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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag Instrument%3A:Saxophone
Browsing Entries matching Tag Instrument%3A:Saxophone
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  1. Musician/Saxophonist
  2. saxophonist
  3. Jazz saxaphonist
  4. Saxophonist
  5. Singer, flutist - member of band 'Jethro Tull'
  6. Lead singer of Green Day
  7. Founding member of these bands: Bauhaus,Tones on tail,Love
  8. argentine musician
  9. Singer From The Calling (Rock Group)
  10. American jazz saxophonist, Author
  11. guitarist for Jethro Tull
  12. drummer (zz top)
  13. Singer/Musician
  14. Saxophonist/Singer - The Glenn Miller Orchestra. Sang lead on 'Chattanooga Choo Choo' & 'I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo'. Featured sax on 'Bugle Call Rag' & 'Sunrise Serenade'
  15. American jazz saxophone player and composer
  16. Contestant On American Idol, Season 4
  17. Bass guitar, vocals in the Elton John Band
  18. Singer/Musician
  19. jazz saxophonist composer
  20. Original Member of Franks Zappas band, provided vocal, sax, flute, and/or keyboards
  21. Singer/Musician
  22. guitartist (coldplay)
  23. jazz clarinetist
  24. singer/musician - velvet underground
  25. Singer/Musician member of The Black Sorrows
  26. Singer/Musician
  27. Jazz saxophonist great
  28. singer, writer
  29. Singer/Musician
  30. American Female Musician - Saxophone (1985- ) Gospel Musical Genre. Album - 'Hymn & I' (1998), 'The Breath Of Life' (2008)
  31. jazz saxophonist
  32. Singer/Musician
  33. jazz saxophonist
  34. Saxophone
  35. Singer/Musician
  36. Singer/Musician
  37. lead singer of the guess who (american woman,no sugar tonight)
  38. Italian Singer
  39. Singer/Musician, actress-Bad Lieutenant
  40. sax. bandleader wife cleo laine
  41. guitarist (linkin park)
  42. Singer/Musician
  43. Music in Das Boot and NeverEnding Story
  44. Singer/Musician
  45. jazz keyboardist/songwriter
  46. Singer/Musician
  47. Musician from Hornchurch, England, founding member of The Higsons
  48. jazz saxophonist
  49. Singer/Songwriter - Steely Dan
  50. musician- played the banjo/saxophone in 'the pogues'
  51. Rap Artist with 'Public Enemy', appeared on VH-1's 'The Surreal Life', 'Flavor of Love', 'Flavor of Love 2', and 'Strange Love' with Brigette Nielsen
  52. jazz guitarist
  53. Singer/Musician
  54. Lead guitarist for the band Pink Floyd
  55. Saxophonist , one of the up and coming talents in jazz
  56. Singer/Musician
  57. Mandolin player ,played with jerry garica band and grateful dead some, and more offshoots of old folk music bands like new riders and david nelson band
  58. Singer/Musician
  59. Country singer
  60. Jazz Singer/Musician
  61. jazz saxophonist
  62. Tenor saxophone
  63. Gospel singer
  64. Musician
  65. Singer - Golden Earring
  66. Singer & Actor: Truck Turner, Escape from New York, Dead Aim, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, Prime Target, CB4, Posse, Robin Hood - Men in Tights, Oblivion, Flipper, Uncle Sam, South Park, Reindeer Games, Stargate SG-1
  67. Lead singer of the Butthole Surfers. Son of Dallas based kids TV host Jerry Haynes (Mr. Peppermint)
  68. Singer/Musician
  69. singer guitarist songwriter
  70. Singer/Musician
  71. Lead Guitarist for the band Widespread Panic
  72. singer bassist (zz top)
  73. Recording Artist, Female Voice Over Talent
  74. saxophonist (duane eddy + much session work)
  75. Singer/Musician
  76. Greg Howard  (2)
    Rugby League Player (retired)
  77. Greg Howard  (3)
    Former College/NBA Basketball player. Played 1970-1972 for the cavaliers and suns. Also played for Italy 1969-1970
  78. organist - band
  79. Singer-songwriter - Ella Weez, The Ghetto former member of the impressions
  80. Jazz great
  81. R&B Singer/Saxophonist - Big Ten-Inch Record, I Want A Bowlegged Woman, ...Whiskey In The Well, Nosey Joe, Sneaky Pete, Bearcat Blues, I Can't Go On Without You, Love You Yes I Do, Little Girl Don't Cry, All My Love Belongs To You, ...Haul Off & L
  82. A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer, as of 2013 he is the current lead singer and second guitarist in King Crimson and also pursues a solo career
  83. Canadian Blues singer
  84. Singer/songwriter - The Beach Boys
  85. Singer/Musician
  86. Composer (Adiemus), Musician
  87. Original lead singer for Lipps, Inc. - 'Funkytown'
  88. jazz/r & b saxophonist
  89. Singer (b: 1942) - The Beach Boys, Bruce & Terry. Songwriter - I Write The Songs, Disney Girls
  90. singer/organist - booker t & the m g's
  91. former bassist for Led Zeppelin
  92. Jon Jones  (4)
    Bass Guitar // Eli Young Band
  93. Jazz/Blues/R&B Bandleader & Songwriter - G.I. Jive, Caldonia, Sat. Night Fish Fry, Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Five Guys Named Moe, Choo Choo Ch'Boogie, Ration Blues. Known as 'King Of The Jukebox'. Arguably the Father Of Modern Rhythm &
  94. Singer/Musician
  95. Recording Artist
  96. Singer/Musician
  97. bassist/songwriter - no doubt
  98. Big Band Leader
  99. Singer/Musician
  100. Cinderella lead singer
  101. Saxophone
  102. Legendary Session Musician
  103. Singer/Musicianrock and roll hall of fame inductee
  104. jazz musician
  105. jazz sax great/actor. Former arsenio hall show band member
  106. singer
  107. Singer/Musician
  108. Jazz Singer/Musician
  109. jazz sax. (every generation, stay awake)
  110. Michael Lewis  (3)
    Opera Singer
  111. Singer/Musician
  112. founding member of the 60s rock band 'paul revere and the raiders'
  113. Saxophonist
  114. Member of They Might Be Giants, featured in the movie 'A Tale of 2 Johns'
  115. Singer/Songwriter: member of 'The Beach Boys'
  116. harmonica player (j geils band)
  117. Country Singer: I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool, Sleeping Single in a Double Bed, I Don't Want to Be Right, Tonight My Baby's Coming Home, The Midnight Oil // Actress: Sunset Beach, Burning Rage, The Wrong Girl, Stolen from the Heart
  118. Country Singer & Actress // Sister of Barbara Mandrell
  119. jazz flutist
  120. Jazz Singer/Musician
  121. Saxophonist for the Blues Brothers. AKA Blue Lou
  122. saxophonist who has played with Art Blakey, Dizzy Gilespie, Miles Davis and others. His brother is trumpeter Wynton Marsalis.
  123. Kevin Martin  (2)
  124. Singer/Musician
  125. member of The Backstreet Boys
  126. US jazz musician
  127. Jazz Singer/Musician
  128. Singer/Musician
  129. bassist (lovin you, best friend's girlfriend)
  130. Mark Miller  (8)
    Country Singer / Sawyer Brown
  131. Singer/Musician
  132. Singer/Musician
  133. singer (train)
  134. Rock Singer/Songwriter - 'Two Tickets To Paradise', 'I Wanna Go Back', 'Take Me Home Tonight', 'Endless Nights', 'Shakin', 'Walk On Water', 'Baby Hold On', 'Peace In Our Time', 'Think I'm In Love', 'I'll Get By', 'Maybe I'm A Fool'. Former NYC Policeman
  135. Singer/Musician
  136. Dave Matthews Band
  137. Singer/Musician
  138. Singer, guitarist, songwriterrock and roll hall of fame inductee 1993
  139. saxophonist (jazz passengers)
  140. jazz saxophonist
  141. trumpeter the tonight show
  142. Film Score Composer: A Perfect World, Unforgiven, Straw Dogs, The Bad News Bears, Tightrope, The Rookie, Absolute Power, Space Cowboys, Flags of our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Pale Rider, Bird
  143. Singer/Musician
  144. guitarist, saxophonist - spandau ballet
  145. Singer/Musician
  146. woodwind musician - Chicago (classic horn-rock band - Saturday In The Park, 25 Or 6 To 4)
  147. jazz saxophonist
  148. jazz musician
  149. French singer, sometimes writer and actor
  150. Jazz Musician
  151. Current Alter Bridge drummer; former Creed drummer
  152. Dave Pirner  (2)
    Lead singer for the rock group Soul Asylum
  153. Jazz Violinist
  154. Jazz musician
  155. Singer
  156. Jazz Saxophonist/Played On Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Brenda Lee recordings.
  157. Jazz Tenor Saxophonist
  158. Singer/Musician
  159. Guitarist/Played with dave matthews band
  160. Nine Inch Nails
  161. Singer/Musician
  162. Band Member Foreigner
  163. singer/ happy mondays/black grape
  164. jazz saxophonist
  165. puerto rican jazz sax.
  166. Lead singer of the '80's band Flock of Seagulls
  167. film scores (greystoke, tarzan, north dallas 40)
  168. jazz saxophonist
  169. Country Singer Songwriter- Sings 'Bop' & 'Meet Me In Montana'
  170. Male Singer
  171. Julian Smith  (2)
    British Politician
  172. Guest star on Doctor Who episode, 'Tooth and Claw'
  173. Musician, formerly with The Dream Academy (Life In A Northern Town)
  174. Luke Steele  (2)
  175. singer saxophonist
  176. lead singer of the band [the police]also a actor,best known as [sting]
  177. Lead Singer of Fall Out Boy
  178. US jazz musician
  179. Former Menudo, MDO, Kumbia Kings
  180. Singer/Musician
  181. Solo artist, singer/songwriter with Moody Blues
  182. Musician/Guitarist for The Cure
  183. Bandleader Of 30's-40's Born: 02/17/1911
  184. Singer/Musician
  185. lead singer of Aerosmith, Liv Tyler's father
  186. Jazz drummer, Drummer For Van Halen
  187. Born April 16, 1935. Pop singher; 4 US Billboard #1 hits; 'The Polish Prince'. 'Blue Velvet', 'Roses Are Red (My Love)', 'Blue on Blue', 'There! I've Said It Again', 'Mr. Lonely', 'My Melody of Love'
  188. Singer/Musician
  189. Singer/Musician
  190. Composer
  191. jazz saxophonist
  192. Singer/Musician
  193. jazz saxophonist
  194. Chris White  (8)
    Musician - Sax player for Dire Straits 1985-1995
  195. Irish Musician. Member in The Waterboys
  196. Singer/Musician
  197. US jazz musician
  198. Randall Hank Williams, known professionally as Hank Williams Jr. or Bocephus, is an American singer - songwriter and musician. His musical style is often considered a blend of Southern rock, blues, and country
  199. Chris Wilson  (2)
    Australian blues musician
  200. Steve Wilson  (6)
    jazz saxophonist/flutist
  201. Rock Singer/Keyboards - Frankenstein, Free Ride, River's Risin', Keep Playin' That Rock 'N' Roll, I Can't Turn You Loose
  202. Jazz/new age musician; played with his sextett at the East Room of the White House on Nov. 19, 1962 for the Kennedys
  203. One Of The Writers For the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Cartoon Series.
  204. Author of quotations from chairman jean
  205. Guitarist of the Faces and the Rolling Stones
  206. Plays Harmonica & Saxophone