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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag FormerTeam%3A:Schwenninger_Wild_Wings
Browsing Entries matching Tag FormerTeam%3A:Schwenninger_Wild_Wings
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  1. Kevin Baker  (2)
    Minor League Hockey Player
  2. Hockey Player
  3. Canadian Former Ice Hockey Player - Left Wing - 'Guelph C.M.C.'s'(1970-71), 'Columbus Golden Seals'1971-72), 'Greensboro Generals'(1971-74), 'Flint Generals'(1972-77), 'Dallas Black Hawks'(1974-78), 'Chicago Blackhawks'(1976-79), 'Schwenningen'(1980-84)
  4. Mike Bullard  (2)
    Played hockey for the Penguins and Flyers
  5. Hockey Coach
  6. Former Canadien Hockey Player, Born Apr 15 1971 in Steinbach, MAN. Played for Cleveland, Houston, Krefeld
  7. Hockey Player
  8. Former player for the New York Islanders
  9. Hockey Player
  10. Hockey Player
  11. Jason Miller  (7)
  12. Played hockey for the Boston Bruins and the Los Angeles Kings
  13. Hockey Player
  14. Hockey Player
  15. Hockey