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  1. Football Player
  2. Steve Adams  (2)
    Minor league Baseball Player
  3. Basketball Player
  4. American football cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League
  5. Former wire receiver USC; drafted 3rd round 2013 by San Diego Chargers
  6. Football Player
  7. North Carolina St cornerback who was the #2 draft pick of the Redskins in 2013 (51st player chosen)
  8. Basketball Player
  9. Defensive End drafted by Detroit Lions; formerly of Brigham Young Univ
  10. Basketball Player
  11. Football Player
  12. St.Louis Rams WR
  13. Boston Celtics Rookie
  14. Football Player
  15. St.Louis Rams WR
  16. Green Bay Packers football player
  17. College running back; scored 39 TDs in one season, tied NCAA record held by Barry Sanders; All-American; 2011 Heisman Trophy finalist
  18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie
  19. former college/NFL quarterback; played for USC, Eagles, Bengals, Bears, Cardinals and 49ers; currently on Bills
  20. Hockey Player - Florida Panthers
  21. California-born Oregon U running back who was a 6th-round draft pick of the Panthers in 2013
  22. Football Player
  23. Football Player
  24. Football Player
  25. Running back Michigan State Univ, 2nd round pick 2013 draft by Pittsburgh Steelers
  26. NBA Basketball Player - #1 Overall Pick in 2013
  27. Soccer Player
  28. Alex Bentley  (2)
    Basketball Player
  29. Standout running back for North Carolina Tar Heels
  30. Hockey Player - Portland Winterhawks. Columbus Blue Jackets prospect
  31. American Professional Male Basketball Player - Shooting Guard - Los Angeles D-Fenders
  32. Football Player
  33. Football Player
  34. WNBA Basketball Player
  35. Chicago Bears rookie linebacker - Florida
  36. Canadian Ice Hockey Player - Defender - 'Kelowna Rockets' (2013- )
  37. American Football Player - Offensive tackle - 'Seattle Seahawks' (2013), 'Cleveland Browns' (2014-2016), 'New York Giants' (2017 - )
  38. American Football Player - Wide Receiver - 'New England Patriots' (2013-2015), 'Indianapolis Colts' (2016), 'Cleveland Browns' (2016-2017)
  39. Josh Boyd  (2)
    American Football Player - Defensive Tackle - 'Green Bay Packers' (2013-2015), 'Indianapolis Colts' (2017)
  40. American Football Player - Safety - 'Indianapolis Colts' (2013), 'Denver Broncos' (2013-2014), 'Ottawa Redblacks' (2015-2016)
  41. Arthur Brown  (4)
    Kansas State linebacker who was the 2nd round draft pick of the Ravens in 2013
  42. former college/NBA/ABA coach/player/executive; played for UNC, Oakland Oaks, Denver Rockets, Virgina Squires & Washington Capitals; coached Pacers, Pistons, University of Kansas, UCLA, Clippers, 76ers, Spurs, Nets, Knicks and Bobcats
  43. Football Player
  44. Football Player
  45. NBA Basketball Player - Detroit Pistons
  46. Minnesota Timberwolves rookie - Michigan
  47. Running back for the Nebraska Huskies; 6th-round draft pick of the Bengals in 2013
  48. Football Player
  49. Football Player
  50. Detroit Pistons rookie - Georgia
  51. Standout basketball player for Murray State University
  52. Hockey Player
  53. current Philadelphia 76ers rookie guard, Basketball player at University of Syracuse
  54. Michael Catapano - a former acting Colombo capo and a nephew of John Franzese. Catapano is currently serving a 6? year prison sentence after pleading guilty to extorting a pizzeria and a gambling club
  55. Football Player
  56. Ian Clark  (2)
    Basketball player
  57. Linebacker from Southern Mississippi who was the 2nd-round draft pick of the Patriots in 2013
  58. Hockey Player
  59. Football Player
  60. Basketball Player
  61. Basketball Player
  62. Centre who played one game of relif goaltending for the Erie Otters of the OHL
  63. Basketball player plays for Duke University
  64. Jacksonville Jaguars rookie
  65. B. J. Daniels  (2)
    Football Player
  66. Basketball Player
  67. Professional Hockey player
  68. NBA player - former BYU player
  69. Arkansas University running back who was the 3rd-round draft pick of the Chiefs in 2013
  70. Football Player
  71. St. Louis Blues forward
  72. NBA player
  73. Basketball Player
  74. Canadien Hockey Goalie, *16.08.1995
  75. Football Player
  76. Hockey Player, *24. July 1995
  77. Basketball Player
  78. former college/NFL receiver; played for Marshall, Patriots and Lions; member of Patriots Super Bowl XLIX championship team
  79. London Knights (OHL) Forward
  80. WNBA All-Star with Chicago Sky. Played in college at University of Delaware
  81. Football Player
  82. Former NBA Player; Current Atlanta Hawks Head Coach was Assistant Coach
  83. Basketball player son of former NBA player Larry Drew; plays college basketball for UCLA
  84. Hockey Play. Prospect for 2013 draft
  85. Basketball Player
  86. Hockey Player. Prospect for 2013 draft
  87. QB for Miami University (Ohio)
  88. Football Player
  89. Cincinnati Bengals Tight End
  90. Baltimore Ravens rookie safety - Florida
  91. Hockey Player, *16. April 1995
  92. Running back Clemson; drafted 6th round in 2013 by Arizona Cardinals
  93. Baseball Player
  94. Current TE for the Philadelphia Eagles (2013-present). 2nd Round, 35th Pick from Stanford
  95. football player (91) (dt)
  96. Basketball Player
  97. Eric Fisher  (2)
    Kansas City Chiefs rookie lineman- 2013 #1 Overall Draft Pick
  98. Minnesota Vikings rookie - Florida
  99. San Diego Chargers OL
  100. Basketball Player
  101. former running back for the UCLA Bruins, drafted by the green bay packers in 2013 draft
  102. Center from Wisconsin University (6'4'/312 lbs.) who was the #1 draft pick of the Cowboys in 2013
  103. Hockey Player. Prospect for 2013 draft
  104. NHL Prospect
  105. Hockey Player - Rimouski Oceanic. Toronto Maple Leafs prospects
  106. Football Player
  107. Football Player
  108. Miami Dolphins rookie running back - Florida
  109. QB for North Carolina State University; drafted by Tampa Bay Bucs
  110. Basketball Player
  111. Football Player
  112. American football defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League
  113. NBA G League Maine Red Claws (Afiliate - Boston Celtics) - . Formerly with Zhejiang Golden Bulls, Northern Arizona Suns, Greensboro Swarm, Brooklyn Nets, New Orleans Pelicans, Bakersfield Jam, Phoenix Suns. College; University of Kentucky Wildcats
  114. Current WR for the San Francisco 49ers; previously played for the Buffalo Bills
  115. Football Player
  116. American football cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League
  117. Erick Green  (2)
    Basketball Player
  118. Rutgers linebacker who was the 4th-round draft pick of the Chicago Bears in 2013
  119. Basketball player for Baylor University
  120. Tampa Bay Lightning Prospects - Team Latvia Olympic Goalie
  121. Football Player - Cincinnati Bengals
  122. New York Giants rookie DT
  123. Hockey Player
  124. Football Player
  125. Chris Harper  (2)
    Football Player
  126. Philadelphia Flyers right wing, formerly with the Chicago Blackhawks & Nashville Predators
  127. Ryan Hartman  (2)
    Baseball Player
  128. Football Player - Cincinnati Bengals
  129. Football Player
  130. Football Player
  131. Hockey Player
  132. Basketball Player
  133. Football Player
  134. Hockey
  135. Jordan Hill  (6)
    Football Player
  136. Basketball Player
  137. Played college for Penn State,Playing in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings
  138. Football Player
  139. Football Player
  140. Houston Texans WR
  141. Football Player
  142. Hockey
  143. Football Player
  144. Football Player - Cincinnati Bengals
  145. Tennessee Volunteer wide receiver who was the 2nd-round draft pick of the Titans in 2013
  146. Micah Hyde  (2)
    Football Player
  147. Finish Hockey Player, *17. April 1994
  148. Atlanta Falcons Safety
  149. Basketball player for University Of Minnesota Golden Gophers
  150. Basketball player for Baylor University
  151. Mike James  (4)
    Football Player
  152. Football Player, RB drafted by Washington Redskins
  153. Hockey Player
  154. Football Player
  155. Football Player
  156. Miami Dolphins rookie linebacker - Florida
  157. John Jenkins  (2)
    Football Player
  158. Ryan Jensen  (3)
    Football Player
  159. Basketball player
  160. Jacksonville Jaguars OL
  161. Football Player - Green Bay Packers
  162. Imposing (6'-6'/303 lbs.) offensive lineman from Oklahoma University; #1 draft pick of the Eagles in the 2013 draft (4th player chosen)
  163. Football Player
  164. Football Player
  165. Barrett Jones  (2)
    NFL Player
  166. Chris Jones  (14)
    Football Player, Houstan Texans 2013 draft
  167. Football player drafted by Green Bay Packers in first round of 2013 draft
  168. Don Jones  (3)
    American football strong safety for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL)
  169. Football player at the University of Georgia; #1 draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2013 draft
  170. Pittsburgh Steelers rookie QB
  171. Hockey Player. Top draft prospect (2013)
  172. Formidable (6'6'/248 lbs.) Oregon University defensive end who was the #1 draft pick of the Dolphins in 2013 (third player chosen)
  173. Fullback for San Francisco 49ers (NFL). Played college football for Harvard University. The Baltimore Ravens selected him in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Born 4-23-91
  174. Basketball Player
  175. Football Player
  176. Tight end (6'-5') from Cincinnati University who was the 3rd-round draft pick of the Chiefs in 2013
  177. Baseball player, pitcher, Atlanta Braves 2015-
  178. Ryan Kelly  (3)
    Basketball player plays for Duke in college is a freshman for the 2010-2011 season
  179. Hockey Player
  180. 2013 Draft Pick for the Denver Broncos. Played college football at Georgia
  181. former college/current NFL linebacker; played for Iowa State, Panthers and Saints; 2X All - Big 12 selection; 2011 Co - Big 12 DPOY
  182. WHL Player - Regina Pats
  183. Football Player
  184. Hockey Player - Sudbury Wolves
  185. Football Player
  186. Football Player
  187. Football player for the University of Alabama, drafted by the green bay packers in the second round of 2013 draft
  188. Basketball Player
  189. South Carolina U Gamecock running back who was the 4th-round draft pick of the San Francisco 49ers in 2013
  190. Hockey Player
  191. Basketball Player
  192. Football Player
  193. Phoenix Suns rookie - Maryland
  194. NC State basketball player
  195. Football player on Notre Dame roster for 2010
  196. Hockey Player
  197. Hockey Player
  198. Jeff Locke  (2)
    American football punter for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League
  199. Football Player
  200. Chicago Bears player
  201. Carolina Panthers DT
  202. Hockey Player
  203. Hockey Player.Prospect for 2013 draft
  204. Buffalo Bills QB
  205. Sam Martin  (3)
    Football Player
  206. Cornerback at LSU. Nicknamed the Honey Badger. Has declared for the 2013 NFL Draft
  207. Vikings LB
  208. Basketball player University Of Minnesota Golden Gophers
  209. Hockey Player - London Knights. Montreal Canadiens Prospect
  210. Portland Trail Blazers rookie - Lehigh
  211. American football cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League
  212. St.Louis Rams Safety
  213. Rice University tight end who was the 2nd-round draft pick of the 49ers in 2013
  214. Leon McFadden  (2)
    Football Player
  215. St.Louis Rams DB
  216. Football Player
  217. NBA Basketball Player - Sacramento Kings
  218. Football Player
  219. Football Player
  220. Ravens WR
  221. Christine Michael (born November 9, 1990) is an American football running back for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL). Michael played college football for Texas A&M University. The Seattle Seahawks picked him in the second roun
  222. New York Jets CB
  223. Football Player
  224. Linebacker from LSU; first round (#6) of Cleveland Browns; also played for Colts, Texans, Seahawks and Patriots; 1X Super Bowl Champ (LI); 1X SEC Champ (2011)
  225. Cardinals linebaker
  226. Tony Mitchell  (2)
  227. Hockey Player
  228. Football Player
  229. Football Player
  230. New York Giants DL
  231. Lindsey Moore  (2)
    Basketball Player
  232. Football Player
  233. Hockey Player
  234. Football player on Notre Dame roster for 2010
  235. Hockey Player
  236. HS Basketball Star for Bishop Gorman of Nevada; Class of 2012
  237. Chicago Bulls rookie - Florida
  238. NFL Running Back
  239. Basketball Player
  240. QB for Syracuse University
  241. Canadien Hockey Player
  242. Basketball Player
  243. Hockey Player
  244. current Philadelphia 76er and former Kentucky Wildcat
  245. Basketball Player
  246. Edmonton Oilers (NHL) defenseman
  247. Linebacker for the St. Louis Rams. Played college football for the University of Georgia
  248. Football player for University of Texas. The defensive end was the 4th-round draft pick of the Arizona Cardinals in 2013
  249. Orlando Magic rookie - Indiana
  250. Basketball Player
  251. Basketball player plays for UCONN
  252. Drafted by the Broncos in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft out of Virginia Tech
  253. Vikings Wide Receiver
  254. Louisiana Tech wide receiver who was the 4th-round draft pick of the 49ers in 2013
  255. Hockey Player
  256. Basketball player brother of Miles Plumlee plays college basketball for Duke University
  257. Canadien Hockey Player, *14. December 1994
  258. NBA Basketball Player - Washington Wizards
  259. Sean Porter  (2)
    Football Player - Cincinnati Bengals
  260. Football Player
  261. Football Player
  262. Boston Celtics Rookie
  263. Offensive guard from Syracuse University; #1 draft pick of the New York Giants in 2013
  264. Current New York Islanders prospect. Formerly WHL Player - Brandon Wheat Kings
  265. Georgia Bulldog defensive back who was the 6th-round draft pick of the Redskins in 2013
  266. Oklahoma State running back who was the 5th-round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys in 2013
  267. Football Player
  268. Eric Reid  (2)
    LSU defensive back who was the #1 draft pick of the San Francisco 49ers in 2013
  269. Atlanta Falcons rookie QB
  270. NFL - DB, Indianapolis Colts. Formerly with the Minnesota Vikings
  271. former basketball player; Michigan Wolverine, Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornet, Houston Rocket, New York Knick, Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers
  272. New York Jets DL
  273. Football player on Notre Dame roster for 2010
  274. Hockey Player - Buffalo Sabres
  275. Football Player
  276. NBA Basketball Player - Oklahoma City Thunder
  277. University of Michigan QB nicknamed 'Shoelace' #16; 5th-round draft pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013
  278. Professional basketball player in the WNBA with the New York Liberty first playing in the league in 2013
  279. Logan Ryan  (2)
    Football Player
  280. Hockey Player
  281. Small (5'7") wide receiver from South Carolina who was the 4th-round pick of the Jaguars in the 2013 draft
  282. Hockey Player - Nashville Predators Prospect
  283. Basketball Player
  284. Football Player
  285. Football Player
  286. Hockey Player
  287. Carolina Panthes DT
  288. Former titans player
  289. John Simon  (3)
    Ravens DL
  290. Miami Dolphins TE
  291. Basketball Point Guard
  292. Football player on Notre Dame roster for 2010
  293. Cornerback from Mississippi State who was the 2nd-round draft pick of the Lions in 2013
  294. Russian Hockey Player
  295. West Virginia University QB
  296. Jared Smith  (4)
    Football Player
  297. 5th Rd Draft Pick for the Denver Broncos in 2013. Played college football for Western Kentucky
  298. Tyler Smith  (5)
    Drafted in the 19th round (606th overall) by the Texas Rangers in 2012
  299. Basketball Player
  300. Hockey Player
  301. San Diego Chargers rookie QB
  302. Nick Sorensen  (2)
    Hockey Player
  303. Basketball Player
  304. NFL - DT, Miami Dolphins. Formerly with the Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  305. American football running back for the New York Jets of the National Football League
  306. College football player for Nebraska Cornhuskers
  307. Football Player
  308. former college wide receiver/current NFL receiver; played for Oklahoma, Saints and Texans; currently plays for Dolphins; son of former NFL player Ken Stills
  309. Miami Dolphins rookie kicker - Florida
  310. Defensive back from South Carolina who was the 2nd-round draft pick of the Texans in 2013
  311. QB Texas A&M; drafted by Arizona Cardinals
  312. NFL - CB, Arizona Cardinals. Formerly with the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins
  313. Stanford 5'9
  314. San Diego Chargers middle linebacker
  315. Canadien Hockey Player, *03. August 1995
  316. Adonis Thomas  (2)
    Basketball Player
  317. Football Player
  318. Football Player
  319. Football Player
  320. Football Player
  321. former Stanford University, Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons tight end; currently plays for NY Giants
  322. Basketball player for Syracuse
  323. Washington University cornerback who was the #1 draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 2013
  324. Former Texas Longhorn defensive back who was the #1 draft pick of the Saints in 2013
  325. Hockey Player
  326. Football Player
  327. NFL running back; currently on Indianapolis Colts; played for Chiefs, Seahawks and LSU
  328. Football Player
  329. Football Player
  330. Football Player
  331. Football Player
  332. Football Player
  333. 3rd Rd Draft Pick for the Denver Broncos in 2013. Played college football the University of South Florida
  334. Hockey Player
  335. Colts DE
  336. NFL - WR, Philadelphia Eagles. Formerly with Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers
  337. Football Player, Baltimore Ravens 2013 draft
  338. Football Player
  339. US Olympic High Jump Athlete - 2011 World Champion
  340. Seattle Seahawks Nose Tackle
  341. Rb rookie chargers
  342. Football Player
  343. Nick Williams  (3)
    former college/current defensive end; played for Samford University, Steelers and Bears; currently plays Lions
  344. Nick Williams  (4)
    Drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 2nd round of the 2012 MLB June Amateur Draft
  345. Basketball player for University Of Minnesota Golden Gophers
  346. Football Player - Cincinnati Bengals
  347. Canadien Hockey Player
  348. NFL - Kansas City Chiefs 2006
  349. Denver Broncos DT
  350. Former Baylor University wide receiver who was the 3rd-round draft pick of the Cowboys in 2013
  351. Football Player
  352. Football Player
  353. Football Player
  354. Football Player
  355. Tyler Wilson  (4)
    QB draft pick for Oakland Raiders; former Arkansas QB
  356. Tyler Wilson  (5)
    Drafted in the 13th round (412nd overall) by the Boston Red Sox in 2008
  357. Brian Winters  (2)
    Football Player
  358. Football Player
  359. Basketball Player
  360. Wide receiver from USC; #2 draft pick of the Buffalo Bills in 2013
  361. Football Player
  362. Cornerback from Connecticut U who was the 3rd-round draft pick of the Titans in 2013
  363. Basketball Player
  364. He is a Russian professional ice hockey defenceman currently playing for the Colorado Avalanche of the National Hockey League (NHL). Zadorov was a first round selection, 16th overall in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft by the Buffalo Sabres
  365. Indiana Hoosiers Foward, Projected Number One Overall 2013 Draft Pick
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