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Browsing Entries matching Tag Nationality%3A:Americans
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  1. Comic book writer
  2. Comic book artist, creator of 'Longshot'
  3. Legendary comic book artist. 'Deadman', 'X-Men', 'The Brave and the Bold', 'The Avengers'
  4. Pen names Robin Paige & Carolyn Keene/ Mystery writer from Vermilion County, Illinois/China Bayles herbal mysteries center around title character's deductive reasoning & knowledge as herbalist & ex-lawyer, who solves murders with her friend
  5. Boxing World champion
  6. children author/illus (the high king) nwbery 69
  7. American Comedian and actor born 1922.'Joys','The Last of the Secret Agents','Circus of the Stars','Ed Sullivan Show','Allan and Rossi Meet Dracula and Frankenstein','Whale of a Tale','Hollywood Palace'
  8. Books: Speak, Fever 1793.
  9. American comic book penciller/ Batman, Superman, Buck Rogers
  10. Author
  11. Author of the 'Girl Talk' Book Series
  12. Screenwriter (Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3)
  13. Actor: Search For Tomorrow, The Young and the Restless, Days Of Our Lives, Another World, Helter Skelter, Ape, Vamping, Linda Lovelace For President, Star Trek The Next Generation & Voyager, Hunter, Booker, formerly married to actress Patricia Estrin
  14. super bantamweight boxer, WBA world champion
  15. Sci-fi & fantasy writer/Won Hugo, Nebula, Compton Crook, Theodore Sturgeon, & Michael Printz awards. Has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Asimov's Science Fiction, & the environmental journal High Country News.
  16. Fantasy/Science Fiction writer
  17. Preeminent Psychologist, researcher, & Author
  18. boxing
  19. Comic Book Writer-Nexus,Star Wars:Thrawn Trilogy/X-Wing Rogue Squadron
  20. Author born 1952 - The Centre Cannot Hold; The Wolverine Files
  21. American Porn Star
  22. Female Voice Over Talent, Singer And Keyboard Player. She Began Her Career Some 40 years Ago As ?Tillie The All-Time Teller,? On The First ATM Machine. Voice Of Siri, Apple?s Virtual Mobile Assistant
  23. Boxer
  24. Children's Author
  25. US Comic Artist (horror genre) - Saga of the Swamp Thing (1983-87), Tyrant, Taboo
  26. Actor: The X-Files, Touched by an Angel, Waterworld, Dead Man Walking, The Cable Guy, Mars Attacks!, The Jackal, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, High Fidelity, Shallow Hal, Ice Age, School of Rock, King Kong, Kung Fu Panda, Bernie
  27. American Female Author. Wrote 'Summer Sisters'
  28. Artist
  29. Cartoonist /comic artist superman, marvel
  30. Former heaveyweight boxer.
  31. Fantasy-Science Fiction Author - Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Illustrated Man, I Sing The Body Electric, Dandelion Wine, The Halloween Tree. Born: 08/22/1920
  32. Boxing World champion
  33. American Female Author, Sexologist, And Sex Therapist
  34. Broadway Performer - Shrek The Musical (as Donkey), Passing Strange, The Tempest, Fabulation, Pericles
  35. Comic Book Artist
  36. American Actress - Movie - 'Little Miss Sunshine' (2006), 'Nim's Island' (2008), 'Raising Helen' (2004), 'The Santa Clause 3' (2006), 'No Reservations' (2007), 'Zombieland' (2009), 'Janie Jones' (2010), 'Maggie' (2015), 'Final Girl'(2015). Plus Many More
  37. American Actress - TV Series - 'Criminal Minds' (2006-20), 'American Dad' (2005-19), 'Huff' (2004-06), 'The Trouble with Normal' (2000-01), 'Love & Money'(1999-2000), 'Grandfathered'(2015-16) , 'Andy Richter Controls The Universe'(2002-03) Plus Many More
  38. Best know for his work on Batman and Detective COMICS
  39. American Former Female Strip - Tease Dancer And Actress - Burlesque Queen - TV Series - 'The Mask' (Guest Roile)(1954), 'The Investigator' (Guest)(1954), 'The Doctors' (Guest)(1963). TV Movie - 'The Best of Burlesque' (Hostess)(1981)
  40. Pat Broderick  (2)
    American comic book artist known for his work on the Micronauts. Broderick also pencilled the four-part Batman: Year Three storyline, written by Marv Wolfman, which detailed the first meeting of Batman and Tim Drake
  41. Boxer
  42. businessman baseball executive
  43. American Actress - Movie - 'Death of Ocean View Park' (1979), 'Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story' (1981), 'We The Jury' (1996), 'A Father For Brittany' (1998), 'Moving Day'(2012). TV Series -'Canada Russia '72'(2006) Playboy November 1979
  44. American Actor/Director - Movie - 'Spaceballs,(1987), 'The Producers'(2005), 'Blazing Saddles'(1974), 'Young Frankenstein'(1974), 'Silent Movie'(1976),' High Anxiety'(1977), 'History of The World Part 1'(1981), 'Robin Hood: Men In Tights'(1993) Plus More
  45. American Former Female Author - Children's Books - Novel - 'Goodnight Moon' (1947), 'The Runaway Bunny' (1942), 'The Color Kittens' (1949), 'Big Red Barn' (1954), 'Home For A Bunny' (1956), 'The Golden Egg Book' (1947). Plus Many More Books
  46. Vampirella, comics books
  47. American Male Author And Illustrator - Children's Books - Novel - 'Beautiful Blackbird' (2003), 'Freedom Over Me' (2016), 'Let It Shine' (2007), 'Beat the Story - Drum, Pum - Pum' (1980), 'The Dancing Granny' (1977) Plus Many More Novels
  48. American Male Author - Novel - 'The Folly of the World' (2012), 'Zombies Vs Robots: This Means War!' (2012)The Enterprise of Death' (2011), 'The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart' (2009)
  49. World champion boxer
  50. Contender 2 Boxer
  51. American Former Male Author - Novel - 'Tarzan Of The Apes' (1912), 'The return Of Tarzan' (1913), 'The Sun Of Tarzan' (2016), 'The Land That Time Forgot' (1918), 'A Princess Of Mars' (2012), 'John Carter And The Giant of Mars' (1940) Plus Many More
  52. USA Wrestling. 2012 Olympic Hopeful
  53. Director - Batman, Planet Of The Apes, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mars Attacks, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
  54. Comics
  55. Artist - 'First Man on the Moon' stamp, 'General MacArthur' stamp, 'Gemini Space Twins' stamp, MANY others
  56. American Female Journalist, TV Host, And Author - TV Series - 'WCBS - TV' ('CBS 2 News')(2002- ) 'This Morning', 'Inside Edition'. Novel - 'Dear George, Dear Mary: A Novel of George Washington's First Love' (2019)
  57. American Former Female Author, Psychologist, Activist, Writer, And Artist. Novel - 'They Say You're Crazy: How The World's Most Powerful ...' (1995), 'The Myth of Women's Masochism' (1985), 'The New Don't Blame Mother...' (1989)
  58. American comic book artist best known for his DC Comics work on Aquaman, the Teen Titans and other major characters.
  59. dc comics executive editor
  60. Comic Book Creator
  61. cartoonist (conan the barbarian)
  62. Comic Artist (Star Wars)
  63. Chairman of Sports Capital Partners, Owns St. Louis Blues NHL team and Real Salt Lake MLS team
  64. Author
  65. Author
  66. American Female Author - Novel - 'City of Bones' (2007), 'Sword Catcher' (2023), 'Clockwork Angel' (2010), 'Chain of Gold' (2020), 'Lady Midnight' (2016), 'City of Ashes' (2008), 'City of Glass' (2009), 'Chain of Thorns'(2023), 'Clockwork Princess'(2013)
  67. Comic book writer -X-Men:Days of Future Past-
  68. Actor: Home Improvement, The Waterboy, Fast Food, Wired, The Mask, Toys, Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds, The Ladykillers, Shakes the Clown, 50 First Dates, Ladybugs, Remington Steele, The Drew Carey Show, The Jamie Foxx Show, The Ridiculous 6, SMILF
  69. American Female Historic Figure - On 11/22/1963 - Downtown Fort Worth - Aged 10. President Kennedy Stood Before Her, Her Sister and Mother. They Got To Shake His Hand, And The Hands Of The Governor And The Vice President Before He Went To Dallas
  70. American Former Female Author - Novel - 'Gypped' (2012), 'Wrecked'; (2010), 'Santa Cruise' (2002), 'Cursed' (2009), 'Mobbed' (2011), 'Laced' (2007), 'Zapped' (2008), 'Deck the Halls' (2000), 'Decked' (1992), 'Hitched' (2006), 'The ChristmasThief' (2004)
  71. American Female Author - Novel - 'Electrified YA Paranormal Urban Fantasy' (2011), 'Classroom Skills for Nurse Educators' (1978), 'Dark Forces' (2011), 'American Holistic Nurses' Association Guide To Common Chronic Conditions' (2002)
  72. Hal Clement  (2)
    5/30/1922-9/29/2003 Pen name Hal Clement/Sci-fi writer, leader science fiction subgenre. Painted astronomically oriented artworks under name George Richard/1998 Clement was inducted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame
  73. Boxing World Champion, U.S.A
  74. Comic book artist
  75. boxing
  76. Spy Kids 4, Ray on 'Speechless'
  77. Children's Author
  78. former heavyweight boxer
  79. Lightweight Boxing Champion
  80. children's author (walk two moons) newbery medal
  81. Journalist and a producer for the American news programme 60 Minutes
  82. Mr. Show, (the comedian, not the musician)
  83. David Cross  (2)
  84. Children's Author
  85. Actor: I Spy, Trackdown, Bob Carol Ted & Alice, The Greatest American Hero, Hannie Caulder, Hickey & Boggs, Skyriders, Castaway Cowboy, The Pelican Brief, Turk 182, Big Bad Mama 2, Lonesome Dove, Everybody Loves Raymond, XTRO 3, Santa's Slay
  86. Adult Film Star
  87. Creator of Men in Black
  88. Actress: Policewomen, Mama's Dirty Girls, Jessi's Girls, Teenage Seductress, Fugitive Lovers, The Concrete Jungle, Voyager from the Unknown, Illicit Behavior, Mach 2, Cottonmouth, The Hangover, Love Thy Neighbor
  89. Newbury Award Winner
  90. World champion boxer
  91. actress (the bernie mac show/bryana)
  92. Light Heaveyweight Fighter
  93. Author - Sagas of Conan
  94. Co-Founder of Subway Lives in FT Lauderdale, Fl. Born in 1948
  95. Children's Author
  96. Underground Cartoonist
  97. Children's Author
  98. born April 1, 1942, also known as 'Chip', an American author, professor & literary critic. Works includes a number of novels, many in the science fiction genre, as well as memoir, criticism, and essays on sexuality and society
  99. Inventor Of Dell Computers
  100. Boxer
  101. Boxing Champion
  102. Artist
  103. Negro Leaguer 'Baltimore Elite Giants' 'Philadelpia Stars' 'Birmingham Black Barons' 'Nashville Stars'
  104. Comedian
  105. Graphic Artist
  106. children's book illus. (smoky night)
  107. David Diaz  (2)
  108. Juan Diaz  (2)
    Welterweight Boxing Champion
  109. Author writer Newberry Award winner for The Tale of Despereaux
  110. Author
  111. cartoonist (rex morgan, md joe palooka
  112. Professional Boxer
  113. Actor, Just Like Dad 'Hey arnold', Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  114. Comic book artist
  115. 1992 U.S. Olympic Boxer
  116. Children's Author
  117. Boxer 1st to defeat mike tyson
  118. Children's Author
  119. Author of I Know What You Did Last Summer
  120. Actor: Mutant Captain in 'Battle For The Planet of The Apes'
  121. American inventor and businessman who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph and a long lasting light bulb
  122. Dean Edwards  (2)
  123. Cartoonist - MAD Magazine, Little Annie Fanny
  124. Comedian/actor - Next Friday (2000), Bait (2000), The Honeymooners (2005), cast as Richard Pryor in upcoming feature film bio, Black Doug in the Hangover
  125. Comic Book Artist
  126. Boxing
  127. Author
  128. Author - Middlesex (winner of the Pulitzer Prize), The Virgin Suicides, and The Marriage Plot
  129. Invented LCD technology; Inventor Hall of Fame Inductee
  130. childrens author (joyful noise, newbery medal 1989)
  131. Boxer- the contender
  132. Author - Blown Away, Fury
  133. Heavyweight champion boxer, George Foreman's grill's
  134. boxing olympics
  135. HOF boxer of the 60's and 70's
  136. Author
  137. American comic book and comic strip artist, known for her work illustrating Aquaman and Brenda Starr, and co-creating the superhero Metamorpho
  138. Professional Boxer
  139. Professional Artist
  140. Comic Book artist
  141. Comic Book Writer
  142. boxing
  143. boxer
  144. Author
  145. Comedian/actor in Mike&Molly, lucky, yes dear, does a voice in gary the rat
  146. Author of Annie on My Mind, Good Moon Rising, Nora and Liz, My Brother is a Werewolf, Meeting Melanie and a lot more fine books :-)
  147. Host of 'The Joe Schmo Show'
  148. movie director
  149. Married to Rock Hudson 1955
  150. Architect & Designer of Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain
  151. wrote Julie, Julie of the Wolves, and The Missing Gator of Gumbo-Limbo
  152. Comic Book Artist/Writer, creator of the Howard the Duck
  153. Actor-Pretty Woman,Officer and a Gentleman,Runaway Bride,Chicago,Unfaithful,The Jackal,American Gigolo,Primal Fear,First Knight,Sommersby,The Cotton Club,King David,Breathless,Baby Blue Marine,No Mercy,Internal Affairs,Yanks, Autumn In New York, The Mothm
  154. Author
  155. retired boxer
  156. Comic Book Artist/Writer - Legion Of Super-Heroes, Ambush Bug, Justice League International, Doctor Fate, Video Jack, Metal Men, 52, Freak Force
  157. Comic Book Artist
  158. Author
  159. Actor, Grimm'
  160. Actress - Criminal Minds, The Sopranos, NYPD Blue, The Handler, Persons Unknown, Blow, Certain Prey
  161. Children's Author
  162. 2007 Hasselblad Award
  163. World champion boxer
  164. American Actor and Coemdian born 1925.'Rio Bravo','Young Land','Man of Vault','I Died a Thousand Times','High and the Mighty','Chisum','Love Bug','Sixpack Annie','Laredo','Ring of Fear','Hostile Guns'
  165. Writer & Artist known for his macabre illustrated books.
  166. Actress: Greek, As the World Turns, Chicago PD, Mr. Robinson, Boone - The Bounty Hunter
  167. Justin Green  (2)
    Underground Cartoonist (Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary)
  168. Artist, writer & creator of comic titles 'The Warlord', 'Jon Sable, Freelance' , 'Starslayer', 'Shaman's Tears.' Famous for runs on Green Arrow, League of Super-Heroes and Iron Man
  169. Professional Speaker
  170. Stars on CBS's 'Big Brother'
  171. Financial journalist , Author
  172. boxing hof
  173. Olympic Relay Racer
  174. south paw; jr. feather & featherweight boxer
  175. Marvel artist cartoonist captain america
  176. Author
  177. SF Author of 'Forever War'
  178. Comic Book Artist
  179. American comic book writer, artist, actor and musician who has worked in the fields of entertainment and publishing since the 1960s.He is best known to American comic book readers as a writer and editor for Marvel Comics, where he wrote the licensed comic
  180. Actor, was in 'Remember the Titans', and 'Hendrix', Avon Barksdale on The Wire
  181. Science Fiction Author - Make Room! Make Room (the basis for the film Soylent Green), The Stainless Steel Rat series, Deathworld series, Bill The Galactic Hero series, To The Stars series, Stars & Stripes series, The Hammer & The Cross series
  182. movie director
  183. Boxing, world champion boxer
  184. Boxer, Former Welterweight Champion of the World
  185. Science Fiction Author - Stranger In A Strange Land, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, Starship Troopers,
  186. Author
  187. Author
  188. Author - The Goblin Series, The Princess Series
  189. Author - Fiction
  190. actor
  191. Boxer, Former Heavyweight Champion of the World
  192. 3 time heavyweight champion
  193. American professional boxer, IBF world Middleweight champion, 1995-2005, WBC, WBA and Ring Magazine world Middleweight champion, 2001-2005, WBC, IBF, WBA and Ring Magazine world Light Heavyweight champion multiple times. Member of the Int. Boxing HOF
  194. Last Surviving Civil War Widow Born: 12/07/1914
  195. Actor - Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, Speed, Blue Velvet, Rebel Without A Cause, Giant, Gunfight At The OK Corral, The Sons Of Katie Elder, True Grit, Waterworld, Tex Chainsaw Mass 2
  196. Writer, Comic Creator The Psycho, Harsh Realm
  197. TARS from Interstellar, Kraken and an original member of the Pickle Family Circus. Music Videos: 'Don't Worry, Be Happy,' (Bobby McFerrin) and 'Let Me into Your Heart' (Mary Chapin Carpenter). Film: Popeye, Eight Men Out, Silent Tongue, Illuminata, My
  198. Author
  199. Comic Book Writer
  200. Featherweight Bxer 1933-1950
  201. Author
  202. Comic Book Artist
  203. Author
  204. Former boxing champion
  205. Comic Artist, 'Batman'
  206. Actor-The Bastard Executioner
  207. Actor & Comedian: The Replacements, MADtv, Evolution, The Time Machine, Sour Grapes, Office Space, Biker Boys, Drumline, Primeval, Rules of Engagement, Tainted Love, Sleepy Hollow
  208. Rodney Jones  (2)
  209. Boxer
  210. Welterweight Boxer
  211. American comic book editor and executive. Joined DC Comics in 1976 as publisher, and 5 years later was promoted to President. In 1989, she assumed the title of Editor-in-Chief while retaining the office of president
  212. Co-Founder of UBER
  213. 40 Year Old Virgin, The Office (US)
  214. Conan artist, comic book
  215. Creator of Batman
  216. Comic Artist - Star Wars and others
  217. Lisa Kelly  (2)
    Ice Road Truckers
  218. Actress , Stunts
  219. Nancy Kelly  (2)
    Actress - The Bad Seed (Oscar nom.), Jesse James '39, Stanley & Livingstone, He Married His Wife, One Night In The Tropics, Tarzan's Desert Mystery, To The Shores Of Tripoli, Song Of The Sarong, Women In Bondage
  220. Author
  221. Comic Book Artist
  222. Cartoonist who created 'Hazel' in 1943. Born: 08/25/1912
  223. Author
  224. Author
  225. Author
  226. Actor - Sonny with a Chance, So Random!, 'Startrack'
  227. Supercentenarian. Born: 10/31/1897. 7th Oldest Person in the World. One of only 5 living people left born in the year 1897
  228. Art Director - Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra
  229. Newbury Award Winner
  230. Artist:Famous for making a sculptur of Michael Jackson.
  231. Comic writer
  232. Comic book artist
  233. American Comic Book Artist - Sgt. Rock, Hawkman, Tor, Son Of Sinbad, Viking Prince, Tales Of The Green Berets. Produced the first 3-D comic books. Founded the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art
  234. children's author (wrinkle in time newbery 1963)
  235. American Boxer and Actor born 1921.World middleweight boxing champion 1949-51.Named 'Raging Bull'.Over 110 fights. Also a Actor-->'The Hustler','Raging Bull','Mob War','Hangman'
  236. Children's Author
  237. Children's Author
  238. boxer
  239. An American comic book illustrator who has worked for various books for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including Cloak and Dagger, The Uncanny X-Men , The New Mutants, Spider-Man 2099, Nightwing, Batgirl, Green Lantern Versus Aliens and Superman
  240. Author
  241. Photographer, Born: 08/31/1913
  242. Author of 'Freakanomics' with Stephen J Dubner
  243. An American comic book writer, editor and executive
  244. Cartoonist/ comic artist xmen
  245. Children's Author
  246. Retired Boxer
  247. Artist, the Graphic Novel 'A History of Violence'
  248. Comic Book Writer and Writer for WB's Smallville, Teen Wolf, Commando, Heroes, LOST
  249. retired boxer
  250. Comic book artist
  251. Was in the movie 'Elf.' ,'The Replacements
  252. An American comic strip and comic book artist best known for his work on such strips as Tarzan, Li'l Abner and Long Sam
  253. Boxer
  254. boxing
  255. Author
  256. US actor and comedian born 1957 in movies since 1992. 'Oceans Twelve'(2004),'Bad Santa'(2003),'Oceans Eleven'(2003),'The Bernie Mac Show'(2001) 'Mr. 3000'(2004)
  257. children's author (sarah plain and tail) newbery 86
  258. Kevin Maguire  (2)
    Comic artist and writer
  259. Actor - Shakyamuni's Son, Choices, Any Given Sunday
  260. Comedian & Actor: Politically Incorrect, Real Time with Bill Maher, D.C. Cab, Club Med, House 2, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, Charlie Hoover, Pizza Man, Tomcats
  261. Actor; 'Gary Unmarried', 'Freaky Friday', 'Mike & Molly', 'The United States of Leland', 'How to Eat Fried Worms'
  262. boxer
  263. Playwright
  264. Author
  265. last surviving widow of a civil war veteran
  266. Actor - The Fortune Cookie (AA win), The Odd Couple, Charade, King Creole, Sunshine Boys, Bad News Bears, Guide For The Married Man, Fail-Safe, Pete 'N' Tillie, Cal. Suite, Cactus Flower, Hello Dolly, House Calls, Charley Varrick, Kotch, Grumpy Old Men
  267. boxing
  268. U.S. Senator from Arizona (1987-present), Republican nominee for President 2008
  269. Author
  270. Pro Boxer- Former WBO/WBC Middleweight Champion
  271. diplomat
  272. Artist
  273. syndicated co-cartoonist of zorro
  274. Author
  275. children's author (hero & the clown newbery 85
  276. Author
  277. Author
  278. Author of 'The Millionaires', 'The First Counsel', 'Dead Even' & 'The Tenth Justice'
  279. nobel economics laureate 1997
  280. cartoonist (hellboy)
  281. DC comic book artist. Big on Batman in the 50's and 60's. Created the character of Poison Ivy. Also worked on numerous other titles including Golden Age Green Lantern, GA Flash, and Aquaman
  282. Former Boxer
  283. Tony Moore  (2)
    Screenwriter/Artist for The Walking Dead comic & TV Show
  284. Winner Of The TV Show : The Contender
  285. Artist
  286. Male Voice Over Talent
  287. plays Michael Jackson in Scary Movie 3
  288. boxing hof light-heavyweight
  289. Author
  290. Actor: Rambo 2, Austin Powers, Alien Species, Macon County Jail, Maniac Cop 2, Jury Duty, Steel, Supervixens, The Blues Brothers, The Critic, Men In Black - The Series, B.J. and the Bear, Dallas, The Oregon Trail, Outlaws, Silence of the Lambs
  291. Filipino-American fashion designer
  292. boxing
  293. boxer
  294. Author
  295. Actor (b: 1968) - Titanic, Falcon Crest, The Big Squeeze, Firestarter 2, The Rock, Some Of My Best Friends, Friends & Lovers, Snoops, 10-8: Officers On Duty
  296. Author/Island of the Blue Dolphins, 1960,The Black Pearl, 1967, Streams to River, River to the Sea: A Novel of Sacagawea, 1986, The Road to Damietta, 1985, The Feathered Serpent, 1981 & My Name Is Not Angelica, 1989. 'Wrote 26 novels for Youngsters'
  297. Cartoonist - Odd Bodkins. Writer - Mickey Mouse Meets The Air Pirates
  298. Author
  299. Tek on Days of Our Lives
  300. Writer/penciller for superman
  301. Boxer
  302. Aka Uncle WYA, is an American comic book artist. He is best known for work on Image Comics' Invincible
  303. Actress: Confessions of a Married Man, The Sure Thing, Superior Court, Perfect People, Tour of Duty, Santa Barbara, Mission Impossible, Hunter, Babylon 5, Lost
  304. Author
  305. boxer
  306. Choreographer/Dancer - all 9 of RKO's Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers films (plus later films & TV specials with Astaire), Betty Grable musicals, State Fair, Kiss Me Kate, Can-Can, The Student Prince, Pal Joey, Porgy & Bess, My Fair Lady, Flower Drum S
  307. Lt. Tarn Mison In Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, was also a Matte Painting Artist for the Star Wars movies
  308. Children's Author
  309. Comic Book Artist
  310. Author
  311. Newberry Award Winner
  312. former heavyweight champion
  313. Scientist and Nobel Prize Winner
  314. Writer, wrote Hatchet, Canyons, Transal Saga
  315. boxer
  316. Boxer
  317. Sports Reporter
  318. Author of Novels for Teenagers
  319. Author
  320. Children's Author
  321. Science fiction author (gateway) hugo award 78. In 1936, Pohl joined the Young Communist League, an organization in favor of trade unions and against racial prejudice and Hitler and Mussolini. Born: 11/26/1919
  322. Comic Book Artist- Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Drax The Destroyer, Moon Knight, Luke Cage
  323. Comic book artist/Star Wars illustrator
  324. Hall of Fame Boxer
  325. former world boxing champion
  326. boxing, world champion boxer, first to beat Julio Cesar Chavez Sr
  327. Walking dead comic artist
  328. According to Jim, Walk Hard:The Dewey Cox Story, Old Dogs
  329. Racecar driver
  330. First American Woman in space
  331. Boxer
  332. Actress/Comedian/Host: The Tonight Show, The Joan Rivers Show, Shrek 2, Spaceballs, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Serial Mom, Suddenly Susan, Fashion Police, Joan & Melissa
  333. Boxing fighter from the 1980s, fought Hector Macho Camacho and Tommy Cordoba in a classic war. Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame as a trainer, having trained the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Virgil Hill and Brian Viloria, among others
  334. Underground Cartoonist. Produced the first all-woman comic book, 'It Ain't Me Babe'. Designed Vampirella's costume
  335. Author
  336. John Roberts  (2)
    Fox News - Chef White House Correspondent, Formerly With CBS News NY
  337. Price is Right announcer
  338. Jean Rogers  (2)
    1940s leading lady. However, she is mostly remembered for her portrayal of the character Dale Arden in the two serial films Flash Gordon (1936) & Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938)
  339. Children's Author
  340. Comedian & Actor: Everybody Loves Raymond, Ice Age, Welcome to Mooseport, Grilled, The Grand, The Last Word, Men of a Certain Age, Rob the Mob, Parenthood, Vinyl, Get Shorty
  341. comic book art for Marvel comics spiderman
  342. Boxer, Golden Gloves and Intercity Champion 1929, first Golden Gloves champion to win a World Title. Was World Lightweight Champion, Welterweight Champion and Junior Welterweight Champion
  343. Artist
  344. Paul Ryan  (4)
    DC and Marvel Comic Artist
  345. Creator of the Usagi Yojimbo comic series
  346. Heavyweight boxer, actor; appeared on The Sopranos, Law & Order SVU
  347. Cartoonist, pencils the 'Spider-Man' Sunday strip and inks the daily 'Spider-man' strips
  348. artist movie director
  349. Voice Actor, Voice of Timon in Disney's House of Mouse and Timon in the TV show Timon and Pumbaa, Muc and Luc from Balto III: Wings of Change, Happy in the Lion King 1 1/2,
  350. Mark Schultz  (2)
  351. Director-Raging Bull,Taxi Driver,Goodfellas,The Gangs of New York,The Aviator,Shark Tale
  352. American comic book artist and writer
  353. Weatherman on The Today Show; also the original creator and performer of the Ronald McDonald character,'Roommates'
  354. Children's Author
  355. Author/Illustrator - Where The Wild Things Are, In The Night Kitchen
  356. Screenwriter & Host of the Twilight Zone
  357. Cartoonist - MAD Magazine (one of its original five artists), EC Comics (Two-Fisted Tales), Marvel Comics (Sgt. Fury, The Incredible Hulk, Conan The Barbarian, Capt. Savage), Cracked Magazine. Brother of cartoonist Marie Severin
  358. Comic Book Artist & Colorist - EC (horror & war comics), Marvel (Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner, Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Daredevil, etc.). Pioneering woman in the field. Inducted into Will Eisner's Comics Hall Of Fame - 2001
  359. Young Charlie on LOST EP 2.12, Adventure Time (2008)
  360. American photographer and writer for Life, Time, Sports Illustrated, and others. Born in 1922, served as a bomber navigator in WWII
  361. Author
  362. Grey's Anatomy, L.A. Law, Happy Days, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  363. author (time changes, nebula award)
  364. writer
  365. Children's Author. Born: 11/23/1915
  366. First woman to ever receive a Ph.D. in meteorology. She eventually became NASA's lead weather researcher and has authored or co-authored over 190 articles
  367. Author, Sister to Steve Jobs
  368. American comic book creator known for his work on books such as Spectre, Hawk and Dove, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Aquaman, and Namor the Sub-Mariner
  369. Form high school coach after whom the rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd is named
  370. Author
  371. Supermodel - Actress - Reality TV Star - Playboy Playmate - Playboy, Miss May 1992, Playmate of the Year 1993, Former Guess Jeans Model, The Anna Nicole Show, The Hudsucker Proxy, Naked Gun 33 1/3, To The Limit, Skyscraper, Spokesperson for Trimspa
  372. boxing
  373. Edward Nygma aka 'Riddler' in Gotham; Broadway actor
  374. Female Model
  375. Lonnie Smith  (2)
    Boxing, WBC world Junior Welterweight champion in 1985
  376. boxing
  377. Author
  378. Comic books
  379. Artist
  380. Mystery Author - Red Cat, Death's Little Helpers, Black Maps
  381. Welterweight Boxer
  382. Heavyweight/Light Heavyweight Boxer (b: 1956). 1976 Olympics - Gold Medal. Brother of Leon Spinks. Uncle of Cory Spinks. Inducted into the International Boxing HOF & the World Boxing HOF (both in 1994). First boxer to defeat Larry Holmes
  383. Jerry Springer show,Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me
  384. Underground Cartoonist - often credited with creating the very first underground comic book, 'The Adventures of Jesus' in 1962
  385. Screenwriter
  386. Cartoonist/Writer - Justice Soc. Of America, Green Lantern, E-Man, Power Girl, Huntress, Doom Patrol, Metal Men, Omega Men, The New Guardians, Superboy & LSH, Superman, Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, Femme Noir, Dick Tracy (replaced Dick Locher on 3/17/2011)
  387. cartoonist - captain america
  388. children's author (cezanne pinto)
  389. Superman penciller , also staff artist from 1942-1944 of the London-Paris editions of Stars and Stripes
  390. Cartoonist/Writer - Captain Marvel, Flyin' Jenny, The Phantom Eagle, Fawcett Romance Comics. Created Mary Marvel
  391. Actor; 'NCIS', 'Gilmore Girls', 'Studio 60', 'Campus Ladies', 'Harold & Kumar 2'
  392. World champion boxer, beat Roy Jones Jr., boxed at the Olympics, starred in the final Rocky Balboa film as Stallone's last opponent
  393. Former heavyweight boxer
  394. Boxer
  395. Plays Gordon Tracy in the new Thunderbirds film
  396. Angelo Torres  (2)
    Cartoonist - MAD Magazine, EC Comics (Incredible Science Fiction, etc.), Warren Publications (Creepy, Eerie, Blazing Combat)
  397. An American illustrator working mostly in comics
  398. Comic Book Artist / HULK 181 - Marvel DC cover artist
  399. film director (silent running, brainstorm)
  400. Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion
  401. Sci-Fi Writer
  402. Heavyweight boxer
  403. creator of the shadowhawk comic book by image comics
  404. children's author/illus. (jumanji) caldecott award, The Polar Express
  405. Science Fiction Author/Writer. Born: 08/28/1916
  406. Author
  407. World champion boxer
  408. Actor: Carl Winslow on 'Family Matters', 'Die Hard', 'Die Hard 2', 'Turner & Hooch', 'Hart of Dixie', 'Mike & Molly', 'I'm In The Band', Deacon Hill in 'Brother White'
  409. Author - Myra Breckinridge, Burr, Lincoln, Washington DC, Julian, Empire. Playwright - The Best Man, Visit To A Small Planet. Screenwriter - Ben-Hur, Suddenly Last Summer, The Best Man, Is Paris Burning?, Caligula
  410. Author - Fiction
  411. boxing
  412. Artist
  413. Now with Alex Wagner; political analyst
  414. cartoonist
  415. Comic book Writer; Current writer for 'Avengers', 'Archie', and 'Black Widow'. Former writer for 'Daredevil', Spider-Man', 'The Hulk' and 'Star Wars: Princess Leia'
  416. Author
  417. American professional boxer, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist ; WBA world Super Middleweight champion (2009-17), WBC world Super - Middleweight champion (2011-13), Ring Mag., IBF, WBA and WBO world Light Heavyweight champion (2016-17) member of the IBHOF
  418. Boxer - USA Boxing
  419. Author
  420. Children's Author
  421. boxing olympics
  422. MTG artist
  423. Comic Book Artist
  424. Author
  425. Children's Author
  426. Boxer - USA Boxing
  427. mystery author
  428. Actor (Oz, The Wire)
  429. comic book artist
  430. Actor
  431. Boxer
  432. Children's Author
  433. Comic artist
  434. American Sci-Fi Writer
  435. boxing
  436. actress (7th heaven, the bernie mac show)
  437. Cast Member on MTV'S The Real World San Francisco, Pam Ling's husband
  438. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  439. children's author (i hadn't meant to tell you this)
  440. Male Voice Over Talent
  441. boxing
  442. Boxer - USA Boxing
  443. Flight astronaut sts-120
  444. An American comic book illustrator
  445. Author
  446. Comic artist
  447. The current president of CNN. He previously served as president and CEO of NBC Universal
  448. publisher