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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthPlace::Japan
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthPlace::Japan
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  1. Author
  2. Ace Adams  (2)
    Minor League Baseball Coach currently in the Houston Astros Organization
  3. Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture 1951-55
  4. Actor-Carolina Parakeet
  5. Tuskegee Airmen 332nd Fighter Group!
  6. JFK - Head of the Blue Key Society of Southwestern Louisiana Institute at Lafayette (now ULL) who met and got photographed with future President Kennedy at the Crowley Rice Festival in 1959
  7. Female MMA fighter
  8. Former Olympian/Japanese soccer player (1994-2010: JEF, Avispa, Cerezo, etc.)
  9. Japanese Baseball Legend. Seibu Lions 1981-93; Fukuoka Daiei Hawks 1994-2002. Member of the 'Meikyukai' Golden Players Club. Field Manager of the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks as of October 8th, 2008
  10. astronaut/journalist
  11. Gaming Journalist
  12. Actor-Airport For Birds
  13. Joe Allen  (3)
  14. John Allen  (2)
    Author - Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices
  15. Children's Book Author-I'm Not Cute
  16. The Apprentice
  17. Actor: Played TV Weatherman in Stephen King's The Shining (1997)
  18. Ron Allen  (2)
    Baseball / Former Pitching Prospect for Red Sox / Career Cut Short by Injuries
  19. Steve Allen  (3)
  20. WWII Ace (5 kills) 5th September 1944 - Destroyed 5 aircraft, to become 'An Ace in a Day' - USAAF
  21. editor
  22. Baseball Player
  23. Artist
  24. Andy Anderson  (5)
    Actor, 'Days of Our Lives', 'eCupid'
  25. Bob Anderson  (5)
  26. Hell's Kitchen
  27. Football Player
  28. 1979 KC Chiefs
  29. Don Anderson  (2)
    Storyboard Artist
  30. Author-Border Crossing
  31. John Anderson  (17)
    Viscount Waverley, British Politician
  32. USS Arizona survivor; veteran of Pearl Harbor
  33. Football Player
  34. Pitched for the Indians and Mariners in the early 80's
  35. 1st Sergeant C co, 6th Ranger Battalion during the Great Raid WWII
  36. Actor: American Horror Story, Boston Legal, X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Stand, Matlock, The Marshall Chronicles
  37. model
  38. Kazou Kiriyama in 'Battle Royale'
  39. Born December 18, 1987 Japan Figure Skater
  40. Chris Andrews  (2)
    Gary, the Yellow coat in BBC comedy series 'Hi-de-Hi!', 1981-88 - also celebrity bodyguard.
  41. In 1954 Ed Andrews was the New York Yankees' first Negro League pitcher. Unfortunately Andrews never panned out as expected or he and not Elston Howard would have been the first black player in team history.
  42. Actor-Pool Days,Touched By An Angel
  43. Mike Andrews  (2)
    Author-How To Break Web Software
  44. Adult Model-Penthouse Pet November 1998
  45. Children's Author-All In A Day
  46. Football Player
  47. adult star
  48. Adult japanese Film Star
  49. Former Japanese OF, now with Brewers
  50. Adult Japanese Star
  51. A retired Japanese soccer player (1987-98: Yamaha, S-Pulse; Honda Tech)
  52. Baseball Player - El Paso Diablos
  53. Cyclist
  54. Director of Photography
  55. Actress: The O.C., Entourage, Dark Wolf, Dirty Sexy Money, Rise, The X-Files, Stay Alive, The Mentalist, Resurrection
  56. Professional Wrestler
  57. Author
  58. Actor
  59. Actor
  60. Baseball Player - Myrtle Beach Pelicans
  61. Japan figure skater silver medalist in Torino winter games
  62. Professional Wrestler
  63. Japanese Adult Film Star
  64. A former Japan National Team Member (1985-2001: Toyota Motor Co., Grampus, Urawa, etc.)
  65. Japanese actress, TV-serie: Riaru kurozu. Movies: Kamu gaiden, Kazura, Kingu gemu
  66. Prime Minister of Japan (2008-2009)
  67. NXT Wrestler
  68. Football Player
  69. japanese film star
  70. USS Pueblo
  71. Actor: Vegas, The Rockford Files, Back Roads, The Surrogate, Night Court, Penitentiary 3, Vultures, Ally McBeal
  72. Norman Baker  (2)
    WWII - Iwo Jima. Seabee with the 4th Marine Division, built Motoyama No. 2 airfield
  73. Co-founder of Starbucks, with Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegl
  74. Assistant weaponeer on Bockscar during Nagasaki mission
  75. Colonel pilot of Air Force One for Presidents Bush I and Clinton
  76. Born 1916.Last living female 'Monuments Men' of the 2nd wave of Monuments Men which began their work after the war had ended. She is related to writer Virginia Woolf
  77. Actress-Rise of The Foot Soldier
  78. Cyclist
  79. 'WW2 Navajo Indian Code Talker'
  80. Canadian Actress - Movie - 'Danger pour la societe' (1970), 'Deformation personnelle' (2003)
  81. American Football, Montana Center, NFL, New York Jets 1980-1988, Falcons 1989-1991, Redskins 1992-1993
  82. Czech Republic Adult Film Star
  83. English Producer, Writer And Director
  84. Baseball Coach
  85. Actor Director Writer active from the 50's into the 70's. Directed several religous themed films in the 50's. Appeared in small tv roles. Was the son of censor Joseph Breen
  86. Aaron Brown  (6)
    Left-hand-batting outfield prospect who was 3rd-Round draft pick of the Phillies in 2014
  87. Adam Brown  (3)
    WHL Player - Kelowna Rockets
  88. Basketball Player
  89. George Burns  (2)
    Comedian & Actor: The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show, Six of a Kind, International House, A Damsel in Distress, The Sunshine Boys, Oh God!, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Going in Style, 18 Again!, Radioland Murders
  90. German ww2 ME262 pilot born 1924. Was never in the Wehrmacht; author - The last of the few: An Me.262 Pilot remembers, flew the buckner 181, 131, fw 44, ar 66, f-13, w33, w34, ju86, ju88, ju52, me110, me210, me40, me262, klemm 35, sg38, kranich
  91. Iwo Jima survivor,Navy Cross recipient
  92. Governor of Guam (2003-2011)
  93. Baseball Player - Sioux City Explorers
  94. Actor: Killer Workout, Scarecrows
  95. Don Campbell  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  96. Female Model
  97. Jane Campbell  (2)
    Baroness. UK House of Lords
  98. Lingerie/Legends Football League (LFL) Baltimore Charm 2010-
  99. 2014 Medal of Honor recipient, Afghan war veteran, retired US Marine
  100. Opera Singer
  101. Nurse, Attorney, former contestant on reality t.v. series, 'Survivor: Marquesas'
  102. WWII American Fighter - Ace (9 Victs.)- USAAF
  103. Mexican boxing legend, many times world champion
  104. japanese movie star
  105. Kill bill volume 1, Street Fighter series, martial artist, Also credited as 'Shinichi Chiba'
  106. Author
  107. CEO of Toyota Motors
  108. Professional Wrestler - WWF, AWA. Actor - The Golden Child, Red Heat, Blind Fury
  109. Negro Leaguer briefly with the 'K.C. Monarchs' 1956-1957
  110. Last surviving worker involved in the construction of Mount Rushmore during the years of 1927 to 1941
  111. WWII - Mine Platoon of the Anti-Tank Company, 69th Infantry Division, 271st Regiment. First combat at the 'Siegfried Line' in February 1945; crossed the Rhine on March 27, 1945; arrived at the KZ Buchenwald one day after its liberation
  112. Montreal Canadiens goalie
  113. Director/actor/writer 'Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story' 'Random Passage'/4 years Naval officer in WW2. Landing craft officer-Boat Group Commander for my ship-landing assault troops on the beaches of six Japanese island strongholds
  114. Singer,album is 'Everybody got their something',Playboy November 2005
  115. WWII Fighter Ace (5.25 Victs) - US Navy - Navy Cross, flew the hellcat, skyraider, f8f bearcat, iwo jima, okinawa
  116. U.S. Air Force brigadier general (Ret.)& author 'Around the World with LBJ: My Wild Ride As Air Force One Pilot', White House Aide, & Personal Confidant/Military aide & chief Air Force One pilot under President Lyndon B. Johnson
  117. Soccer Player
  118. Actress - Sons of Anarchy, Greenleaf,24, Third Watch
  119. Dominant pitcher in Japanese League, signed with Rangers for record setting contract; currently under contract with Chicago Cubs
  120. singer/actor
  121. Tim Davis  (2)
    Voice of Flower (adolescent)& Thumper (adult) in the 1942 film of Bambi
  122. Musician - Adult Contemporary, New Age, Jazz, Fusion, Adult Alternative, Soundtracks
  123. British Actress born 1916.Sister of Actress Joan Fontaine.won 2 Oscars for 'To Each His Own'(1946) and 'The Heiress'(1949).'Gone With the Wind','Not as a Stranger','Snake Pit','Robin Hood','Hush Sweet Charlotte','Dodge City','Raffles','Cpt.Blood'
  124. Right-handed hitting catcher who was signed by the Cardinals as a free agent in 2006
  125. Puerto-Rico-born right-handed pitcher drafted in the 24th round by the Dodgers in 2013
  126. representative colorado
  127. French Soccer Player - Celtic
  128. Author;'Just A Kid, A Guard at the Nuremberg Trials' 18 years old when drafted in 1944, into infantry. Found himself standing guard over Nazi war criminals, & watched as atrocities were described in detail throughout the Nuremberg Trails
  129. Die 
    Guitarist from the Japanese band Dir en grey
  130. Singer/Musician
  131. Japanese Tennis Player
  132. astronaut
  133. Former Japan National Team Member (1992-2012: Hitachi Tech, Reysol, FC-Tokyo; Verdy)
  134. Cyclist
  135. Actor (PT 109, Galaxy Being in first 'Outer Limits' episode), son of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
  136. Actress/Model-The Clone Master,Breaking Away,Conquest of the Earth,Galatica 1980,Partners,Romantic Comedy,The Lonely Guy,Her Life as a Man,Sting Ray,Houston Knights,Freeze Frame,Aftershock:Earthquake in New York
  137. WWII veteran, born in 1913, believed to be the oldest living Pearl Harbor survivor. He served on the USS W> Virginia during the attack, and later served in the Korean War
  138. American fighter ace VF-15, 5 Kills - US Navy, f4f hellcat, p-47, p-51
  139. U.S. Secret Service agent assigned to the White House detail during the Kennedy years, Duncan served as the advance agent for Fort Worth during the Texas visit in November 1963
  140. Japanese Dancer/Artist - Winner of America's Got Talent
  141. Actor,was the Grail Knight in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade
  142. Buffalo Soldiers of WW2 'Age 90'
  143. Silent Film Child Actor, Born: 09/26/1920.'I Do' (1921), 'Gramdma's Boy' (1922), 'So This Is Marriage' (1924), 'Eastside Kids' (1940)
  144. Wasp (wwii pilot)
  145. Baseball Player
  146. Mike Evans  (7)
    Football player - 2014 draft - WR
  147. Musician, Actor - Titanic
  148. Head Basketball Coach, University of Georgia
  149. CIA undercover agent in Jackie Chan's Who Am I?
  150. Porn star
  151. Retired baseball player played for the st louis cardinals debut 1988
  152. A retired Japanese soccer player (1991-98: Mazda/Sanfrecce)
  153. A retired Japanese soccer player (1987-96: Toyota/Grampus and JEF)
  154. Former Japan Soccer GK (1980-95: Yomiuri Club/Verdy)
  155. Japanese actor famed for his role in 'Monkey' aka 'Monkey Magic' he played the part of the horse/dragon who could also change into human form.Also has starred in the movies Death Note,Death Note:The Last Name,Helen The Baby Fox and L:Change The WorLd
  156. Japanese Voice of Princess Fiona (Shrek 2)
  157. Light in the 'Death Note' films; Shuya Nanahara in the 'Battle Royale' films
  158. A retired Japanese soccer player (1989-2009: Yomiuri Club/Verdy, Sanga, Vegalta, etc.); Also played a season in China
  159. Japanese Model and Singer
  160. A retired Japanese soccer player (1989-2002: Mitsubishi/Urawa Reds)
  161. former Cubs, Indians and White Sox OF, Japanese. Currently in Yankees organization
  162. Prospect Goaltender for the Manchester Monarchs
  163. Baseball Player
  164. B. 1962/Japanese born US businessman & producer who founded & president Funimation Entertainment, a company that distributes anime in US & Canada. As of 2011, Fukunaga was named chairman of online video game developer GameSamba
  165. Microbiologist, Natural farmer
  166. auto racing
  167. WWE Wrestler
  168. Astronaut
  169. Composer
  170. A retired Japanese goalie and current pro coach (1987-2000: Fujita Kogyo, Avispa; etc.)
  171. Japanese Baseball Superstar, Catcher, Yakult Swallows
  172. Band
  173. English footballer. Plays centre abck for Liverpool
  174. Alex Gonzalez  (5)
    Baseball, right handed pitcher drafted by the Texas Rangers with the 23rd overall pick in the 2013 amateur draft
  175. Author
  176. Japanese singer
  177. Retired Japanese soccer player (1986-2003: Furukawa Electronics, JEF, Consadore; Yokohama FC)
  178. Jonathan Gray  (2)
    Baseball player, pitcher, Colorado Rockies 2015-
  179. Tuskegee Airmen
  180. NFL - QB, Washington Redskins
  181. Juan Guzman  (2)
    World boxing champion
  182. Japanese former professional boxer who was sentenced to death on September 11, 1968, in March 2014 he was granted a retrial and an immediate release
  183. Astronomer/co-discoverer of the Hale-Bopp Comet
  184. former Reds, Braves & Royals outfielder; holds minor league record for stolen bases in one season (155); currently plays for San Francisco Giants
  185. Japanese Female Model
  186. Athlete
  187. Adult Asian Star
  188. Bobby Hansen  (2)
    Baseball Player born 1989, from 2008 MLB June Amateur Draft
  189. Adult Japanese Actress and Model
  190. Japanese actress, appeared in many of Yasujiro Ozu's films
  191. Japanese director, also starred in 'Last Samurai'
  192. A retired Japanese soccer player (1994-2013: Flugels, Cerezo, Frontale, etc.)
  193. Reality TV Celebrity
  194. J. J. Hardy  (2)
    Herman - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Ralphy - Nobody's Fool
  195. Billy Harris  (2)
    NHL right wing from 1973-84, 12 seasons with Islanders, Kings, Maple Leafs. 1976 All - Star. Had 2 Hat Tricks during the 1973-74 season
  196. Baseball player born 1926, 1948-51 Philadelphia A's and the 1951 Cleveland Indians
  197. Played football for 1960'Los Angeles Chargers
  198. Tuskegee Pilot
  199. Actress - The Slime People, Pajama Party, Ride The Wild Surf, City Under The Sea, Dr. Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine, The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini (title role). Wife of A.I.P. president James H. Nicholson from 1964 until his death in 1972
  200. Adult Japanese Star
  201. James Harvey  (2)
    Tuskegee Airmen
  202. Penthouse Pet February 2013
  203. Boxer
  204. former Anaheim Angels & Seattle Mariners relief pitcher
  205. Former Japanese soccer DF (1993-98 Gamba & Sagan Tosu)
  206. Prime Minister of Japan (2009 - 2010)
  207. A retired Japanese soccer player (1994-2003: Flugels, Frontale, S-pulse, etc.)
  208. Original Iron Chef commentator,also runs a nutrition college in Japan
  209. Former WCW wrestler
  210. Lime from Saber Marionette J, other anime voice over roles. Skitty in Pokemon the show
  211. Actor - Hollyoaks
  212. Olympic Silver 1956 Gold 1960 - figure skating/ three stooges meet snow white
  213. Former Japanese soccer/defender (1988-97: Yamaha Motors, Jubilo Iwata; Honda Tech-Industry)
  214. LPGA Golfer
  215. Soccer Player
  216. A retired Japanese soccer player (1992-98: S-pulse, Consadore; Albirex)
  217. Japanese Pop/Rock Singer
  218. singer (cibo matto)
  219. Former Japan Soccer National Team Member (1986-2001: Matsushita Electronics, Gamba; Verdy)
  220. Female Model
  221. Actor
  222. Actor plays: corey in 'That 80's show' & Dennis in 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'
  223. Actor, - NCIS, Joey, CSI: Miami, born 1975
  224. Actor - played The Young Master in the TV series Doctor who
  225. British WWII Rear Admiral
  226. former Yankees pitcher, was given huge contract and never panned out. Now back in Japan playing for Orix
  227. A retired Japanese soccer player/Long time National Team Member
  228. Daughter of Emperor Hirohito
  229. A retired Japanese soccer player (1993-96: Urawa Red Diamonds)
  230. Japanese actor - starred in Ip Man (2008)
  231. movie director
  232. Video game producer and illustrator, known for Mega Man
  233. Professional Footballer
  234. Former WWE Champion
  235. Japanese model
  236. Japanese actress, Hana yori Dango live action
  237. U.S. Figure Skating
  238. Japanese actor, starred in 'The Grudge'
  239. Actor, played Taka Tanaka in Major League II and Major League - Back to the Minors
  240. Baseball Player
  241. Japanese Baseball Legend. Won almost a dozen gold gloves for Seibu Lions.
  242. Author, 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature. The Unconsoled, When We Were Orphans, Never Let Me Go
  243. Pitcher for the New York Mets
  244. A former Japanese teammate of Zico (1989-98: NTT, Sumitomo/Antlers; Avispa)
  245. A retired Japanese pitcher (1989-2001: Seibu, Nippon Ham; Taipei)/Sawamura Award Winner
  246. Shortstop; Yokohama Taiyo Whales/BayStars 1989-2008;Hiroshima Toyo Carp 2009-present. Member of the 'Meikyukai' Golden Players Club. Named to 5 'Best Nine' All-Star Teams. Won 4 Gold Gloves
  247. Japanese professional golfer
  248. A retired Japanese soccer player (1996-2006: Avispa, Purple-Sanga; Ehime FC)
  249. Played Hermes in the J-Drama 'Densha Otoko', starred in Ju-On, model, etc
  250. Former Japan soccer player (1989-98: ANA, Flugels; Avispa)
  251. Former Ray and Pirate, currently playing in Japan
  252. Japanese Mathematician
  253. Lingerie/Legends Football League (LFL) Baltimore Charm 2011
  254. 'Tuskegee Airmen' & fighter ace of ww2
  255. USS Indianapolis survivor
  256. A retired Japanese soccer player (1989-2003: Nissan/Marinos, Vissel, Trinita, etc)
  257. Pearl Harbor Survivor, aboard U.S.S. Maryland when the attack took place. Also fought in the Korean War
  258. Bomb Aimer, 617 Squadron (Dambusters)
  259. Pearl Harbor survivor (7 Dec 1941), USS Oklahoma
  260. Member of rescue Ship USS Bassett to the aid of the USS Indianapolis Survivors
  261. WWII US Fighter Pilot, 56th FG, Zemke's Wolfpack
  262. WW2 vet, born 1921, and the last surviving member of Richard Byrd'sThird Antarctic Expedition in 1939. Also returned with Byrd on his 1946 and 1947 expeditions
  263. Alex Jones  (5)
    The One Show
  264. Singer/Musician
  265. Rich Jones  (2)
  266. Richard Jones  (4)
    Baseball Player born 1988 - Cubs prospect, Daytona Cubs
  267. Actor: Santa Clarita Diet, Cooper, Terminator-The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Vantage Point, Brooklyn South, Judging Amy, Collateral, Breach, Phone Booth, Incognito, Kiss the Girls, The Trigger Effect
  268. Japanese model and actress
  269. Baseball Player
  270. Chairman of the Royal Academy,man who started the Iron Chef shows
  271. Retired Japanese soccer player (1990-1996: Furukawa Electronics/JEF, Urawa; Brummell)
  272. playboy playmate - miss september 1976
  273. Japanese singer & actress - Stray Cat Rock, Sasori, Wandering Ginza Butterfly, Lady Snowblood, Yakuza Graveyrad
  274. Ballet Dancer - American Ballet Theatre
  275. Japanese actor
  276. Actor: iZombie, The Returned,, Da Vinci's City Hall, The Entrance, The Guilty, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Caprica, Arrow, The Man in the high Castle, The X-Files, Heroes Reborn, The 100, Altered Carbon
  277. Astronaut
  278. adult japanese star
  279. I Survived A Japanese Game Show
  280. Japanese pitcher
  281. Former Japanese Soccer/Defender (1994-2001: Gamba, Avispa, PurpleSanga; HollyHock)
  282. Ski Jumper
  283. A retired Japanese soccer player (1990-2003: Mazuda/Sanfrecce, Reysol, Trinita, etc)
  284. Former F1 Driver
  285. Retired Japanese soccer player (1987-2007: Toho Titanium, Tokyo Gas, Reysol, etc.)
  286. Pitcher, Orix Bluewave & Orix Buffaloessince 1999
  287. Japenese Football Captain
  288. Baseball Player
  289. fashion designer
  290. A former Japanese pro-soccer DF (1991-2006: Yammar, Cerezo, Sagan, etc.)
  291. Artist
  292. Actress - 'Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl'
  293. Artist
  294. Baseball Player
  295. Japanesse pop star, Sings gothic pink, lollipop candy bad girl
  296. Japanese goalkeeper who plays for Standard Liège in the Belgian Pro League
  297. A former Japanese soccer national team member (1984-97: Leverkusen, Remscheid, Braunschweig, etc.)/Played professionally in Germany and Japan
  298. former child actor; Parent Trap 2 & Santa Claus the Movie
  299. Star chef, original Iron Chef Chinese
  300. U.S. Congressman (4th CD) from Massachusetts. Son of Joseph P. Kennedy II, grandson of Ethel Kennedy and the late Robert F. Kennedy. Elected to Congress in 2012
  301. Masao Kida  (2)
    Detroit Tigers Pitcher
  302. Detroit Tigers Pitcher
  303. A retired Japanese soccer player (1995-2002: Verdy, Gamba, Sanfrecce, etc.)
  304. Jim King  (2)
    Played basketball for 1969 Cincinnati Royals
  305. Ted King  (3)
    WWII ship Reuben James survivor
  306. japanese Actress
  307. Pitcher for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp in thelate 1970's to early 1990's. Member of the 'Meikyukai' Golden Players Club. Currently with the Fukuoka Zon-Dags of the Professional Baseball Masters League. (JapaneseSenior League)
  308. Sailor mars on pretty guardian sailor moon and fast and furios tokyo drift
  309. Japanese Director of Godzilla Final Wars, and Verses
  310. Producer of Final fantasy 7 and 10
  311. A retired Japanese soccer player (1988-2004: Furukawa Electronics, JEF, Cerezo, etc.)
  312. Japanese experimental multi-instrumentalist
  313. Videogame producer of Devil May Cry Series, Resident Evil 4, Sengoku Basara
  314. Also known by his ring name stylized as KENTA, is a Japanese professional wrestler currently signed to WWE and working in its developmental territory NXT. He is best known for working for Pro Wrestling Noah
  315. Nobel laureate physics 2008
  316. Pianist
  317. model
  318. Prime Minister of Japan (2001-2006)
  319. Japanese beauty queen
  320. Creator and director of the metal gear solid (MGS) games
  321. Japanese Baseball Legend; Meikuykai Member
  322. 1987 Japan Soccer League ROY (1987-98: Yamaha Motors, Jubilo Iwata; Albireo Niigata)
  323. Female Asian Model
  324. Japanese pitcher, briefly played for the Mets in 2002
  325. Japanese fighter ace from WW2, 13 kills
  326. Sho Kosugi is martial arts expert/ninja expert and actor of many Ninja movies including Revenge of Ninja
  327. Japanese Adult Film Star
  328. American Football, End, Notre Dame, NFL Redskins, Cleveland Rams of the NFL in 1938
  329. Actor; portrayed Katsumoto's son in 'The Last Samurai' (2003)
  330. Actress: Snow Falling on Cedars, Memoirs of a Geisha, Rush Hour 3
  331. Centenartian. Japanese Photographer/Illustrator. Born: 07/12/1909
  332. Former Dodgers starting pitcher, played in Japan with the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, now with Yankees
  333. Adult Japanese Star
  334. Japanese artist
  335. actress
  336. Photographer. Son of film comedian Harry Langdon
  337. Retired Marine Officer who served on the ?Death Watch? for President John F. Kennedy?s casket following the assassination
  338. Actor & Stuntman: Played 'Michael Myers' in a few scenes in 'Halloween 6', Twin Peaks, The Shawshank Redemption, Total Recall
  339. Bronze team Nasa Flight Director for the Apollo program
  340. Last surviving witness to 'The Sutton Hoo excavation' in 1939, considered to be one of the most important excavation's made in British archaeological history. She lives in Chester, UK and is now 84 years old
  341. Bob Long  (4)
    Australian WWII veteran and a member of Semut 1, a group of undercover allied operatives lead by the eccentric English Major Tom Harrisson in Borneo in 1945. Now lives in Bayswater, West Australia with his wife Margery
  342. Japanese Singer, Noriko Nakagawa in 'Battle Royale'
  343. Last pilot of the Japanese pilots that attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941
  344. Actor - The Sand Pebbles, The Hawaiians, 7 Yrs In Tibet, Conan the Barbarian, RoboCop 3, Highlander 3, The Killer Elite, The Big Brawl, Tucker..., Pacific Heights, Rising Sun, Bulletproof Monk, Mems Of A Geisha, Black Sash, Samurai Jack, McHale's Navy
  345. Retired Japanese soccer player (1992-2004: JEF, Brummell, Ardija, etc.)
  346. A retired Japanese soccer player (1989-2004: Sumitomo Metal-Tech/Antlers, Cerezo, Sanfrecce, etc.); A younger brother of Mikio Manaka
  347. Brian Martin  (3)
    Baseball Player - Fort Worth Cats
  348. Baseball Player
  349. PGA Player
  350. Nobel laureate physics 2008
  351. Donald Francis Mason was a U.S. Navy pilot with Patrol Squadron Eight-Two (VP-82), stationed at Argentia, Newfoundland.Responsible for the saying 'Sighted Sub, Sank Same.
  352. Japanese actress,was a judge on the original iron chef Japan
  353. A former Japan soccer national team member (1994-2006: Antlers, FC Tokyo, JEF, etc.)
  354. A former Japanese Olympian/Soccer (1993-2005: Peñarol, Jubilo, S-Pulse, etc.)
  355. Former J-Leaguer (1984-96: Mazda Motors, Sanfrecce; Vissel)
  356. Japaneese actor, Gohatto(Taboo),Blue Spring,etc...
  357. Japanese model
  358. 2009 WS MVP, former Japanese superstar, former Yankees, A's, Rays and Angels OF/DH
  359. jazz pianist (full moon & shrine cd/98)
  360. Video Game Composer
  361. 1st Baseman with the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawksof the Pacific League in Japan. Pacific League MVP in both 2000 and 2004.
  362. Adult Japanese Star
  363. adult japanese film star
  364. japanese actress, stars in the 'Ringu'-Trilogy
  365. Actress/singer - 'Yo-Yo Girl Cop'
  366. Professional race car driver
  367. Japanese Actor - Death Note, Death Note The Last Name, L Change The World, Nana, Detroit Metal City
  368. Former Japan National Team Member (1989-97: Furukawa Electronics, Matsushita Electronics, etc.)
  369. 2006 World Baseball Classic MVP; Pitcher, Seibu Lions (Japan),Boston Red Sox, currently with the New York Mets
  370. Tall (6' 7') right-handed pitcher who debuted for the Pirates in 1995
  371. Former Indianapolis Colts running back
  372. Professional wrestler
  373. Iron Chef
  374. Japanese director: Audition, many others
  375. Resident Evil creator
  376. Former Giants, Dodgers and Blue Jays reliever/ Currently in the Seattle organization
  377. Hockey Player
  378. Baseball Player - Gary Southshore Railcats
  379. A retired Japanese soccer player (1991-2001: Gamba & Sony Sendai)
  380. John Mitchell  (8)
    Left wing for the Phoenix Coyotes. Formally played for Washington Capitals and Anaheim Ducks
  381. Japanese Actor played Public Corporation President in The Bad Sleep Well. Born 1902
  382. Musician, Video game composer
  383. former sumo wrestling grand master
  384. Rugby Player
  385. adult movies, pictures
  386. Former Japanese Soccer/MF (1993-2006: Marinos, Purplesanga, etc.)
  387. Fashion designer
  388. Soccer Player
  389. Japanese voice actress, Oneesan in 'Battle Royale'
  390. Japanese LPGA Golfer
  391. LPGA Player
  392. Pro cyclist
  393. Soccer Player
  394. Actress, 'Gozilla Against Mechagodzilla' 'Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster' 'Invasion of Astro-Monster'
  395. Retired Japan pro-soccer/an assistant coach of women's World Cup-winning 2011 Japan National Team (1987-1996: NKK, Reds; Purplesanga)
  396. JFK - Marine Color Guard serving in official functions for the Kennedy adminstration as well as at JFK's funeral
  397. Japanese Astronaut
  398. Witness to JFK assassination from 7th floor of a building 2 blocks away, while working in a Navy recruiting station
  399. Actress - Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street
  400. Adult video actress
  401. Mary Moore  (3)
    Actress, ex wife of Clayton Moore. Acted in films and serials in the 40's
  402. Actor-LOST,Hallow's End,Premonition
  403. Plays Toshiko Sato in 'Torchwood'; Absolutely Fabulous; Spice World
  404. Miss Universe 2007
  405. from 'Iron chef', a japanese variety/cooking show
  406. A former Japanese Soccer National Team Member (1994-2008: Antlers, S-pulse; Sanga)
  407. A former Japanese Olympian/Pro-Soccer (1992-2011: Gamba, Sanga, Vissel, etc.)
  408. Japanese Actor (b: 1913) - The Sword, The End Of Summer, Snow Country, Romantic Daughters. Comedian
  409. Retired Japanese Soccer National Team Goalie (1983-97: Yamaha Motors, Jubilo; PurpleSanga)
  410. WTA Tennis Player
  411. 'Super-sub' of 1990's J-League Soccer (1992-2008: Grampus, Bellmare, ND Gorica, etc.)
  412. Japanese actor in 'departure'
  413. Former Payload Specialist Astronaut
  414. Former Japanese Soccer/FW (1988-2001: Toshiba, S-Pulse; Frontale)
  415. Mark Munoz  (2)
    Fights in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
  416. Japanese author of novels, including After Dark and Kafka on the Shore
  417. baseball player
  418. Popart Artist
  419. Athlete (Jap) HT World Champions 2nd Place 2001
  420. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  421. Tim Murphy  (2)
    Baseball Player - Rangers prospect
  422. actress (16 blondie comedies, cookie burnstead)
  423. Yoshinori Muto (born 15 July 1992) is a Japanese football forward who plays for 1. FSV Mainz 05 in the German Bundesliga
  424. A retired Japanese soccer player (1991-97: Yamaha/Jubilo & Honda Tech)
  425. Director of photography
  426. A retired Japanese soccer player (1990-2003: Honda Tech, Antlers, FC Tokyo, etc)
  427. former f1 driver
  428. Japanese actor born in 1938, starred in many popular movies like 'Kaidan' (1964)
  429. Japanese Baseball; One of Japan's best.
  430. Japanese wrestler with New Japan Pro Wrestling
  431. Japanese-born American professor. Together with Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano he was one of the three recipients of the 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics
  432. Soccer Player
  433. stars as 'Emperor Meiji' in The Last Samurai
  434. Professional Wrestler
  435. Japanese director, Ringu films
  436. Professional Footballer
  437. A retired Japanese soccer player/One of the old Yon-chu-ko Trio (1992-2004: Flugels, Avispa, Trinita, etc.)
  438. Japanese manga artist and writer
  439. Japanese Adult Star
  440. Japanese baseball player Nippon Ham Fighters and Chinichi Dragons; won 2006 title with Chunichi; currently a coach with Seibu Lions (2011)
  441. Adult Asian Female model and actress
  442. Jimmy Nelson  (2)
    Tall (6'-6") right-handed pitching prospect who was the #2-round draft pick of the Brewers in 2010
  443. Japanese model
  444. 2010 Heisman winner,Carolina Panthers quarterback,2011 NFL Draft 1st overall pick
  445. US Marine Sgt./Vietnam/Last out before the fall of Saigon/sent to attache office to guard millions of dollars before cash was burned & compound blown up by the Americans to keep the enemy from raiding it and obtaining classified documents
  446. Soccer Player
  447. Former Japan Pro-Soccer MF/FW, also played in Brazil (1992-2009: Criciuma, Belmare, Montedio; Trnita)
  448. Retired Japanese soccer player (1990-2004: Nissan/Marinos, Avispa; Volca)
  449. Astronaut Born 15, 1965
  450. celebrity coroner
  451. Japanese Baseball Legend. 5-Time Pacific League MVP. Japanese Baseball HOF Member.
  452. Shortstop for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Japanese Baseball)
  453. Creator of 'Kingdom Hearts'
  454. nobel chem. laureate 2001
  455. Jim O'Brien  (6)
    Aka: 'Jimmy O'Brien.' Former OSU Head Coach; 1971-75 ABA Point Guard
  456. Hockey Player
  457. Tennis Player - Japan
  458. Japanese writer and director born 1938, famous for his movie 'House' (1978)
  459. Author
  460. A former Japanese soccer National Team member (1988-2002: Yamaha Motors & Shimizu S-Pulse)
  461. Basketball Player
  462. Played Yukio Mishima in the biopic film Mishima A Life In Four Chapters
  463. Author
  464. Children's Author
  465. Japanese baseball player - daiei hawks
  466. Chiyo in 'Memoirs of a Geisha'
  467. Cleveland Indians starting pitcher,formerly with the Milwaukee Brewers,Toronto Blue Jays,Washington Nationals & Boston Red Sox
  468. Washington Nationals starting pitcher
  469. Hiro In Heroes
  470. Japanese wrestler with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Current NJPW Heavyweight Champion
  471. Former pitcher for Yomiuri Giants and Boston Red Sox, now playing for Softbank (Japan)
  472. Female Model, Actress-The Wolverine, Hannibal
  473. Former Japanese soccer national team member (1991-2005: Matsushita Electronics/Gamba and Trinita)
  474. Born 16 April 1986, is a Japanese football player currently playing for 1. FSV Mainz 05 of the German Bundesliga
  475. A retired Japanese soccer player (1992-1998: Hitachi/Kashiwa, Jubilo, Brummell, etc)/Also played briefly in US
  476. Mark Oliver  (4)
    British actor who appeared in Doctor Who, Still Life, The Unloved, The Deal (which he also directed), Casualty & Moses Jones
  477. Astronaut
  478. Singer in Plastic Ono Band and widow of John Lennon
  479. Former wrestling manager
  480. Playboy Playmate, June 2004
  481. Japanese Dirctor 'InThe Realm Of The Senses','Empire Of Passion','Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence'
  482. Brother of Lee Harvey Oswald alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy
  483. A former Japan Soccer National Team Member (1990-2001: ANA, Flugels; PurpleSanga)
  484. Baseball / Pitcher / Formerly Played for Padres, Rangers and in Japan for the Kintetsu Buffaloes
  485. golfer
  486. Former Japanese Soccer GK (1987-2003 Yamaha, Jubilo, Avispa; Sanfrecce)
  487. adult japanese film star
  488. Asian Adult Actress
  489. former wwf pro wrestler
  490. medal of honor army vietnam
  491. 98 year old fighter ace WWII, Pacific theatre
  492. Dominican-born left-handed pitcher who was signed as a free agent by the Braves in 2008 (born 11/20/91)
  493. Former University of Washington cornerback, selected #18 in 2015 NFL Draft
  494. Tony Phillips  (3)
    Drafted by the New York Mets in the 19th round of the 1990 MLB June Amateur Draft and the Seattle Mariners in the 19th round of the 1991 MLB June Amateur Draft, Also played for Team USA Baseball team in 1991
  495. Former San Diego State offensive tackle, selected in 4th round of 2015 NFL Draft by Seattle
  496. 'Royal Air Force Test Pilot for the Development Flights of the Man-Powered Aircraft Jupiter'