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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag President%3A:Richard_Nixon
Browsing Entries matching Tag President%3A:Richard_Nixon
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  1. V.P under Nixon
  2. Former US Speaker of the House (1971 - 77)
  3. publisher diplomat ambassador to uk (69-75)
  4. Former White House Director of the Office of Management & Budget (1973-1975)
  5. Postmaster General under Nixon
  6. Acting Attorney General (1973); Federal Judge (1982-88); former nominee to the Supreme Court in 1987
  7. Secretary of Labor under Ford
  8. Transportation Secretary for Presidents Nixon & Ford
  9. former President of the United States
  10. Secretary of Agriculture (1971-76)
  11. U.S. Representative from Georgia (1965-1967); Secretary of the Army (1973-1975)
  12. Secretary of Defense 1987-89
  13. Governor of Arizona (1975-77); U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador (1964?68); Bolivia (1968?69); Argentina (1977-80)
  14. Governor of Rhode Island (1963-1969); U.S. Senator from Rhode Island (1976-1999)
  15. Former Governor of Texas (1979-1983, 1987-1991)
  16. 01/04/1920-04/27/1996 Director of Central Intelligence (DCI/C.I.A.) from September 1973 to January 1976/During World War II Colby served with the Office of Strategic Services
  17. Former Special Counsel to President Nixon, founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries, best-selling author
  18. Author
  19. Former Governor of Texas (1963-69), Secretary of the Treasury (1971-72), wounded during the assassination of President Kennedy
  20. Former WH Counsel to President Richard M. Nixon, Served time in prison over the Watergate scandal, author of the books 'Blind Ambition', 'Worse than Watergate', 'Conservatives Without Conscience', and 'Broken Government'
  21. Secretary of Commerce (1973-1975); United States Trade Representative (1975-1977)
  22. Secretary of Commerce (1973-1975); U.S. Trade Representative (1975-1977)
  23. Counsel & Assistant to President for Domestic Affairs under President Nixon. Key figure in events leading to Watergate 1st break-in & the ensuing Watergate scandal, for which he was convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice & perjury
  24. Former FBI Agent - Informed Woodward & Bernstein of Watergate Scandal (Deep Throat)
  25. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare under Nixon
  26. Business man, ambassador and philanthropist
  27. 38th President of the United States
  28. Author
  29. political analyst, editor - U.S. World News & Report
  30. Former Acting-FBI Director - Watergate Figure.
  31. Supreme Allied Commander Europe (1974-1979); Secretary of State (1981-1982)
  32. Political aide & businessman, White House Chief of Staff to President Richard Nixon & his consequent involvement in the Watergate scandal. His intimate role in the Watergate cover-up precipitated his resignation from government
  33. Secretary of Agriculture (1969-1971) Born: 10/09/1915
  34. Sec. of the Interior. Nixon Adminstration. Born: 08/18/1919
  35. Secretary of Labor 1970-1973. Oldest living former cabinet member. Born: 12/03/1915
  36. 61st Governor of Virginia 1970-1974 and Father-in-Law of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine
  37. FBI Director until 1972
  38. Secretary of Treasury 1969-1971
  39. Retired General
  40. Former Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford, Known as the 'Master of Diplomacy'
  41. Attorney General 1972-1973
  42. sec. of the interior ford
  43. Author - Non-Fiction
  44. U.S. Representative from Wisconsin (1953-1969); Secretary of Defense (1969-1973)
  45. Actor - The Little Colonel, The Scarlet Empress, Little Women, Murders In The Zoo, Crimson Dynasty, Bulldog Drummond At Bay (title role). US Representative, 64th Governor of Connecticut, and U.S. Ambassador to Spain, Argentina and Switzerland
  46. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (1973-1975) during the presidency of Gerald Ford
  47. US Speaker of the House (1962 - 71)
  48. Attorney General 1969-1972 under President Nixon. NY municipal bond lawyer, director of Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign, served director of Nixon's 1972 presidential campaign. His involvement in Watergate affair, sentenced him to prison
  49. Secretary of Interior under Ford
  50. U.S. Senator from New York (1977-2001)
  51. 35th Treasurer of the United States (1974-77)
  52. David Newsom  (2)
    Former Ambassador to Libya 1965-69, Indonesia 1974-1977 and Philippines 1977-78
  53. Author, co-founder, with William Hewlett, of Hewlett-Packard
  54. Secretary of Commerce 1972-1973
  55. John Reed  (3)
  56. Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
  57. Was Attorney General under President Nixon. Resigned, rather than fire Special Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox.
  58. Secretary of State 1969-1973
  59. Secretary of HUD 1969-1973
  60. Former EPA Administrator (1970-1973 and 1983-1985); Former FBI Director (1973)
  61. Former Secretary of Defense to Presidents Gerald R. Ford and George W. Bush
  62. Former U.S. Senator from Ohio (1968-1974); U.S. Attorney General (1974-75); U.S. Ambassador to India (1975-76). Born: 06/24/1916
  63. Flight scientist, Kennedy Space Center Director
  64. Former Secretary of Defense under President Nixon
  65. Secretary of Labor (1969-70); Secretary of the Treasury (1972-74); Secretary of State (1982-89)
  66. Secretary of Treasury under Nixon, U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame Contributor
  67. Secretary of Commerce 1969-1972. Maurice Stans was entangled in the Watergate scandal while serving as Finance Chairman for President Nixon's re-election campaign
  68. Former Surgeon General 1969-1973
  69. Former Surgeon General 1965-1969
  70. Army General
  71. Former Ambassador and Diplomat
  72. Former EPA Administrator (1973-1977)
  73. Secretary of Transportation 1969-1973
  74. Three Time Mayor of New York City 1954-1965
  75. Former Secretary of the Navy (1972-1974); U.S. Senator from Virginia (1979-2009), was married at one time to actress Elizabeth Taylor
  76. U.S. Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare (1973-1975); U.S. Secretary of Defense (1981-1987)
  77. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (1969-1971)