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  1. Retired football played played for the buffalo bills debut 1981
  2. Former Notre Dame University linebacker in early '90's
  3. Actor, Bryan pearson on 'The Bill Engvall Show
  4. US Actor (Cheaper by the Dozen, Skeleton Key)
  5. Former Florida State tight end, selected in 6th round of 2015 NFL Draft by Buffalo
  6. Major League Pitcher
  7. Former United States Treasury Secretary (2006-09)
  8. Author
  9. comic book artist
  10. Actress - Eating Raoul, Death Race 2000, TerrorVision, Chopping Mall, Scenes From A Class Struggle In Bev. Hills, Silent Night Bloody Night, Watchers 2, Hollywood Blvd., R&R High School 1-2, Night of the Comet, Black Widow, Warlock, The Devil's Rejects
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