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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag deathYear%3A:1978
Browsing Entries matching Tag deathYear%3A:1978
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  1. Hockey Player 1929-1932. Chicago & Toronto.
  2. Actor - The Killing, The Big Combo, Murder Is My Beat, Illegal, The Catered Affair, Runaway Daughters, Crime Of Passion, Hell On Devil's Island, Curse Of The Undead, many TV guest-starring roles (including 2 Twilight Zones)
  3. Actor - Kung Fu (as Master Kan), Shock Corridor, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Battle Hymn, Stowaway, The General Died At Dawn
  4. Carl Anderson  (2)
    Basketball player 1938/39 Indianapolis Klautskys (3 games) and 1940/41 Hammond Ciesar All Americans (2 Games also coached the year)
  5. Fmr Governor of Montana
  6. Actor - Sweet Bird Of Youth, Alvarez Kelly, Dr. Kildare (TV - as Dr. Demerest), many TV guest-starring roles 1955-1977 (including The Twilight Zone classic, 'The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street'
  7. Author
  8. Author
  9. [1912-1978]British leading actress who came to Hollywood in 1934 and starred in many films. She had her own television show in 1948
  10. American artist / Walt Disney Company
  11. American Actress - TV Series - 'The Addams Family'(1964-1966). Movie - 'Dr. Kildare (Film Series(1940), 'Gildersleeve's Ghost' (1944). Sister of singer/actress Jeanette MacDonald
  12. Rugby League Player
  13. Country Music Singer/Songwriter - Hot Rod Lincoln, Divorce Me COD, Ten Little Bottles, The Daughter Of Jole Blon, So Round So Firm So Fully Packed, Love Song In 32 Bars, Sick Sober & Sorry, Oklahoma Waltz. Country Music HOF 1999
  14. American Former Male Professional Baseball Player - Outfielder - Minnesota Twins
  15. French Actor - Movie - .'Gaslight'(1944), 'Algiers' (1938) ,'Barefoot in the Park'(1967), 'Liliom'(1934), 'Mayerling'(1936, 'Garden of Allah'(1936), Plus - 'Conquest', 'Tales of Manhattan', 'All This and Heaven Too','Cluny Brown','Fanny','Casino Royale'
  16. American Former Female Author And Movie Screenwriter - Science Fiction. 'The Empire Strikes Back' (Scriptwriter 1980)
  17. Singer/Musician
  18. British Actor best known as Mr Granger in 'Are You Being Served'
  19. Barry Brown  (4)
    Actor - Daisy Miller, Bad Company, Piranha, The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid, The Disappearance Of Aimee, The Ultimate Thrill
  20. 2/7/1893-1978 Pioneer public relations with promotion of aviation/When WW1 began, Harry took pilot training @ Deseronto Airport with Canadian Royal Flying Corps, Squadron 84 at Camp Mohawk/Parents were sailing on RMS Lusitania when it sank
  21. Fmr Governor of North Dakota
  22. Prime Minister of Ghana from 1969-72, Author
  23. American Football Tackle, George Washington NFL, Redskins
  24. American Former Female Actress - Movie - 'Reform School Girl' (1957), 'Runaway Daughters' (1956), 'Invasion Of The Hell Creatures' (1957), 'Teenage Monster' (1957), The Night Of The Hunter' (1955), 'You've Got To Be Smart' (1967)
  25. American historian and journalist, best known for his books on the American Civil War. Known as a narrative historian/Pulitzer Prize in 1954 for A Stillness at Appomattox
  26. Actor - The Godfather 1&2, Dog Day Afternoon, The Deer Hunter, The Conversation
  27. American Former Female Actress And Novelist. Broadway - 'The Women (1936), 'Barefoot in the Park' (1966). Movie - 'No Time for Love' (1943), 'Now, Voyager' (1942), 'Ocean's Eleven' (1960), 'Johnny Dark' (1954), 'The Woman in His House' (1932)
  28. Played football
  29. Football Player
  30. American Army General born 1897.Military Governor of West Germany following WW2.Member of the'Judgment at Nuernberg'(1948).
  31. Actor - Joe Palooka films (as Humphrey Pennyworth), Skippy '31 (as Sooky), Sooky '31, The Miracle Man '32, Ghost Chasers '51
  32. Billy Cox  (2)
    Baseball player - dead
  33. Hogan 'Hogan's Heroes'
  34. Mother Jefferson on 'The Jeffersons'
  35. Actor/Dancer - When My Baby Smiles At Me (AA nom), There's No Business Like Show Business, Give My Regards To Broadway, Mother Wore Tights, I Can Get If For You Wholesale, The Pride Of St. Louis, The Kid From Left Field, Meet Me In Las Vegas
  36. Actor - Dark Shadows (as Ben Stokes 1966-1971), Rocky, Journey To The Center Of The Earth '59, Little Big Man, Save The Tiger, The Eiger Sanction, The Duchess & The Dirtwater Fox, House Calls, Washington: Behind Closed Doors
  37. Painter, Author
  38. British Actor born 1906.Brother of Actor Terence DeMarney.Movies->'The Girl Was Young','Latin Quarter','Things to Come','Spitfire','Forbidden Music','Sleeping Car to Trieste','Scarlet Pimpernel','Blond Cheat','Valley of Ghosts','Secret Agent','Ivanhoe'
  39. Don Ellis  (2)
  40. Author
  41. Canadian Football Player
  42. Actor - My Friend Flicka (TV), Peyton Place (TV), Petticoat Junction (TV), Rancho Notorious, Johnny Guitar, A&C Meet Frankenstein, Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, lots of TV (including Twilight Zone 'Queen of the Nile' & Adv. of Superman 'Lady in Black
  43. Comedian/Singer - as 'Crazy Guggenheim' on Jackie Gleason's American Scene Magazine
  44. Baseball executive 3rd Commissioner of Major League Baseball on September 20, 1951. Fourteen years later his reign as commissioner ended. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1970 and award named after him for outstanding Hall of Fame broadcasters
  45. Former Rugby League Player
  46. 'The Waltons'/Grandpa, 'Jeremiah Johnson' 'In Cold Blood'
  47. Actor - Quo Vadis (Oscar nom.), The Snake Pit, Moby Dick, Mourning Becomes Electra, The Velvet Touch, The Miniver Story, Plymouth Adventure, Lady Chatterley's Lover, 55 Days At Peking, The Longest Day, Ten Little Indians
  48. Former player for the Dodgers
  49. Baseball player pitcher in the baseball hall of fame inducted 1970
  50. Football Player
  51. Actor - The Wild, Wild West (as James Richmond - 10 eps.), The Manchurian Candidate, 7 Days In May, King Dinosaur, Inv. Of The Saucer Men, The Sandpiper, Fireball 500, Stay Away Joe, Don't Make Waves, Black Zoo, lots of TV
  52. Tuskegee Airman born August 6, 1925
  53. Former MN Senator, Vice President and Presidential Candidate
  54. Tuskegee Airman, 1st Black 4-Star General
  55. (born 28 February 1917 in Hackney, London, England) was the founder of the company that produced the first Vox Guitar amplifier
  56. Actor - The Crimson Ghost (v/title character), MANY movie & TV Westerns, often as the villain. Over 358 movie & TV appearances (1935-1976)
  57. Canadian writer, poet, and journalist. A self-described classical liberal, he has authored 16 books, including the international bestseller Vengeance (1984)
  58. Lead singer of the group known as 'The Ink Spots'
  59. Fats Waller?s longtime personal manager, Author
  60. AAGPBL player
  61. Ian MacDonald  (2)
    Actor - High Noon (as Frank Miller, the main villain), The Texas Rangers '51 (as The Sundance Kid), Taza Son Of Cochise (as Geronimo), Johnny Guitar
  62. Actor - silent film actor - born 1891, died 1978
  63. Actress - Queen Of Blood (title role), Tokyo Joe, Sealed Verdict, Sirocco, The Twilight Zone (Dead Man's Shoes)
  64. Baseball played 1st base from 1936, 1938-1948 for the Reds, St Louis Browns Philadelphia A's and New York Yankees played in the World Series in 1944 for the St Louis Browns and 1947 for the Yankees and was an all star in 1944,47 and 1948
  65. Author
  66. Baseball Player
  67. Former Australian Prime Minister
  68. Harvey Milk  (2)
    Gay rights activist; murdered in 1978; his life was the basis for the movie 'Milk'
  69. U.S. Senator from New Mexico (1964-1977)
  70. Actor - Son of Paul Newman who committed suicide in 1978
  71. Former Hockey player Boston Bruins and San Diego Gulls
  72. Australian singer
  73. Actor - The Great Dictator (Oscar nom.), King Of Burlesque, The Call Of The Wild, Tin Pan Alley, Thieves Hwy., Hit The Deck '33, Collegiate, Alice In Wonderland '33 (Tweedledum), Million Dollar Legs, Murder At The Vanities, The Rat Race, Lover Come Back
  74. Former Governor of Maine (1949-1952); U.S. Senator from Maine (1953-1959)
  75. Radio Broadcasting/Acting
  76. Trumpeter/Composer/Swing-Jazz-Big Band Leader. His biggest hit was 'That Old Black Magic' in 1959 with his wife, Keely Smith. Major Las Vegas act in the '50s & '60s
  77. Cleveland Indians (1957-58); Japan (1953-54; 1962)
  78. Former Rugby League Player
  79. Author - Economics of Taste and The SS: Alibi of a Nation
  80. 50s baseball player
  81. Artist
  82. Author
  83. Singer/Musician
  84. Paul Scott  (2)
    Stuntman Star Trek Enterprise
  85. Robert Shaw  (4)
    Actor: Jaws, The Sting, From Russia With Love, The Deep, Black Sunday, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, Robin & Marian, A Man For All Seasons, Force 10 From Navarone, Avalanche Express, Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Britain, The Buccaneers (TV)
  86. Singer and Actress Comin' Round the Mountain,The Virginian (TV Series) Mixed Company Starsky and Hutch (TV Series)
  87. One of the oldest persons in the world born 1897
  88. 1943 rockford peaches manager, AAGPBL
  89. Heavyweight boxer
  90. British Army officer during the Second World War, fought in Operation Market Garden, is portrayed by Michael Byrne in 'A Bridge Too Far' (1977), was born in 1911
  91. An American ornithologist and avian paleontologist; Secretary of the Smithosonian (1944-1952)
  92. Jay Williams  (2)
  93. Writer/Actor. Born: 01/02/1901
  94. Actor - Francis The Talking Mule films (v/Francis), The Alamo (Oscar nom.), Giant, The Yearling, McClintock!, Boom Town, Honky Tonk, The Westerner, Western Union, Belle Starr, Tarzan's NY Adventure, The Sundowners, The Rounders, Its A Gift, Way Out West
  95. Actor - Some Like It Hot, Them!, Frankenstein's Daughter (as the monster), mostly uncredited roles (1928-1965). Wallace Beery's stand-in for 25 years. Afflicted with acromegaly, the same disorder as the late actor Rondo Hatton
  96. (February 9, 1892 - March 18, 1978) was an American actress of stage, film and television/'Blithe Spirit' as Ruth Condomine 1941
  97. Writer/Director/Producer of Plan 9 From Outer Space
  98. Reality TV Celebrity - Average Joe
  99. Actor - They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (AA win), Teacher's Pet (AA nom), Come Fill The Cup (AA nom), That Touch Of Mink, Desk Set, Tunnel Of Love, City That Never Sleeps, Kid Galahad, Young At Heart, The Desperate Hours, The Killer Elite, The Hindenburg
  100. Larry Young  (2)
  101. Governor of Minnesota (1947-51)