aston Villa, now plays for FC Copenhagen
  5. Swedish director
  6. Singer/Musician
  7. Soccer Player
  8. Soccer Player
  9. singer - ace of base
  10. Swedish Actress - Movies - 'Penelope Pulls It Off' (1975), 'Intimate Games' (1976), 'Come Play With Me' (1977), 'Blue Paradise' (1980), 'Nutcracker' (1983), 'Fanny and Alexander' (1982), 'Dutch Girls' (1985). TV Series - 'Mind Your Language' (1978-1986)
  11. Swedish Actress - Movies - 'House Of Angels (1992), 'Heartbreak Hotel' (2006)
  12. Author and poet from sweden
  13. Swedish Female Singer - R&B, Pop Music (1990- ). Single - 'Tuesday Afternoon' (1998)
  14. Actor
  15. Retired Hockeyplayer, Frölunda, Montreal Canadiens, Anaheim Ducks
  16. Drummer of Motörhead
  17. singer (ace of base)
  18. Swedish actor, Tusenbröder and Tredje vågen (Third wave)
  19. Dallas Stars (NHL) Forward
  20. Retired hockeyplayer
  21. Former referee, soccer
  22. Musician/Guitarist for the band, In Flames
  23. Swedish indie/folk singer-songwriter
  24. Model, singer:born in Sweden
  25. Swedish Model - Singer
  26. Athlete - Track & Field
  27. Swedish Handball Player
  28. Adult star
  29. Actress - Petticoat Junction (as the second Billie Jo Bradley - 34 episodes), Hee-Haw (214 episodes)
  30. Ret. Soccer player (Liverpool)
  31. Swedish actress in european movies born in 1929.'Zulu','The Restless Night','Smile of a Summer Night','One Summer of Happiness','The Heroes of Telemark','The Last Ones Shall Be First'
  32. Former Swedish archer, won Silver Medal in 1972 Olympic Summer Games
  33. Retired NHL Defenseman (Buffalo Sabres, Washington Capitals, Toronto Maple Leafs) - Former Assistant Coach for Frolunda HC (SEL)
  34. Former Boxing Champion
  35. Hockey Player
  36. WTA Tennis Player
  37. Hockey Player
  38. Singer (sings we are !!! it is the song from spiderman 2)
  39. Swedish hockey player
  40. Hockey player
  41. Winnipeg Jets (NHL) Prospect
  42. Plays Mona in the swedish TV series 'Hjälp'
  43. Soccer Player
  44. Actor
  45. Buffalo Sabres (NHL) Goaltender, formally played for the Ottawa Senators
  46. Swedish worldchampion swimmer, Gold medals in both single swim and team swim, also european champ
  47. Swedish Actress (b: 1931) - The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, Miss Julie (title role), The Venetian, The Virgin Spring, Scenes From A Marriage, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  48. Cyclist
  49. Professional Footballer
  50. Swedish comedian/musical artist
  51. LPGA Golfer
  52. Worldchampion speedskater 1963, worldrecord holder, Olympic Gold 1964, immortalized in Japan with a statue
  53. Athlete - Track & Field
  54. Pro female golfer
  55. Golfer - PGA Tour
  56. Hockey Player
  57. Web-based comedian and producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube
  58. Director/writer (Så som i himmelen)
  59. Swedish hockey player
  60. Soccer Player
  61. Swedish singing legend
  62. Stunt Driver
  63. Former soccerplayer, now scout for norwegian team
  64. LPGA Golfer
  65. former high jumper
  66. Soccer Player
  67. Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) Forward - Formerly Played for the Toronto Maple Leafs
  68. PGA Player
  69. former soccer player from sweden
  70. Hockey Player
  71. Actress
  72. Actor: The Great Waldo Pepper, North Dallas Forty, The Delta Force, Walking Tall, The Inglorious Bastards, Deadly Impact, Magnum PI, Heartbreak Ridge, Curse 2, Kill Bill 2, Here Come the Brides, The Killing Machine, JAG, Steele's Law
  73. Swedish footballer, b.1976; previously at Southampton, now back in Sweden playing for IF Elfsborg
  74. Hockeyplayer, formerly with Frölunda, now with Modo
  75. Author and member of the Swedish Academy
  76. Singer/Musician
  77. Actress-Tomb Raider,Ex Machina,Tulip Fever,Second Avenue
  78. Singer Songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden. Gothic / Dark / Fragile Ballad
  79. Swedish Soccer International
  80. Female Pro Golfer
  81. Handball player - he is from Sweden, plays for the German club Kiel.
  82. Retired hockey player, team sweden, Frölunda, NY Rangers
  83. swedish actor- The 13th warrior and Änglagård
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