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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag PrimeMinister%3A:Margaret_Thatcher
Browsing Entries matching Tag PrimeMinister%3A:Margaret_Thatcher
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  1. Life Peer of the House of Lords in England
  2. Lord. UK House of Lords
  3. Peter Brooke  (2)
    Lord. UK House of Lords
  4. Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom (1976-1979)
  5. government offical england
  6. Former Chancellor of the Exchequer (1994-1997)
  7. author
  8. Lord. UK House of Lords
  9. Michael Foot  (2)
    Former British Labour Party leader
  10. UK House of Lords
  11. UK House of Lords
  12. Lord Deben, British Politician
  13. UK House of Lords
  14. Former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1995-1997)
  15. Former Leader Of The Opposition - UK Politician
  16. Mike Howard  (3)
    Secret Service/served the White House detail during John F. Kennedy and then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson's administration?
  17. Longest serving MP for Margaret Thatcher
  18. UK House of Lords
  19. UK House of Lords
  20. UK House of Lords
  21. UK House of Lords
  22. UK House of Lords
  23. Former Leader of the Labour party and now Vice-President of the European Commission.
  24. Politician
  25. British Politician
  26. UK House of Lords
  27. UK House of Lords
  28. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1990-1997); Chancellor of the Exchequer (1989-1990)
  29. Children's Author
  30. Lord Maples, British Politician
  31. Military, American politician
  32. English Politician
  33. Former Secretary of State of Northern Ireland (1992-1997)
  34. UK House of Lords
  35. Broadcaster
  36. UK House of Lords
  37. UK House of Lords
  38. Lord Newton of Braintree, British Politician
  39. UK House of Lords
  40. UK House of Lords
  41. Former Governor Of Hong Kong (the Last One)/Politician
  42. UK House of Lords
  43. British Politicin
  44. Politician
  45. Husband of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and businessman
  46. Lord Waddington, British Politician
  47. British Politican now Lord Wakeham
  48. UK house of Lords