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Browsing Entries matching Tag Field%3A:Paleontology
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  1. Children's Author
  2. An American invertebrate paleontologist who became known for his discovery in 1909 of well-preserved fossils in the Burgess Shale of British Columbia, Canada; Secretary of the Smithsonian (1907-1927)
  3. Author
  4. Author
  5. Dancer, worked for most of her life in the Catskills. Her stories used for the movie Dirty Dancing, and the character of Penny was loosely based on her. She is often mistakenly confused with a child film actress in the 30s/40s with the same name
  6. Author - Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs
  7. Paleontology superstar, discovered Afrovenator, Jobaria
  8. fashion designer
  9. An American ornithologist and avian paleontologist; Secretary of the Smithosonian (1944-1952)