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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag Instrument::Human_voice
Browsing Entries matching Tag Instrument::Human_voice
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  1. Singer
  2. Blues Singer
  3. Singer/Musician
  4. Singer/Composer/Songwriter - One-Hit Wonder with 'Feelings' (1975)
  5. Singer/Musician
  6. DJ
  7. Singer/Musician
  8. jazz singer/pianist/composer
  9. Scottish Singer/Established herself at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow before getting her big break in the media after a successful audition at the BBC
  10. Model/Actress-Winner of Reality Show Joe Millionaire,Spokesperson For Nutrisystem,Playboy July 2003
  11. American gospel singer (HOF), who is probably best known as the man who broke the 'color barrier' by becoming the first African-American lead singer of a mainstream Christian music group (The Imperials). Did not perform, but jam with Elvis backstage
  12. singer (part of 80's pop-duo Mel & Kim)
  13. Songwriter/Music Producer
  14. Jim Armstrong  (2)
    Musician/Guitarist. Formerly from Ireland
  15. Singer & Actor: Gremlins, Disorganized Crime, Number One Fan, We're No Angels, King Cobra, Harmony Cats, Buried Alive, Act of Vengeance, The Rousters, Liar's Moon, The Black Stallion
  16. argentine musician
  17. TV Presenter and former member of 'Bucks Fiz'
  18. Singer dancer and actress
  19. American Jazz And Blues Singer, Pianist, Songwriter, And Bandleader
  20. Canadian Male Singer songwriter had 1976 UK Chart Topper 'No Charge'
  21. Singer/Musician
  22. Musician
  23. Singer/Musician
  24. actress / singer - the pinky lee show (t.v. series, 1954), hillbillys in a haunted house (1967)
  25. Singer - Archie Bell and the Drells
  26. Singer/Musician
  27. American Soul Singer Based In The UK In The 1960's
  28. Member of New Edition
  29. American Gospel Singer
  30. r&r singer (seventeen/1955)
  31. Singer/Musician
  32. singer - ace of base
  33. drummer (rem)
  34. singer (maze)
  35. Musician
  36. Russian Male Pop, R&B, And Soul Singer/ Musician. Winner Of Eurovision Song Contest 2008
  37. Singer/Musician
  38. Member of New Edition
  39. Singer/Musician
  40. lead singer from cameo
  41. Singer/Musician
  42. Musician
  43. R&B Singer - Quarter To Three, School Is Out, New Orleans, Dear Lady Twist, Twist Twist Senora, School Is In, Seven Day Weekend, This Little Girl, Out Of Work
  44. Singer/Musician
  45. singer - young rascale
  46. guitarist (jars of clay)
  47. Musician/Blues Guitarist
  48. rock singer (fire)
  49. Dennis Brown  (2)
  50. Swedish Female Singer - R&B, Pop Music (1990- ). Single - 'Tuesday Afternoon' (1998)
  51. Musician/Blues Musician
  52. American Former Male Singer - R&B, Soul. And Blues Music. (1954-2008). Single - 'Don't Be Angry' (1955), 'It Don't Hurt No More' (1958), 'Pitter Patter' (1954), 'I Cried Like a Baby' (1959)
  53. Roy Brown  (2)
    Pioneering Rhythm & Blues Singer/Songwriter - Rockin' At Midnight, Long About Midnight, Boogie At Midnight, Hard Luck Blues, Good Rocking Tonight, Miss Fanny Brown, Cadillac Baby, Let The 4 Winds Blow, Bar Room Blues, Love Don't Love Nobody, Big Town
  54. American Former Female Singer - R & B, Soul, Jazz, Gospel, And Funk Music. Known As The 'Queen of R&B Music. (1949-2006)
  55. Sam Brown  (3)
    English Female Model
  56. English Female Singer - Soul, Jazz, And Pop Music. (1978- ). Single - 'Stop' (1988), 'Can I Get a Witness?' (1989), 'Kissing Gate' (1990)
  57. American Female Singer - R&B Music (1974- ). Single - 'Woman To Woman' (1974)
  58. Singer/Musician
  59. Baseball Player
  60. Eddie Burns  (3)
  61. Musician/Guitarist
  62. Bill Callahan  (2)
    American singer-songwriter
  63. R&R Singer - Palisades Park, Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Where The Action Is, Tallahassee Lassie, Abigail Beecher, Jump Over, Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
  64. raspberries (lead) solo all my best
  65. Actor - Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark (Broadway - title role), The Tempest, Snow Falling On Cedars. Guitarist/Singer/Composer - Carney
  66. Singer: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me // Actor: Angel, Hunter, Magnum PI, CHiPs, Quincy, Friday Foster, The Cat from Outer Space
  67. Pop/folk singer (Red, Rice, Angels & Cigarettes)
  68. Singer/Musician
  69. Singer/Musician, most famous for the March 1962 Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit 'Hey! Baby!'
  70. musician/producer/songwriter
  71. Singer/Musician
  72. Singer/Musician
  73. Singer/Musician
  74. singer
  75. 70s Singer had a number 1 with song Is This The Way To Amarillo
  76. singer
  77. Singer/Musician
  78. R&B gospel singer (she's about a mover 1968)
  79. Singer/Musician
  80. world music artist
  81. Jamaican Reggae Legend
  82. Blue-Eyed Soul/R&B Singer & Songwriter. Nicknamed 'The White Knight of Soul'. Wrote 'Last Kiss', popularized by J. Frank Wilson in 1964. Currently a minister in Florida
  83. Singer 'Walking In Memphis,' married to ABC - TV Host/Journalist Elizabeth Vargas (20/20)
  84. Singer, Songwriter; sang 'To Know Him Is To Love Him' with The Teddy Bears; co-wrote the 'Rocky' theme song
  85. Singer/Musician
  86. R&B singer-songwriter (mercy, mercy, seesaw)
  87. member of band Girls Aloud
  88. UK singer songwriter- hits include 'Promise Me'
  89. Christian Singer: 'I Surrender All'
  90. Singer
  91. Singer/Musician
  92. Singer/Musician
  93. French singer ('Words')
  94. Singer of Australian band 'Icehouse'
  95. Singer/Musician
  96. Belgium singer
  97. Former pop singer
  98. singer
  99. Singer/Musician
  100. Singer/Musician
  101. Egyptian Pop Star
  102. Singer/Musician
  103. uk based actress/singer 'band of gold' (tv mini series)
  104. Doo-Wop/Pop Singer/Songwr. - w/The Belmonts: A Teenager In Love, Where Or When, I Wonder Why, No One Knows. Solo: Runaround Sue, The Wanderer, Lovers Who Wander, Little Diane, Lonely Teenager, Ruby Baby, Donna-Prima Donna, Abraham Martin & John. R&R HOF
  105. Singer/Musician
  106. UK Skiffle musician of the fifties and sixties
  107. Singer/Musician
  108. Christian Singer
  109. Singer/Musician
  110. Musician/ Piedmont Blues Guitarist
  111. Singer/Musician
  112. Former lead singer of 'The Temptations', voice of 'Papa Was a Rolling Stone', 'Cloud Nine'
  113. Member of band westlife
  114. singer (ace of base)
  115. formerly aka Third Eye Foundation, musician
  116. Singer/Musician
  117. Contemporary Christian Recording Artist: 'In Christ Alone', 'Holding Out Hope To You', 'I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy', author of 'The Prodigal Comes Home'
  118. singer guitartist (grass roots)
  119. Singer / Actor
  120. Singer/Songwriter; wrote and sang 'Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Backseat'; also (co-)wrote 'When', 'Roses Are Red' and four songs for Elvis ('I Gotta Know', 'Something Blue', 'Blue River', 'The Next Step Is Love')
  121. Male Singer
  122. Singer - It's Alright, Poor Me, What Do You Want?, Someone Else's Baby. Actor - Stardust, Yesterday's Hero, McVicar, Budgie, Love Hurts. Financial Journalist
  123. Country-Western Singer - The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA, Funny Face, Superman, You Can't Be A Beacon If Your Light Don't Shine, That Was Yesterday
  124. English pop singer
  125. Country/Pop Singer (Next Teardrop Falls)
  126. latin pop singer (yo voy a quitar medio)
  127. Singer had a top Ten hit with Hey Matthew
  128. Singer/Musician
  129. British/Carribbean Singer, Hits include 'STILL' big in the 60ies
  130. Singer/Musician (SNAP!)
  131. C&W/Gospel Singer - 16 Tons, Davy Crockett, Mule Train, Shotgun Boogie, Blackberry Boogie, Mr. & Mississippi, I'll Never Be Free. TV - The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, Hee-Haw. Actor - I Love Lucy (3 episodes). Country Music HOF
  132. Singer/Musician
  133. Singer/Musician
  134. singer 50,60,s
  135. UK Singer and Eurovision Contestant
  136. Singer/Musician
  137. Singer/Musician
  138. Musician/Blues Guitarist
  139. Singer
  140. Disco and post disco singer
  141. David Garrick  (2)
    British singer - Dear Mrs. Applebee
  142. Singer/Musician
  143. Singer/Musician
  144. Singer (Swing your daddy)
  145. Singer
  146. Singer/Musician
  147. Singer, songwriter
  148. Singer/Actor; member of S Club 8, 'I Dream', 'Life is Wild'
  149. Singer/Musician
  150. Japanese singer
  151. jazz musician
  152. rock 'n' soul singer - Drift Away & The In Crowd (1973) / Duet remake of Drift Away topped the charts in 2002 (with Uncle Kracker)
  153. british singer
  154. Singer, songwriter and record producer
  155. In the 80's British Band Heaven 17
  156. guitarist - sha-na-na
  157. Singer/Musician
  158. Singer/Musician
  159. Lead singer of 70's group Cockney Rebel now a solo artist
  160. Corey Harris  (2)
  161. country singer/songwriter
  162. Singer from the 60's
  163. Female Musician-Playboy Babe of the Month March 2008
  164. Songwriting team of Boyce & Hart
  165. Lead Vocals for 'Smash Mouth'
  166. singer (jars of clay)
  167. Guitarist, solo Star - ex Ash
  168. singer/composer
  169. Singer/Musician
  170. Composer/Songwriter
  171. Singer - Golden Earring
  172. Folk Singer
  173. Singer/Musician
  174. singer/songwriter
  175. Singer - He, Unchained Melody, After The Lights Go Down Low
  176. Singer/Songwriter
  177. R&B singers (ooh poo pah doo 1960)
  178. Singer
  179. Lead Singer of The Bangles // Actress: The Allnighter
  180. singer, Dreamgirls, Ally McBeal - One and One, Woman's Got The Power, Think It Over
  181. Singer/Musician
  182. Singer/Musician
  183. Welsh Singer - Those Were The Days, Goodbye, Temma Harbour. Discovered by Twiggy
  184. Linda Hopkins  (2)
  185. Singer, born 1924; won a Tony for 'Inner City'
  186. Composer/Songwriter
  187. Singer/Musician
  188. Singer/Musician
  189. R&R Singer - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Sealed With A Kiss, Gypsy Woman, Let Me Belong To You, Ginny Come Lately, Warmed Over Kisses, The Joker Went Wild, Run Run Look & See
  190. Musician
  191. Singer/Musician
  192. Rock Singer/Songwriter - Ah Leah!, Love Is Like A Rock, My Girl, Tough World, Do You Compute?, Sweet Merilee; The Jaggerz (Lead singer & composer of The Rapper); Wild Cherry (Play That Funky Music)
  193. Lead singer of the Poppy Family ('Which Way You Going, Billy?'), ex-wife of singer Terry Jacks
  194. R&B Singer/Saxophonist - Big Ten-Inch Record, I Want A Bowlegged Woman, ...Whiskey In The Well, Nosey Joe, Sneaky Pete, Bearcat Blues, I Can't Go On Without You, Love You Yes I Do, Little Girl Don't Cry, All My Love Belongs To You, ...Haul Off & L
  195. singer/songwriter
  196. singer/songwriter
  197. Steve Jackson  (8)
  198. Singer/Musician
  199. Author
  200. Kate Jacobs  (2)
  201. Canadian Blues singer
  202. Steve James  (2)
  203. Singer/Musician
  204. Sings 'Come On'
  205. Early Motown and Stax recording artist
  206. Musician/Blues Guitarist
  207. Tommy Johnson  (2)
    Blues musician
  208. Singer/Musician
  209. Musician/ Blues Guitarist
  210. Steve Jones  (9)
    Sex Pistols Guitarist
  211. Steve Jones  (12)
    Band Member 'The Flying Machine' vocals, lead guitar with #5 American hit 'Smile A Little Smile For Me'
  212. French-Canadian singer-cellist
  213. German pop star, popular in the 60's and 70's
  214. Swedish singer
  215. singer
  216. model, singer
  217. Musician/Guitarist
  218. American pop singer/songwriter best known for his 1958 million selling record 'Here Comes Summer' (#14 Billboard, #1 UK). Also wrote the English lyrics of 'A Man and a Woman', 'Almost There' for Andy Williams, 'Turn - Down Day,' a hit for The Cyrkle
  219. Musician 80s. Hits 'Wouldn't it be good', 'Don't let the sun go down on me'
  220. Singer/'Stand By Me'
  221. R&B singer (find my way back)
  222. Musician/Guitarist
  223. singer
  224. Singer/Musician
  225. Sixties singer
  226. singer songwriter
  227. Singer/Musician
  228. Rockabilly Singer/Songwriter - Party Doll, Hula Love, Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep
  229. Musician/Guitarist
  230. Turkish psychedelic rock musician
  231. Belgian singer, composer and songwriter
  232. Singer/Musician
  233. singer,guitarist,songs like 'Lie To Me' and 'Wander This World'
  234. Ex member of Steps, Actor in Grease The musical
  235. singer
  236. Actor/singer - Drunken Master II, Island of Fire
  237. bassist the david letterman band
  238. Actress: Little House On The Prairie/Hester-Sue Terhune, Morningstar/Eveningstar, Juanita Jones in Blacula Singer: Love Letters (1962)
  239. R&B singer (private line, baby hold on to me)
  240. Singer/Musician
  241. singer (i love you always forever)
  242. American Idol Season 3
  243. singer
  244. Singer/Musician
  245. r & b/dancer singer (where love lives/91)
  246. UK Musician/Guitarist
  247. blues singer/guilartist (we're gonna make it 1965)
  248. Singer/Musician
  249. Singer/Musician
  250. Country Music Singer
  251. Singer from spain
  252. British actor and singer born 1938.'Dr.Terrors House of Horrors','Carry On Loving','Carry On Emmannuelle','The Riddle','Seaside Swingers','Curry and Chips','Ready,Steady,Go!','Thank Your Lucky Stars'.Had some Top Ten Hitsongs in the 60tys
  253. Former member of the hit group ABBA
  254. Singer/Musician
  255. Blues singer
  256. Singer - at age 14 had a #1 hit in the US with 'I Will Follow Him'
  257. singer/song to fame: just a friend 2002
  258. Country singer and song writer
  259. R&B-disco singer (rock your baby, i get lifted)
  260. R&B singer (rockin chair, love insurance)
  261. Musician/Guitarist
  262. Singer (Eve Of Destruction). Also, The New Christy Minstrels (Green, Green)
  263. member of The Backstreet Boys
  264. Pop idol 2003 winner
  265. singer guitarist (bbmak)
  266. jazz pianist
  267. Singer - The Righteous Brothers. Solo - '(I've Had) The Time of My Life'
  268. Hit song, 'You're The Only One'
  269. vox organ sir douglas quintet (mendocino/69)
  270. Singer-Velma Middleton was an American jazz vocalist. Middleton was born in Holdenville, Oklahoma, and later moved with her parents to St. Louis, Missouri. She is best known for having sung with Louis Armstrong's big bands and small groups
  271. Singer
  272. R&R Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist - The Joker, Fly Like An Eagle, Jet Airliner, Rock 'n' Me, Abracadabra, Swingtown, Jungle Love, Living In The USA, Take The Money & Run, Heart Like A Wheel, Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash
  273. John Mitchell  (5)
    Bass player - Asleep at the Wheel on the lp Western Standard time 1989
  274. Basketball Player
  275. R&R/Pop Singer - Let's Dance, Some Kinda Fun, Call Me, The More I See You, There Will Never Be Another You, Time After Time
  276. singer
  277. singer
  278. singer/actress
  279. Singer/Musician
  280. Blues artist ~ son of Muddy Waters
  281. Blues singer & Guitarist. Fronts Nick Moss & The Flip Tops.
  282. Christian singer and famous for 'My Redeemer Lives'
  283. singer songwriter (belle & sebastian)
  284. singer
  285. Peter Murphy  (2)
    Recording Artist
  286. blues harmonica legend
  287. singer; single 'kiss the rain'
  288. Singer songwriter best know for his millionseller 'They're coming to take me away'
  289. Singer/Musician
  290. Musician
  291. Former Lead Singer - Three Dog Night (Joy To The World, Mama Told Me Not To Come, Never Been To Spain, Black & White, An Old-Fashioned Love Song, One, Celebrate, Easy To Be Hard, Eli's Coming, Out In The Country, Shambala, Family Of Man, Pieces Of April)
  292. singer/songerwriter; david nelson's nephew
  293. Singer/Musician
  294. Lead singer of Social Distortion
  295. singer/songerwriter
  296. Singer/Musician
  297. irish musician
  298. Musician
  299. 'Marceline' in Adventure Time; Joanna in Love Actually
  300. Singer/Musician
  301. Singer songwriter; On The Wings of Love, We Are The World
  302. Ian Parker  (3)
  303. Composer/Songwriter
  304. Singer (Band of Gold); sister of Scherrie Payne
  305. singer
  306. Sang the christmas song 'I want a hippopotamus for Christmas'
  307. Lead Singer of Wet Wet Wet. Also, Stage Actor & Singer
  308. singer
  309. Grammy Award winning lead vocalist of the Pointer Sisters
  310. French singer
  311. Singer/Musician
  312. Singer/Musician
  313. Lead singer of 60's group The Troggs, now retired
  314. Singer. Born: 08/18/1939. 'Running Bear'
  315. former MLB Player/Pitcher - Memphis Red Sox (1952, Negro American League), Boise Yankees (1953, Negro American League) turned Legendary C&W Singer: 'Kiss An Angel Good Morning', 'Kaw-liga', 'Mountain of Love', 'Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger'
  316. Trumpeter/Composer/Swing-Jazz-Big Band Leader. His biggest hit was 'That Old Black Magic' in 1959 with his wife, Keely Smith. Major Las Vegas act in the '50s & '60s
  317. Singer/Musician
  318. Singer/Musician
  319. singer, songwriter, record producer
  320. Musician/Guitarist
  321. rapper (i got cha, i rep, anything for you)
  322. Singer/Musician
  323. vocal percussionist (roots)
  324. Musician/Guitarist
  325. Singer/Musician
  326. Singer/Musician
  327. Singer "Can't stop drinking about you"
  328. Singer/Musician
  329. Cantante pop / rock desde España - Singer pop / rock from Spain
  330. Musician/Guitarist
  331. Singer/Songwriter (b: 1942) - Dizzy, Sheila, Everybody, Sweet Pea, Hooray For Hazel, Heather Honey, Jam Up Jelly Tight, It's Now Winter's Day, Jack & Jill, Stagger Lee
  332. singer
  333. Swedish blues/rock musician
  334. Tim Rose  (2)
  335. singer pianist (gene)
  336. Pop Singer - Wild One, Swingin' School, Volare, Sway, Forget Him, We Got Love, Kissin' Time. Actor/Singer - Bye Bye Birdie
  337. dance/R&B singer (show me love, it must be love)
  338. Singer/Musician
  339. British singer (one hit wonder) 'where do you go to my lovely?'
  340. Popular singer and musician
  341. Rockabilly Singer - 'What in the World's Come Over You'
  342. legendary jazz singer/songwriter
  343. singer
  344. Cantante español . Cantautor. / Singer-songwritter Spanish
  345. R&B Singer - Mashed Potato Time, Slow Twistin' (w/Chubby Checker) Ride!, Do The Bird, Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes), Wild!. Married to record producer Kenny Gamble
  346. singer
  347. Pop Singer of the 1960s and 1970s - won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967 with 'Puppet on a String'
  348. German Singer born in the UK - naturalized German
  349. Singer/Musician
  350. pop-country singer/songwriter (this time 1961)
  351. Music Producer
  352. Singer/Musician
  353. Songwriter
  354. Glam rock lead singer for 1980s-1990s band Slaughter
  355. Soul Singer/Songwriter: 'When A Man Loves A Woman'
  356. New York City-based singer
  357. Actress; Notorious
  358. Jazz-Pop Singer. Former wife of the late Louis Prima. Actress - Thunder Road, Sing Sing Sing, Hey Boy! Hey Girl!
  359. Female Voice Over Talent
  360. R&B/Pop Singer - Little Green Apples, Daddy's Little Man, The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp
  361. Musician
  362. Singer/Musician
  363. Singer/Musician
  364. Musician, songwriter and producer. Member of The Springfields
  365. Cardinal
  366. Country & Western Singer
  367. Singer & Comedian: Ahab The Arab, Everything Is Beautiful, The Streak, Would Jesus Wear a Rolex, Gitarzan, Misty, Harry The Hairy Ape, Santa Claus Is Watching You, Mr. Businessman, Osama-Yo' Mama
  368. Country singer
  369. Blues Legend - Lead Guitarist For Howlin' Wolf
  370. rockabilly singer
  371. Singer/Actress (b: 1934) - The Flower Drum Song (orig. Broadway cast), Mr. T & Tina, Skullduggery. Her record album, Broadway '59, was nominated for a Grammy (Best Female Pop Vocal Performance)
  372. 70s female pop star
  373. Sings 'billy s.' from the motion picture how to deal
  374. Songwriter
  375. Former Menudo, MDO, Kumbia Kings
  376. Male Sports Model
  377. From the now split band Liberty X
  378. Singer/Musician
  379. singer
  380. guitarist
  381. singer
  382. Rapper
  383. American singer from New Orleans, known as the 'Soul Queen of New Orleans'
  384. Kenny Thomas  (2)
  385. Singer/Musician
  386. French music composer
  387. American Country Singer and Actor born 1932.'I ain┬┤t Never','Honky Tonk Song','Ruby don┬┤t take your Love to Town','Send me a Letter','Coca Cola Cowboy','Cannonball Run','The Villain'
  388. Singer
  389. Italian singer
  390. Singer, songwriter
  391. Sang 'Just One Look' (That's All It Took)
  392. Singer/Musician (Snap!)
  393. Singer - 'Stay With Me Baby'
  394. country star - sings 'The Auctioneer' song
  395. Singer/Musician
  396. singer
  397. Rockabilly Singer - Be-Bop-A-Lula, Lotta Lovin', Bluejean Bop, Dance To The Bop, Race With The Devil
  398. singer
  399. singer guitartist
  400. Singer/Musician
  401. James Walsh  (2)
  402. James Walsh  (3)
    Singer songwriter
  403. Contemporary Christian singer
  404. singer
  405. 'Fall Out Boy'
  406. Josh White  (2)
  407. Singer/Musician
  408. Singer/Musician
  409. American singer, songwriter and Music Producer Worked as a backing vocalist for Rickie Lee Jones and Bette Midler and had a big hit in 1984 with his single 'Break My Stride' Was the singing voice of Ling in Disney's Mulan
  410. R&B Singer - Free, Silly, Let's Hear It For The Boy, It's Gonna Take A Miracle, Do What You Feel, Never Say Never, I Can't Wait, What Two Can Do. Duets w/Johnny Mathis - Too Much Too Little Too Late, You're All I Need To Get By, Love Won't Let Me Wait
  411. Actress/singer
  412. UK singer songwriter
  413. Singer/Musician
  414. '70s soul icon; was previously the lead vocalist for R&B/soul group Tower of Power. As a soloist, he made several hit records, including 1978's 'Cause I Love You' and 1977's 'Choosing You'
  415. Singer/Musician
  416. Blues musician
  417. Singer/Musician. 'Stormy Weather', 'If You Could Read My Mind', 'Love Pains'.Born: 12/30/1939
  418. Chris Wilson  (2)
    Australian blues musician
  419. Motown Singer, songwriter and producer. born 1940
  420. Singerlast kiss
  421. 1/3 member of Tony Orlando's Dawn, also a member of the Former Ladies of the Supremes
  422. singer (fabulous thunderbird)
  423. Ray Wilson  (2)
    Rock Singer/songwriter/guitarist last singer for Genesis
  424. Ricky Wilson  (2)
    Lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs; played Dirk Cresswell in Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1
  425. singer
  426. Singer/Musician
  427. R&B singer (gimmie little sign)
  428. Pop singer from the 1980s
  429. singer guitarist
  430. American singer-songwriter from Montclair, New Jersey
  431. Singer/Musician
  432. World Renowned Priase and worship leader and writer of shout to the lord
  433. Singer/Musician