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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag DeathPlace%3A:Sweden
Browsing Entries matching Tag DeathPlace%3A:Sweden
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  1. Swedish Actor in American movies born 1897.'Wild Orchids','Bitter Tea of General Yen','Our Dancing Daughters','Laugh Clown','Son of Lassie','Night Monster','Bluebeard','Submarine Alert','Abdul the Damned','Dr.Kildare','Letty Lynton'
  2. Swedish singer (born 1924)
  3. retired director - Scenes from a Marriage, Persona, Fanny and Alexander
  4. Fr. Prince of Sweden
  5. Swedish Actress - Movie- 'Miss Julie'(1951),'Waiting Women'(1952),'The Long Search' (1952),'Of Love And Lust'(1955),'Night People(1954),'Moon Over Hellesta' (1956),'Square of Violence'(1961),'The Cornet'(1955,'Private Confessions'(1996), 'Heritage'(1979)
  6. Swedish Female Singer And Actress - TV Series - 'Julstrul med Staffan & Bengt' (1984).Borg Represented Sweden In The Eurovision Song Contest 1959 In Cannes
  7. Singer/Musician
  8. Swedish producer, work includes Ingmar Bergman's 'Det sjunde inseglet / The Seventh Seal' (1957)
  9. Swedish Actress from 30's to 90's Born: 09/14/1913.Married: Jurgen Schildt
  10. Swedish stage/screen actor
  11. Singer/Musician
  12. Former Boxing Champion
  13. Retired worldchampion table-tennis player
  14. Swedish Olympian Swimmer (1924). Born: 05/27/1905. She is believed to be the oldest living person to have competed in the Olympic games.[2][3] She was married to Olympic bronze and silver medal-winning athlete Nils Engdahl.[4]
  15. Swedish Actor - many Ingmar Bergman films
  16. Swedish Actor - Babette's Feast, Fanny & Alexander, Karl XII (title role), Swedish Wedding Night, Den kaere familie, The Devil's Eye (as Don Juan), Love Mates, Dear John, Zorn, Herman, Alfred
  17. actor
  18. Actress: Dark City, The Paradine Case, King of Kings, The Damned, Night Unto Night, Moonfleet, Backfire, The Flying Missile, The Halliday Brand, I Accuse!, The Way We Were, Creepshow, Exorcist 3, A Wedding, Sylvia, Brainstorm, The Hand, Stargate
  19. Worlds most translated author, after Shakespear (Pippi Longstockings)
  20. Actor - Lone Wolf film series (title role), Lone Ranger TV series (narrator), Jungle Girl, Lady Of Burlesque, The Sniper, Invasion USA, The Angry Red Planet, Sirocco, Detective Story, Funny Girl, Aquaman (v/Green Lantern), Fantastic 4 (v/Mr. Fantastic)
  21. Cinematographer - Fanny and Alexander (AA win), Cries & Whispers (AA win), The Unbearable Lightness Of Being (AA nom), Scenes From A Marriage, Barabbas, The Tenant, Chaplin, Pretty Baby, The Sacrifice, Postman Always Rings Twice '81, Sleepless In Seattle
  22. actress
  23. Artist- huge sculptures of everyday objects
  24. Swedish Actor, Bergman films, father of Lena Olin
  25. Swedish actor - Hunger, The Emigrants, The Night Visitor, A Dandy In Aspic, Secrets, The Blockhouse, The Girl Who Played With Fire (2009), The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest (2009)
  26. Swedish Hockey legend
  27. Swedish screen and stage legend, was in the Seventh Seal among other
  28. Swedish singing legend
  29. Riksmarskalk and member of the Swedish Academy
  30. movie director
  31. Legendary swedish entertainer
  32. One of swedens first pro hockeyplayers. A national legend
  33. Author and member of the Swedish Academy
  34. Author
  35. former hockey player
  36. Legendary TV presenter
  37. Author
  38. Swedish Film Director/Screenwriter. Born: 05/15/1908
  39. Swedish Film Director - Elvira Madigan, All Things Fair, Victoria, Joe Hill, Karlek 65, Adalen 31
  40. Author
  41. Opera Singer
  42. Swedish singer