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Browsing Entries matching Tag Genre%3A:Essay
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  1. Larry Brown  (5)
    Author - Father and Son
  2. Author
  3. Author
  4. French writer. Born: 08/04/1919
  5. Author
  6. Author
  7. Author
  8. British writer
  9. Author - The Interpreter
  10. children's author (wrinkle in time newbery 1963)
  11. He was awarded the 1963 Prix Renaudot for his novel Le Procès-Verbal and the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature for his life's work
  12. Author
  13. John O'Hara  (4)
    Playwright - Cinderella: The Untold Story, Pirates of the Amazon: The Treasure of Mystery Island
  14. Author
  15. Novelist. Born: 06/24/1911
  16. Children's Author
  17. author of 'Snowcrash' and other award-winning novels