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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag FormerTeam%3A:Quebec_Nordiques
Browsing Entries matching Tag FormerTeam%3A:Quebec_Nordiques
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  1. NHL Player: 1980-1990 // Philadelphia Flyers, Hartford Whalers, Washington Capitals, Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks, Quebec Nordiques, Detroit Red Wings
  2. Retired NHL Defenseman (Quebec Nordiques, New Jersey Devils, Calgary Flames) - Currently Assistant Coach of the Albany Devils (AHL)
  3. John Anderson  (6)
    Hockey Player
  4. John Anderson  (8)
    Current head coach of the Chicago Wolves. Former NHL LW, played with Toronto (1977/78 - 1984/85), Quebec (1985/86), and Hartford (1985/86 -1988/89)
  5. Former NHL defenseman. Played for the Buffalo Sabres (1986/87 - 1989/90) Quebec Nordiques (1990/91) Washington Capitals (1992/93 - 1993/94) and Philadelphia Flyers (1994/95)
  6. former Nordiques Left Wing
  7. NHL: Vancouver Canucks, Colorado Rockies, New Jersey Devils, Minnesota North Stars, Quebec Nordiques, Detroit Red Wings, Winnipeg Jets, Boston Bruins, Calgary Flames // 1974-1994
  8. Hockey player
  9. Former NHL Right Wing. Played for the St. Louis Blues (1978/79 - 1983/84), Pittsburgh Penguins (1984/85 - 1985/86), Quebec Nordiques (1985/86), & Hartford Whalers (1985/86 - 1986/87)
  10. Jamie Baker  (2)
    Former NHL Center. Born 1966. Quebec Nordiques (1989/90 - 1991/92), Ottawa Senators (1992/93), San Jose Sharks (1993/94 - 1995/96, 1998/99), and Toronto Maple Leafs (1996/97)
  11. NHL Forward: Vancouver Canucks, New York rangers, Montreal Canadiens / Playing Career: 1956-1974
  12. former NHL player with the New York Islanders,St. Louis Blues,& Chicago Blackhawks
  13. Ex-NHL player (Penguins, Flames)
  14. Retired Hockey Player
  15. Hockey player
  16. hockey
  17. Retired NHL Player
  18. Ex NHL goalie
  19. NHL: Canucks, Canadiens, North Stars (Retired)
  20. hockey
  21. hockey player
  22. Defenseman. Played for Quebec, St. Louis, Vancouver, Hartford, Carolina, Toronto, Washington
  23. Former NHL Player W/ Vancouver Canucks & St. Louis Blues
  24. former Rangers,Nordiques,and Flyers defenceman
  25. Former St Louis Blues Player
  26. Hockey player
  27. Played hockey for the Nordiques,Devils, and Rangers
  28. Canadian Male Former Ice Hockey Player -Defence. 'Victoria Cougars' (1972-1974, 1974-1975), 'Flin Flon Bombers' (1973-1974), 'Indianapolis Racers' (1975-1977), 'Winnipeg Jets' (1977-1979), 'Pittsburgh Penguins' (1979-1980), 'Quebec Nordiques' (1980-1981)
  29. Retired NHL Forward (Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Islanders, Detroit Red Wings, Tampa Bay Lightning, Quebec Nordiques)
  30. NHL hockey goaltender, played for Buffalo Sabres, Chicago Blackhawks, and Quebec Nordiques; Currently an Assistant Coach with the Colorado Avalanche
  31. former NHL player w/ the Quebec Nordiques
  32. Hockey Player
  33. Jim Corsi  (2)
    Hockey Player
  34. Hockey Player
  35. Retired NHLer, formerly with Los Angeles Kings
  36. Retired hockey player maple leafs rangers rockies and three other teams 1977
  37. Former NHL player (Canadiens)
  38. Retired NHL Forward (Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques)
  39. former NHL goaltender with the Quebec Nordiques
  40. Hockey player for the Mighty Ducks and Red Wings
  41. Played hockey for the Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets, Buffalo Sabres, and Dallas Stars
  42. hockey player
  43. NHL - Boston Bruins 2006 Scouting Staff
  44. hockey
  45. former Capitals,Nordiques and North Stars Left Wing
  46. Former Kings,Nordiques,Flyers,Blues, and Red Wings defenceman. Co-owner of the Allen Americans
  47. Retired NHL Forward (New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, Philadelphia Flyers & Quebec Nordiques) - Stanley Cup Winner: '74 & '75
  48. Center for the nordiques,blackhawks, and jets. 80's and 90's
  49. Chris Evans  (8)
    NHL Hockey Player
  50. former Nordiques defenceman
  51. hocker player (35) (g)
  52. former Quebec Nordiques defenceman
  53. Colorado Avalanche (NHL) Defenseman
  54. Hockey Hall of Fame - Class of 2014 - Quebec Nordiques / Colorado Avalanche / Philadelphia Flyers / Nashville Predators - Centre - 2x Stanley Cup / 1x Hart Trophy / 1x Art Ross / Calder Trophy - 2x Olympic Gold
  55. Played hockey for the Quebec Nordiques,Ottawa Senators, and Los Angeles Kings
  56. Former NHL Center. Played for the New York Islanders (1992/93) Quebec Nordiques (1993/94) Dallas Stars (1994/95) Winnipeg Jets (1995/96) San Jose sharks (1996/97) Drafted 233rd overall (9th round) in 1989 by the New York Islanders
  57. Played hockey for the Quebec Nordiques, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, and Edmonton Oilers
  58. former Detroit Red Wings,Quebec Nordiques,and New York Rangers Center,former New Jersey Devils coach
  59. former NHL goalie, hockey analyst
  60. Retired NHL Forward (Edmonton Oilers, Quebec Nordiques, Vancouver Canucks, Carolina Hurricanes, Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers, Nashville Predators) - Current Assistant Coach of the Calgary Flames (NHL)
  61. hockey
  62. NHL Forward: Vancouver Canucks, New York Rangers, Quebec Nordiques, Buffalo Sabres / Playing career: 1973-1991 / Now a stuntman & actor
  63. Former Chicago Blackhawk (NHL Hockey Player)
  64. Head Coach for the New York Islanders. Previously coached the Providence Bruins. Former goaltender for the Quebec Nordiques (1989/90 to 1990/91) Attended Boston College
  65. NHL Goalie: Quebec Nordiques, Los Angeles Kings, Hartford Whalers. 1982-1994
  66. Forward for the Quebec Nordiques (1978-1990) and the Chicago Blackhawks (1990-1994)
  67. hockey
  68. Retired NHL Defenseman (Quebec Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche, New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues)
  69. Hockey
  70. Played hockey for the Buffalo Sabres, Washington Capitals, and Quebec Nordiques
  71. Retired NHL Goaltender (Philadelphia Flyers, Quebec Nordiques, New York Islander) - Currently Vice-President & Assistant General Manager of the Los Angeles Kings (NHL) and Manchester Monarchs (AHL)
  72. Former NHL forward. Played for the N.Y. Rangers (1975/76 - 1979/80, 1981/82), Colorado Rockies (1979/80), Toronto Maple Leafs (1979/80 - 1981/82), Quebec Nordiques (1981/82), and St. Louis Blues (1982/83 - 1984/85)
  73. Former NHL player with the Los Angeles Kings, Quebec Nordiques and Montreal Canadiens
  74. former Nordiques left wing
  75. Former Montreal Canadiens Left Wing/Right Wing
  76. Hocky player (1987 blues nordiques sharks 6 other teams)
  77. former Quebec Nordiques & Philadelphia Flyers defenceman
  78. Former Nordiques and Capitals center
  79. Retired NHL Forward (Calgary Flames, Quebec Nordiques, Vancouver Canucks & San Jose Sharks) - Currently Assistant Coach of the Washington Capitals (NHL)
  80. Former hockey defenseman. Played for the Rangers, Nordiques and Sabres. 1992 through 2002
  81. Hockey Player
  82. NHL, Former Head Coach of New Jersey Devils and Montreal Candiens
  83. Left Wing for the Quebec Nordiques (1991-1995), Colorado Avalanche (1995-1999), New York Rangers (1999-2001), Dallas Stars (2001-2002) and the New Jersey Devils (2002)
  84. Fromer Washington Caps and Current Youngstown Stealhounds coach
  85. hockey player
  86. hockey palayer (42) (d)
  87. Hockey enforcer- Canadiens, Nordiques,Maple Leafs, Capitals
  88. Former NHL Hockey Player
  89. hockey player (4) (d)
  90. Hockey player for quebec, detroit and winnipeg
  91. Retired NHL Forward (Montreal Canadiens, Quebec Nordiques, New York Rangers) - Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee
  92. Played hockey for the Quebec Nordiques
  93. hockey player
  94. current Penguins defenceman
  95. hockey
  96. former Canadians and Maple Leafs defenceman
  97. Retired hockey player (nordiques avalanche whalers 4 others 1988)
  98. Former WHA/NHL goaltender. Played in the WHA for the Minnesota Fighting Saints (1975/76 - 1976/77) Edmonton Oilers (1976/77) New England Whalers (1977/78) & Quebec Nordiques (1978/79). Played one career NHL game for the Minnesota North Stars (1979/80)
  99. Played hockey for the Calgary Flames and Quebec Nordiques
  100. Actress-Made In Sweden,Dog Days,Yursa,Exposed,Smoke,Young Playthings,Every Afternoon,Sex At The Olympics,Campus Swingers,Love In 3D,Aound The World With Fanny Hill,Anita,Wide Open,Outrage,Thriller:A Cruel Picture,Penthouse Pet June 1970
  101. hockey player (11) (lw)
  102. hockey player/coach
  103. hockey player
  104. Retired NHL Goaltender (Quebec Nordiques, Washington Capitals, Buffalo Sabres) - Currently Goaltending Coach for the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL)
  105. Hockey player center for penquins
  106. Ex-NHL player (Jets, Nordiques, Penguins)
  107. former Devils defenceman
  108. former NHL defenseman
  109. Terry Martin  (3)
    Hockey player now coach or scout.played for buffalo sabres and toronto mapleleafs
  110. NHL: Canucks, Blackhawks, Capitals, Nordiques
  111. Baseball player drafted by the montreal expos in 1987
  112. Brad Maxwell  (2)
    Assistant Coach - Guelph Storm Hockey Club
  113. Hockey player for quebec. #1 draft pick in 1990
  114. Former NHL Left Winger with Nordiques, Blues, Rangers, and Red Wings
  115. former Red Wings,Nordiques,North Stars,and Lightning Left Wing
  116. Hockey player for quebec and toronto
  117. former Penguins,Blues,Nordiques,Blackhawks,and Red Wings goalie
  118. hocker player (3) (d)
  119. former Nordiques center,is younger brother of Kevin and Kelly Miller
  120. former Nordiques and Rangers defenceman
  121. Retired NHL Forward (Quebec Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche, San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Phoenix Coyotes, Calgary Flames, Minnesota Wild) - Olympic Gold Medalist: '02
  122. Played hockey for the Quebec Nordiques and Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
  123. Former NHL defenseman. Played for the Quebec (1980/81 - 1981/82), Washington(1981/82 - 1982/83), St. Louis(1985/86, 1991/92 - 1992/93), Detroit(1986/87 - 1990/91), New Jersey(1991/92), Hartford(1991/92), and Calgary(1993/94)
  124. former Detroit Red Wings/New York Rangers left wing
  125. hockey player/coach/executive
  126. ex-hockey player
  127. hockey
  128. Retired hockey player maple leafs nordiques and 3 other teams 1988
  129. former Canucks,Rangers,Nordiques,Maple Leafs,and Flames defenceman
  130. hockey
  131. Former NHL Right Wing. Played for the Philadelphia Flyers (1971/72 - 1972/73), St. Louis Blues (1972/73 - 1976/77), Chicago Blackhawks (1977/78), N.Y. Rangers (1978/79), Quebec Nordiques (1979/80). Picked 9th overall in the first round in 1971
  132. former Maple Leafs,Rangers,Nordiques,and Devils left wing
  133. Former NHL defenseman. Played for the N.Y. Islanders (1975/76 - 1978/79), Edmonton Oilers (1979/80 - 1980/81), Pittsburgh Penguins (1980/81 - 1982/83), Quebec Nordiques (1982/83 - 1986/87), N.Y. Rangers (1986/87), and Minnesota North Stars (1987/88)
  134. Former Quebec Nordiques/Las Vegas Thunder minor league hockey player
  135. Retired NHL Forward (Philadelphia Flyers, Quebec Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche, San Jose Sharks, Phoenix Coyotes) - Currently Development Coach for the San Jose Sharks (NHL)
  136. former Nordiques and Rangers defenceman
  137. hockey player
  138. Retired NHL Forward (Quebec Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche) - Stanley Cup Winner: '96 & '01
  139. NHL: Chicago Blackhawks. Retired in 1995
  140. Hockey player center for sabres
  141. NHL Hockey Player Washington Capitals Quebec Nordiques
  142. Hockey Player
  143. Member of the 1966-67 Stanley Cup Winning Toronto Maple Leafs.
  144. NHL - Anaheim Ducks Broadcaster 2006
  145. Former goaltender NHL (Canadiens)
  146. David Shaw  (2)
    former NHL defensemen
  147. former Red Wings,Nordiques,and Maple Leafs center
  148. hockey player
  149. Fr swedish hockeyplayer. World champion in 92
  150. hockey
  151. Hockey player for flyers, quebec and calgary
  152. Retired NHL Goaltender (Quebec Nordiques, Philadelphia Flyers, Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Islanders) - Former General Manager of the New York Islanders (NHL)
  153. Hockey Player Played with Quebec Nordiques
  154. Retired NHL Forward (Quebec Nordiques, Toronto Maple Leafs)
  155. NHL Hall of Famer...played with Quebec, New Jersey, and St. Louis
  156. Retired NHL Forward (Quebec Nordiques, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks)
  157. NHL Player
  158. Hockey-LW, played for the Montreal Canadiens in the 70s
  159. ex hockey player (Played for Capitals & Nordiques)
  160. goaltender for the Buffalo Sabres. Previously played with the Chicago Blackhawks, and Pittsburgh Penguins
  161. former Islanders,Flames,Kings,and Blackhawks left wing
  162. Retired hockey player drafted by Washington Capitals in round 5 #88 overall in the 1979 NHL Entry Draft
  163. Former hockey player
  164. Retired NHL Goaltender (Quebec Nordiques, Edmonton Oilers, Anaheim Ducks, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Pittsburgh Penguins, Columbus Blue Jackets & Dallas Stars) - Currently Assistant Coach of the Peterborough Peters (OHL)
  165. former hockey tough guy for the blues
  166. Played hockey for the Montreal Canadiens, Colorado Rockies, Buffalo Sabres and Quebec Nordiques
  167. Hockey player,Oilers, Penguins, Black Hawks, Nordiques, AHL, IHL
  168. Ed Ward  (2)
    Fr Hockeyplayer for Calgary Flames
  169. Jim Watson  (3)
    Played hockey for the Buffalo Sabres
  170. hockey player (2) (d)
  171. NHL defenseman Flyers/Whalers 80's
  172. Ex Hockey Player
  173. hockey player
  174. Retired NHL tough guy, played for Quebec,Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Calgary