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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag Instrument%3A:Sitar
Browsing Entries matching Tag Instrument%3A:Sitar
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  1. Casey Abrams  (2)
  2. Multi-talented singer/musician/composer
  3. REO Speedwagon lead guitar and vocals
  4. Singer and 2015 Grammy Winner
  5. Singer/Musician
  6. guitartist (coldplay)
  7. guitarist (third eye blind)
  8. English Female Singer, Musician, And Songwriter - Guitar. Alternative Rock Music. (2005- ). Albums - 'Anna Calvi' (2011), 'One Breath' (2013), 'Hunter' (2018), 'Hunted' (2020)
  9. Guitarist for Alice In Chains (Man In The Box,Sea Of Sorrows,Angry Chair,Them Bones,Rooster,Would,What The Hell Have I,Grind,Over Now,Again,Get Born Again)
  10. Taiwanese Singer/ Actor 'Initial D' (Kato in new 'Green Hornet' film)
  11. Singer/Musician
  12. Oasis band member
  13. Lead Guitarist of Metallica
  14. Musician, producer, son of George Harrison
  15. Former Beatle (1943-2001), The Rutles (1978)
  16. Woodstock alumnus
  17. Member of 'The Darkness'
  18. singer/songwriter - 'moody blues'
  19. Frontman of scottish band - Travis
  20. Rap Artist - Beastie Boys: 1st successful all - White rap group, having combined elements of pop, hip - hop & rock
  21. Guitar- counting crows
  22. Jack Johnson  (2)
  23. Musical Director, guitar and vocals in the Elton John Band
  24. Adam Jones  (6)
    Member of the band Tool
  25. Brian Jones  (4)
    Guitarist - The Rolling Stones
  26. former bassist for Led Zeppelin
  27. Jon Jones  (4)
    Bass Guitar // Eli Young Band
  28. Musician
  29. guitar viruoso from Ten Years After/solo performer
  30. singer, guitarist (system of a down)
  31. musician
  32. Lead Guitarist - Motley Crue
  33. Part of Canadian rock group, 'The Tea Party'
  34. Jeff Martin  (4)
    Country Music Musician
  35. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist - Traffic (It's Alright). Solo (We Just Disagree, Only You Know & I Know, Let It Go, Let It Flow)
  36. Led Zeppelin guitarist
  37. singer/guitarist - 'Blues Image' (Ride Captain Ride - 1970 hit), Classic Rock All-Stars (ensemble tour)
  38. guitarist
  39. Guitarist/Played with dave matthews band
  40. Country Singer & Musician // Dixie Chicks & Court Yard Hounds
  41. guitarist - genesis, Singer Mike & the Mechanics
  42. World Music
  43. Sitar Player. Composer. Born: 04/07/1920
  44. Musician/Guitarist
  45. Former member of 'The Police' also a jazz musician
  46. Singer/Musician
  47. Australian - American Country musician, singer, guitarist and songwriter known for his work in country music
  48. Native Belgian singer
  49. Reggie Young  (2)
    American musician who was lead guitarist in the American Sound Studios Band (aka The Memphis Boys). Worked with Elvis Presley, B.J. Thomas, Dusty Springfield, .Dionne Warwick, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Merle Haggard