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  1. Hockey player
  2. Retired Hockeyplayer
  3. Winnipeg Jets (NHL) Forward - Played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers & Atlanta Thrashers
  4. Retired NHL Forward (Nashville Predators, Chicago Blackhawks)
  5. AHL Prospect(Norfolk)
  6. Played hockey for the Winnipeg Jets, Detroit Red Wings and the San Jose Sharks
  7. Florida Panthers (NHL) Forward - Formerly Played for the New Jersey Devils & Atlanta Thrashers
  8. Retired NHL Goaltender (Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues, Atlanta Thrashers, Columbus Blue Jackets)
  9. Played hockey for the New York Islanders, St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks
  10. Detroit Red Wings (NHL) Forward - Stanley Cup Winner: '02 & '08
  11. NHL prospect with AHL(Bridgeport)
  12. Defenceman for the Montreal Canadiens
  13. Former NHL Goaltender (Philadelphia Flyers) - Currently Playing for SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)
  14. Hockey Player
  15. Hockey Player
  16. former Montreal Canadiens,New York Rangers,& Phoenix Coyotes left wing
  17. Calgary Flames (NHL) Forward - Formerly Played for the Detroit Red Wings - Stanley Cup Winner: '08
  18. Finnish Hockey Player - NHLer
  19. Retired NHL Defenseman (New York Islanders, Pittsburgh Penguins, Colorado Avalanche, New York Rangers)
  20. Edmonton Oilers (NHL) Goaltender - Formerly Played for the Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes, Tampa Bay Lightning & Chicago Blackhawks - Stanley Cup Winner in '04
  21. Professional Hockey Player
  22. Hockey Player
  23. Hockey Player
  24. Hockey Player
  25. New Jersey Devils (NHL) Forward - Formerly Played for the Atlanta Thrashers
  26. Played hockey for the Toronto Maple Leafs
  27. Hockey Player
  28. Hockey Player
  29. Played hockey for the Boston Bruins
  30. Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) Forward
  31. Hockey Player
  32. Hockey Player
  33. Hockey Player
  34. NHL - Atlanta Thrashers Prospect 2006
  35. Minnesota Wild (NHL) Forward - Formerly Played for the Dallas Stars
  36. Hockey Player
  37. hockey player
  38. hockey player
  39. Hockey Player
  40. NHL Player - Buffalo Sabres
  41. Played hockey for the St. Louis Blues
  42. hockey player (24) (d)
  43. Hockey Player
  44. Winnipeg Jets (NHL) Forward - Formerly Played for the Toronto Maple Leafs & Atlanta Thrashers
  45. Former NHL Goaltender (Toronto Maple Leafs, Phoenix Coyotes) Currently Playing for Lukko (SM-Liiga)
  46. former Calgary Flames goalie prospect
  47. Played hockey for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
  48. hockey player
  49. Played hockey for the Calgary Flames and St. Louis Blues
  50. Hockey Player
  51. Retired NHL Forward (New Jersey Devils, Edmonton Oilers, Philadelphia Flyers & Chicago Blackhawks)
  52. Philadelphia Flyers (NHL) Forward - Formerly Played for the Columbus Blue Jackets & New York Rangers
  53. Hockey Player
  54. Retired NHL Defenseman (Los Angeles Kings, Buffalo Sabres, New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers & Atlanta Thrashers)
  55. Played hockey for the Boston Bruins
  56. hockey player signed by the atlanta thrashers of the NHL plays defenseman
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