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  1. Star Trek
  2. Professional Wrestler
  3. Sod buster kenny jay pro wrestler for the awa
  4. Former wrestler, known as Ricky Steamboat, WWE Hall of Famer
  5. Wrestler
  6. Wrestler, The Killer Bees Tag Team
  7. Wrestling Manager Of The Legion Of Doom
  8. Former Pro Wrestler for the WWWF, NWA, AWA/Career Spanned Four Decades/WWE Hall of Famer
  9. WWE superstar, former WCW/NWA Wrestler
  10. Greg Gagne  (2)
    AWA, Wrestler in the 80's. Son of Verne gagne
  11. Pro Wrestler (aka 'Mr. Perfect'), 2007 WWE HOF inductee
  12. AWA wrestler 70's and 80's, Also known as the Ax. Father of Curt Henning
  13. WWF Wrestler
  14. Former WWF wrestler
  15. pro wrestler
  16. wrestler
  17. wrestler the claw
  18. Former WWE superstar 'Sgt. Slaughter'
  19. retired professional wrestling performer Known by his ring name Ole Anderson
  20. Awa wrestling
  21. Wrestler Jerry Saggs from the Nasty Boys
  22. Ex- WWF World Heavy Weight Champion
  23. Former Pro Wrestler/The Patriot in WWF, WCW and GWF/The Trooper in the AWA
  24. Wrestler
  25. WWF Wrestler of Nasty Boys Tag Team, owner of Nastyville School of Pro Wrestling in Florida
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